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What We Learned from the 2017 Box Office

What We Learned from the 2017 Box Office
The end of each year is often a time for reflection, as we look back on the year that was before we get ready to turn the page on a brand new year. When it comes to the movies, there's more than enough to reflect on, with countless amounts of "hot takes" starting to surface, including lists of the top 10 movies, but this year, we thought we'd try a different approach as well. Given how unique a year 2017 was at the box office, we decided to delve back through the year that was, and pick out the top 10 most interesting trends that developed among audiences this year, some of which could have quite the big impact on the movie industry for many years to come.

While the top 10 for this year isn't officially set in stone yet, since it's only a matter of time before Star Wars: The Last Jedi
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50 Shades of Grey to Brokeback Mountain: are these really the most boring films ever?

Showgirls? The Blair Witch Project? And not a Bertolucci film in sight? The public’s judgment has hit a new low with this list of cinematic snorefests

The British public, wrong as they are about everything, have just outdone themselves. A survey has been published – a survey to promote a new type of washing machine, but still – listing the 20 most boring films of all time. And, lord, it is a mess. Let’s begin by showing you which films the public chose:

1. 50 Shades of Grey

2. The Blair Witch Project

3. Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

4. Brokeback Mountain

5. Transformers

6. The Postman

7. The Artist

8. Australia

9. Vanilla Sky

10. Seven Years in Tibet

11. Batman and Robin

12. 2001: A Space Odyssey

13. The Matrix Revolutions

14. Showgirls

15. Far and Away

16. The Tree of Life

17. Noah

18. Meet Joe Black

19. Lincoln

20. Cleopatra

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19 Sequels That Are Better Than the Original

Every successful movie these days seems to get a sequel. It’s hard to capture lightning in a bottle twice, so some sequels lean so heavily on the concept of the first film that it feels like a lazy rehash (see: The Hangover Part II), while others reinvent the wheel a little too strongly, resulting in a sequel that loses its connection to what made the first movie so popular (see: The Matrix Revolutions). That’s what makes crafting a sequel so difficult, and only in very rare cases are sequels actually better than their predecessors. So with sequels continuing …
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Secret Behind The Matrix Code Finally Revealed

Secret Behind The Matrix Code Finally Revealed
The Wachowski siblings' 1999 breakthrough film The Matrix was not only a huge critical and commercial hit, but it also helped revolutionize the way movies are made, in a number of different ways. One of the most unique elements of the movie is The Matrix code itself, which is basically comprised of a perpetual stream of neon green icons running down vertically over a black screen. While we wait for more on the controversial and impending Matrix reboot, the creator of the actual Matrix code reveals that it was based on Japanese food recipes.

The franchise has been in the news this year after Warner Bros. announced a new project which was described as a Matrix prequel. Simon Whiteley was the man who designed and created The Matrix code, who got his start in the movie business designing the opening title sequence for the 1995 smash hit Babe. While his role as
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You Have Less Than a Month to Watch How I Met Your Mother Before It Leaves Netflix

Once again, the time has come to say goodbye to some of our favorite movies and shows on Netflix. While there are some exciting new additions coming in November, such as Marvel's The Punisher, the streaming service is getting rid of some gems including the entire Matrix franchise and some beloved sitcoms. Needless to say, if you haven't watched How I Met Your Mother all the way through, we suggest starting now. Nov. 1 Back to the Secret Garden Black Books, series one-three Christmas with the Kranks Get Rich or Die Tryin' Hard Candy Hugo Ravenous The Brothers The Legend of Hell House The Matrix The Matrix Reloaded The Matrix Revolutions The Newton Boys Thomas & Friends: A Very Thomas Christmas Thomas & Friends: Holiday Express Thomas & Friends: Merry Winter Wish Thomas & Friends: The Christmas Engines Thomas & Friends: Ultimate Christmas Twilight V for Vendetta Nov. 3 Do I Sound Gay? Nov. 5 Hannah Montana: The Movie Heavyweights Sky High Nov.
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Avengers: Infinity War Puts Out Casting Call For Military Types

Even with the possibility of the first trailer for Avengers: Infinity War debuting tomorrow night being a reality, I think you may agree with me in saying that it doesn’t hurt to occupy the interim with other bits of news related to the monumental film that’s serving as the culmination of everything Marvel Studios have been building to since the release of 2008’s Iron Man.

Granted, principal photography for 2019’s as-yet-untitled follow-up may have already commenced, but that doesn’t mean everything regarding Infinity War itself is finished. After all, there’s a lot of time separating now from next spring, so it stands to reason that the second unit or other members of the crew will be filling in a few blanks. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise us if the approach the Russo Brothers are taking is somewhat nonlinear like other films that have shot back to back,
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How the ‘Atomic Blonde’ Team Pulled Off the Incredible, 10-Minute, ‘One-Take’ Action Sequence

How the ‘Atomic Blonde’ Team Pulled Off the Incredible, 10-Minute, ‘One-Take’ Action Sequence
From “Children of Men” to the opening scene of “La La Land,” so-called oners are all the rage these days, as directors design scenes (or entire movies, a la “Birdman”) to look as if they were filmed in one continuous take. But surely none has been more complicated than the nearly 10-minute, “single-shot” action scene in David Leitch’s “Atomic Blonde.” In this jaw-dropping set-piece, Charlize Theron’s secret-agent character ushers her “package” inside a rancid old Berlin building, fights her way upstairs and back down, then out into the street, where the sequence continues as a car chase, replete with exploding windows and somersaulting SUVs.

Leave it to Leitch, who served alongside Chad Stahelski as a stunt coordinator and second unit director on movies such as “The Matrix Revolutions” and “Jurassic World,” to attempt something so audacious for his directorial debut. From the get-go, Leitch was inspired by two things: “Children of Men” and a mandate
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9 Films New to Netflix to Watch in August 2017, Including ‘The Matrix’ Trilogy and ‘Jackie Brown’

9 Films New to Netflix to Watch in August 2017, Including ‘The Matrix’ Trilogy and ‘Jackie Brown’
Netflix may have cancelled the Wachowski’s cult hit “Sense 8,” but its adding two of their defining works to its streaming library next month. All three entries in “The Matrix” trilogy are heading to Netflix, as is the ambitious “Cloud Atlas,” which means you’ll be able to bring summer to an end by bingeing mind-melting science fiction.

Read More: Netflix Is Not the Problem: Why Bad Theatrical Presentations Are Destroying the Experience

Other titles joining the streaming service include underrated gems from Quentin Tarantino and Michael Haneke, plus two of the year’s most exciting documentary films. Check out a complete list of all the new movies joining Netflix in August 2017 below, including our 7 must-binge choices.

The Matrix” Trilogy (August 1)

August kicks off with “The Matrix,” “The Matrix Reloaded” and “The Matrix Revolutions” all becoming available to stream on Netflix. Say what you want about the two sequels, but
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Whoa Is Me: Keanu Reeves’ Saddest Roles, From ‘My Own Private Idaho’ to ‘John Wick’

Whoa Is Me: Keanu Reeves’ Saddest Roles, From ‘My Own Private Idaho’ to ‘John Wick’
We’ve all seen the Sad Keanu memes, and a number of details from the “Point Break” and “Matrix” star’s biography do indeed point toward tragedy. The actor is known for thrilling us rather than saddening us nevertheless, not that there aren’t a few exceptions to prove the rule (even if none of them involve him eating a sandwich on his lonesome).

With “To the Bone” premiering on Netflix this Friday, take a moment to relive some of Keanu’s saddest performances.

My Own Private Idaho

Maybe it’s the fact that he’s acting opposite River Phoenix, a friend who died just two years after Gus Van Sant’s early classic was released, but it’s hard not to feel for Keanu in “My Own Private Idaho.” A soon-to-be-wealthy heir, his Scott is always looking after his narcoleptic best friend (Phoenix, whose character is also in love
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Greg Rucka Discusses Wonder Woman Annual #1 In New Video

Saying that this is a big week for Wonder Woman is certainly an understatement. Not only is there much buzz surrounding her first solo outing on the silver screen (you can read our review here), but her first annual yielded by the Rebirth era is also set to hit shelves.

Although said annual is slated to be an anthology of sorts, many readers are likely looking forward to the contribution made by Greg Rucka, who has served as writer on the flagship title for the past year, and artist Nicola Scott, who was paired with him for the Wonder Woman: Year One story arc.

In the latest episode of DC All Access, co-host Whitney Moore chats with Rucka about his 10-page tale that actually takes place within the same time frame as Year One, effectively showing how Diana first met Batman and Superman in current continuity. Sure, we’ve all
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‘Seven Samurai’: How Akira Kurosawa’s Masterpiece Continues to Influence Filmmakers Today — Watch

‘Seven Samurai’: How Akira Kurosawa’s Masterpiece Continues to Influence Filmmakers Today — Watch
More than sixty years after the release of “Seven Samurai,” Akira Kurosawa’s legendary epic continues to leave its mark on Hollywood. While the film is widely known to have led to the 1960 remake “The Magnificent Seven,” directed by John Sturges, “Seven Samurai” has also inspired filmmakers like George Miller as recently as 2015, when he released his epic sci-fi action film, “Mad Max: Fury Road.”

A new video from Fandor explains in depth just how wide ranging the influence of “Seven Samurai” can be felt. While films with enormous battle scenes like “The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers” and “The Matrix Revolutions” unsurprisingly borrowed visual elements from Kurosawa, some unexpected titles that were inspired by the plot of “Seven Samurai” include John Landis’ “Three Amigos” and “A Bug’s Life.”

Some films have even lifted dialogue almost verbatim from “Seven Samurai.” The film’s “everlasting and genre-spanning influence
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‘Matrix’ Mashup: Imagine if Will Smith Hadn’t Turned Down the Role of Neo

‘Matrix’ Mashup: Imagine if Will Smith Hadn’t Turned Down the Role of Neo
Everyone knows Keanu Reeves starred in “The Matrix.” What this video presupposes is…maybe he didn’t? YouTube user The Unusual Suspect has reimagined the Wachowskis’ science-fiction blockbuster with Will Smith in the lead role of Neo, as the part was originally offered to the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” and “Bad Boys” star. Watch below and try not to say “whoa.”

Read More: ‘The Matrix’: Why Relaunching the Franchise Without the Wachowskis Is A Terrible, Terrible Idea

Featuring clips from the original film with shots of Smith woven in, the video acts as a trailer of sorts for this alternate-history (or -future?) version of “The Matrix.” Scenes from such films as “Men in Black” and especially “I, Robot” are used to create the illusion, often quite seamlessly; it helps that “I, Robot” is another sci-fi/action hybrid that calls on Smith to fire weapons and appear as though
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Will Smith Is Neo in The Matrix Fan-Cut Trailer

Will Smith Is Neo in The Matrix Fan-Cut Trailer
18 years after hitting theaters, The Matrix is still an indelible part of pop culture. The franchise made headlines yet again last month with news that Warner Bros. has hired writer Zak Penn to write a new Matrix movie. Rumors then surfaced that Michael B. Jordan is wanted as a young Morpheus in a prequel. What some fans may not realize is that Will Smith had originally been offered the role of Neo, but turned it down, opting instead to star in The Wild Wild West. This paved the way for Keanu Reeves to land the iconic role, which he reprised in the sequels The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions. Now, an inventive fan took it upon himself to cut together a trailer that shows what it may have looked like if Will Smith had played Neo.

A YouTube and Reddit user dubbed The Unusual Suspect debuted this fan trailer on social media,
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Fan Brings His Own Matrix 4 Trailer To Life With The Help of Some other Movies

Ever since the announcement this week that there would be another version of The Matrix, there’s been a huge split of feelings about the new film that’s rumored to have Michael B. Jordan attached to it. Some fans are excited and some are frankly appalled at the idea of a reboot. However, a complete reboot of the original rumors have been quelled by screenwriter Zak Penn who assured fans that the new movies would be additional stories, not retelling of the old. After all, The Matrix Revolutions is only 14 years old. We’re also not sure whether or not Lilly

Fan Brings His Own Matrix 4 Trailer To Life With The Help of Some other Movies
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Newswire: That Matrix reboot isn’t really a reboot, writer clarifies

Earlier this week, we wrote that Warner Bros. was making some rumblings about bringing the Matrix franchise—which hasn’t had a new entry since 2003’s The Matrix Revolutions—back to life. At the time, the word being used to describe the new project, potentially penned by screenwriter Zak Penn, was a “reboot,” mostly because entertainment writers are as susceptible to computer puns as anybody else.

Wading into the morass of reboots, remakes, relaunches, reimaginings, and re-etc’s that surround any attempt to breathe life into a moribund franchise these days, Penn got on Twitter yesterday to clarify that he has no intention of recreating (ah, there’s another one) one of the most beloved science-fiction franchises of the last 20 years.

All I can say at this point is no one could or should Reboot the Matrix. People who know Animatrix and the comics understand.

Zak Penn (@zakpenn ...
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Why A Matrix Reboot Is A Tough Sell

It seems like every single day we’re writing about the next big reboot, remake, or sequel. Either that, or we’re talking about the concept of reboots, remakes, or sequels. Heck, just yesterday, we posted a story on writer/director Joss Whedon’s feelings on us currently living in an age where every single property that’s ever existed is fair game to pick back up, dust off, and repackage (his quote is addressed further in this article). It’s how the industry thrives. When marketing to mass consumers, studios have learned that attaching a familiar name is a surefire way to get more butts in seats.

While this seems like an awful atmosphere for creativity, we can’t dismiss the entire industry. There have been dozens and dozens of classics that have been made as a result of this trend. Without this trend, the Marvel Cinematic Universe wouldn’t be a thing.
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[Updated] The Matrix: Warner Bros Looking To Reboot Franchise, Michael B. Jordan Potentially Eyed To Star?

Update: Details added regarding a potential writer's room near the end.

Even though we live in an era where practically every film franchise under the sun is likely to get a remake, reboot, or sequel at any given moment. You may think that your favorite movie, book, or series is safe, but no, it’s not. Nothing is safe in Tinsel Town. When Ben-Hur is a movie that gets remade, you really know that nothing is sacred. The same goes for the Matrix films. The first one was a huge testament of innovative filmmaking, unique ideas, and layering big ideas under the skin of a popcorn flick.

The Matrix showed that with the perfect mix of thriller, intrigue, action, and philosophy, you can make a film rise above expectations. Sadly, with its sequels, The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions, it also proved that delving too deep into a mystery
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‘The Matrix’: Why Relaunching the Franchise Without the Wachowskis Is A Terrible, Terrible Idea

  • Indiewire
‘The Matrix’: Why Relaunching the Franchise Without the Wachowskis Is A Terrible, Terrible Idea
Dear Warner Bros.,

Look, we see where you’re coming from. All the cool kids are doing it — reviving their IP to create new franchises for new generations. And yes, if a woman was nine months pregnant when she watched the seminal sci-fi action film written and directed by the Wachowskis, her kid would now be graduating from high school. So it’s not exactly shocking that, almost exactly 18 years after the first film’s release, reports emerge that you’re laying the groundwork to relaunch “The Matrix.”

The Wachowskis aren’t currently involved. It’s unclear if they will be. But if you’re planning to revive “The Matrix” without the Wachowskis — well, that’s completely insane.

We know that in the current cultural landscape, those who believe old titles and premises should be left alone are increasingly viewed as Luddites. We know it looks so, so tempting — the franchise grossed over $1.5 billion worldwide.
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Warner Bros. Takes The Red Pill, Reboots ‘The Matrix’

The Matrix” franchise has been through a lot. It saw a major studio take a chance on two rising filmmakers — Lana Wachowski and Lilly Wachowski — to make an ambitious sci-fi movie, and they were rewarded with a global box office phenomenon. Two bloated, pretty terrible sequels followed, “The Matrix Reloaded” and “The Matrix Revolutions,” not to mention an anime-inspired anthology, “The Animatrix,” which kept the brand going, along with video games too, but these followups didn’t have the same innovation as the first film.

Continue reading Warner Bros. Takes The Red Pill, Reboots ‘The Matrix’ at The Playlist.
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The Matrix Rebooted? Warner Bros. looking to make another ‘Matrix’ movie

The Matrix reboot on the way from Warner Bros. The studio are reportedly looking at their options for a return to the Keanu Reeves classic.

Warner Bros. are reportedly plotting a return to The Matrix. According to sources, the studio is looking to go ahead with another ‘Matrix’ movie without the Wachowskis, the writer/ directors of the original trilogy. The Matrix reboot is a while off though if any such major plans exist to revive this $1.6 billion franchise.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news of the potential plans, and the word on the street is that they’ve already brought Zak Penn (Ready Player One, Last Action Hero, X-Men: The Last Stand) on board to write the screenplay for the film, with Michael B. Jordan in the lead role.

According to the trade, this may not be a direct reboot, with the film possibly looking to expand the existing universe
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