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I loved this when i was a kid
Liakot Ali23 March 2009
Haatim Tai is a famous character originally from a arab district who was known for being brave, wise and having a great deal of hospitality. Some say its a myth and some say its real, but this is the Bollywood MOVIE version. Haatim is played by Jeetendra who delivers a average perfromance. Hatim is not suppose to be a loud, superhero angry young man type guy, so Jeetendra did do a okay job. Satish Shah who also is a main lead in this film was quite funny. The film is entertaining if you are young and maybe if you are older too. Im sure it will Not appeal to anybody anymore as the graphics are very weak. Hatim Tai does have some interesting quest/adventures in the film. I think there is good morale and good potential in the seven quest Hatim has to complete. Its fun, dangerous and adventurous. In that year, Most Bollywood producers did Not spend a lot of money on graphics and therefore This film fails badly in graphics.
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Mo K31 January 2012
I saw this as a 10 year old and laughed at how poor the script, plot line, acting and special effects were...

I saw it again as an adult and cringed. As technology progresses with movies like Avatar being released and bollywood finally using CGI effects this becomes even more dated by the second.

I think the lowest point was the part when the angels had cardboard wings covered in baking foil and tree spirits that looked quite cuddly and not very scary at all.

Its a shame, they could have done a lot with this folk tale but it seemed that even for 90's Bollywood standards this is budget.
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