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Much better than its reputation
sarastro723 March 2004
Don't listen to the other comments here. This is one science fiction movie that works. It manages to get all the things it's got going against it, work *for* it.

Take the male lead, for instance. Stephen Baldwin is not the sharpest knife in the drawer (and indeed, hasn't exactly starred in a lot of quality movies). So in this movie he's got no mind of his own. He's an assembly line clone, used as a host or worker body for the corporate jetset. That's putting a man of Stephen Baldwin's caliber to the best possible use!

The movie is about mind transfers. That's the plot, and the writer takes the utmost consequence of what this means. A plot that would be an insufferably silly stunt-of-the-week on an episode of Star Trek, Stargate or Farscape, manages here to be described disturbingly realistically and in a near-present day setting. Every possible twist that could possibly be imagined if this technology existed is commented on in one way or the other. No stone is left unturned. The sexual possibilities alone remain an important on-going sub-plot. This is highly unusual for a run-of-the-mill sci fi/action flick.

The SFX are fairly few, and integrated seamlessly and perfectly into the story. The one-molecule-thick cutting wire is really cool.

Like I said, it works. All of it. It is engaging, coherent, tasteful (all the four female main characters have topless scenes, and no, they are *not* gratuitous, but enhance the characterization), well-written, and goes out of its way to avoid clichés. For commercial flicks of any kind, this doesn't happen often. It's too bad the guy who wrote it hasn't done anything else.

I'm amazed to see that most of the commentators here have such a low opinion of this movie. Don't listen to them. This movie succeeds in everything it sets out to do. For a B movie, it is good. Surprisingly good. It will hold up for several viewings, if you're the type of person who can appreciate it. This is going to be a cult favorite.

8 out of 10.
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Once again the old adage is proved true...
IslandMadMacs5 February 2006
You don't need a big budget to make a fantastic film.

Simply put: This is an entertaining and surprising movie with everything you could ask for - genuine suspense with believable plot twists, well-timed action, memorable comedy, and special effects that actually has a purpose beyond the "see-what-we-can-do" arrogance of many blockbuster productions.

I regularly contribute to IMDb's I Need To Know Board where many board favorites tend to be the memorable kitschy flicks. In the coming years - this will be one of them - I guarantee it. Not only is this a really fun movie to idle away a 'popcorn video night', it's filled with unique visual hooks and interesting plot twists that tend to find their way into the collected memories of film fans.

While others have noted similarities to other well-known films of the genre - I urge you to watch this with a fresh mindset (pun intended).

This is probably one of the best Stephen Baldwin films from his hodge-podge career. Had he chosen to do more along these lines I suspect his limelight wouldn't have gotten so dusty that he'd end up as a B-rated 'star' for reality TV schlock. Doing solid, low budget, but profitable films is a career track that had Edward Herrimann and C. Thomas Howell working for decades while their "will-only-work-for-great-scripts/directors" driven counterparts have been forgotten or relegated to the world of early retirement.
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One of the best films I have seen for a while
davesgotacat23 July 2002
This was another of those films you catch when channel hopping the movie channels, normally I just catch the start of many films and get very quickly bored and move on, not this time. It created a whole new (scary) world that was very clean and very techno. Our hero was very competently played by Kim Coates with whom I was not very familiar with, as the film moved on (without giving too much away it's about the transfer of conciousness from one body to another) the lead was played by a succession of characters, Kim Coates for the introduction part, Kyle MacLachlan for the 'what's happening to me' bit and finally Stephen Baldwin for the action role. Each one bringing just what was needed to pull off the role. I highly recommend this film. My congrats and thanks to all those involved.
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Had potential but doesn't have any tension or excitement
bob the moo7 March 2004
In the near future, corporate customers can save time on air travel by jumping into other bodies for short periods of time. Despite being unwilling, Toffler jumps into a body in order to attend a meeting in San Francisco. However, when it comes to returning to his old body he is told that his body has been stolen by the terrorist who had been in the body he jumped into. Toffler jumps into a clone in order to escape and, with a temporary body decomposing over 54 hours, he sets out to find Fisk and reclaim his body.

In the near future, body switching is possible for the rich, id badges tell everyone who you are, High Fidelity is playing at the cinema, but yet nobody has ever seen the film Face/Off. Yes - this is the future as seen in a low budget movie. Alarm bells rang for me when the credits revealed that this was, yes, a film who's main cast were Baldwin, MacLachlan and Coates! Happily though, it wasn't actually that bad, just rather unexciting and uninspiring. The plot has promise but it doesn't deliver it well enough. Face/Off had the same basic plot but it moved much quicker and slicker than this. The problem is that the plot feels too baggy and ill thought out with too much that isn't fully expanded on. This wouldn't be a major problem if the film moved slickly and with a lot of energy.

Sadly, it doesn't. The film has the odd exciting moment but generally it lacks tension and is a bit too slow and talky. Three times the film falls back on needless sex scenes in an attempt to give the audience what it came for. The conclusion of the film is obvious and, for that reason, lacks punch. It's a shame because, even with a low budget and less-than-perfect effects, the film could still have been exciting if the director had done a better job with the pacing of the film; as it is he delivers it too slowly.

The good ideas flicker up along the way - the best being near the end as Toffler's disregard for his cloned body becomes useful, but generally it is quite lacklustre. Even though the cast suggested worse, they were actually reasonably good. Coates is always watchable and, don't worry, after a brief spell as the good buy he soon changes to the bad guy role. MacLachlan seems to have taken the role just as a cameo and a chance to have a sex scene. Baldwin is slumming and it shows a bit too often. He is OK for the film but he didn't have that much in the way of charisma; sure he played more than one character, but he still wasn't all that hot.

Overall this is not as bad a film as I have maybe put across here. If you have rented it as a cheapy video or are watching it on a low rent cable station, then you probably know what's in store. As such, it works OK but it is still hard to overlook a plot that could have been tighter and a film that really needed a lot more in the way of tension and excitement to keep it going. Worth watching if you're in the mood.
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For once a genre movie that's got a brain and plenty of action, too
Tokiado8729 January 2001
Very cool film with one of the best ticking clocks ever.The hero, a guy whose body's been stolen by a terrorist, has three days to find himself before he dies.Kyle MacLachlan gives one of his best performances ever. When he finds out his body ain't coming back, you feel his pain! Stephen Baldwin's pretty good, too, as the clone body Maclachlan has to borrow & proceeds to trash like a rental car.And Pascale Bussieres, where'd she come from?Beautiful, sexy, smart, really good actress.There's lots of good future-shock touches to tell us we're not in Kansas anymore, like gadget boutiques that sell weapons to executives (check out the "protonic monofilament") & assassins who use "seeker" missiles that circle the skies for days waiting for their targets to show (now you know why the movie opens with a bang!). The whole travel-by-body -exchanging angle is original & very clever in the way it plays out. For once we get a genre movie that's got a brain & plenty of action, too. A real surprise coming from director Allan Moyle, whose previous films, including the delicious PUMP UP THE VOLUME, seem more focused on teens, music, & sex (though there's plenty of that here
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1000's of Baldwins
julian kennedy18 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Xchange 7 out of 10: Any movie that starts out with the premise that society has purposely cloned hundreds of Steven Baldwins embarks with one foot in the grave. And the plot of people's consciousness traveling to different host bodies and "the Corporation" losing some poor schlubs original body is right out of Overdrawn at the Memory Bank. (For those who are not Canadians, PBS watchers or MST3000 fans, Overdrawn is one of the worst pieces of science fiction ever created and defiantly not Raul Julia's finest hour.)

Yet the movie pulls itself out of this one two punch with a smarter than it had to be script (at least until the tired and predictable third act) and some rather enthusiastic sex scenes (more on that in a minute).

First the script. Now most science fiction films when talking a big new technology like consciousness transfer will create some crazy take over the world, the world will end, destroy civilization as we know it scheme. Xchange takes a different much more realistic and creative track. People hop into other bodies to avoid exercise, avoid long lines at the airport and experiment sexually. In other words what people in real life use mind blowing technology for. (The internet is a mind-blowing piece of technology and people use it not to gain control of the universe or gather great amounts of knowledge they use it to post useless opinions on movies, download porn and shop for collector plates on E-bay.) Now the third act does fall apart with talking killers and vats of acid not to mention car chases that wouldn't be out of place in an A-team episode but by this point the movies charm has sunk in.

As for the sex scenes unlike many films with plastic woman and men who attempt to copulate with the woman's navel while still wearing their underwear, Xchange features sweaty, athletic and realistic sex. This along with some decent violence and good non-Baldwin acting helps elevate Xchange into a top tier of B-movies.
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An out of body experience - literally
Rogue-3215 August 2002
XChange's jumping-off point involves an extremely clever way to travel - you switch into someone else's body, and they switch into yours; that way you can attend that all-important meeting in San Francisco without never actually leaving New York. Smart, huh. But with new technology comes new evil-doers - body terrorists, who 'float' from one body to another, wreaking havoc along the way. This is an endlessly creative flick that never gets boring, with another great performance from Kyle MacLachlan to boot. See it in any state of your choosing.
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Seriously, this is science fiction
themovieman300018 January 2006
I'm not going to go as far as 10/10, but nonetheless, a very original, well crafted movie. It loses marks for kind of falling apart after about 45 mins, but still manages to resurrect a good ending. What annoys most is not the movie but the marketing. I'm sure this never came out in the cinema and its not widely available on DVD. Anyway, lets talk X Change. Stephen Baldwin and Kyle McLachlan. OK, not your household names but still good enough. This bloke swaps bodies, but not mind in order to travel quickly to some other place using a company called X Change. But something goes wrong, his real body is stolen by a known terrorist and he faces a fight for his life to get it back. One of the best movies in recent years but as I said, such a shame not many people have heard about it.
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Yes,it's not original,No,it's not that unpleasant!
therules_of_attraction22 August 2004
I bought X-Change on DVD because I'm such a great fan of Kyle MacLachlan and in the end ,the only thing I could reproach to the film is the absence of this wonderful actor during the two thirds of the film.Indeed,he's the first body the main protagonist "floats" into and ,so as to make the story go on,it was necessary for him to say "Bye".

About the film itself,I have to say I was gladly surprised:being never released in French cinemas,I was fearing to face a very common TV movie,deprived of rhythm and though the story may not be incredibly original,there's a good pace throughout the story and it doesn't look cheesy as many sci-fi films can.Maybe it's good to point out though,that Stephen"not very expressive" Baldwin and Kyle MacLachlan should have had their parts X-Changed for our pleasure,but well,what now is will still be,so...

As a resume,this movie surely won't change your life and look upon things but it may help you kill some time and,all things being considered,that's already not so bad!
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