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Robbie Coltrane tries not to lose his head.

Author: FactoryGirl from Vancouver, BC Canada
28 September 2001

I saw the first of two sold out screenings of "On The Nose" at the Vancouver International Film Festival (2001). Before the film began, the director, David Caffery, said a few words about this Irish/Canadian production. He was funny and charming so audience opinion may have been swayed just a little bit. Not that it mattered.

"On The Nose" is an, as the British say, "Brilliant!" film. Coltrane is at his best playing a college porter addicted to gambling who finds a very unique way of picking winning race horses. The film is filled with amusing characters and conflicts. At times the audience laughed so hard I missed lines. I guess I'll just have to see the film again. :-)

If you're a Coltrane fan you shouldn't miss this one. If you're a fan of "little" Irish films this one will please you. If you're a fan of comedy and want to enjoy a good laugh and a cheer, by all means see "On The Nose."

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Hysterically funny, intelligently written, a great movie!

Author: Jim Erwin from Southern California
27 June 2002

This movie is hilarious. It's a warm hearted story about a compulsive gambler with an Australian Aboriginal head in a jar that picks winning racehorses. If you can't laugh at a head in a jar, you just don't have a sense of humor! The script treats the characters with respect -- the characters are true to themselves and never betray their humanity to advance the story. Robbie Coltrane and Dan Akroyd head up a cast that's absolutely terrific. Some of the humor in the movie is very Irish, but there's so much to laugh at that everyone can enjoy it.

This is one of the best movies I've seen this year. It's very frustrating that this movie hasn't yet made it into distribution outside of the film festival circuit. I've been telling friends about it, but there's no place anyone can go see it or even rent it. Robbie Coltrane did a movie a few years back called, "The Pope Must Die," which was widely distributed in the United States. "On the Nose," is a much funnier movie than "The Pope Must Die," and I think it appeals to a wider audience. Hopefully this movie will burst out all over America very soon. When it does, I'll drag everyone I know into the theater to see it.

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Very Funny Movie

Author: Claudio Carvalho from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
9 February 2005

In Ireland, the gambler Brendan Delaney (Robbie Coltrane) is man addicted in horse races, who works in the storage room of a university. He lost all the possessions of his family betting on horse races, and now that his daughter was accepted by the Trinity College, he can not afford the costs of her education. However, Brendan finds the head of an aborigine, called by him of Bob, which is able to select the horses that will win the races. He joins a team, composed by the director of the university, Dr. Barry Davis (Dan Aykroyd), an old porter and his grandson, a silly worker of the university, and he wins successive small bets. The group intends to win a great horse race and make their financial independence. Their luck change when a representative of the Australian university arrives in Ireland to recover Bob. Meanwhile, some gangster press Brendan trying to discover his secret. Further, his wife Mrs. Delaney (Brendan Blethyn) presses him to give up betting in horse races. "On the Nose" was a great surprise for me: it is a very funny movie. I did not believe it could be such a hilarious story. I have just had the change to buy this VHS in a very low price and I laughed a lot while watching it. The story is quite silly, but the performance of the cast is great and the screenplay has many plot points and charming situations. "On the Nose" is very recommended for those days, when you have a problem on your job or in your family, or something is bothering you, offering 104 minutes of pure entertainment and laughs. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Sortudos" ("Lucky Ones")

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Win...Place...Show me the head..............

Author: merklekranz from United States
23 November 2009

First there was "Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia", then "8 Heads in a Duffel Bag", and now "On the Nose". The big difference is the head in this movie lives in a jar, and can predict the outcome of horse races. Talk about a unique idea, and this farce is marginally successful, thanks to a pretty fine class of actors, including Dan Akroyd, Robbie Coltrane, and Brenda Blethyn. This is a small film, and if you go in with realistic expectations for a slight comedy, you will not be disappointed. Some of the antics could have been trimmed, as 104 minutes seems overlong for such slight material, but I did enjoy "On the Nose". - MERK

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Rich ensemble cast makes the movie

Author: j greenwood from Vancouver, BC
18 October 2001

As a member of the audience at the premiere, I found myself constantly laughing and looking forward to the next crazy scene. The ensemble cast (not unlike the group in Brenda Blethyn's recent movie, Saving Grace) made for a rich banter and many hilarious moments. Robbie Coltrane, as the working class bloke trying to do right for his family, was a wonderful foil for the rest of the cast. The young fellow who played his assistant did a fabulous job of presenting a likeable, mischievous guy who doesn't always do the right thing. Coltrane's mother-in-law character provides some of the funniest lines of the film.

If you want a light-hearted, feel-good movie, don't miss On the Nose.

I highly recommend it.

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An average kinda movie

Author: Kevin Grealey ( from Croydon, United Kingdom
22 November 2006

Worth watching but i wouldn't give it more than that. Coltrane was very good and Brenda Blythen wasn't given enough material to show her talents.

It was a bit slow in places and you couldn't stop yourself thinking that they could've made this movie a lot funnier....

Similar to let it ride with Richard Dreyfuss but not quite as amusing.

Oh and to the last poster.... Aykroyds mistress is FAR from gorgeous!!! want gorgeous tap in Marissa Tomei ! The woman out of My Cousin Vinney and many more...

Now go watch let it ride...

A far better movie withing the same genre.

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a great ride

Author: french
9 October 2001

Dan is always funny, if only to watch him assume the character of a guy who has no idea of what is going on. Robbie is another big talent who is easy to believe as a guy who ought leave well enough alone but between these two large fellows is a little guy who steals the show. So amusing was his performance that you leave the film laughing at the antics of this wildly amusing fellow, wondering out loud where else you can see him.

The movie takes you on a great ride; one that you wish could have lasted just a little longer, maybe just one extra scene of the fat guys in that little car with the skinny guy at the wheel being chased by the bad guys, then again maybe thats the plot of their next film.

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Coltrane goes through the motions

Author: steve needle from Vancouver, Canada
31 October 2001

I'm a huge fan of Robbie Coltrane, dating back to his early work with Emma Thompson in Tutti Frutti, and his later work in Cracker. Brenda Blethyn was okay in Saving Grace, and Dan Aykroyd can be funny, though it has been a long time since he's played something other than a bad sitcom character. I was hoping On The Nose might be a cute little comedy, not too farcical. The best would have been a Full Monty/Commitments movie, the worst would have been a John Cleese Like Clockwork. Unfortunately, this movie is closer to the Like Clockwork stinker. I found the movie to have very few jokes, and those jokes were telegraphed well in advance. With a joint production of the Irish Film Board, Canadian Film Board, BC Film Board, Sky Television, and CHUM Television, one wonders if there were too many cooks in the production of this luke warm broth. Characters were neither original nor likeable. Bottom line was that I really didn't care what happened to anyone in this movie. One wonders how this film actually got made. Surely there must be better scripts out there than this. This makes Saving Grace seem like a laugh fest.

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Author: James Jandrisch from vancouver, canada
2 October 2001


Yeah okay so I wrote the music for this film- But still,if you cannot crack a wonderful smile on your way out of the theatre after this movie, you should probably get a physical....

Terrific Story, Great Cast, Fantastic Crew- And the best time of my life..


A Fiver to the one who can guess where the majority of the instruments used in this film came from......(David and Scott you're not eligible, kay?)

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