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San Francisco Chronicle
Needs to be seen and savored.
Austin Chronicle
The film probably won't draw in audiences who aren't already fans of the quirky, subtitled pastoral, but it's more than worth a look.
Manages to find the magic through its documentary style, and manages to find the erotic in the commonplace. Not since the glory days of Italian neo-realism has lust among the peasants looked so good.
Entertainment Weekly
Casé, with her sturdy, elemental body and shining eyes, is the reason phrases like ''inner beauty'' were invented, and she's also the reason this idealistic, naturalistic film by Rio de Janeiro born Andrucha Waddington has been such a success at festivals around the world.
Chicago Sun-Times
Works because the story is sympathetic to the feelings of the characters, observes them as individuals, is not concerned with the sensational aspects of their household but in the gradual way practical matters work themselves out.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Little gem of a movie.
New York Daily News
The most extraordinary thing about Me You Them is that no one behaves as though anything remotely out of the ordinary is going on.
Miami Herald
Thanks to a superb cast headed by the popular Brazilian actress Regina Casé, this unorthodox tale is ultimately believable.
Like the hardscrabble lives of this isolated wasteland, it's equal parts unforgiving white-heat aridity and golden late-afternoon glow.
New York Post
Hardly a deep examination of gender relations or character, but in its unsentimental way it's a tender and charming story of friendship and tolerance.
Mr. Showbiz
Provocative but lame-brained polygamy comedy.

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