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The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
If physical appearance creates its own class system (in high school and beyond), then Qualls is perfect for this proselytizing role. He has that rarest of movie-star faces -- one that over comes the tyranny of beauty.
Baltimore Sun
The New Guy doesn't have a new idea in its head, but it trods over the old ground with such wit and heart that its lack of originality can be overlooked, if not entirely forgiven.
Entertainment Weekly
A Jekyll-and-Hyde teen comedy that sounds like a Pauly Shore reject, but Qualls moves his marionette body around with a true clown's effervescence, and he does rubber-faced parodies of youth cool that are just what youth cool deserves.
Chicago Sun-Times
It makes little sense, fails as often as it succeeds, and yet is not hateful and is sometimes quite cheerfully original.
New York Post
Uneven but occasionally hilarious teen comedy.
New York Daily News
Tries everything possible to win you over -- satire, gross-out comedy, even earnest romance. But as any high-schooler can tell you, the harder you try, the bigger you fall.
Lame, haphazard teen comedy.
You have to have faith that kids will recognize a bad movie when it's foisted on them -- and they don't get much worse than The New Guy.
Miami Herald
Anyone who wants to enjoy himself at a good movie about a high school geek who undergoes a transformation should go see "'Spider-Man" again instead.
Probably would have worked better as a slamming soundtrack than as a muddle-headed movie.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Reaches breathtaking lows of incoherence, sexism, racial stereotyping, and -- did I say incoherence?

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