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5 Jun. 2001
Cassie Catches Up/Very Berry
Cassie must practice perseverance to help her and Emmy win a pinwheel; Ord gets stuck inside a tight cave opening.
8 Jun. 2001
One Big Wish/Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
One big wish: Max has a hard time playing baseball due to his small size, so he goes into some bushes, and unknowingly wishes to be bigger. And he gets his wish, then he grows.. Bigger and bigger.. And keeps growing till he's even bigger than a giant!
18 Jun. 2001
A New Friend/Have No Fear
A new member of Quetzal's class leads Max, Emmy and the dragons on a treasure hunt; Ord must overcome his fear of Cassie's new pet butterfrog in order to help her.
19 Jun. 2001
Cassie, the Green-Eyed Dragon/Something's Missing
Cassie finds herself feeling jealous of her little brother, Finn, when she brings him to school; Max misses Emmy when she goes on a week-long trip to sleep-away camp.
22 Jun. 2001
Dragonberry Drought/A Snowman for All Seasons
Max, Emmy and the dragons investigate when Dragon Land faces a severe shortage of dragonberries then try to keep a snowman and his pet from melting.
4 Sep. 2001
Back to the Storybook/Dragon Scouts
Cassie's siblings Kiki and Finn join the group for a visit into Quetzal's magic pop-up book; Emmy tries to figure out the best way to fit in when Cassie invites her to join the Dragon Scouts.
6 Sep. 2001
Sticky Situation/Green Thumbs
Max neglects his responsibility to a pen of animals; Max, Emmy and the dragons go on an adventure to return a lost flower to its meadow.
7 Sep. 2001
Teasing Is Not Pleasing/Team Work
Emmy is teased by members of an opposing team during a game of dragon basketball; Zak and Wheezie must work together when they lose their dragon badges.
13 Sep. 2001
Sneezy Does It/Try It You'll Like It
Max, Emmy and the dragons help Windy care for her father when he catches a cold; Zak is encouraged to try new foods and rides during a trip to the Dragon Land amusement park.

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