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An 80's Time Capsule
Rebochan25 February 2001
This documentary actually tells you a lot more than just about the making of an exceptional music video. The video also captures a point in time where the world of music basically revolved around one man-Michael Jackson. One part of the documentary shows a crowd of fans gathered behind a barrier at 3 AM in the morning just to catch a glimpse of Michael Jackson (who eventually waves to them from far away). The amount of effort put into making the music video itself is astounding. This video is an interesting insight into the process of making a music video, an evolving art form when this was made. Certainly, however, if you hate Michael Jackson, you'll definitely get nothing out of this. But if you can at least tolerate him or moderately like his music, you'll appreciate the unique perspective into music that it presents.
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The coolest music video in history!!
Kristine4 August 2002
I have seen the video Thriller a million times and heard it a million times, I'm still not sick of it! I knew the dances since I could crawl. And let's face it, Michael maybe weird, but he his the KING OF POP!!! And probaly the KING OF DANCE!!! He is so awesome. And this music video was a big break through that would define the way we look at music videos. To John Landis, YOU RULE!!! And Michael, you are the best!


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An amazing movie
liberian_girl17 February 2002
This movie is simply amazing. It really grabs your attention, the stunning choreography, brilliant effects. I absolutely love this film. I don't know what to say it is just pure EXCELLENT. If you have not seen this then you are missing something good.
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