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Good Show
citydance24721 December 2001
The Kids in Room 402 is one of the only good shows on "ABC" Family (I know it sounds so weird!). It is clever, funny and cute. The characters are pretty good although its a little stereo-typical (i.e. class clown, class brain, class trouble-maker).

The story lines are appealing to kids but some of the jokes seem to be for adults. In one episode, Jesse (Spencer Klein) and Vinny (Andy Lawrence) "discover" cursing. They swore through the entire show and even though it was beeped you could tell perfectly well what they were saying. I laughed through out it but parts were kind of inappropriate. Here is a part from it

Principal- "When you guys swear you don't even know what your really saying!" Vinny- "Sure I do, F*cking is when two people-"

It was funny but not for kids. Other that its a great show. 7/10
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A sure fire cure for the blues...
chester-gray21 February 2003
This is an extremely funny show, too bad it didnt last longer. My favorite character would have to be Vinnie, he's always playing a prank or commenting on someone. Although I think the plot is meant for kids, many of the storylines are more adult oriented, like the one about sexual education, and the one about swearing. Mostly though I think that it is a show that the whole family could enjoy.
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one of the best on FOX Family
Willow1926 May 2001
This is probably the best show that airs on FOX Family. The show follows the lives on a couple of kids in Miss Grave's elementary school class. There is Polly, the rambunctious over achiever who loves to tattle and has a strange obsession with spoons. Nancy is the red haired girl with glasses who would do anything to fit in with the popular girl, Penny. Vinny and Jesse are the two troubles making best friends. And then you have Arthur, the class con artist.

The characters are pretty one-dimensional, but how dimensional can cartoon characters be? The animation is very interesting as well. All of the characters are adorable, but the backgrounds look like they have been drawn in with markers and colored pencils.

The voices are also perfect for the people that they play. Miss Grave's voice is soft and soothing. Mindy Cohn does Nancy's voice…what else do I need to say? Penny's voice is high and annoying. Vinny sounds like he's from Jersey, and Jesse has a sweet little whiney kind of voice, perfect for his mother's boy appeal.

9 out of 10
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Cute and funny. Worth your valuable TV time.
Saturns_Illusionist4 September 2003
In a world of teen superhero cartoons, there is some justice. This show is adorable and really funny, unlike some other cartoons. It's about a class that is constantly causing trouble. The plot is easy to get but not so simple it's boring. Yeah, I admit it can go overboard sometimes, but it deals with pre-teen issues usually. The substitute episode was crazy, but my class has switched desks before and pulled it off with a subsitute. It's really funny, like laugh-out-loud funny but a little bit stereotypical and just a little bit because how many times do you see a Lithuanian and spoon obsessed over-achiever and an adorable blonde who just happens to be smart and kind. I haven't seen all the episodes, but i've seen almost all of the second season and a bit of the first season. And I'm soooo glad that I'm not alone on liking this show. Too bad it was really short lived. Some of these episodes aren't really for kids, anyone who has watched the second season will know what I'm talking about. But one question which has bugged me is: How old and in which grade are they in? And who is that little blond girl with pigtails and looks like she's 6 who appears in the H I.Q and "Don't Put Your Finger in the Light Socket" episodes? All of the characters here have personalities and most of them are hardly mellow. I just think that this show is awesome, for a cartoon.
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