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Fabulous film

Author: ali wise from United Kingdom
5 March 2006

This film was absolutely fabulous. I am dancer and watching it made me want to dance, and it doesn't just apply to dancers this film i know people that have watched that are not very keen on dancing but they really liked this film. The dancers in it are fabulous and really make the film whole. This storyline is amazing, and very enjoyable. Friendships are put the test love is hanging on a small string. I enjoyed this film more than anything the beauty in the relationships. You see that everyone should live their life to the maximum. Which these girls did. Friendship, devotion, courage, acceptance these are the main messages of the film and they are strong messages that everyone should think about once. This shows these girls are grateful for everything they have and that is the way that everyone should be.

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Very nice movie

Author: John Chambers from Belgium
9 December 2005

This is a very beautiful movie, a known story but full of friendship and love moments. Not so good as "Save the Last Dance", that is more on the relationship of a white girl with a nice black guy. This movie tells the passion of a girl on dancing with her best friend, the love relationship with and her boyfriend. Tells the difficulties of a sick person against the will of going through with her life, her passion of DANCING and her objective to succeed with the auditions at Juliard :-) This is a good movie to watch on TV on a cold winter day with your family. The actors are nice and the two girls are giving a good performance. It's maybe not the best film of that genre, but still this is a one to watch !

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Author: Glassix from South Florida
12 April 2004

I liked the cast of the movie, although I would have preferred that Shane West was in more scenes. I'm not quite sure that they explained properly Sam's relationship her mother. Sam definitely had a chip on her shoulder but they never fully explained why. Additionally, I found the dream sequences to be kind of lame. I also would have preferred they showed or at least expressed how long she had been on chemo before she decided on her own to stop doing therapy. It didn't give the audience a frame of reference and due to her parents reaction almost made you feel as if she didn't want to fight for her life. The acting was great though. A decent movie to watch on cable during a rainy weekend afternoon.

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Fabulous Movie

Author: irishangel2142005 from Ireland
19 November 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is one of my all time favourite movies. Speaking as someone who hasn't read the book, the movie said it all. The dance routines signify Jules struggle with the cancer, every time she has chemo she is doing what she always did, she danced the dance in her head. She let the dance, dance her. That was her way of coping, the only way she knew how.

Larisa Oleynik played Jules brilliantly. She captured the essence of the struggle, the pain, and how she wanted to live what she had left her way. I lost count of the amount of times I cried during this movie. As far as I am concerned, this movie was touching, the acting was respectful and accurate.

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Quiet, thoughtful, not preachy, and real.

Author: (locke-13) from New Zealand
21 April 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I enjoyed this film, even though it's not the type of film I usually watch.

*minor spoilers* Sam and Jules are best friends, having known each other so long that they don't even recall their lives before their friendship. Jules (played by "10 things I hate about You"'s Larisa Oleynik) is focused, determined, talented and driven, living for the dance classes she takes after school. Sam (Shiri Appleby - "Roswell" and "Swimfan") is more relaxed and seems comfortable bathing in the reflected glory of her best friend. As Jules' life is threatened by cancer, she sees her dream of attending the prestigious Julliard School of dance slipping from her grasp.

The performances were good, though not incredible, and the dance sequences in this film were fantastic. I am not a trained dancer, but both the leads completely hold the viewer's attention on the dance floor.

I found Larisa's Jules to be vulnerable, and accessible. She degenerates well during the course of the movie, and the battles she is fighting, while largely offscreen, can be seen in her face. Unfortunately, she doesn't quite get enough dialog to flesh out her character as much as I would have hoped. In a strange move, Sam seems to be the more complex character, and Shiri injects a believability into her obsession with Jules that I found touching.

In life, there are rare people, whose simple presence moulds us into something better than what we are. Jules has this effect on both Sam, and Sam's mother, and the director wisely chooses to discard several potential hallmark moments in favour of examining this adoration and the damage it can do. The relationship between Sam and her mother, and the friendship between Jules and Sam are both put at risk by Jules' glory.

The direction was unobtrusive, which is important to telling a story like this, and apart from the climactic dance scene, and some dream sequences, the story is told well. The dream sequences were important, as Jules' perfect existence is ripped away from her, leaving her pulled towards places she does not want to go; however I thought they could have been handled better. I also was confused by the use of slow-motion in the final dance scene, as all the dancer notions of time and space and form which are handled well throughout the film seemed to be lost here.

Overall, I have to give this film a good rating, for displaying both realism and subtlety, two qualities that are rarely shown in this type of film. The reaction to Jules' crisis and the effects it has on those around her are completely believable, and I think the fact that this film is based on a true story really helps here. While I have to admit that I prefer Shadowlands (starring the superb Antony Hopkins), full marks to both leads, the director and the dance choreographer.


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An intelligent rites of passage movie with a bittersweet ending.

Author: Ivan McKeon from Fleetwood, UK
9 January 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Warning: This review contains vague plot references which might be seen as spoilers (but no more so than in the existing trailer and publicity material).

Sam (Shiri Appleby) is a self-confessed slacker who lives in the reflected glory of her best friend Jules (Larisa Oleynik), a brilliant dancer whose ambition is to gain a place at the Julliard Academy. When Jules is diagnosed with cancer both girls are forced to re-evaluate their lives and ambitions. As Jules grows physically weaker Sam grows in self-confidence and their relationship becomes one of equals before Jules takes a courageous decision which leads to the bittersweet ending.

Set to a resounding musical soundtrack and featuring impressive dance routines this is a poignant and moving rites of passage movie. It never resorts to maudlin or melodrama and is all the more heart-wrenching for that. The two young leads give outstanding performances and are ably backed up by an excellent adult cast led by Peter Coyote and Amy Madigan.

Having already been a box office number one in Italy, this fine film deserves a theatrical release in the U.S. and the U.K. (This review refers to the Italian DVD version in English with Italian sub-titles).

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I wanted to love this movie but I can't even like it

Author: WakenPayne from Valhalla
17 March 2014

Okay I sat down and watched this movie because... I want to see if Larisa Oleynik can do drama. Now with a premise like this it was almost a stamp on guarantee that I was going to like this movie. The amount of angles that they can go with this story and make it into something immensely enjoyable is amazing. Turns out I didn't like it.

Okay so the story, Jules and Sam are both dancers that have danced since they were 6 years old. Sam loves to dance but Jules is obsessed with it and it's her lifelong dream to do it professionally. That comes to a screeching halt when what she thought were hip pains turns out to be a form of cancer and it basically chronicles how Jules, Sam and their families live with this.

The biggest complaint in the sense that because this was taken out the whole thing falls apart is that these characters almost have the personality of dishwater. I mean with our 2 leads for example aside from them liking dance and having each other as best friends, what do you know about them? The answer is "almost nothing" because if they did elaborate on other personality traits then they didn't make this very clear. I could go on and on with how much this ruins the film completely.

With all this said the actors all do decent jobs. I mean I know they're trying very hard to do this and it really shows. I think the best performance is Oleynik as Jules as she is conflicted with being unable to fulfil her dream for being a professional dancer. I mean they almost carry the movie.

With this said I thought this movie relied on a lot of Dance choreography than anything else. Half the time they put dance sequences in places that don't make sense. I mean if it is supposed to convey some kind of symbolic meaning then the symbolism is very poorly put across.

So I guess if you like any of these actors then this movie will be worth some kind of viewing. I mean the acting from most of the players is pretty good but the characters are bland cardboard cut-outs. The amount of ways this story could have been tackled, even if they gave the characters more personality could have connected me to the characters a lot more that when the ending comes along that I would be sad at it. So If you're a fan of these actors then watch it, If you aren't then this movie won't work.

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Very Commendable Soundtrack

Author: dizzy_dawn from Scotland
22 January 2006

I've seen this movie three times now, but only once all the way through. In general, it's a classic tear-jerker but not as much as I would have liked. Having a good cry when watching a movie is a good thing... (unless you're crying because it's horrible) but this didn't give me the sense of emotional drama I was hoping for. To me, it didn't seem like the characters were really showing how much Juliana's Cancer was affecting them. There was only one scene when I felt her parents were really showing us their true feelings in the situation. Sam, I would also have liked to have seen the emotions from a "best friends" point of view, which I don't think was shown that much. This movie was based on dancing, but it could have took a deeper more in-depth look at the sides of Cancer and how it was affecting Jules's family and friends. Something which really caught my interests in this movie though was the music. The music in this movie really conveyed the situations playing in front of us and fitted in perfectly. For me, the music was one of the best parts of this movie.

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A great book that was turned into a bad film

Author: Sweet_Ophelia from Australia
2 April 2004

It is so dissapointing that one of the best books I have ever read was adapted into such a bad film that totally lost the plot.

The movie is about Sam & Jules. Sam loves to dance, but Jules lives to dance. Jules is planning on going to Juilliard, and Sam is planning on tagging along, simply because she and Jules have been inseparable since they were six years old. But Jules's dreams come to a grinding halt when she is diagnosed with cancer. Jules & Sam's relationship is put to the test and things will never be the same again.

Shiri Appleby was pretty ordinary and forgettable in this film. But, in her defence, if the movie had been based more closely on the book, her character would have been alot meatier and she probably could have done alot more with herself. Larisa Oleynik could have made her role really great. She could have tugged the audience's heart strings from beginning to end, but she didnt. Once again, in her defence, the film didnt concentrate enough on the emotional side of Jules's cancer, instead they stuffed it with way too many dance routines that just ended up being boring and hogging too much of the screen time. I know this film is about a girl who just wants to dance, but really, they were great steps, dont get me wrong, but too much of a good thing can be bad and boring. They should have concentrated alot more on the emotional and made sure there wasnt a dry eye by the end. Its strange that they didnt give Peter Coyote, a pretty darn good actor by my standards, more screen time. he had only two minor scenes with little dialogue and hardly any room for emotional response. There is one scene in which Jules tells her parents she wants to stop chemo, and he shows signs of potential, but then they leave it at that.

With all due respect, the book was much better.

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So sickly sweet with a pathetic play to emotions

Author: Jerry_Zee from Canada
12 September 2002

Normally I love stories like Brian's Song, or stories that involve some angst. But this story was so over done. I can't even imagine where all these people rating this show are seeing it since it has only been released in Italy limited.

Worse decision of my vacation was to take in this movie. The acting was bad where the actresses' voices grated on my last nerve. What is it with baby talking actresses that can't pronounce a simple word. Normally I'd forgive the blantant overacting, moody brooding, and such, but this movie was nothing but start and stops of pausing and drawn out boredom.

By the movie's end, half the audience left. No doubt to see why other movies such as Signs and XXX are filled with lines waiting.

Don't even bother to rent this movie. Just wait. It'll show up on Lifetime eventually.

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