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Entertainment Weekly
With the pitiless, devastating Fat Girl, Catherine Breillat puts men and women, boys and girls on notice: When fantasy, hypocrisy, and manipulation mix in a wet, sandy place, you dive into sex at your own risk.
Rolling Stone
An absolute stunner of a movie.
Wall Street Journal
Proves to be a remarkably lean and incisive film about the fateful power of sexuality.
Chicago Sun-Times
There is a jolting surprise in discovering that this film has free will, and can end as it wants, and that its director can make her point, however brutally.
It's sensuality with a stinger, and Fat Girl is an adolescent sex drama that takes no prisoners.
This is a different kind of girls' movie, and certainly not a pretty one, especially its horrific head-scratcher of an ending.
New York Daily News
Breillat has made an important, even essential work about the exploitation of young women's sexuality, but is not she complicit as well?
This disturbing drama has many telling moments, but it ends with an out-of-the-blue shock episode that raises more questions than it answers.
Baltimore Sun
Like "Anais," the only surprises Breillat has in store for us are bad ones. In the willfully perverse final act, she delivers a sadistic blow to the audience -- with a sledgehammer.
Charlotte Observer
Characters in Breillat's movies often make sex their god, lose faith in it, then find their lives hollow and grim. Bergman wouldn't have been so concerned with bodily woes, but he'd have understood.
New York Post
So daring and unsparing in its depiction of the psyche and experience of adolescent girls that it's hard to imagine an audience that wouldn't find it deeply provocative despite a slow pace.

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