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A Mass Effect Happening Soon In Theaters

I never played Mass Effect. I have all of the video game systems and a pretty rocking gaming PC but I hardly ever have time to play video games anymore. Sure, I'll roll in as an admin for some Counter-Strike: Source, mess around with some iPhone games on the go or drop whatever it is I'm doing to put a quarter in a Ms. Pac-Man machine (my favorite arcade game) but I never have time to sit down and play through a game like Mass Effect.I take that back, the last game I completed all the way through was God of War III and Uncharted 2 right before that. I'd like to get Red Dead Redemption but it sounds like it takes up too much time. Maybe I'll check out Split/Second for the PS3 since I'm kind of a car guy. Back to whatever this article was about, THR
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“Dead Space,” “Gears of War,” “The Sims,” and other games coming to a silver screen near you

Eagle Eye director D.J Caruso is set to helm a movie version of the game “Dead Space,” a film that will be produced by Electronic Arts and Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey of Temple Hill. Not for nothing, Caruso is said to also be working on an adaptation the game “Defender.”

Right now, “Dead Space” is looking at prospective screenwriters. Once EA has a set “creative direction,” they will begin to selling it to studios. Variety thinks that the auctioning will happen in early September.

“Dead Space” is set in the 26th century in space. It’s about an engineer who answers a distress call from a ship only to find on board monstrous creatures born from human corpses called Necromorphs. EA is also working on two sequels for the game launched in 2008.

The eerie video-game is one of many titles that are soon to get a cinematic adaptation.
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