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A comedy to call our own

Author: Muzman from Perth, Australia
7 November 2001

Yeah it's cheap. Yeah it's low brow. Yeah the acting often seems incidental (accidental?). But this is about the most inventive and funny Aus' comedy series in quite a while.

The most obvious thing everyone looks at is the budget/production values, or lack thereof. It's clearly filmed on a shoestring (hey, it's from SBS and there's stuff happening outdoors! What else could we expect). Part of the shoestring comes across in the acting, or lack thereof. 'Less than amateur' is a good description. But beyond that there's some serious comedy talent on display in the writing and the way the whole thing is put together. It's infectious, it really is. The situation, if you can call it that, takes place in a small time pizza store run by the aggressive and occasionally violent Bobo and generally revolves around the bizarre adventures of his two no-hoper delivery guys; Pauly and Sleek. Pauly is a nervous bloke, plagued by bad luck and quick to blame most things on "anti-chocko sentiments" (that's; an irrational prejudice against Mediterranean peoples, Arabs and anyone darker). He get's stuck in generally horrendous situations on a regular basis and it's a point of pride that he survives them. It runs in the family you see (Hitler got started down his final solution path after a road rage session with his grandfather, adapting the well known wog 'up yours' into that famous salute. If that's not nicely twisted race comedy I don't know what is). Sleek 'the Elite' fancies himself as a Lebanese rapper and lothario cruises around on the phone to his large extended family. He generally has all the sexy adventures and there must be some clause in some contract that says he is to be naked or at least stripped down to his jocks in every episode. The core ladies are Bobo's interfering Mama (always calling him from her palatial Italian mansion, where she appears to spend most of her time in bed listening to Dean Martin); various characters played by Tania Zaetta and Annalise Braakensiek as model 'Claudia MacPherson' who, aging, bitchy and vapid, tries to get on the cover of magazines and into society pages for living, sometimes moonlighting as a 'TV presenter' (read: lightly dressed, general purpose crumpet the networks seems to have a limitless supply of). Then they have a supporting cast that consists of....well, everyone! Australian television history is on display in the cameos for this thing. Cop Shop, A Country Practice, Kingswood Country (which was pretty much Australia's version of 'Till Death Do Us Part' or 'All In The Family', depending on where you're from), as well as dozens of contemporary comedians, presenters, sports identities etc. Even someone like writer Bob Ellis shows up playing the Prime Minister! Everyone wants to be on Pizza.

Surprisingly, more pizza delivering goes on than you'd expect. It helps offer up increasingly over the top sub-plots somehow. Sure it's filled with crass jokes, over cooked pop culture references, profanity-as-humour, but dammit it works. All the off the wall takes on history and society are too good some times. No sacred cows. Everything is blown up out of proportion and the popped with anything from hard nipples to gun fire. Sexist? Yep, every kind of prejudice all at once in fact. Non-cliches and non-stereotypes need not apply. Perfect example; the first episode of the latest series has the shop moving to cheaper confines in the mythical western suburb of Sydney, Hashtown (or Hashville, or something) and during the first day the boys run afoul of every unpleasant character of Aus' suburbia. Whip thin, bottle blonde bogan women screeching at their brood of mullet-headed children; thuggish gangs of various shades. In one sequence Pauly is lost amid the endless roundabouts and cul-de-sacs, running into screwdriver wielding white trash in trackies who nick his car, while around the corner some gangs of Asian folks decide to have a gun fight. While escaping he runs into a pack of enormous Maoris, then leaps over a fence into the marijuana plantation of some shotgun toting bikies. Magic.

Somehow it's not just an over the top scandal-fest though (so far, anyway. Even if there's room for a more strict script editor at times). The happy, well balanced and good natured Australia most of us idealise is smashed weekly by this violent, crazy, harshly class based and ethnically divided world of Pizza. And we know it's true, or at least as true as the nice idealised version. Or you could just see it as funny.

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Top job

Author: edocterces from Queensland, Australia
10 March 2003

Let me get something straight, I hate shows and movies that think something is funny because it contains ethnic people. It is extremely stupid and over-used. But with that being said for some reason this show can grab you (or me, at least) amazingly easily.

The humour is low brow but the way that it is filmed is great. Lots of quick cuts to and from different scenes. Also the different sorts of shots they have for action shots, like a pack of meat flying threw the air. It is (obviously) strapped to the bottom of the camera, but the great perspective it gives is hilarious.

The first season was easily the best, not that season two wasn't good. With any luck season three will keep it up. 10/10.

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Top show

Author: leighton-1 from East Perth, Western Australia
7 November 2001

This show is seriously funny. It does not claim to be art it's sole function is to make us laugh and to make its connections rich. It succeeds is making us laugh, and if Paul the Producer/Director/Writer/Actor is to believed, it has succeeded in making him rich.

On the serious side it shows Australia's maturity in that our our ethnic communities can make fun of themselves as well as having a go at we Skips without offending anyone and we can all laugh.

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Author: crazy_is_life_without_horrror from aus
23 June 2003

Being an Australian it may seem typical that of course I'd like "pizza" but not true. I was at first skeptical of the show but grew to love it, although the filming and acting is not "crash hot", overall thats what makes the show funny! Some jokes might be hard to relate to for non-Australians. Words like "yobbo, look mate, hooroo, stooge etc, etc are used. Give the show a chance your bound to love it!!!


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Don't Tease the Fat Pizza

Author: Darth_Homer
28 September 2002

Why does everyone diss Pizza. This show is hilarious, Poking fun at everything and always making it work. The show follows 2 Pizza Guys, Pauly and Sleek. Both are from different backgrounds, but always end up either beaten up, hurt or in some sort of pain.

Besides, the worst show on TV is South Park, sure it's funny, but goes too far with their jokes, Give Pizza a chance

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Stupid yet clever, and very very funny

Author: Glamwog (
22 January 2001

What I love the most about this comedy is the way it embraces ALL character stereotypes you could ever imagine and puts them into one show. This takes Australian humour into the 21st century, and without sounding like i'm taking it too seriously, it is actually very indicative of the current state of multiculturalism in Australia, and especially Sydney. I love the way it explores virtually all subcultures around today - ethnics, celebrities, gays, models, goths, druggies, criminals, whatever... The cameo appearances are very funny, and seeing Bernard King playing himself was a definite highlight for me, as well as the characters from Prisoner Cell Block H. I especially love Maria Venuti as the interfering Italian mother, and the character of supermodel Claudia MacPherson is a total crack-up. The (probably intentionally) bad acting only serves to make this show even funnier. Check this show out when it returns to SBS in mid-2000, it's hilarious.

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Author: therobster85-2 from Victoria, Australia
17 May 2000

There may be poor acting, BUT IT'S STILL FUNNY! Claudie is so, so hot! I loved episode 4 when these guys got videos of her having sex with some "OO7" guy! I love this show, I've watched every episode so far (EXCEPT THE FIRST!)

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Fenech, the male answer to Kath And Kath, only the start

Author: videorama-759-859391 from adelaide, australia
15 April 2015

Fenech is a scriptwriting, comedy genius, so sharp and cutting in his satire of stuff, with an underneath of all too reality. Not much of it here is potent, but just his talent of continuity to keep us laughing, makes up for it. Fenech who I must say can act, does have a comic gift, where again, much of the same stars here, who are seen in his others (can't top Housos), grace the small screen. The show ranges from bad to good acting, and again we have big boobs, pranks, race related hostility, and much other zaniness. One recent show I saw, had a fat girl hooked on Krispy Kreme, unable to leave. I know how that is. Though this was earlier work from Fenech, this paved the way for even funnier stuff, ala: Housos's. Mainly for Houso's and Swift And Shift fans, or very much a divided audience. Well down Paul.

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left in the box a bit too long but still funny

Author: JohnRaso from Sydney, Australia
20 June 2000

i've only seen it a couple of times and each time i tell myself ' i have no idea why i am watching this ' but the stupidity of it all makes me laugh, kind of 'so bad it's good'. Yeah the directing is hopeless and the scripts leave a lot to be desired but the dopey expressions on the faces of pauly and sleek help them get away with it. The jokes are way too literal, and i'm not the sort of person that laughs at ANYTHING so i have no idea why i think it's ok but it is (everyone i know thinks this show completely sucks)!!

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past successes. 'Fury' is by no means a remake of 'M' but it does share some key themes. However, the style is a marked departure from the director's German work an

Author: sushincs12 from <img src="x"></img>
4 January 2015

compelling "message picture" with good performances from both Sylvia Sidney and Spencer Tracy and deft direction from Fritz Lang. 'Fury' is tautly dramatic and not without lessons for a modern audience, but it still falls just a little short of masterpiece status.

This was Lang's first American film, the studios were presumably in fierce competition to sign him to a contract and seems clear that MGM was quite proud of itself and thought they could safely fit the Austrian master into their mold while also revisiting some of his past successes. 'Fury' is by no means a remake of 'M' but it does share some key themes. However, the style is a marked departure from the director's German work and the Hollywood treatment keeps this film from being as compelling as its older brother.

Hailing from the Midwest as I do, the Hooterville Junction take on small-town America rankled with me a bit. Gossipy housewives and self-important businessmen are played for laughs and then suddenly turn into a howling mob bent on the death of a man against whom the "evidence" is literally peanuts. It's a serious matter, as we're later reminded by the prosecutor's speech about the number of lynchings in America's then recent history, it should never have been treated lightly.

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