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Stupid, yet entertaining...
dr_hollygoodhead15 December 2000
I love stupid movies... I live for them, in fact, and this was definitely stupid. Spend the $5, go see it for yourself! If you weren't interested in it, you probably wouldn't be looking at reviews in the first place unless you're a concerned parent (let your kids see it, it's not too bad), or if you hated it and wanted to see if anyone actually enjoyed it. I did, and I recommend it to anyone who just wants to laugh at the antics of two total stoners. Personally, I think a different ending could have made this movie a lot more enjoyable, but I don't want to give it away, so see it for yourself. This one won't win any awards (with a name like "Dude, Where's My Car?" one wouldn't expect it to be a contender, anyway), but for all of us who have had a "night to remember" that we forgot, it's damn funny.
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Shibby-est Movie Ever!!!
Angel Rodriguez17 October 2006
Of all the stupid (yet funny) movies out there, "Dude, Where's My Car?" is definitely one of the funniest.

Nowadays, so many stupid/funny stoner movies are out, but none can really compare to the hilariousness that Chester and Jesse bring out of each other. Reminiscent to Beavis and Butthead, they cruise around as two aimless stoners with no real purpose in life but to shibby, shibby, and shibby. (Shibby, which could stand for ANYthing, really.) Being the first to fully implement the words "Dude" and "Sweet", Jesse and Chester deserve two thumbs-up for this stoner movie. Teenagers of any generation would definitely enjoy it. I've seen it a hundred times and still love it to this day.

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Lighten up, people!
sparrtacus24 June 2001
"Dude" is by no means an intelligent movie, nor does it want to be one. However, it is treated as one by the public. If you don't like stupid movies, why did you go see it anyway!? I mean, personally, I love stupid movies. American Pie, Idle Hands, Evolution- all genius. But if you see any of them thinking you are going to get an intelligent comedy the problem lies within you and your lack of a sense of humor.

Or maybe you're just too old.
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clueless_32167 July 2001
Dude Where's My Car is one of those movies that is so stupid, that it is hilarious. I could not stop laughing throughout this movie. My favourite scene is the Chinese food place one. I've never laughed so hard at a movie. I totally recommend this movie to people who like stupid comedy.

And theeeen.....
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What the hell is WRONG with all you people?!?
craigman16 November 2005
This movie is funny, period. Everyone I know (and like) that saw it thought it was hilarious, including me. I don't understand what people were expecting when they saw this! It was a thousand times funnier than any recent Ben Stiller "comedy". There are at least a dozen scenes that made me laugh out loud. The couple of people that actually wrote a good review for this said that it was so stupid that it was funny. Well, I don't think it was any stupider than most of the unfunny "comedies" that have come out lately...And a lot of people compared the to "Bill and Ted". Why? It was nothing like "Bill and Ted", except for maybe there were 2 male leads, like countless other buddy comedies. You people are just... WRONG!
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SO stupid,but SO funny!
Max_cinefilo8910 August 2005
I have to admit it,the plot (2 guys not remembering what they did the night before and ending up in an intergalactic crisis)is every bit as ridiculous as it sounds,but the truth is, for some twisted reason , I like this movie. If people don't like this kind of stuff,why did they choose to watch it in the first place?

Whatever this movie lacks in intelligence is compensated by the talent of its two stars:Seann William Scott is as entertaining as in American Pie and Road Trip,and as for Ashton Kutcher...Well,That 70's Show aside,he's never really managed to be this funny again. Those two guys know they're not doing a masterpiece such as Some Like It Hot, but they manage to make us giggle with the material they've been given. They know this movie will never appear in any Top 10 or 50 (except maybe Stupidest Movies Ever), and they're fine with that. And so should the audience.

So,if you want to watch something that's funny but intelligent,watch a Woody Allen movie,or Wes Anderson's films,or The Simpsons,but if you want to watch something that just makes you laugh without having you focus on the story,I strongly recommend Dude,Where's My Car?.
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A fun, light hearted movie, with moments of comic genius...
johnwwwatson-120 May 2005
A fun, light hearted movie, with moments of comic genius... I like a classic, epic, drama as much as the next guy. But, this wasn't one of those. This was a flick to laugh at. If you are generally a happy person and can laugh or cry at commercials, then you will enjoy the antics and slapstick of this movie. If you are constantly judgmental, moody, or jealous when you see other people having a good time... then this might not make you smile. Did I say smile? That's the idea folks. A film that makes you smile is not going to always get an Oscar. This film is far from Dumb & Dumber, and not close to Neil Simon. Lighten up, loosen up, and cheer up with some popcorn and you will laugh.
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John Lease2 March 2006
Highly entertaining the first 100 times I saw it, now not so much. The 'and then' segment at the drive thru entered my homes dialect and has not left yet. Hot chicks are sprinkled thru the movie, as well as the very disturbing she-male stripper. This movie is often thought of as the epitome of bad, but really it's funny enough. Is it formulaic? Sure. Is Ashton Kutcher a total tool? Kinda looks so. Seann William Scott is the funnier of the two by far. Great cameo appearance of Brent Spiner (knows as DATA on Star Trek Next Generation). The bubble wrap jumpsuits are also highly entertaining and original. I thought there was going to be a sequel to this, but it evidently fell thru.
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Please, people!
Roze-219 January 2001
OK, I've read a lot of the reviews, and I'm somewhat disappointed by the negative ones. Of COURSE this isn't gonna be the best movie you ever saw! Of COURSE it's gonna be mindlessly stupid! What, you were actually expecting something like a cinematic masterpiece? My friends and I went to see this movie after taking some major tests, and we wanted to laugh and relax. By watching DWMC we succeeded! As soon as it comes out on video, it's going straight to my "stupidly funny movie" collection, along with Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and American Pie. Look, if you're willing to lower your IQ to that of the average stoner and-G*d forbid-have a good time at the movies, go see Dude, Where's my Car? As long as you know what you're gonna get out of it, it's not a waste of money. And hey, if you do get totally bored, go buy a large popcorn with lots of butter and amuse yourself by seeing how many popped kernels you can get on people's heads without them noticing. (I warned you, you won't like the movie if you can't be stupidly immature-think blink-182's What's My Age Again?-for a couple of hours)
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Bizarre, dumb, but manages to hang together. Kinda.
Darrell Wong (dkw001)3 October 2006
I saw this under the, ah, recommendation of Dave Barry ("Everything you need to know about America"). It's a typical forgettable, goofy, non-sequitur filled comedy that manages to be on-target the majority of the time. Some *extremely* corny moments (one word: ostriches), but no gaping holes in the plot, and in the end, everything's resolved as reasonably as can be expected.

Recommendation: Pick it up if you're a fan of dependable screwball comedy and want to see a pretty good effort by Ashton Kucher. Not enough manic energy to qualify as a party movie, and definitely not for couples (unless you have a great sense of humor, of course).
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Funnier than it had a right to be
mhalvorson8 January 2003
What a stupid, mindless, cliche'd, juvenile film!

It worked though. Laughed out loud a lot and it didn't rely on bodily functions as much as many other cheap laugh films that have come out recently. The funniest bits were actually the sight gags or the stoner dialogue.

Solid seven for mindless enjoyment.
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much better than you'd think
the-jerk14 April 2005
Warning: Spoilers
People who saw "Dude, Where's My Car?" either loved it or hated it. What you thought of it probably depended on your impression of the movie beforehand. If you're a fan of "Cheech and Chong"-style stoner movies, and you're a gen-xer or younger, you probably enjoyed it. If you knew it was going to be stupid and expected little, you probably didn't like it.

I thought it was an excellent movie. I know not many serious people felt that way, but there you go. I like a movie that is self-consciously stupid, and I felt that this one pushed that concept to the limits. Everything seemed to be done to give the impression to the uninitiated that this was a bad movie. The writing on the surface seems terrible; the acting on the surface seems terrible. And I'm not going to say you have to look deep to find meaning. The deeper you look, the less meaningful the movie becomes.

The filmmakers are working from a long tradition here. Give Ashton Kutcher and Sean William Scott some credit; they are both gifted comic actors, and they are both funny here. The movie doesn't make much sense, even when we find out what the continuum transfunctioner is. The bare-bones plot seems like nothing but an excuse to have these two half-wits go on a series of misadventures. And yet, I don't think it can be denied that these vignettes are funny, often hilarious. And the dialogue is so stupid that it's really hilarious as well. Consider:

CHESTER: Dude, you just touched Christy Boner's hoo-hoo. JESSE: Shibby!

MR PIZZACOLI: A trained dolphin could deliver pizza better than you too. JESSE: But then the pizzas would get all wet!

And so on. The movie is full of non sequiturs and dumb dialogue. And if you're in the right frame of mind (and no, I don't mean high) then much of this is hilarious. The fight with the Chinese food takeout lady ("And then?" "No and then!" "And then?" "I refuse to play your Chinese food mind games!"); the guy in the cage (played memorably by Andy Dick); the transsexual stripper (or, as he/she puts it, "gender-challenged male"); the race of identical hot chicks, and their enemies, the "totally gay Nordic dudes"; the cult of Zoltan; and, of course, the continuum transfuctioner itself, which is a Rubiks cube that Chester is able to solve, despite barely having the brainpower to tie his own shoes. This is all very funny, and I think you have to be some kind of film snob to not see the artistry that went into making a movie so stupid that ends up being so entertaining.

What you have is the most likely future cult classic to come out in many a year. It's a stoner movie where nobody (human) does any drugs; a mystery with no real mystery; and a dumb movie that, because of the calculatedness of its lunacy, is not really so dumb after all.
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This proves that movies can be stupid and funny at the same time
Lee Eisenberg25 November 2005
My 5/10 rating is because, like any Bill & Ted movie, "Dude, Where's My Car?" is only targeted at a certain audience (in this case all the world's slackers). The plot - or whatever it is - of course has goof-ball stoners Jesse Montgomery III (Ashton Kutcher) and Chester Greenburg (Seann William Scott) searching for their car and having a most unusual adventure in the process. The point is that you shouldn't try to take this movie seriously; just accept it as nice stupid fun and you're sure to have a good time. Not a movie that you'll ever forget. If I remember right, Michael Moore even suggested that we should show it to Kim Jong Il in order to make peace between the two Koreas.
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A Pretty Funny Movie
jts040522 September 2008
Dude Where's My Car wasn't planned to win any Oscars and I didn't expect much of that from this movie. Ashton Kutcher is normally pretty funny on That 70's Show, so I expected a pretty humorous performance by him as well as Seann William Scott who had by this time already been in the first American Pie. All in all I have to say that this movie is definitely very funny and delivers a very nice and event amount of laughter. I wouldn't go out on a limb and call this the greatest comedy ever made and I wouldn't go out on a limb and tell a lot of people to check it out because most people think it is a stupid movie but if you really like a movie with a very dumb plot and lots of laughter, then check this out.
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Eh? Why all the bad feelings?
supercoolfred27 August 2005
I recently saw this film, for the second time, and realised just how funny it was. Its true this film isn't original by any standards, just another anarchic comedy. Neither will it push the limits of cinematography, or inspire others to film making.

However, it's funny. Damn funny. Its got some great humour, playing on stereotypes, (e.g. pot smoking junkies, gay Nordic men.) OK, so it is completely unrealistic, but anyone who takes this film seriously is an idiot. Its a great film to watch with friends, and i would recommend this to any fan of teen humour, like Scary Movie, Team America and, of course, American Pie.
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Dude, where's my refund?
mark.a.jurado29 December 2000
Warning: Spoilers
allright. I know anyone who reads this, if there is anyone, is used to me talking about my feelings all the time. But this i have to tell.

Tonight, December 16, 2000, I sit here in my chair in Maryville, Missouri convinced that civilization is on the brink of collapse. Humanity is destined to destroy itself and every living thing on this planet, and I have the evidence. I went to see "Dude, Where's My Car".

I would just come right out and say this is, bar none, the worst film ever made. But it's much more complex than that.

My friends and I (who are about the same age as the characters) are college students who occasionally end up wasted and forget what we did, as is the premise of the movie. I even talked about making a movie about all of it. However, someone got to my idea first. Now my dream of making that film is crushed because I will never believe anyone will see it because of this movie.

It's not just horrible, it's horrible on every level.

It's not funny at all. The commercials made it look like it would be full of laughs, a 'american pie' or 'something about mary' kind of thing. I didn't laugh a single time, and I'll laugh at anything.

There is no plot. I constantly felt as one does when you run into something, and spin about wildly, bewildered for a few seconds. Characters pop in and out of the screenplay with no ryhme or reason. Each scene is built around one or two jokes, which aren't funny to begin with.

I can't relate to this at all. I thought the film would be two people waking up with hangovers, retracing what they did the night before. Well, I'm convinced they were getting to that part- just as you find out that the entire chain of events was triggered by extra terrestrials with a sinister plot to destroy the universe. No, I'm not kidding.

You can't even laugh at how bad it is. I enjoy watching bad movies occasionally. It's funny to laugh at their badness, and sometimes you have to wonder if they intentionally made it bad. But not this one. You can't even watch it on that level. There are absolutely no redeeming qualities in this film, and those who produced it should be drawn and quatered.

To sum it all up, this film made my ears bleed. It has set the science of cinematography back 50 years. I do not think that I will ever be able to sit down in a theatre seat again without a chilling running down my spine. This film was so horrible that I will never forget it. I only hope someone is there to hold me when the nightmares come.
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Waste of Time
andyb23004 January 2001
For those of you out there that enjoy comedy, this movie is not for you. What can I say other than that I want my money back? This movie was incredibly stupid, and not the least bit funny (remember the tattoo scene in the trailer? even that got old after the first minute, and was certainly did not need to be repeated). I enjoy a good movie as much as the next guy (i.e. - Cheech & Chong), but this movie was just stupid. For anyone wanting to see a good comedy this winter go see any other comedy before this one.
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Dude, where's my refund?
VerbalKint-217 December 2000
Warning: Spoilers
I wish I'd walked out of this stinker. Every single "joke" was telegraphed, and really not funny to begin with. I can stand obvious jokes when they're funny (i.e. "I knew that was gonna happen! Hahahaha!"). When they're not funny? I get the urge to leave.

I expected an interesting story, one that would make sense, and one that slowly revealed the events of Jesse and Chester's adventures the previous night. Instead, I got a "plot" that revolved around a transsexual stripper, a Heaven's Gate-like cult, some aliens, and a bunch of stereotypical jock types (anti-stoners, really...how original).

I kept telling my friend, "Let's hang around. Something funny is bound to happen." Man, was I ever wrong. Not even the outtakes over the end credits could save this stinker. From start to finish, "Dude" is a waste of celluloid.

Avoid "Dude" like the plague. Don't waste 90 minutes of your life like I did.
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Shockingly bad
Martin Pollard23 March 2002
That this film was ever made must seem to its makers somewhat astonishing - to a person who just spent £3 renting it (stupid me) it's an outrage. By far the least funny comedy to have ever sullied the world of cinema, it lurches appallingly from send-up to shock comedy to laugh-free stoner antics at the drop of a hat.

A film that raises two wry grins throughout its course: one of which is a moment recycled from There's Something About Mary (a stoned dog! How we laugh!) and another that makes you reminisce for the days of Bill and Ted and Wayne's World - which is just about all the film does, in fact.

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"Stupidity has a certain charm - ignorance does not."
Hotoil8 July 2001
Well, Dude Where's My Car might be at least a novelty as one of few Hollywood films that seems to have been written, cast, filmed & edited in less than a day. I honestly can't believe this got made (or that I allowed my friends to make me sit through the entire thing). The jokes are too stupid and predictable to be "dumb-funny", and the actors involved don't seem like they would be capable of pulling off any kind of funny had the script actually provided it. Oddly enough, unlike most mindless slapstick comedies, this movie actually has TOO MUCH plot - every scene seems to introduce a new moronic and uninteresting subplot. Of course, they were obviously going for moronic, but it doesn't work on any level whatsoever...There is only one aspect of this film I enjoyed: Donkeylips from the old Nickalodean show "Salute Your Shorts" has a very small role. This is the role that will turn him into the next Richard Gere though, you just watch...
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Awful, simply awful!
momama8 October 2001
Sophomoric humor with a lack of humor. The plot (what little there was of it) was incredibly thin, and it just seemed to get worse the more I watched. I think Ashton Kutcher and Seann William Scott are both talented young actors, but in this movie they just looked stupid.
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Dude, Where's The Humor?
mswoosh131 August 2001
I know there are movies that are "so stupid they're funny", but I dont think this one qualifies. I knew that by seeing this I wasnt going to enjoy it, but I have to say I at least expected some funny things to be in it. It was really corny and stupid, nothing humorous about it. It comes in 2nd to Joe Dirt being one of the worst movies I've ever seen.
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Never seen worse
lefevrebert11 August 2005
I saw this movie and have to tell it: this is the worst movie I've ever seen in my entire life.

I don't understand that this still gets a 4.7 / 10 rate.

Even if you like movies in this genre like Dumb & Dumber, you still get annoyed by the bad, boring 'jokes'. It's not funny at all, never! The whole movie is pointless, extremely boring and frustrating. I don't understand what the director was thinking when he made this awful movie.

Is it funny to hear 2 friends say: *"dude where's my car?" -"dude where's your car?" *"where's my car dude?" -"dude, where your car?" *...

..For about 10 minutes long?? No it isn't

Avoid at all cost.
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Wow, this should be called dude this movie sucks!
stanleyb1916 August 2001
Well, as far as bad movies go, this is without a doubt the worst movie i have ever seen. I have never truly felt so cheated out of my money as i did for this movie( i use the term movie loosely). I loved Stiffler in American Pie, and Kelso plays the perfect idiot. But given that, they can't turn water into wine. Or in this case feces into dunkin donuts! This movie sucks so bad that i would pay other people to watch it just to hear how they hated it so much! If you do waste your money on this, let me know what you thought. Thanks!
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astria24 July 2001
This movie has beat out "Mr Magoo" as the most unwatchable movie in my opinion. I honestly wanted my money back after renting it. I'm usually very easy to please, as far as movies go, but this really stunk. Imagine Beavis and Butthead, non-animated, and they stepped onto the set of "Half-Baked". That was this movie. Ugh.
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