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The best Mega Man Legends game!
JereDude14 December 2000
This game has better graphic and voice acting. I wish they could just keep Mega Man's voice from the first. The Servbots are so cute and the Birdbots are very funny! The graphics are much better than the first and the cutscenes are awesome. This is about Mega Man and Roll who find the Mother Lode and find out about a mysterious woman I recommended that this is the best Mega Mangame and Capcom has done it again. I give it 10 out of 10.
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God number 2 of the Megaman Trilogy!
spiderguy_078 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This game has got to be the best of the Megaman Legends series. The Yosyonke City area is really the best town on the game. I love how every piece of music is a variation of the others. The town music is the main theme, which is sort of a slow, classical tone. When you're inside the buildings of the town, this theme is more of a Christmasy theme, let alone classical. The theme in the tundra area is just plain spooky when you hear it for the first time. The theme of the ruins in the tundra area is more of a rock theme. The church's theme is, without a doubt, an organist's version of the theme, and lastly, the ruins under the church has a very mysterious, spooky tone to it's theme, and I literally shook when I heard that one the first time.

Megaman and Roll, along with Data, Barrell, and many new characters are still trying to find the Mother Lode. Barrell and his friend Werner Von Bluecher have built a ship they think will get through the winds of Forbidden Island, a place of mystery and fear. Megaman must also help Barrell and Bluecher recover the keys to the Mother Lode. The cities' ruins that hold these keys are the Pokte Ruins, the Nino Ruins, the Kimotoma Ruins, and the Calinca Ruins (Yosyonke City). Megaman and Roll are now on a journey that will alter their lives forever.

I knew this would meet great standards when I bought this game, and it actually took me a week of 3 hours a day playing to beat this game. I truly think that this game is God Number 2 of the Megaman Trilogy. Great Job CAPCOM!
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Improving over the first (may be spoilers)
BinaryCode100122 July 2004
Warning: Spoilers
I bought this game the summer after it was released. Didn't get a lot of hype, though, but it paid its due. Aside from screwing up the fresh data side testing it on the Game Doctor I bought with it, the game played out just fine (despite the skipping and disc read slowdowns). Well, I guess it's time for another breakdown, huh?

GRAPHICS: Greatly improved over the first. Textures have been smoothed as opposed to the original, and we are once again looking at the above-par animations and facial expressions. MegaMan's look has been altered, though, from the all-blue plain look from the original, to a more technical and colorful look of the sequel. MegaMan looks taller though, but I'm not sure.

His facial complexion changed, and his hair seems to be a lot bigger. He also runs around with an orange bag on his back, but I really don't know what it's for...

SOUND: The only change in the voice acting cast is that MegaMan has been replaced by a woman, which some were hoping he would maintain his original voice actor. Also, Barrel has a lot less pep inside of him, this time. In the original, it was easy for him to get excited. Here, it seems as though nothing surprises him. Other than that, everyone from the original is back in action to take over their prime roles once again.

game play: Significantly altered from the original. Aside from the fact that MegaMan can now kick things with both legs, he can also lift things. Another change is that the mode customization window has a more interesting look. In MML1, you had your basic pause menu. Here, it looks like a computer program selection window. More things can be altered for game play, such as the use of the vibration function, BGM and SFX volume, and all that jazz. Some weapons are making a re-appearance, such as the Active Buster and Shining Laser. New weapons include the Hunter Seeker (probably the most interesting weapon of them all. You can fire auto turrets around the room, and they will automatically fire at a locked-on enemy), and the Aqua Blaster (a fire extinguisher...might be more useful than you think). Speaking of lock-on, the auto-targeting system has been upgraded. In the original, locking onto enemies was exceptionally difficult, because you couldn't move while in the targeting mode, nor was the camera precise when it came to targeting). This time, not only does the camera transfix to its target, the target is identified by a targeting reticle. You can also move freely even while in auto-targeting. Another little tidbit is that MegaMan already has his jump springs wrapped and ready to go, so there's no need to go looking for jump spring parts. Also, you will not only be exploring one island. You will be exploring multiple islands by moving through the world on your Flutter.

STORY: It's continued straight from the plot of the original...the heroes are out looking for the Mother Lode, which is said to be a legendary treasure hidden out somewhere. Roll wants to find it desperately, and MegaMan intends to help. But there's someone (or perhaps something) in the way. Yes, the Bonnes are back to stir up more trouble, but since we already know them, they're making an immediate appearance in the sequel. Once again they are standing in MegaMan's way to solve the mystery of the Mother Lode, and once again, MegaMan beats them in their persistence. However, MegaMan can give less of a care about them, because he's determined to find the four keys that will open the Mother Lode, according to legends. To obtain these keys, you must dig inside the islands' ruins and fight for them. Once the story starts taking a different wing, MegaMan finally finds out just who he really is...a soldier from the Planet Xenoic sent to Earth to stop Lord Shaphwan from destroying the islands with one sweep of his mighty fist! ...okay, that that wasn't even close to the truth, but MegaMan is an ancient soldier whose prime mission was to defeat the ancient Mistress Sara. MegaMan's body was reconfigured to a baby after the battle, and was discovered in a ruin by Barrel on one of his digs. Data (the drumming monkey) spills everything later in the game, and a cut scene plays out revealing everything about MegaMan. He then goes to Elysium to reconnect with his past, and investigates the ancient technology.

In the end, MegaMan fights the final battle with an enormous Sara, and he is then stuck on Elysium. Meanwhile, the Bonnes have joined hands with MegaMan's gang to rescue him (yes, it's true). I didn't believe it myself at first, but the Bonnes and the Casketts are developing a rocket to try and get MegaMan down from up there.

BOTTOM LINE: This is a great improvement over the original, with the more precise plot line, and a detailed look at MegaMan's past. If you've played the original, you'll definitely be drilling your money into this. I give this game 8/10.
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Good, but not great
Michael Anderson28 October 2003
First things first, Calinca/Yosyonke is the best city ever created in the games. Granted that I also find the Island-City of Kattlelox pretty amazing, I absolutely love the snow and perfect grey sky that can be found there. Pretty amazing. However, you don't get a really good scenery until the third "base" so to speak. The Jungle and Underwater areas lack something that doesn't make them that intersting. The only reason I mention the Fire area, is because it looks like excruciating detail was employed to make it happen. I also did like the sterile feeling of Elysium. I also liked the islands that you transport to, and how you're just floating there...

All in all, improvements were made, but the end-among various sceneries-take the game down a notch. I do feel quite confident that they'll put out a MegaMan Legends 3, however it will have a long animation at the beginning and end. (Beginning to actually wrap up no. 2, at the end to fully wrap up the series)

I'd say about a 7/10, if the original was 8/10, and Megaman V for gameboy was 10/10
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