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TRIES TO BE MORE THAN IT IS unless it wants to be dumb!

Author: spencerthetracy
1 August 2004

If I were to crash my plane on a snow covered mountain, the last thing I would do is leave a nearly perfectly good aircraft and sleep outside in the snow. The acting was decent particularly from Patty Duke and especially the history teacher, but some of the dialogue was embarrasing. I often gauge TV disaster movies with how many times I roll my eyes. This one gets five out of five eye rolls. Its not plausible that those in charge of the search would be so monumentally rude to the concerned older sister. And its obvious that this isn't a reenactment because people can't be this dumb. To wait until days after the crash to light a signal smoke fire is beyond me. Millions of trees around them and they couldn't make smoke. Pathetic. They had a good idea to go to the top of the mountain to signal but didn't have enough sense to take turns. No more script duties for Elmer Fudd!

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Don't Bother

Author: Rocky Wood from Melbourne, Australia
28 November 2001

Every now and then you watch a movie that exceeds expectations - this is NOT it!

In the case of these filler telemovies expectations are rightly low and unfortunately this film does not even reach 'low'.

Poor scriptwriting, largely wooden acting, little if any suspense, totally predictable ... what more must I say.

If this film appears in your movie guide run, don't walk, to your remote control and ensure you avoid that channel for the obligatory 0- minutes. You won't regret it.

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Unlikable everything ......

Author: merklekranz from United States
11 January 2015

Uneasy mix of unlikable characters, poor survival techniques, and a contrived storyline. This plays like a dysfunctional family primer, and has questionable entertainment value. William Devane fans will be on somewhat familiar ground, and Patty Duke tries her best. Unfortunately the transformation of the left behind daughter from spoiled brat to forest ranger trainee is totally unbelievable, and sinks whatever believability remained. The story tries to be warm and fuzzy with little success considering the dire situation. Finally, the conclusion with a barely alive sibling snowboarding like a Winter Olympian is truly laughable. - MERK

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Good snowy weekend casual movie

Author: WilliamJDeal from United States
27 January 2008

I thought this was a good, casual, cold winter day movie to watch with the family, and for any age. True, there is no heavy plot, but nothing so graphic, violent or vulgar you have to be worried what might happen next. Which is nice for a change! And it was just suspenseful enough to hold your interest thru to the end. I recommend it for good, simple entertainment. Some of the acting was stiff, but that fit with the characters for the most part. William Devane and Patty Duke are always great, and can compensate for any younger, less experienced acting. By the end of the movie you really feel the agony of spending so much time in the freezing cold. Also made me think about how unprepared I would be under those circumstances.

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Nice relaxing family fare. . .

Author: zephyr-123 from United States
14 January 2012

Okay, so it isn't "Alive!" (one of my favorites) or "The Donnor Party". Nobody gets eaten. It isn't nearly as intense as all that but sometimes I need a break from intensity. I caught this movie when I was, conveniently, in the mood for something laid back. Basically, it's the story of a family whose plane crashes in the mountains in the snow. Most of the movie focuses on the ongoing internal conflicts the family has while the mother (played very well by Patty Duke) struggles to get everyone to cooperate in order to survive. The storyline is very simple and so is the dialogue but I found it to be a relaxing entertaining movie. There seems to be lots of criticism in the other reviews. I don't think it warrants **that** much negativity.

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A cast and performances impossible to like

Author: caa821 from Tulsa OK
27 January 2008

After having watched a pleasant, happy film prior to this one -- on a quiet Sunday morning -- at first I thought this one might be all right. Patty Duke and William Devane are credible actors, if not "A" or "high-B" list, and I've seen them both in good presentations.

However, not in this "turkey." I didn't watch it in entirety, but couldn't help switching back a few times, and missed nothing affecting the understanding of the plot or the performances in doing so.

Whereas the previous film had contained a cast of likable characters and performances, and even those who were there to provide some less-pleasant aspects to the proceedings weren't over-the-top -- this flick was the complete opposite.

There's about as much depth to these characters and the family central to the story as a rain puddle.

Not a single one could be termed likable or sympathetic. The only differences might be the very slight degree as to which the various individuals are less likable than the others. (The "son" comes closest to likability, but he still misses the mark by a good distance.)

The parents' obsession to have this dysfunctional lot proceed, en masse, via their private plane, to celebrate their anniversary is both inane and (given the fore-mentioned dysfunction) absolutely ludicrous..

The daughter who missed the flight due to her being delayed en route to the airfield (they had to leave her behind due to impending bad weather) who interacts with rescuers, may have been the most obnoxious of this crew.

Finally, their conduct at the crash site had its silly aspects as well, as pointed-out in other comments. And the supporting cast and their performance did nothing to improve the quality of this opus.

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An accident of a family in its own plane

Author: esteban1747 from Spain
2 July 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The story is not new, this is what may happen if you survive in snowy and cold conditions, but the film has its own morale. The parents should be more flexible with their sons and daughters not trying to impose patterns of behavior because each one wants to have his/her own personality. At then end the family is good and all worry each other. Everyone in disgrace recognizes the talent or the ability of each other from the father up to the younger sister.

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A reach out of the norm for me

Author: destinee2199 from North Carolina
27 April 2000

Normally I don't watch just any made for tv movie that comes on the tv. The only time that I do watch them is if one of my favorite actors is on it or if I have prior knowledge about a seemingly interesting plot line, but this movie was completely opposite. I was just flipping though the channels while I was bored out of my mind and saw what seemed to be a "perfect" family sitting down to dinner right in front of me so I watch it. Even though my perfect family analysis was wrong I just couldn't stop watching the film, (and not only cuz the guy who played Rick was fine)there was just something about this family that seemed real(maybe cause they are) and that was something that I love watching. Any movie that shows life as it really is and not how the writers or directors want it to be is worth watching. The acting is great in this movie, you really start to feel for this family. Well that's all I have to say, other then I was the first person to comment oh yeah! Ok BUH BYE!

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