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Scherfig and her wonderful cast slyly transmute the quotidian into the magical. It’s like watching flowers bloom in a concrete garden.
Wall Street Journal
This is a woman's work in the best sense -- empathetic, inferentially erotic and delicately intuitive, as well as fiercely intelligent.
Los Angeles Times
A delicious and delicately funny look at the residents of a Copenhagen neighborhood coping with the befuddling complications life tosses at them.
Baltimore Sun
Italian for Beginners, on its own small scale, is a one-of-a-kind movie: a baggy-pants spiritual comedy.
Chicago Tribune
This is a movie that doesn't depend for its effects on star performers or stylized wish-fulfillment sexuality but on realism, sharp observation and honest humor.
New York Daily News
It's the rare film, Dogma or otherwise, that keeps you smiling long after the lights come up.
Village Voice
A funny, relationship-driven ensemble piece that takes the chill out of the Danish winter with a snuggly blanket of humanism.
New York Post
Has a generosity of spirit and a wonderfully upbeat ending that makes it a nice little antidote to a bleak season.
The most nonconfrontational and thus accessible title in the Dogma lot to date, and will speak the international language of proletariat love to arthouse auds who go for such fare.
Austin Chronicle
Will be of interest for anyone seeking unconventional romantic stories as well as those curious about the development of the Dogme movement.

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