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Author: ihurtmywidgie from United States
9 July 2011

Wow, I am disgusted to see such a distasteful review other than my own. This is one of the best videos I have ever seen. This video gives a great message, telling you to follow your dreams. The scene that really spoke to me was the pizza song. MAN, did that pizza look absolutely delicious! I'll never forget this one time, a bunch of me and my gal pals decided to make a pizza of everything in the song. I'll admit, we didn't include everything. We left out the salsa..Salsa on pizza? Now that's atrocious! So anyway, me and my girls put everything on the pizza, and it was the best thing I've ever tasted! Now every time I order a pizza, I make sure to add all of those ingredients! Yum! The one part that really terrified me was the scary movie song. I always had to fast-forward through that part, otherwise I would get nightmares. I still fast-forward it to this day! I don't think they realized how scary that part would be for children and young adults. I recommend this movie to everyone, especially those locked up in a retirement home. Just make sure you have the fast-forward button handy!

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Ugh-if there were words to describe how freakishly lame and dumb this is

Author: repoed2 from Guatemala
27 July 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Like all of their other videos, this is also a low budget certified cheese-fest...it is full of a weird cast, bad acting, ear-splitting songs, and no actual plot........

Okay, this movie starts off with Mary-Kate and Ashley planning a sleepover, so they have this checklist and Mary Kate does a headstand (ooh, fun). Then their moronic friends come over (WEIRDEST children ever)..

Girl 1 (Token-black girl)-This girl has about 2 lines in the movie and she thinks she invented the Running Man (or at least a cheap imitation of it)

Girl 2 (Bowl Cut)-IS THIS GIRL GOOD AT ANYTHING? first, she can't dance, then she can't cook a pizza, then she can't play video games, then she can't breath! (jk)...still this little girl whines and cries and she is really ugly...ugh! and her voice is so nasally!

Girl 3 (the other one)-this girl brought a giant portrait of her dog to the sleepover-was that supposed to be cute or something, because it's not...

The girls do a variety of lame tasks that each includes a song.

Video Game Song-probably the lamest. The girls keep making weird "ahh!" faces and it gets annoying

Scary Story Song-this song terrified me as a child, now I watch it and almost pass out from embarrassment for them-"hoot-owls hooting in the park"-what the hell is that?! it's so lame, they scare off a bunch of 13 year old boys (their brother and his lame friends)

Pizza Song-semi-catchy chorus, but still freakishly annoying. It will teach you how to spell "pizza",incase you don't know. the nauseating-the bowl cut girl adds the most disgusting things to the pizza (fried tomato, caramel, coconut, anchovies, mashed potatoes)

Sleeping song-I'm not even going to comment on this song, mostly because I didn't get it! then they do some cheesy dancing, sing some more, and the end..

That about sums up the 21 minutes of agony this thing produces...if you want to see if a human can really die from embarrassment, then this should do the trick..seriously, if you have a good enough imagination and can make a mental picture with the info you just read, you don't have to watch it after reading this, because this basically states every detail and spec of knowledge there is to this film..

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