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Orange is the New Black, S2 Overview, Part 1: Dark themes under a quirky coat

Orange is the New Black, Season 2, Episode 1: “Thirsty Bird”

Written by Tara Herrmann and Jenji Kohan

Directed by Jodie Foster

Orange is the New Black, Season 2, Episode 2-4: “Looks Blue, Tastes Red”, “Hugs Can Be Deceiving”, “A Whole Other Hole”

Written by Jenji Kohan (Episode 2), Lauren Morelli (Episode 3), Sian Heder (Episode 4)

Directed by Michael Trim (Episode 2, 3), Phil Abraham (Episode 4)

Orange is the New Black, Season 2, Episode 5-7: “Low Self Esteem City”, “You Also Have A Pizza”, “Comic Sans”

Written by Nick Jones (Episode 5), Stephen Falk (Episode 6), Sara Hess (Episode 7)

Directed by Andrew McCarthy (Episode 5,7), Allison Anders (Episode 6)

Premiered Friday, June 6th on Netflix Instant

Although the anti-hero television dramas of the past have been almost consistently compelling, there is a tendency for it to be nothing but a boy’s club that girls aren’t allowed into. Orange is the New Black, however, is a breath of
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Wamg Dines With Real-Life Mobster Ronnie Lorenzo : The Family

Recently, Wamg was treated to a delicious Italian meal with real-life (former) mobster Ronald ‘Ronnie’ Lorenzo, and several other members of the press, to celebrate the release of The Family on DVD. Check out some of the dinner chat below!

Here is a little background on Ronnie Lorenzo:

According to the newspapers, Ronnie was “allegedly” associated with the Bonanno family. The Bonanno crime family is known to be one of the ‘five families’ within the Mafia that controls organized crime actvities in New York. Aside from his ‘family’, Ronnie has been around ‘street guys’ for his entire life since he was just 12 years old.

Ronnie was born on January 4th 1946 in New York City. When he was very young Ronnie was in the Firework Business, then he opened after-hours clubs (many with gambling) around the city. He was also involved in a few discos… and the last club he owned
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Emma Roberts: Questions and Answers at Tribeca Film Festival

Emma Roberts: Questions and Answers at Tribeca Film Festival
Emma Roberts is figuring it out. Julia Roberts' niece, the daughter of actor Eric Roberts, the 22-year-old star of "Adult World" is grappling with living in the world as, well, an adult. When NextMovie caught up with Roberts at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City the day after the film's premiere, the actress was picking at a bunless burger and a heap of fries, bemoaning the blisters her heels had given her the night before. "Someone should do a shoe break-in service where they break in your shoes," she said.

Shoe problems aside, Roberts' career is standing tall: She's graduated from her "Nancy Drew" and "Aquamarine" kiddie film days to solidly received indies like "Adult World" and "It's Kind of a Funny Story," and a memorable supporting role as Ke$ha-like Riley in Rashida Jones' "Celeste and Jesse Forever." Her career is maturing as she does.
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Rebel Wilson Horizontal-Danced, Sang And Rapped Like A Champ, Making Her #11 On Our 12 Celebs Who Dominated 2012

We don’t have to tell you that Rebel Wilson is our unofficial girlfriend, right? Who else is both a Critics Choice nominee for Pitch Perfect and the only actress who has ever added visible pubes to her VMAs outfit? We’ve loved the 26-year-old Aussie since she first poured frozen peas on her infected tattoo in last year’s Bridesmaids, and our love has just kept growing the more we see her: killing it as Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect, breaking our heart in Bachelorette and generally being a delight every time she appears on a late-night talk show. Which is a lot, because she is #11 on our list of 12 Celebs Who Dominated 2012.

Dominating Moment: When Pitch Perfect came out on October 5 and introduced us to Fat Amy, every critic had Rebel Wilson’s name laughing out of their lips. Past their lips? Laughing out of their mouths? Either way,
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Box Office: Housos Vs Authority opens with $554K at cinemas

Paul Fenech comedy Housos Vs. Authority has grossed $554,003 on its opening weekend at cinemas.

Housos Vs. Authority, inspired by Sbs TV series Housos, follows Franky, Shazza, Dazza and their mates as they attempt to sprinkle Shazza's mum's ashes on top of Australia's most famous icon. The film, distributed by Paramount and Transmission Films, opened on 151 screens, giving it a screen average of $3485.

The performance is far shy of Fat Pizza, Fenech's last feature film comedy which grossed $1.16 million on its opening weekend in April 2003. That film, distributed by Roadshow, was based on the successful Sbs series Pizza and went on to gross $3.65 million at the box office.

Meanwhile, Australian documentary Paul Kelly: Stories of Me continued to perform well. It lifted 48 per cent in its third weekend, taking $139,241 across seven screens. It is likely to become the second Australian documentary to enter the top 10 box office list alongside Storm Surfers 3D.
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Fenech: The posh wanker brigade has taken over Aussie TV

Fenech: Brain behind Housos

The Australian TV industry has been taken over by the “posh wanker brigade”, Housos creator Paul Fenech has complained.

His comments – in which he highlighted his “love-hate relationship” with Sbs – came in a live video chat with Mumbrella readers on the weekend that the Housos fim opened in cinemas.

Fenech also spoke of his antipathy to working in the advertising industry again and said that the lengthy process involved in getting Screen Australia funding has made him go his own way in producing films such as Housos which he partly funded out of his own pocket.

A nine-episode second series of the housing commission comedy will follow on Sbs in the new year. Previous Fenech series on Sbs have included Pizza – which he followed at the cinema with the Village Roadshow-funded Fat Pizza – and Swift And Shift Couriers.

Fenech highlighted his tensions with the broadcaster. He
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Google Hangout with Housos’ Paul Fenech

Mumbrella held its first live Google Hangout today.

The first guest in conversation with Mumbrella editor Tim Burrowes was Paul Fenech – the creator of Housos.

The Housos Vs Authority movie open this weekend, and a second season of the TV series will run on Sbs next year.

Writer and director Fenech is also the creator of Pizza and Swift and Shift Couriers.
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Housos opens across 150 screens

Comedian Paul Fenech’s new film Housos Vs The Authority will have one of distributor Transmission Films’ widest openings for a local picture.

The slapstick comedy based on the Sbs TV show will go into cinemas today across 150 screens.

Transmission’s managing director, Richard Payten told Mumbrella’s sister title Encore he was hoping for takings of more than $1m over the film’s run.

Payten said: “At 150 prints, you want to be doing north of a million, so that’s our aim. There is an appetite for the film, and cinemas have been completely supportive of it.”

The film has a solid social media presence with 92,000 likes on Facebook for Housos.

Fenech told Encore: “My brand of humour certainly has plenty of ongoing fans, but Housos has grabbed a whole new fan base.”

Sbs has since announced a second season of the TV series. Fenech’s previous feature film,
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Trailer Park Movie Housos Vs Authority Gets A Trailer

While it would be generous to call Paul Fenech the Rob Schneider of Australia, the writer-direct-actor has definitely invented his own crazy brand of broad puerile humour to which a certain section of the population adores and keeps turning up in droves to see. Fenech's career started out brilliantly, when he won the top prize at major short film competition Tropfest, by submitting a film under the pseudonym 'Laura Feinstein' in order to appeal to the sensitivities of the judges, particularly Tropfest founder John Polson, who hoped that a female director would win the award. From there came the TV comedy series Pizza, then the spin-off movie Fat Pizza, followed by another TV show Swift and Shift Couriers, and then a third show Housos - a nickname for the...
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Comic-Con 2012 - Full Sunday Schedule is Live!

Sunday July 15th is the last day of Comic-Con 2012, and most of us will be completely worn out looking like Spider-Man in the image above. Chances are he's asleep under that mask. Sunday has always been a cool down day for us, we kind of just try to relax a little bit more and enjoy it. That doesn't mean their isn't anything to see or do though!

We've got a Fringe screening and Q&A, Doctor Who, Buffy the Vampire Slayer 20th Anniversary, Sons of Anarchy, the annual Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical screening, and more! I've always wanted to go the Buffy musical sing-a-long, but am usually trying to leave San Diego before it starts.

Just a little reminder, we will be having our annual GeekTyrant meet up this year to meet our readers, which is something we always enjoy doing! That will take place on Wednesday night, and
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Sunday Schedule For San Diego Comic-Con 2012

The organizers of San Diego Comic-Con have released the official schedule of events for Sunday, July 15 which you can now view below.

San Diego Comic-Con – Sunday, July 15

10:00-11:00 Comic-Con How-to: Publishing Industry: From Manuscript to Industry — So you have the desire to write a book and get it published, but what does that really mean? Agents, editors, publishers, reviewers, self-publishing, traditional publishing, print on demand, ebooks, foreign language-the list goes on. What does it mean to “write for profit,” and what are the pitfalls to watch out for? Award-winning author Maxwell Alexander Drake gives you some insights into the real world that is the Publishing Industry. Warning: this seminar is not for the weak of spirit. Room 2

10:00-11:00 Spotlight on Jason Shiga — Comic-Con special guest Jason Shiga is best known for his interactive comics, including Meanwhile and Knock Knock. He will present a career retrospective detailing
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Comic-Con 2012 - Wednesday and Thursday Schedules!

Comic-Con 2012 is so close we can taste it! The epically badass geek convention is set to invade San Diego from July 11th to July 15th, and we can't wait to get over there and get crazy!

Comic-Con International has released the full schedules for Wednesday July 11th and Thursday July 12th, and there's a ton of stuff going on! It's going to kick off with a great first couple of days that will give you plenty of stuff to do! Wednesday looks like it's going to be an awesome day of pilot screens and Thursday has got stuff like Twilight... (fart) and Disney will be holding their big panel, along with a ton of other great stuff to check out!

I've gone through the schedule and put a *** next to all the event's we hope to be able to cover. If there's anything on the list you would like information on please let us know,
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Paul Fenech's Housos vs Authority out in November

Australian audiences that rush in to see the Paramount Pictures film The Dictator when it opens this week in cinemas will get their first taste of Housos vs Authority, the new feature based on the TV series Housos.

That.s because a teaser trailer for Paul Fenech.s latest local comedy will be shown before the latest, similarly politically incorrect feature starring Sacha Baron Cohen.

Housos broadcaster Sbs has described the series as doing to bogans what Kath and Kim did to lower, middle-class Australia. In the big-screen version a bunch of bludgers go on a trip to Uluru to scatter Shazza.s mum.s ashes on top of Australia.s most famous icon.

Housos vs Authority is being ushered into cinemas in early November by Transmission Films, which channels all its films through Paramount.s booking system.

The film does not have a sales agent.

.Paul Fenech is a
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Harry M Miller Group signs radio trio

Talent agency Harry M Miller Group has expanded its radio roster, picking up representation of Encore columnist Jason ‘Jabba’ Davis, veteran presenter Ugly Phil O’Neil and Nova’s Kent ‘Smallzy’ Small.

Smallzy presents national evening show Smallzy’s Surgery across Dmg Radio’s Nova network.

Davis has presented across various Nova stations, music TV channel [V] and acted in Paul Fenech’s Sbs shows Pizza, Swift & Shift Couriers and Housos

O’Neil’s radio career took of at Triple M Adelaide where he co-presented with now ex-wife Jackie O. He has mainly worked across Austereo stations including Triple M Sydney breakfast. He currently works at Dmg Radio’s Star 104.5Fm Central Coast.

Other radio presenters represented by Hmmg include Nova Sydney’s Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald, Channel [V] ‘s Danny Clayton and Jonathon Coleman.
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Rebel Wilson sitcom gets help from Friends producers

An Australian writer/actress has had former Friends executive producers get on board her Us sitcom pilot, according to reports.

Rebel Wilson’s sitcom for CBS, Super Fun Night, green lit in January, will be executive produced by Us TV veterans Andrew Reich and Ted Cohen for the pilot with an option to stay on should the series get picked up, Deadline is reporting.

Wilson, who featured in A Few Best Men, Bridesmaids as well as Paul Fenech’s Pizza, wrote the script and will star as Kimmie, one of three nerdy female friends who are looking for a fun night every Friday night.

The production is from Warner Bros TV and Conan O’Brien’s Conaco with Wilson getting producer credits.

Wilson was actor/writer/producer on 2008 Australian TV series Bogan Pride and contributed to writing on series 2006-07 TV sitcom The Wedge.

The comedian has a number of productions in the works,
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I was there at the Inception of Christopher Nolan's film career

The Academy may have snubbed him for best director, but Nolan's global reputation is assured. Matthew Tempest recalls the singularly driven young man he met in the Ucl film society

It was pretty obvious to anyone at the University College London film society in the early 1990s (which comprised about half a dozen of us in a windowless, airless basement) that Chris Nolan was going places. I thought his career might even go all the way, and he might shoot a few adverts before eventually (if he got lucky) directing episodes of The Bill and Coronation Street.

That was simply how the UK film industry was back then. The only career path was to worm a way into directing for telly or commercials. It had been generations since John Schlesinger, Ridley and Tony Scott, Adrian Lyne and Alan Parker had managed to make the leap from London, and telly, to Hollywood.
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Jesse Eisenberg joins '30 Minutes or Less': What is your favorite pizza pop culture moment?

Jesse Eisenberg joins '30 Minutes or Less': What is your favorite pizza pop culture moment?
It’s impossible to know how a movie will turn out, but based solely on the names involved, next summer’s comedy 30 Minutes or Less could make for a tasty night at the cinema. According to Variety, Jesse Eisenberg has joined Aziz Ansari and Danny McBride in the film, which is about criminals who force a pizza delivery man to rob a bank…in 30 minutes or less. The film’s directed by Eisenberg’s Zombieland helmer, Ruben Fleisher. 30 Minutes seems to have all the right ingredients to become a great comedy. By which I mean, it’s about pizza.

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