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San Francisco Chronicle
A triumph for all involved.
Rolling Stone
Delivers frisky fun for bruised romantics regardless of age, sex or nationality.
Chicago Sun-Times
Made against all odds into a funny and charming movie that understands the charm of the original, and preserves it.
New York Daily News
A delightful and endearing romantic comedy with the shape and resonance of a Jane Austen novel.
Chicago Tribune
The Zellweger-Firth-Grant triangle works as irresistibly as Hepburn-Grant-Stewart in "The Philadelphia Story."
Entertainment Weekly
Bridget's most attractive asset is that she's played by Renée Zellweger.
Where the highly likable actress (Zellweger) proves most valuable is in making us adore this insecure, clumsy, contradictory creature.
Philadelphia Inquirer
As adorable and predictable a film as the Helen Fielding best-seller that inspired it.
New York Post
Warm and charming and often witty, it's as good a romantic comedy as has come out for some time, with an endearing, perfectly pitched central performance that's a four-square triumph for Zellweger.
Boston Globe
The film not only works better than expected but gets the important things right, starting, of course, with Zellweger's Bridget and Bridget's mind-set.
Wall Street Journal
The worst part of Ms. Zellweger's plight is that she, along with others in the cast, has fallen victim to a first-time feature director whose vocabulary doesn't seem to include the word "simplicity."

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