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Texas Now Casting: Nonunion Farce ‘Funny Money’ and More

If you’re a nonunion actor in Texas, looking to add some theater to your résumé, this one is for you. A regional production of the Ray Cooney farce “Funny Money” is casting non-Equity actors for several roles. The production will hold auditions by appointment Jan. 7–8, 2017 in Dallas, Texas, with a subsequent run slated for Feb. 24–March 25, 2017, also in Dallas. Helmed by director Carol Rice, the production will provide some compensation. Check out the full listing for “Funny Money” to see if there’s a role for you! If not, check out more Texas auditions listings in Backstage casting. Dreaming of making it on Broadway? Head to our YouTube channel for expert insight!
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Movies This Week: November 14-20, 2014


It's a very busy weekend for cinema lovers in Austin. First up, you've got the Austin Asian American Film Festival at the Marchesa. It's a welcome return for the festival, which was last held in 2009. The fest aims to turn the spotlight on films from Japan, South Korea, Myanmar Thailand, Taiwan, India, the Philippines, Vietnam and the United States. It kicked off last night and will run through Sunday. Tonight, you can catch a Taiwanese drama called Ice Poison and Pee Mak, a horror film that is the highest grossing film in the history of Thailand. Saturday's lineup includes a Vietnamese comedy called Funny Money and the festival's centerpiece, Andrew Lay and Andrew Loo's Revenge Of The Green Dragons, a film that features Martin Scorsese as an executive producer. Sunday will include the Indian documentary Tomorrow We Disappear and the Japanese comedy Cicada. The full lineup and ticket information
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10 Lines That Made No Sense Because Of A Deleted Scene

Since the advent of the DVD and special features, deleted scenes have become common knowledge to even the most casual moviegoer and television watcher. They are almost as essential a characteristic of the audience experience as the bits that actually make it into the finished production.

Every once in a while, a line will appear in a movie or TV show that doesn’t quite add up. In other words, there’s a reference to something that doesn’t appear at all in the rest of the movie or show you’re watching.

Often that can just be put down to bad writing, or empty-headed characterisation. But occasionally, it comes down to an editorial decision, when someone axed the scene the character was referring to, but then neglected to clean up the waves created elsewhere in the script.

It seems hard to believe that after spending millions of dollars on
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Free Samples and Sleeping Around Land at Red Sea Media

Red Sea Media has assembled a robust slate in the last few months, including two new projects that the sales company has acquired worldwide sales rights for. Red Sea will be introducing the projects at the upcoming Afm, which feature A-listers and rising stars such as Jesse Eisenberg, Michael McKean, Jason Ritter, and Jess Weixler. Red Sea Media's sales office will be located at the Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel, Suite 732.

Red Sea has acquired the offbeat romantic comedy Free Samples, which marks the feature film debut of director Jay Gammill. Written by Jim Beggarly (The Kitchen), and produced by Eben Kostbar and Joseph McKelheer for Film Harvest, the film tells the story of a law-school dropout who fills in as a server at her friend's ice cream truck, doling out free samples to locals and oddball friends alike, including a man courting her who she barely remembers from the night before.
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Notebook Soundtrack Mix #3: "Trespassers Will Be Eaten"

  • MUBI
Above: A rack focus in Bullitt.

Trespassers Will Be Eaten

Perhaps a less eye-grabbing, but still “driving” title for this third Mubi soundtrack mix should be Shifting such, it’s a free-falling, propulsive survey of scores focusing on the thriller in all of its manifestations: detective procedurals, bank heists, neo-noirs, spy films, psychodramas, giallos, chases, races, and sci-fi mind-games. Featured also are a few composers better known for their more famous musical projects. Police drummer Stewart Copeland’s metallic, rhythmic score for Rumble Fish, gamely taunts the self-conscious black and white street theatre of Francis Ford Coppola's film. So-called fifth Beatle, producer George Martin’s funky Shaft-influenced Live and Let Die score ushers in a more leisurely 70s-era James Bond, as incarnated by Roger Moore. Epic crooner visionary Scott Walker’s fatally romantic melodies for Leos Carax’s inventively faithful Melville adaptation Pola X is remarkably subdued and lush.
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Sleeping Around Adds 5 New Cast Members

Sleeping Around Adds 5 New Cast Members
Michael McKean, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Bill Bellamy, Chris Marquette and Bryan Callen have rounded out the cast for Thinkfactory Films' upcoming comedy Sleeping Around.

Sleeping Around is written and directed by Leslie Greif (Funny Money). Set in the social world of New York's Hamptons rich and playful, two couples test the 10 rules of a happy and healthy open relationship.

Leslie Greif also set to produce, with the help of Herb Nanas, Harry Basil and Vince P. Maggio. Before this addition, the cast included Tammin Sursok, Virginia Williams, Jesse Bradford, Reid Ewing, and Lucila Sol&#225.

Shooting for Sleeping Around has begun in Charlotte, N.C.
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The Hatfields and McCoys Gets Kevin Costner

The Hatfields and McCoys Gets Kevin Costner
History announced today that the network has green-lighted production of a new scripted miniseries, The Hatfields and The McCoys, to premiere on History in 2012, coinciding with the 150th anniversary of America's most infamous family feud. Academy Award winner Kevin Costner (The Untouchables, Field of Dreams, Dances with Wolves, The Bodyguard and Open Range) will star, playing the role "Devil" Anse Hatfield. The announcement was made by , President & General Manager, History.

The miniseries, to be produced by Leslie Greif's production company, Thinkfactory Media, and Kevin Costner as producing partner, will chronicle the bloody hostilities between two clans that escalated to the point of near war between two states.

"The Hatfields and The McCoys is a classic tale of American history. These are names that are widely recognized, yet few people know the real story that made them famous. We are thrilled that Kevin Costner, one of the most iconic American actors of our time,
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Trevor Bannister obituary

Actor known for his role as Mr Lucas in Are You Being Served?

The actor Trevor Bannister, who has died of a heart attack aged 76, was best known to television viewers from his role in Are You Being Served? as Mr Lucas, the menswear assistant at the Grace Brothers department store. The character was conceived by the sitcom's creators, David Croft and Jeremy Lloyd, as one of the linchpins in the ensemble cast, creating a link between the menswear and ladieswear departments through his constant chasing of the stereotypical dollybird Miss Brahms (Wendy Richard).

Bannister was also adept at portraying Mr Lucas as a rebel who frequently questioned the store's management policies – such as requiring staff to smile more – and made fun of the pecking order, in which he stood at the bottom. He served as a mouthpiece for Lloyd, who had himself sold menswear at Simpson Piccadilly, in central London,
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An Eye for Talent

As the founder and CEO of McCorkle Casting, Patricia McCorkle has worked on hundreds of projects for stage and screen since 1979. She cast a pool of undiscovered young actors in Stanley Jaffe's film "School Ties"—including Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Brendan Fraser, and Chris O'Donnell—and has tagged a long list of actors early in their careers, from Holly Hunter and Samuel L. Jackson to Kelsey Grammer and Calista Flockhart. Her film and TV credits include "Ghost Town," "Funny Money," the remake of "The Thomas Crown Affair," "Die Hard: With a Vengeance," "Splash," "All the Right Moves," "Californication," "The L Word," "Strangers With Candy," and "Hack." Her Broadway credits include Martin McDonagh's "The Lieutenant of Inishmore," two revivals of "The Glass Menagerie" (one starring Jessica Lange and one starring Julie Harris), Arthur Miller's "The Ride Down Mt. Morgan," "Blood Brothers," Aaron Sorkin's "A Few Good Men,
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Box Office Guru Preview: Sandler & Apatow to Score Funny Money

For the second straight Friday, Hollywood studios serve up a new release menu packed with an R-rated comedy, a family-friendly action pic, and a horror entry although the top film will be nothing like last weekend's. The Adam Sandler comedy Funny People leads the way looking to give director Judd Apatow another hit with adult audiences. Pulling in less business will be the kidpic Aliens in the Attic and the fright flick The Collector. But for the fourth consecutive frame, the overall marketplace should lag behind last year's scorching hot July results further eroding the year-to-year gain the industry has...
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Funny Money

Funny Money
Chevy Chase returns to center screen and Bucharest backlots play Hoboken, N.J., in "Funny Money". The laugher about a meek middle manager who finds a life-changing fortune takes a while to hit its stride, but in its best stretches, it offers deliriously spirited farce. The cast, along with the promotional efforts of timeshare operator Consolidated Resorts, could entice older audiences to theaters, but the film, which never quite shakes off a flat, low-budget look, will find its true payday in video.

The animated credits that open "Money" set the tone of retro silliness for this comedy without an agenda. Chase still is game, and a perfect fit, as milquetoast Henry Perkins, a longtime employee of the Feldman Wax Fruit Co. Henry's not bitter that Feldman himself (Robert Loggia) shot down his visionary bruised-banana concept a decade earlier. He's not angry that his wife, Carol Penelope Ann Miller), mocks him in couples therapy for being a creature of habit. A sharper shrink might note a bit of projecting on her part: Repressed and proper, Carol's the sculptor of voluptuous, oversize nudes that she's afraid to submit to galleries. But however uncomplaining Henry may be, after a subway jostle with a Romanian thug makes him the possessor of a briefcase containing $5 million in cash, he doesn't hesitate for a second to plan his and Carol's getaway to distant shores.

Besides Carol's reluctance to break the rules, Henry's imminent birthday celebration complicates their would-be escape. The couple and their best friends, Vic and Gina (the well-cast Christopher McDonald, Alex Meneses), attempt to pass themselves off in fictional configurations to a couple of comical cops nipping at their heels. The ultra-slow-dawning Slater (a very funny Kevin Sussman) arrives on behalf of the NYPD to tell the inebriated Carol that her dead husband and his briefcase have been found in the East River. Armand Assante, who should do more comedy, all but steals the show as the toothpick-chewing Genero, a crooked Hoboken detective who thinks the cash-rich Henry is a male prostitute.

The comedy of errors grows more tangled as dozens of party guests pour into the Perkins townhouse, a palatial pad whose size is more a function of genre requirements than a reflection of real estate reality. There's plenty of fine comic timing and deliciously deadpan delivery on display, but not all the supporting performances are up to par. Among the central roles, Miller's drunk ditz would have been far funnier if she had started off on a quieter note. But helmer Leslie Greif lets her mug it up well before her character starts boozing it up.

Adapting Ray Cooney's London stage hit, Greif ("Keys to Tulsa") and his co-scripter, Harry Basil, keep the action light and swift-moving. But the most inspired notion here -- the idea of covering up the convoluted charade as a murder-mystery party game -- could have been mined for more laughs.



An FWE Picture Co. production in association with Tobebo Film Produktion GmbH & Co. KG


Director: Leslie Greif

Screenwriters: Harry Basil, Leslie Greif

Based on the play by: Ray Cooney

Producers: Herb Nanas, Brad Siegel, Leslie Greif

Executive producers: Jeff Franklin, Philip von Alvensleben, Harry Basil, Ray Cooney

Director of photography: Bill Butler

Production designer: Stephen J. Lineweaver

Music: Andrea Morricone

Co-producers: Pat McCorkle, Peter Perotta

Costume designer: Donna Zakowska

Editors: Stephen Adrianson, Terry Kelley, Stephen Lovejoy


Henry Perkins: Chevy Chase

Carol Perkins: Penelope Ann Miller

Genero: Armand Assante

Sol Feldman: Robert Loggia

Vic: Christopher McDonald

Gina: Alex Meneses

Detective Slater: Kevin Sussman

Angel: Guy Torry

MM Virginia: Rebecca Wisocky.

Running time -- 95 minutes

No MPAA rating

'Blonde' adds more color with Miller

'Blonde' adds more color with Miller
Penelope Ann Miller has joined the cast of Blonde Ambition, a loose remake of the 1988 film Working Girl being directed by Scott Marshall and starring Jessica Simpson.

Also cast in the film are Luke Wilson, Andy Dick, Rachael Leigh Cook and Jamie Kennedy.

Miller is playing the conniving boss of Simpson's character, who is making her way through the corporate world.

Nu Image is producing. Sony Pictures is in talks to distribute the film, though whether it is theatrical or straight-to-DVD has yet to be determined.

Miller next stars opposite Chevy Chase and Armand Assante in ThinkFilm's slapstick comedy Funny Money, which is set to be released Jan. 19, and next appears in Columbia Pictures' psychological thriller The Messengers, opposite Dylan McDermott. Her credits include Carlito's Way and Kindergarten Cop.

Miller is repped by APA and Untitled Entertainment.

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