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You've gotta be into the Soviet-Russian culture to like this movie
Vladimir6 November 2006
Reading the previous comment made me to write my own. Well, most American musicals make me sick with a small exception of "Singing in the Rain". I believe, it just a different culture, so unless you are into the Russian-Soviet culture don't even dream of understanding these four Russian musicals.

The sole purpose of these movies is to make a New Year show consisting the songs that were popular among ordinary people. Sorry, no RAP or Jazz or Britney Spears in here.

I grade this movie at 8, since there is always some room for improvement. However, it is one of the best New Year shows for people, who remember USSR.
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Just ridiculous
sfdude_christinahawk24 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I've seen this movie several times and I was disgusted, especially when you see a hockey trio having a competition against the animated hockey team and when you see a wolf running after a rabbit. And plus, you get to see some woman dressed as a cowboy and you get to hear Koroleva, Vaikule, Leontiev, Buinov and Dolina sing in English. In the "Rasputin" video, you get to see two African American women in Egyptian attire. You also get to see the Eskimos wandering around and plus, there is Chris Norman and Gloria Geynor. And there's also plenty of Russian cartoons serving as cameos in this DVD. Russian cartoons?! Are you kidding me?! Well, I gave this DVD 2 out of 10 stars.
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