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very delightful !!
jazzi-110 April 2004
I love this movie. It's very funny and heart-warming. This movie takes place after "Happily Ever After". Snow White has been married to "King Charming" for several years and they now have a daughter who has hair that is as white as snow. Snow White's daughter is also named Snow White and the evil wicked Queen returns and tries to get rid of Snow White and Snow White Jr.

This is a good family film especially for young children. It's much better than "Happily Ever After". It's more colorful and light-hearted.

This movie is part three in the Snow White trilogy that begins with Disney's "Snow White" and then "Happily Ever After".The seven friendly giants are hilarious. The Soundtrack has a 70's sound.
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Snow White with a cold twist.
OllieSuave-00712 March 2015
This is a cartoon movie that I saw a few times when I was a little kid, a story about the Evil Queen casting a snowstorm across the village in attempts to freeze Snow White. However, Snow White escapes, but not before seeing her parents turned unto ice.

This is an exciting little movie that is full of adventures, fun for the kids and entertaining for adults as well. While the fairytale of Snow White has been adapted many times, it's nice to see a new chapter to the story that is treated with innocent fun but suspenseful thrills. You get to see Snow White try to get away from the Evil Queen in new ways and, instead of the Seven Dwarfs, she meets the Seven Giants. They try to help Snow White deal with the Evil Queen and save her village.

With bright animation and colorful characters, it's a fine movie for the whole family, but more for the kids.

Grade B
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