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Crazy Eyes!
Kristine10 May 2002
So back when I was in high school The New Guy was released and my best friend and I saw it together, all I could say was that I wanted to pull a Dizzy, re-vamp my whole act for the school, we can all dream, right? But anyways onto the movie, The New Guy is actually a really funny high school comedy that is sure to deliver a few good laughs. I think the reason why is because of the cast, it looked like they just had a blast making this movie and made it completely entertaining. While it's definitely not the best acted or stands out against all other high school comedies, this formula worked and DJ Qualls truly made the movie into something special. He and Eddie Griffin were great for The New Guy, a new twist on the typical high school tale of freaks, geeks and beautiful people.

Prison inmate, Luther tells us the story of Dizzy Gillespie Harrison, a 18-year-old high school senior and nerd. Dizzy is friends with Nora, Kirk and Glen, and attends Rocky Creek High School, where he is picked on by star football player Barclay. This occurs before and after Tina Osgood causes him to have an erection, which the school librarian accidentally breaks. Dizzy is misdiagnosed with Tourette syndrome; he is then illegally placed on medication by the school counselor. While at the mall's food court, Dizzy makes a fool of himself and gets arrested. In prison, Dizzy meets Luther, who turns out to be a sympathetic ex-victim who makes it his goal to teach him how to be cool. In an attempt to wipe the slate clean, Dizzy gets himself expelled from his old high school, then undergoes a makeover with the help of the prison inmates. Changing his name to 'Gil Harris', he enrolls at East Highland High and makes an impression by being dropped off in a prison van and beating up the school bully, Connor. The action has an intended effect, and head cheerleader, Danielle, welcomes the newcomer to school. Everything goes to plan, he's cool, popular, and everyone looks up to him… little does the school know what Diz actually was at one point.

I really did enjoy The New Guy, I still love watching it today. There are a lot of great bits, but I think what my friend and I always have a great time watching is when the prisoners are teaching Dizzy how to be tough, especially when Luther teaches Diz "the crazy eyes". This movie has a lot of memorable moments in it, I don't know if it's enough though for The New Guy to stand out as a classic high school comedy. But I do recommend it if you get the chance, it has a great soundtrack, a cool story and fun characters. Diz definitely made Madonna run for her money with his new re-invention of himself.

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It's not about the story. It's about the fun.
Sigmoid Flexure29 January 2006
A lot of people will say the plot of this movie was lame, predictable and dumb and yeah, they're right. But this kind of movie isn't about a brilliant plot. It's about interesting characters and silly gags and parodying those more serious types of movies. There are some funny lines, sight gags and slapstick, some cute girls, the bad guys get what's coming to them and the good guys win. Throw in some surprising celebrity cameos (some of which you might not catch until the credits roll) and a great soundtrack that mixes old and new songs and that's what I call entertainment.

The cast is noteworthy too. DJ Qualls, of course, Zooey Deschanel (the chick from Elf), Eddie Griffin, Lyle Lovett, Jerod Mixon, Parry Shen, Matt Gogin etc. did a fine job. If you can watch a movie without being hypercritical about how "bad" it is, then get this, sit back a have some laughs
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well, it's another high school movie....loser wins!
little_bear77712 May 2002
If you want a movie that's realistic, look somewhere else. If you want a cute film, where the losers come out on top, this is a pretty good movie. Dj Qualls is becoming a really good actor, and he's got the role of the geek nailed. Patten that boy for this part. There are some choice moments in this movie that make it better then some, and Vanilla Ice is in cool is that? That's actually what makes this movie so great. The cameos. there are some major rockers in this that will refresh the screen at times (towards the end).
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A movie lovers movie
deppland25 April 2002
If you are expecting another teenage gross out film, you'll be surprised to find out that this is a cleverly disguised sweet movie about trying to fit in that cold cruel world called high school. This movie is filled with surprizes for movie buffs...and keep your eyes open for alot of surprize cameos. And when the credits start to roll, stick around for the out takes. You will smile all the way home.
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as good as these movies can be
werbler21 January 2004
just when you think they are going to go overboard with the dork vs jocks and dissing his old dork friends conflicts, they don't, thank you. Plus, more often than not, the main villan does not even take that big of a role and his friends and girlfriend make him look like the idiot that he is. Because of these reasons,this movie is totally enjoyable and easy to watch.
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Hilarious and a Great Cast!!
kippardue_luvr2111 May 2002
'The New Guy' seems to stand out from all the other teen movies. When you go to see a teen movie, it is usually about the most popular kids in school and how they try to get laid. Though this movie shared some qualities of your normal teen movie, it had certain aspects to it that made it stand out from all the rest. I think it was the star studded appearances in the movie such as Tony Hawk, Gene Simmons of KISS, Vanilla Ice, Tommy Lee, Jurmane Dupree (spell??), David Hasselhoff, Horatio Sanz of SNL, and Jerry and Charlie O'Connell. What A cast! And of course DJ Qualls and Eddie Griffin were a hilarious on screen duo! 'The New Guy' certainly stands out from your average teen movie!!
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Dorky, funny, Cool
Tristan_mi20 May 2002
Ok, this movie is so funny. It skips the cheap humor of farts, and sick jokes and creates a situation that is funny on its own. Its original, and fresh on the coming of age genre of movies. It somewhat leaves the coming of age movie, and goes more towards comedy. I like how they had a few elements of other movies, yet it remained original and funny. Crazy Eyes kept being funny, the outcomes and situations that happens at times on their own, are funny! Nice cameos, and a nice paced movie. i will be adding this movie to my collection and will love to watch it a few more times.. Its funny!
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DJ Qualls sure know how to to act strangely and funny.
elgen18 May 2002
I saw this movie about 2 weeks ago and i must say that i was impressed by DJ Q's acting as Gil Harris / Gale Harrison! Ross Patterson also was acting like a modern high school thugstah... Anyway, this movie made me laugh like i havent laughed since American Pie 1 & 2! :) This is a kinda classical teenage movie, worth to watch! Lets just hope that they make a New Guy 2 or something.. ;)
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A real feel good movie
ashscott30 August 2002
The New Guy, is just one in a long line of feel good movies, and this one has something for everyone, its funny, romantic, and has poetic justice, what more could you ask for?. Excellent acting from Eliza Dushku and DJ Qualls, is there anything his character cannot do to make himself look cool, Dushku is the girlfriend you want the school bully to have, she stands up to him, and puts him down at every opportunity. Overall its a super movie, if you want a laugh and to to watch something that'll make you smile, then watch this one. And dont forget to keep watching at the end, the out takes are worth watching.
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Entertaining bad movie
Spanner-213 May 2002
This silly comedy features DJ Qualls (who was entertaining in a small role in last year's "Road Trip") as a high school loser who reinvents himself at another school as a popular tough guy. The storyline is pretty stupid and filled with more teen movie cliches than you can shake a stick at but the film is still kinda fun to watch because the filmmakers obviously knew they were making a crappy film and decided to have fun with it. Qualls seems to be having a ball with his role and Eliza Dusku (from "Buffy" and "Bring It On") never seems to take her "Cheerleader babe" stereotypical role seriously, always poking fun at cliches, especially in a pointless but hillarious swimsuit montage. Yea the film is utter crap but it was still fun to watch. GRADE: B-
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