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S12, Ep168
4 Jan. 2011
Signs and Wonders
The doctors go to a funeral, except Cherry who's too sad, but whose funeral is it? Elaine gives a downtrodden stranger unwanted medical advice. When the lady thinks she now might have cancer she starts totally changing her life. What has Elaine done? Karen keeps being sick in the morning, but her family think she's got a bug. She tries to pluck up the courage to tell Rob that she's pregnant. Julia speaks to Ruth, enjoying her new life in Boston.
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S12, Ep169
5 Jan. 2011
Julia is interviewing for a new receptionist. The current temp is young, cocky, and very sexy. Mrs Tembe is also booked in, but has to cancel as her old friend is poorly, and has been cheated out of twenty pounds by a dodgy taxi driver. Mrs Tembe is ultimately the cleverer though. The partners convince Elaine to keep an eye on Simon.
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S12, Ep170
6 Jan. 2011
Angelika is an illegal immigrant, held and forced to work against her will. She has started to try and escape though, with only the girl held in the room next to her, Kinesha, for company. Rob is on the case though, but will he get to them in time. Karen keeps on trying to tell him about the baby, only his mind is on the case.
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S12, Ep171
7 Jan. 2011
Cocktails for Two
Denise, the surgery cleaner, is lying, saying she's a doctor. She has a hot date at a hotel, and gets advice from Karen. Her lying gets her into a whole load of trouble though. Rachel brings her son Adam into see Daniel. He admits to Daniel that he's been seeing a French exchange student, and he needs the day off. Mrs Tembe tries to make an impression on her first day at the Mill. Elaine and Heston go around to visit Simon to put the Recovery Program idea to him, and his mom Sue goes to see Zara - she's finding it hard coping now she's looking after him.
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S12, Ep172
10 Jan. 2011
What Yellow Brick Road?
It's Mrs Tembe's first day at the Campus surgery, and she's not too happy about it. Simon's dad turns up. They all try to play 'Happy Families' but it's not that easy. Lacey runs away from her home in Nottingham to seek Julia's help. She used to be in a care home, but it's all boarded up now. It's her 16th birthday and she wants to try and make it her best ever by trying to find her dad. Immie worries about Karen, she's not looking great and she wonders whether she's still got that 'bug'.
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S12, Ep173
11 Jan. 2011
An Inspector Calls
Simon's parents continue to drive him mad, what with their worrying, cooking and hammering, so he decides to do something about it. Immie tries to talk to her mom, now that she has discovered her baby secret. She's finding it difficult not to tell though. A landlady is obsessed that one of her guests is a hotel inspector. Heston tries to make her see sense as she's going overboard. Mrs Tembe has another day at the Campus surgery, but strikes up an unusual friendship.
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S12, Ep174
12 Jan. 2011
Jagged Little Pill
Mrs Tembe is at the Campus surgery again, and sends Joshua into see Zara. She thinks he's homesick, but Mrs Tembe thinks there is something more. Rob has an unexpected day off, so Karen calls in sick and prepares to tell him about the baby. He's not best pleased, so Karen calls in Zara to try and talk some sense into him. Immie confides to Jack. Simon and Elaine talk to his parents to try and sort out their problems.
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S12, Ep175
13 Jan. 2011
End of the Line
Karen goes into work as Rob refuses to talk to her. She's not feeling great and keeps having palpitations. When Rob finally does start to talk though, it all goes horribly wrong. Joshua is back at the Campus surgery hounding Mrs Tembe. She gets him in to see Heston who still can't find anything wrong with him. Simon is bored at Elaines, but awaits an Internet video message from Cherry and Jimmi in South Africa.
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S12, Ep176
14 Jan. 2011
Sunny Side Up
Zara somehow manages to help patients Frank and Susie. They are stuck in a rut, and Susie is desperate to have a baby. After having spent the night with Jack, Rob tries to apologize to Karen, only she's not interested. Elaine takes Simon on a surprise visit to the Planetarium to try and cheer him up.
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S12, Ep177
17 Jan. 2011
Born Evil
Ricky gets bashed over the head. His wife is shocked, but the daughter is just having a sulk (when she's not stubbing cigarettes out on herself and being sick). Rob says Ricky is a nasty piece of work, and something's not right. Jack cooks Karen brunch, and tries to talk to her about the pregnancy. Simon goes into work with Elaine and she introduces him to someone unexpected.
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S12, Ep178
18 Jan. 2011
The Cradle Rocks
Simon and Najmah attend the review panel for the Hammond case. Jimmi and Cherry return from their holiday, and Jimmi causes a stir with his new bleached hair. A new mum starts acting strangely, so her sister goes to Daniel for help. Immie confides to Cherry.
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S12, Ep179
19 Jan. 2011
The Passion of Oscar Wilde
Ciaran needs a new boyfriend. When he and his friend Shona overhear Jack talking on the phone to his mom, they convince themselves that he has been dumped, and Shona convinces Ciaran that Jack is gay. Mrs Tembe thinks the Mill could do with some cosmetic changes. Jimmi goes round to talk to Karen, but gets a shock at her reaction when Rob turns up.
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S12, Ep180
20 Jan. 2011
A Broken Heart
Rob has to deal with a case of a woman who lives near where he and Karen live, who's had a man break in and take a photo of her while she slept. He ran off when she awoke. Rob feels that Karen needs looking out for. Elaine treats a vicar's wife who's fed up and has a major decision to make. It involves another woman. She's also getting severe headaches. Simon is agitated as he awaits a call from the Hammond Case review committee. A depressed Immie goes shopping with Kayleigh, who leads her down a dark path.
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S12, Ep181
21 Jan. 2011
Karen spots Rob in his car, having slept in it outside their house all night, and goes off on one again. He's watching over her as the Letherbridge Leopard strikes again. Mrs Tembe reassures a young female churchgoer who is too frightened to sleep due to the Leopard. The girl's friend and window cleaner, Ricky, doesn't get on with his mom, and keeps a camera. Karen calls on a friend, who's a new mom, for advice, then makes a big decision. Heston tries to make amends with Simon.
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S12, Ep182
24 Jan. 2011
My Hero
Julia slips over while at the local shopping center. She has her bag and mobile stolen, but never mind - tough security guard Barry to the rescue! Even if he is on his day off, and doesn't work there anyway! Karen talks to Zara about having an abortion. Zara helps all she can and is very comforting. She is very upset though, especially considering her own circumstances. Daniel offers her a shoulder.
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S12, Ep183
25 Jan. 2011
Dirty Doddering
An elderly woman wants to go to a Latin and Ballroom competition at the Letherbridge Tower, only Heston gets called out when her overprotective daughter panics when her mother finds it difficult to breathe. The daughter though, is actually the one in need of help. Jack calls Rob to tell him of Karen's decision to have an abortion. He thinks they might get back together again now that they think the same way.
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S12, Ep184
26 Jan. 2011
In the Queen's Arms: Part One
Jay gets killed in a hit and run outside a pub. A year later, the pub is derelict, and Danny (Jay's brother) wants to run a marathon in memory of him. Doctor Jimmi thinks he may be pushing it though. Danny and Jay's ex-girlfriend Sam don't like the way the neighborhood is going, and are shocked when the pub is bought and the new owners want to turn it into an Asian establishment. Then Sam reckons the new owners are responsible for Jay's death. Elaine gets an unexpected visit from her spoiled sister Emma-Jane, who accuses her of sleeping with her husband. Jack tries to...
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S12, Ep185
27 Jan. 2011
In the Queen's Arms: Part Two
Danny rescues Parveen from the torched pub, but when Rob and Lucy Norton from the Letherbridge Gazette get involved, things get complicated. Danny tries to get Sam to tell the truth but he runs into Parveen's brother Tahir and his gang, who are set on revenge. A hungover Emma-Jane tries to spend the day relaxing like Elaine does. Jack tells Rob about the boiler needing fixing - it could his way back in!
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S12, Ep186
28 Jan. 2011
White Out
Quinn turns up after a while away with severe injuries on his hands, and nightmares of white and noise. He's reluctant to explain what's going on, and his partner is worried. Then he gets a package from France. Cherry helps them out. Immie has got a project to explore the color white. While in a camera shop getting batteries, she decides to steal something, and gets into a whole heap of trouble. Karen has a meeting at the Brightwater Clinic to discuss her abortion.
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S12, Ep187
31 Jan. 2011
Ring Me, Marry Me, Text Me, Kill Me
Karen announces that she's going for the abortion the next day, but she's no intention of telling Rob. Immie says she'll go with her, but later decides she can't go, but how can she tell her mom? Julia tries to get Zara to join in on her Friday night Book Club. Daniel helps a man whose wedding plans are going from bad to worse due to an ill advised text message.
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S12, Ep188
1 Feb. 2011
August 23rd
Jack tells Rob that it's Karen's big day - the day she's having her abortion. Rob is on a stakeout, but says he'll get there as quick as he can. Will he get there in time though?, and what does their future as a family hold? Simon turns up at the Mill, but officially hands in his resignation. Heston insists he works out his notice though, and takes his exams, which doesn't make Simon very happy.
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S12, Ep189
2 Feb. 2011
Intereo Per Veneratio
Heston helps an ex-soldier friend who thinks he's losing his sanity. He hears things from his son's upstairs room. When he looks in, he sees that things have moved. Only his son is dead. He also sees a death figure following him, and really starts worrying when he gets a visit from an old friend you tells him that a soldier mate has died. Then that friend kills himself! His past is coming back to haunt him.
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S12, Ep190
3 Feb. 2011
The Sickest Kiss
Kylie insists on seeing Daniel, against her dad's wishes. She has bruises, and seems to be afraid of her dad, and Daniel thinks there's something seriously wrong. She then sneaks in to see Simon, and tells him that she has an STD. Simon and Daniel argue over who is reading the situation correctly. Immie reacts very badly when she finds out that her mom has gone away for a couple of weeks. Final preparations are underway for Julia's Friday night Book Club.
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S12, Ep191
4 Feb. 2011
The Sparkling Spirit
It's the night of Julia's Book Club, but the reviews of The Sparking Spirit aren't great. Mrs Tembe gets into the spirit, but Simon reacts very badly. Zara to the rescue. Jimmi's childhood pen-pal, Hans, turns up out of the blue, complete with letters from 1989. Jimmi reluctantly lets him in, but they end up discovering very personal things about themselves.
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S12, Ep192
7 Feb. 2011
The Nun's Tale
Zara's cousin Kay turns up to stay. She's a trainee nun, though she seems to have gone a bit wayward! She's on the search for men! Daniel gets very annoyed when he finds out that Simon has handed in his resignation and nobody told him. Cherry tries to get Jimmi to go to the 'Love Station'. Barry turns up at the Mill to see Daniel. He tries to chat up Zara, and wants a penis extension.
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S12, Ep193
8 Feb. 2011
Ab Flab
One of the members of 'big' girl band Absolutely Flabulous has a secret which could tear them apart. Cherry finds herself in the middle of it all, with not much thanks. Mrs Tembe declares war on all germs, but soon forgets about them when told that the Queen is going to visit Letherbridge. With Rob on nights and Karen away, Jack has to look after Immie, but it's not all plain sailing.
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S12, Ep194
9 Feb. 2011
Unkindness of Strangers
Julia accuses a rude shop girl, Jane, of stealing £20 from her. It gets her the sack. Jane goes and sees Zara for some nasty eczema, but leaves her diary in the ladies toilet. Julia looks through it and realizes she has made a terrible mistake. Elaine takes Simon to an alternative therapy session at a 'Harmony of Unity' group, or HUG for short. He hates being there, but tries to help when he sees an elderly lady being made a fool of.
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S12, Ep195
10 Feb. 2011
Sympathy for the Devil
When Hannah announces to her husband Carl that she is pregnant, he has the shock of his life. He desperately doesn't want it, and wants her to have an abortion. Carl has had a vasectomy, but something else in his past comes to cause the shocking end which no one, especially Daniel who's caught in the middle, is prepared for. Mrs Tembe is showering Heston with gifts, tea and pineapple upside-down cake whilst she waits his news on the Royal visit.
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S12, Ep196
11 Feb. 2011
Saints and Sinners
Jimmi helps a drugs worker from an outreach project who is out of his depth. He is looking after a heroin addict, by praying, and buying heroin for him. Jimmi's not happy and dives in to sort out the mess. Mrs Tembe and Julia go shopping for clothes to see the Queen, but the trip doesn't quite go to plan. Mrs Tembe then panics about etiquette. Jack starts to take responsibility for his course work (he's given more time to finish his work by his sexy, blonde lecturer after he opens up to her), and looks after Immie. Immie invites some sexy girlfriends around for a ...
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S12, Ep197
14 Feb. 2011
Kings and Queens
It's Valentine's Day, and Cherry has a cold-saw. At the Mill, everyone has cards - apart from Zara! Elaine tries to help a humiliated and bullied book publisher in the hunt for a job. Mrs Tembe is on her way to meet the Queen, she even has a present. Unfortunately Heston's back goes, so he can't take her. What else could possibly go wrong?
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S12, Ep198
15 Feb. 2011
Fit as a Fiddle
Mrs Tembe asks Daniel to keep quiet about her debacle with the Queen - she wants to keep it quiet. It might be too late though, as it's all in the local rag! A patient of Heston's who is recovering from a heart attack ignores his advice and makes him furious. Jack goes and meets his sexy blonde tutor again, though work isn't the only thing on her mind. Rob pops in to see how Jack and Immie are, just in time for Karen, who arrives home.
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S12, Ep199
16 Feb. 2011
A lady collapses at a Birmingham hotel, she's covered in blotches. She has a deadly virus and the last person she came into contact with has gone to the Mill. The surgery is put into lock-down, someone inside has the deadly virus, but who is it, and who will be next to catch the virus? Staff and patients deal with the situation in their own unique ways. It's down to Simon to try and discover the truth, but will he be in time, before someone dies?
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S12, Ep200
17 Feb. 2011
Ladies Who Lunch
It's the day after the virus outbreak, and Cherry is still at death's door covered in blotches, the Mill is closed and there are a hoard of reporters camped outside the Campus surgery. Too many doctors and not enough rooms, so Julia gives Zara the day off. She spends it wisely by going to buy shoes, and getting drunk with an old friend she bumps in to. She's unhappily married, but her husband less so - he wants to pick up with Zara (or Alex as they knew her)where they left off years ago. Karen also meets up with an old friend, one who wants to set her up on a blind ...
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S12, Ep201
18 Feb. 2011
Teenage Kicks
Angie sets up Karen on a date with an old friend. Immie throws a wobbly at Jack, so he runs to see Lucy. Jeni leaves her baby with a young baby sitter to go and get drunk at the pizza delivery boy's party. Jimmi gets shocked when her and the baby sitter both turn up at the police station and he realizes the risk she has taken.
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S12, Ep202
21 Feb. 2011
Time to Say Goodbye
Julia goes back to the Mill for the first time since the virus. It had been cleared out, but now all the stuff is being returned - and it all needs sorting out, and quick. Julia is interrupted by Tammy, whose partner recently died. How is she to move on with her life? Jack discovers that Lucy is married, and tries to find out all about him. He has a bit of a strop. Lucy meanwhile, visits the doctor - her blood pressure is up.
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S12, Ep203
22 Feb. 2011
Immie and Belinda are at the Mill, shooting a documentary about life in the NHS. Immie though, gets all determined and seems to be so focused on the virus outbreak and the personal lives of the doctors that she misses the personal problems her friend is having, which include a very overbearing mother. Immie then totally overlooks her mother's contribution.
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S12, Ep204
23 Feb. 2011
Circling the Drain
Mrs Tembe is visiting a sick member of her church in hospital, but is shocked by the apparent lack of care. She starts talking to the man at the bed next to her, who's looking after his wife. He is there day and night and very tired, so Mrs Tembe decides to help him, and everything else at the same time. Simon gets the date for his final exams, but is still undecided about whether to take them or not. Jimmi has bought a flash new car, though Cherry's over-enthusiasm for it puts their relationship at risk, especially after she vomits in it.
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S12, Ep205
24 Feb. 2011
It's three years since Paul's car accident, an accident that made him blind. He's lashing out at everyone and wont accept any help, either from Simon or his partner Mel. He seems to have found comfort elsewhere. Immie tries to encourage Rob to get Karen back, instead of just lazing around and not doing anything. Mrs Tembe worries about Lyme disease before her trip to the Lakes. Jack tries to apologize to Lucy. She convinces him that her marriage really is over.
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S12, Ep206
25 Feb. 2011
Strange Currency
Jack gets followed by somebody scary. It turns out to be Lucy's husband, and he's not happy. Jack gets drunk then has it out with Lucy. She is shocked by what he has to say. There's a young homeless kid, Clem, hanging around the Mill. Karen takes him in to look at his cut hand. She then has Izzie dumped on her, but when Izzie goes missing Clem is the number one culprit. Julia tries to get one of the partners to join her at the PCT meeting on Monday.
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S12, Ep207
28 Feb. 2011
Field Day
Julia and Zara go to the PCT meeting, one looking at obesity. They're targeting the new Chief Executive though, with Zara making a big impression - in her own sweet way! Daniel is left in charge of the Mill, but he and Karen get suspicious when a fitness-obsessed elderly patient mixes up his prescriptions, and his dodgy grandson is hanging around outside. Elaine tries to help Simon, but only manages to annoy him.
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S12, Ep208
1 Mar. 2011
Rob is investigating a shooting. A gin addled local prostitute has been pulled in again, only Rob wants rid of her. It's Karen's first day of home visits, only her day takes her to the mother of one of the suspects. As Rob and Karen's jobs bring them together, will it give Rob the chance he's looking for - to get back into Karen's life as well?
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S12, Ep209
2 Mar. 2011
Happy Days
Simon sees David, who is a painter, to try and set up depressed patients seeing him as a form of art therapy through the University. He tells Simon his girlfriend is depressed, so he agrees to see her. It seems she is not the only one who is depressed though. Julia asks a delighted Elaine to the University Spring Ball. She then goes shopping for sexy dresses with Zara, though she's not entirely happy about it all.
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S12, Ep210
3 Mar. 2011
Yes M'Lady
It's Immie's art project showing, but it doesn't get the reaction she was hoping for, especially from Jack! After the most terrible feedback, she decides she needs a treat. Cherry deals with a seemingly devoted butler who is trying to make his delusional, dying mistress' last days as comfortable as possible, despite arguments from her son. He seems to think that the butler is after her money!
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S12, Ep211
4 Mar. 2011
Elaine, Daniel and Zara attend the University Spring Ball. Zara stuns all by wearing the most drop dead gorgeous dress, and she's in a devilish mood. Bored, and worried about Julia, who hasn't turned up, Elaine goes to find out what's wrong. Cherry plans a weird and relaxing night in with Jimmi, involving running water and an oily message, though neither are expecting a gate-crasher.
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S12, Ep212
7 Mar. 2011
No Regrets
Cherry helps Dafydd clear up after his and Jimmi's wild night - the place is a mess. Cherry has a shock later though, when Dafydd announces he's going to stay a bit longer as he has Hepatitus. Elaine is treating a particularly grumpy old woman at a retirement home, when a young woman pretending to be a cleaner, gets in to pester them about the lady's family history. Elaine's sugar free health cakes don't go down too well with the staff at the Mill, so Mrs Tembe promises to cook some Botswanian delicacies for them - though the ingredients leave a lot to be desired.
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S12, Ep213
8 Mar. 2011
The Abnormal Heart
Rob is taken off his main case, and given the task of investigating complaints of indecency at a local gallery. It seems the exhibit is using body parts, including a human heart. This infuriates Immie though, who decides to make a stand for freedom of expression and police censorship. Mrs Tembe cooks her Botswanian stew for lunch, although the smell is so bad it creates massive bad feeling between her and Zara, and a surgery evacuation. Dafydd has some more tests for his Hepatitus. He sees Cherry, who gets a shock when he squeezes her bottom as a thank you.
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S12, Ep214
9 Mar. 2011
Immie wants to buy a scarf for Karen, so she decides to steal it. She gets caught though by someone who warns her to stay off her patch or deal with the consequences. Karen deals with a student who comes in with burns on his hands. His act of revenge leads Karen and Rob to a near-death experience in a burning building and a high ledge. Cherry tells Jimmi about Daf's "copping a feel". She's getting fed up with him.
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S12, Ep215
10 Mar. 2011
Pavlova's Dogs
It's Rob's first evening back at home, so Jack and Immie make themselves scarce. Their soul searching keeps getting interrupted though, with a nosy neighbor, a noisy delinquent and the return of a very drunken Immie.
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S12, Ep216
11 Mar. 2011
The Hoarse Whisperer
Peter finds himself in a car sales competition, to keep his job. Unfortunately he has lost his voice. Simon to the rescue. And perhaps they can help each other, as Simon's car has had it, well, according to Mrs Tembe! Cherry spots Jimmi lending Daf a big handful of cash, and she's not too happy about it. He then turns up really late, making a mess, and with a drunken girl with him. When Cherry has a go, he threatens her. Mrs Tembe tries her hand at cooking for the staff again, but will it be as terrible as last time?
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S12, Ep217
14 Mar. 2011
Jealous Girl
It's a busy day for Zara. She finds herself in the middle of some severe sibling rivalry which has developed between two sisters over a stolen boyfriend. She then uncovers the truth about an awful hereditary genetic condition which the girls' father is suffering from. Julia tries to get her to take part in a bake-off, and later, when Julia is having a go at her, Zara is finally forced to admit to her that she loves Daniel. Cherry opens up to Simon about the horrid Daf.
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S12, Ep218
15 Mar. 2011
Relax and Rejuvenate
Julia reluctantly accepts a free spa day from Bella, an old friend of hers, but she soon becomes embroiled with two women bent on revenge. It seems Bella is a bit of a husband stealer. Daniel freaks out when Zara tells him that she told Julia about their affair. Jimmi has to go away for a few nights, leaving Cherry all alone with Daf. Daniel tries to get Simon to do his late night on-call shift.
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S12, Ep219
16 Mar. 2011
Dare to Bare
Karen discovers that one of Rob's oldest friends has a shocking secret. Him and his wife are having an 80's party for their wedding anniversary, though he's also wearing women's clothes. His wife thinks he's having an affair though - with Karen. An old friend from hell of Cherrys calls her for a home visit. She has a nasty scar on her face, though she carries on treating Cherry exactly how she did many years ago.
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S12, Ep220
17 Mar. 2011
Pretending to See the Future
Elaine encounters a woman who says she went to a rave last night, but claims that it was in April 1990. Has she got amnesia, or has she really traveled in time? Cherry tries to tell Jimmi about Daf, about taking him for a ride, and his test results. Jimmi refuses to believe her though. Will she get through to him?
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S12, Ep221
18 Mar. 2011
Get Smart
Jack is under pressure as his exams are looming, and he also has to redo his ethics paper. He faces temptation though when a friend offers him some pills to keep him going. Somebody's also been selling them to other students. DCI Driver interviews Rob on his last day in CID, and it doesn't go well. It's Simon's first day on night on-call, and it's quite eventful.
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S12, Ep222
21 Mar. 2011
Six Feet Under
Simon is rushed to St Phils after being stabbed on his first night of on-call duty. Cherry gets the call, and is there in a flash. After telling the doctors, Julia and Elaine go and visit him after his operation. As does Simon's driver, whom he gets closer to. Jimmi realizes that one of his patients may have been buried in her back garden by her own husband. Heston returns from Italy and catches up with the gossip.
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S12, Ep223
22 Mar. 2011
Chelsea Girl
Martha used to be a model. It's now her 60th birthday and she's taking anti-depressants and wants some bot-ox from Daniel. She also thinks he's rather a dish. Her pregnant daughter isn't happy with him though - she wants Daniel to stop prescribing her the pills. She works herself up so much though, that she has problems with her pregnancy. Martha wallows in nostalgia, and goes out in her old sixties clobber. It's all going to end very badly.
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S12, Ep224
23 Mar. 2011
People Are Strange
Imogen and her classmate Daisy embark upon an art project at the late Sebastian Landers' house. They are unprepared for the horror that awaits them though, and are warned to stay away from the attic by the scary housekeeper. Oh, what will they do? Rob decides to fill in his CID application form, but finds himself locked in Heston's room when Mrs Tembe mistakes him for a burglar. Zara and Daniel try to get in a bout of afternoon sex, only she is really getting fed up with being the 'other woman'. Simon is at home recuperating after his stabbing.
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S12, Ep225
24 Mar. 2011
Hush Little Baby
It's the first day of Simon's exams, and Julia and Elaine want to buy him something, so they decide to get him a phallic shaped flowering cactus! Lisa feels trapped, so takes stock of her life with Daniel and thinks about her future, especially after she meets up with Sadie. Julia bumps into an old friend who works at the local garden center. He thinks his wife has finally left him, so Julia sets him up on a blind date with Elaine. Lisa brings Izzie into the surgery, and sees Dr Clay. She makes him promise not to tell Daniel though. Zara and Daniel continue their ...
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S12, Ep226
25 Mar. 2011
Green Shoots
It's Simon's practical exam day, with actors playing patients, but how well will he do? Lisa tricks Daniel into looking after Izzie while she goes for a job interview, so he leaves her with Zara! He also finds out that Lisa had brought Izzie into see Jimmi, and he is not best pleased by not being told. Elaine has her blind date with Owain, but it doesn't quite go to plan, especially when his wife turns up.
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S12, Ep227
28 Mar. 2011
Scratching an Itch
While around his neighbors arranging for their son to attend work experience at the Mill, Heston finds himself embroiled in their intimate affairs when a mystery flea is found - and it's not the cats! Daniel and Zara's latest afternoon sexual liaison is interrupted by Lisa, who has some shocking news. Simon nervously awaits the results of his exams.
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S12, Ep228
29 Mar. 2011
The Last Angel Cake
The partners decide that they are going to offer Simon a permanent position following his exam results, so Heston sends Mrs Tembe on a mission to buy a fancy cake. Simon gets a phone call though, which makes him miss his party. Will he take up the partners' offer though? Daniel and Zara try to come to terms with Lisa's "devastating" news.
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S12, Ep229
30 Mar. 2011
Dressed as Lamb
A older student faints so goes to see Zara. Zara discovers that she's a bit quirky though - wears corsets and stuff, but is unprepared for the reality of her life. Simon is a bit trepidatious about going to Karen's dinner party, and Karen is having problems with the food, especially when Immie buys unplucked pigeons!
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S12, Ep230
31 Mar. 2011
Every Heart That Beats
Elaine bashes into a QC's car in a car park. During the argument he has a heart attack, but Elaine saves his life. He turns up a month later wanting to do a good deed by helping the poor. It only gets both him and Elaine into a lot of trouble, especially when they find themselves at the top of a tall building trying to stop a tearful pregnant woman from jumping.
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S12, Ep231
1 Apr. 2011
A Life in the Day
Jack has his eyes opened when spending the day with Rob, and gets picked up by Andrea along the way! He's trying to write a thesis. Cherry tries everything to get Simon to stay at the Mill, but he's already announced his intention to leave to the partners. Cherry's very sad. Immie carries on stealing.
4 Apr. 2011
Zara and Daniel are in the throws of their honeymoon period now that they are living together, and he wants to declare their joyful living together to one and all. How long will the honeymoon period last though? Cherry gives them three months tops. Rob prepares for his CID interview, but Karen gets a bit over-excited. Heston's ego puts the Mill's reputation at risk when he does a favor for an old married friend (who likes being slapped around by prostitutes!). The guy's wife isn't too happy either, and throws a fit.
5 Apr. 2011
Thanks for the Memories
Daniel starts having all his belongings delivered to Zara's house, but she's not too happy when they start taking over. Especially when she meets Ruprecht. Rob interviews for the CID job, but will his over-confidence be his downfall? Mrs Tembe helps Albert, an old man whose unrequited love for his sick old friend puts her in danger.
6 Apr. 2011
Smoke and Mirrors
An old friend of Julia's claims she is being haunted by her dead husband, but Julia smells a rat. Rob finds out whether he's got the CID job or not, but Karen is already spending the extra money! Elaine has an anniversary she'd rather forget, so Heston helps her. Cherry has a call from Simon, while Jimmi and Daniel compares notes on their other halves.
7 Apr. 2011
Both Cherry and Zara are horrified at the thought of Friday night drinks with each other and their partners. Particularly Zara. The girls' cunning plans to get out of the date backfire though. Jack is dumped by his mate and sets out to find out why. Is there a girl involved? Probably. Immie gets caught shoplifting jewelry. Rob gets a few crumbs thrown his way by DCI Driver.
8 Apr. 2011
Friday I'm in Love
It's Friday and it's date night - only none of the girls are looking forward to it. Cherry and Zara just keep moaning about their double-date evening with Daniel and Jimmi, while Immie is trepidatious about her 'date' with Ryan - the security guard who caught her shoplifting. Zara and Cherry soon get into a serious pool contest with each other, while Immie's goes far better than she could have hoped.
11 Apr. 2011
Bad Heston: Part One
Whilst investigating a nasty 'cuckooing' gang, Rob comes stumbles across an old acquaintance, Ed, a severe schizophrenic, and he's in urgent need of medical assistance. Rob tries to get him to see Karen at the surgery. Heston is drafted in to help, but Ed is a reluctant patient. Zara takes Daniel's advice to play nice with Cherry, but Zara is determined on getting more pool lessons to 'whip her ass'.
12 Apr. 2011
Bad Heston: Part Two
Ed's vision, 'Bad Heston', continues to urge him to kill 'Good Heston'. Meanwhile 'Good Heston' asks Elaine out - well sort of. Immie gets all excited about meeting up with Ryan again, but he has some strong thoughts on her shop lifting.
13 Apr. 2011
Liar, Liar
Ed is in hospital, after being clobbered over the head with a fire extinguisher by Elaine. Heston feels she may feel guilty. Cherry helps a patient deal with the consequences of sleeping with her sister's husband - an STD. Karen and Rob bump into Immie and Ryan when out shopping for curtains, but will Ryan make a good impression? Immie is horrified when they invite him over for tea.
14 Apr. 2011
Just Like a Woman
Ed finally comes around in hospital, but Elaine treads on toes when she overcompensates for knocking him on the head. Cherry is worried about what to cook when Zara and Daniel come over. Karen reluctantly goes to her friend Angie's lingerie party, but discovers that Angie's new best mate has a surprising secret! Immie tries to steal a birthday present for Ryan's mom, but with massive consequences!
15 Apr. 2011
Truth or Dare
Cherry is desperate to make a good impression at the party, so takes the day off to cook. She gets tips from Heston, then finds an easy recipe folder of Eva's, Jimmi's ex. Zara is still doing her best to wriggle out of it; she has to take something pudding-wise and home cooked, and ends up getting cake making tips from Mrs Tembe. The wine flows at the dinner party, and when the gang start playing 'Truth of Dare', real true feelings start to come out.
18 Apr. 2011
Doric's Column
Journalist Doric goes to register at the Campus, though his rude attitude gets under Mrs Tembe's skin. He has a fan in Heston though. His ex-wife looks after him, though tends to spit in his food once in a while! Daniel is in Zara's bad books, and feels the need to apologize. Immie helps Ryan with his job hunting - well, she was responsible for him getting the sack.
19 Apr. 2011
Men and Motors
Elaine goes to see Ed, but worries about where he'll go when he's discharged from hospital. Zara goes to see her dad - she needs to talk. Only he introduces her to a friend of his. Eric, a vagrant who cleans cars at a supermarket, isn't well. All he eats is packet noodles, as he's saving to buy a classic car. Jimmi reckons his diet is at fault! There's much more too it though.
20 Apr. 2011
Spite Club
Guilty Immie tries to find Ryan a job around Campus, as she cost him his last one. She calls on the help of her mom, and Julia, as she is friends with security guard Barry! Heston becomes embroiled with best friends Sue and Joanne, who constantly bitch and snipe over an attractive assistant they both want to bed. He has some bad new though which brings them together. Zara imagines what it would be like to be pregnant
21 Apr. 2011
Wrong Identity
Ed is a bit freaked out by Elaine's offer for him to stop at hers, as are Heston and Julia. A former school friend of Jack's, Rebecca, whom he had a crush on, calls him for help. Her sexy trouble-maker sister thinks their next door neighbor is a gangster. Rob though, seems unwilling to help so Jack tries to be the hero. Zara has a proposition for Daniel. It involves a presentation, though the news she has comes as a bit of a shock.
26 Apr. 2011
A rookie private detective almost hits with his car the young woman he's supposed to be investigating. She sees Zara for an MRI scan, he hangs around, following her to the pool later. Julia thinks she sees a romantic spark; Zara thinks he's a weird stalker! Zara and Daniel decide to come to an impasse over a certain three little words, though Daniel is still smarting over the freezing-of-the-eggs thing.
27 Apr. 2011
Zara still hasn't responded after Daniel said those three little words to her: 'I Love You'. Daniel has now moved back into Jimmi's, so she must confront her feelings, especially when an old friend turns up wanting her help to organize her friend's wedding reception venue - as she's forgotten. It's the day of Ed's first therapy session, and he's a bit apprehensive. The surgery staff are giving out leaflets in the local shopping center - a perfect spot for Zara to finally declare her love for Daniel!
28 Apr. 2011
Light Blue Touch Paper
It's Cherry's birthday. She and Jimmi have the afternoon off, but all Cherry wants to do is house-hunt. After going to a funeral, Rob catches a well known prostitute trying to break into her own house. She says she'll be out of his hair soon, but what is her connection with the son of the dead woman? Mrs Tembe is really looking forward to the Royal Wedding, but hopes commentator Huw Edwards will speak up! Julia gets thoughts about starting the Friday book club again. Immie gives Cherry a really expensive looking coat for her birthday, but insists it was a 'steal'.
28 Apr. 2011
The Silence
Ed discovers that an expose of his time in Afghanistan, written by an old war buddy of his, is missing some very important details. It ends in a lot of heated arguments between the two of them. The guy's wife thinks the book is the problem. Zara is amazed at the expensive new coat that Immie gave Cherry, and wonders how on earth she could have afforded it. Mrs Tembe gets carried away with Royal Wedding hysteria on the big day when she decorates the campus surgery with Union Jacks - much to Jimmi's annoyance. Elaine contemplates her relationship with Ed.
3 May 2011
Ed tells Elaine that he has stopped taking his medication. He's unhappy and paranoid, so Elaine instigates an emergency therapy session. After an eternity, she seems to be making progress, only she's started fantasizing about snogging him. Then Ed's father appears, and he wants to take Ed back to Glasgow. He also says he's got cancer.
4 May 2011
Lord Letherbridge
Colin sleepwalks, and wakes up naked near an old ruin. He's been researching his ancestry and thinks he's a direct descendant of Lord Letherbridge. He also has lots of daydreams, which get him into a lot of trouble. Jimmi gets a bit worried. Ed and Elaine have a awkward lunch with Heston and Julia, and Daniel and Zara visit a straight talking IVF consultant.
5 May 2011
The Other Side of the Wall
Rob investigates a complaint from one of Jack's many ex girlfriends, who thinks her next door neighbor killed her cat, among many other things. The truth is a lot stranger than she expects though. Elaine has some work done at her house, though Ed has a bit of a nightmare day with them. Cherry is frustrated by Jimmi's lack of communication; she starts convincing herself that he's not really into buying a house with her.
6 May 2011
Gods and Gurus
Mrs Tembe searches for 'The Path to Life', and fantasizes about Zara, Immie and Heston along the way as part of her 'goal visualization'. Immie goes tandem riding with Ryan - her new boyfriend! Zara, Daniel and Heston argue with Julia about the new trainee position.
9 May 2011
Once Upon a Time
A young teenage girl has an obsession with the darker meaning of fairy tales. She doesn't like her step-dad, and involves Daniel in a very dark family secret. It involves an ax, and her dressing up as Little Red Riding Hood! Immie is arrested for stealing when buying pillows for Ryan. Rob believes the security guard is at fault though.
10 May 2011
The Path to Life
It's Elaine's turn to host the book club, though Julia is having trouble as all the guys drop out. It's now just the girls (apart from Ed), though Zara will have to lie as to why she can't drink. Her forceful views on the book drive Ed to drink, and Karen blurts out about Immie. Karen is still unsure though, as to whether Immie is lying about her arrest for shoplifting.
11 May 2011
The Asian & the Lesbian
Two new prospective trainee doctors, Freya (a lesbian) and Kevin (an Asian) get off to a bad start when they argue over a taxi at a taxi rank. They are at each others throats all day, but how will the interviews go?
12 May 2011
The Finishing Touch
Jack is invited back to his old school to give a speech about law. His old teacher is horrible, but Jack finds himself defending him when a sexy young student accuses him of sexual abuse - especially when Jack knows she's lying. Imogen finally talks to Ryan, but is unprepared for the outcome, when Ryan wants nothing to do with her. The partners argue over trainee candidates Kevin and Freya. Daniel and Zara in particular have massively different opinions over their suitability, but who will they choose?
13 May 2011
Out in the Cold
Heston takes part in a homeless charity sleep-out, much to the amusement of the other doctors, and tries to help a man struggling to find a place in society. Immie tells her mom that Ryan has dumped her, though Karen's suspicions grow as to the reason. Elaine pesters Karen about her 'Life List', though Karen is stuck on the first step: 'improving your relationships'. Elaine makes a decision about her relationship with Ed, only it involves dumping him.
16 May 2011
The Lonely Woman
Elaine takes the day off to make an urgent appointment with her therapist after her split with Ed. While in the waiting room she bumps into Zara and Daniel, who are there for a chat about IVF. They too have problems. Cherry is concerned about a new mum who is struggling to cope after the death of her mother, and has become obsessed with a mysterious elderly lady.
17 May 2011
Zara reveals she is mentoring Freya, and Daniel, Kevin. Here the competition starts. 'Who's the Daddy', as Zara declares! It all goes badly; for Kevin, who loses it when an old lady patient assumes he's Asian, and for Freya who has to deal with a case of female genital mutilation. Jack takes Immie for a coffee. He's very nice to her, which leads to Immie admitting her stealing to him.
18 May 2011
Mr Right
Immie gets her trial date - right in the middle of her exams! She says she can't do it, what with having to 'swear on Bibles and stuff'! Jack tries to get her to do the right thing, and tell all to the parents. Julia's financial advisor goes on a date with Len, but things get complicated, what with her being married to a transsexual, so she asks Julia for advice. Kevin takes delivery of his fancy new car, but it doesn't have the outcome he expected.
19 May 2011
Elaine helps a young man on a community payback scheme. He is being bullied, but soon comes to realize that by giving into the bully he is putting his father's life at risk. The alarm on Kevin's new car keeps going off, pushing Heston to the edge, especially as he's trying to give a talk about preventing high blood pressure at the time! Jack has a change of heart, and resolves to help Immie with her trial.
20 May 2011
Because You're Mine
Karen is woken up by an intruder in her bedroom. He's shouting 'Where is he?', but is gone by the time Rob and the police arrive. It turns out that their new next door neighbors, Hilary and Graham are the targets, but why? Then Graham gets taken. Zara needs a little push from Daniel on the day that she should be starting her hormone replacement. Jimmi confides in Julia about his fears regarding possibly telling Cherry about Eva being alive. She could be in danger if they go through with the house move.
23 May 2011
Mrs Tembe's looking after a friend's allotment, but gets involved in some very strange goings on. Elaine has a splinter, and Freya, underarm hair, though the underarm hair causes a bit of a stir. Rob takes Immie to see a solicitor, but it's all very horrible - she doesn't like it. When will she finally come clean?
24 May 2011
Over the Rainbow
While out on a routine patrol, Rob discovers a young woman who looks to have jumped from a high building. A baby booty she puts into his hand leads Rob to a carpet factory and a tale if illegal immigrants. Daniel reads Fraya's feminist Blog, and sets out to prove that he is also a feminist! Jimmi goes to Rob to ask for his help in selling his house! It's half in Eva's name, only she's in witness protection and Cherry mustn't know about her!
25 May 2011
Zara's hormone pills are playing havoc with her mood swings, forcing Freya to spend the day shadowing Cherry instead. It's a blind girl's birthday, and Freya helps expose the dark secret behind the car crash which caused her partial blindness.
26 May 2011
Moot Point
Jack uses Katia, together with Immie's case, in an ethics lecture to try and prove he can get Immie off and prepare her for her impending trial. It doesn't quite go according to plan though. Mrs Tembe's new hairdo causes mass confusion, especially as it looks just like Julia's! Jimmi and Cherry continue to see houses, with Jimmi receiving some good news from Rob as to the sale of his and Eva's house, and how it will affect Eva.
27 May 2011
A young girl wakes up during a routine operation, but is there more at stake than ill-health? The doctor involved can't believe what happened, and seeks Heston's advice. After Daniel promised Kevin, and Zara promised Freya that the new position would be theirs, there are lots of arguments. Julia also gets involved.
31 May 2011
Seize the Day
It's time for Zara's scan - they can fertilize her eggs. All she needs is for Daniel to do 'the sperm thing'!. Only Daniel, despite his best efforts at pretending to be ill, cannot get out from work and gets involved with an elderly patient who is determined to seize the day but is compromising her health in the process. Karen is having her doubts over Immie's innocence.
1 Jun. 2011
Like Father
Daniel goes to the clinic to 'produce the goods', so Zara videos a sexy message for him as a special treat. Unfortunately she uses Kevin's new phone and spends the rest of the day trying to get it back off him before he watches it. Heston treats a deaf cartoonist who is having problems communicating with his son. Rob wants everyone to rally around Immie, as he tries to prepare her for her court date.
2 Jun. 2011
Resistant to Arrest
A young WPC arrives at the police station with a nasty bruise on her cheek. The man she has brought in knocked her when resisting arrest. Jimmi checks her out and is concerned by the amount of knocks and resisting arrests she has had. Rob doesn't believe him, so asks her to team up with him for the afternoon, but finds the bruises have come from far closer to home. Kevin gets hopelessly lost on his house calls. His new sexy voiced Satnav isn't quite up to the job!
3 Jun. 2011
You Gotta Have Faith
Julia is worried that she may have given her old friend Helen bad advice when she finds out her toy-boy has asked her to move to Australia with him. Helen turns out to also be the magistrate that Immie is up against. It's Immie's day in court, but will Rob and Jack's coaching pay off, and will Rob and Karen find out that Immie is actually guilty! Zara and Daniel eagerly await the results from the clinic.
6 Jun. 2011
Daddy's Girl
After Immie's shocking admission in court, Rob gets very angry and drunk, and throws her out of the house. She ends up walking the mean streets of Letherbridge, sobbing. Karen goes in search of her, but will she find her before any terrible harm befalls her?
7 Jun. 2011
Family Matters
Immie struggles to cope with her exams, what with still being chucked out, and her dad still hating her. Zara gets the wrong impression when dealing with a patient from hell, an angry, proud man who refuses to give his ill mother a kidney and whom she calls an 'arrogant misogynist'. The man also has nightmares of guys attacking him with knives. Karen has the task of telling everyone at work about Immie. Freya is bored.
8 Jun. 2011
The Killing of Sean Noble
Sean Noble turns up at the police station, battered and bruised. He says he was defending himself, but Jimmi and Rob become concerned when they find he doesn't have a medical record, and a DI arrives to take control. Jimmi discovers that he's in witness protection, but what will he do when he finds out Sean's true identity? Elaine has a day off, but her plans to have a sensual message go up in smoke when an insistent chimney sweep arrives, only he has a fear of soot!
9 Jun. 2011
Like Mother Like Daughter
Cherry goes through Immie's revising with her. Freya becomes concerned about a bus-driving patient's motivation for having a gastric bypass. Her daughter is also concerned. Zara, however, is suspicious of Freya's reasoning. Jack is being very nice to Immie, but what are his reasons? Rob though, still doesn't want to talk to her.
10 Jun. 2011
Smoke and Flames
Mrs Tembe sneaks into her next door neighbor's house. She then orders the old biddy who lives there a taxi, and tidies up their garden - it's a bit messy! What's she up too? Heston tries to find out. Kevin suffers from a lack of tact when dealing with a fireman suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. The man's wife is 14 weeks pregnant, though she hasn't told him yet. Freya tries to tell Cherry to do something for herself on her day off, rather than fetching Jimmi's laundry and helping Immie with her revising.
13 Jun. 2011
The Last Waltz
It's Jimmi's birthday, and as a special treat Cherry organizes a treasure hunt! He's not entirely enamored with it, especially when he discovers her real agenda. Heston tries to make an elderly man whose wife is dying of cancer see that life is for the living. He helps her record a video message and takes them dancing one last time.
4 Jul. 2011
Kevin encounters a young woman who wants her recurring nightmares to stop. She's dreaming that it's the end of the world, and she stabs her husband to death, but what do they really mean? When a supposedly anonymous article of Jack's is printed, all hell breaks loose for the Hollins family. It's about his sister's penchant for shoplifting, only it's been jazzed up a bit. He tries to get Jimmi and Cherry to try and stop it getting out, but to no avail. Daisy turns up, claiming to be Simon's girlfriend.
5 Jul. 2011
Defying Gravity
Cherry and Jimmi are late for work, as Immie is refusing to go to her last exam. Julia decides to take over. Elaine finds herself caught up in an abusive man's mission to track down his ex-wife, after she reported him to the police. Kevin tries to break up with Daisy, only he ropes in Daniel and Jimmi for some help.
6 Jul. 2011
Poison Ivy
Violet is very naughty. She calls women in the phone book and says she's having an affair with their husband - just for laughs. She works in the local lap dancing club, where she lures Daniel under false pretenses. He gets worries when Jimmi tells him that Violet had set up a dodgy porn website that sets people up. Daisy surprises Kevin when she introduces him to 'daddy'. Jack tries to make up with Immie and his parents.
7 Jul. 2011
Coming of Age
Heston treats a dying man who wants to protect his backward daughter by taking away her independence. She tells Heston that she thinks she's pregnant. Mrs Tembe wonders if Daniel and Zara's relationship is bad for the practice, as she sees them arguing, and then finds Zara asleep in her consulting room. It's Rob's birthday, and Karen tries to persuade him to let Immie come home.
8 Jul. 2011
Pink and Blue
It's one of the worst days of Zara's life: she's not pregnant. Unfortunately she has to offer objective advice to a young couple at the biggest moment of theirs. And the girl got pregnant really easily! Cherry tries to 'de-pink' herself, with Freya's help. She even tries to talk to Jimmi about the Middle East situation! But will it make him take her seriously?
11 Jul. 2011
Last Christmas
Karen makes a home visit to a patient with Huntingtons. Only she's surprised to find Santa on the roof, and the entire family celebrating Christmas! Jimmi has bought two tickets for the Love Gate music festival, only Cherry isn't as excited as he'd hoped. Mrs Tembe lasts less than half a day before she goes and visits her new neighbors.
12 Jul. 2011
The dark racist underbelly of Letherbridge comes to the fore when the leader of the right-wing British Pride Party makes a speech. The Mill's cleaner accuses him of killing her son, and tries to blind him. This causes great consternation for Mrs Tembe who gets involved. Cherry tries to help a young girl who is in the early stages of TB.
13 Jul. 2011
Carpe Diem
Jack is offered £50 by a woman to sort out her garden. Only she then also wants a bit more! Kevin helps Jimmi to prepare a surprise proposal for Cherry at the local horticultural center. Only they have so many problems setting up that Jimmi gives up. Karen asks Elaine to give them some family counseling. But how will Rob react?
14 Jul. 2011
Now or Never
Mrs Tembe is not liking her new neighbors. They play music loudly all night, and are very rude. Heston has his posh car stolen, so turns to a patient with underworld connections for help. Daniel and Zara have a rare moment of honesty on a park bench. Jimmi struggles with his fear of spontaneity regarding Cherry. Will he ever get around to proposing?
15 Jul. 2011
Someone to Love
Freya comes to blows with Zara when a patient comes in wanting emergency contraception. When Freya notices that she has bruises on her face, she uncovers a dreadful secret. Elaine discovers Mrs Tembe having a nap at the surgery. Jimmi and Cherry announce their engagement, though Jimmi gets concerned when Cherry says she's putting the announcement in the paper.
18 Jul. 2011
Pride and Prejudice
Immie has an eventful and eye-opening first day of community service, especially after her mom has embarrassed her in front of one of the other girls. She's digging some old girl's garden, but then some money gets stolen and Immie is the prime suspect. Lynette's angry husband confronts Zara and Freya, leaving Freya more determined than ever. But Lynette is having her doubts about going through with the charges against her husband.
19 Jul. 2011
Welcome to My World
Freya's very antagonized when she discovers that Lynette has dropped all charges and moved back in with her husband. Against Zara's better judgment though, her determination to keep helping backfires, especially when Zara discovers her Blog! Rob struggles to maintain a sense of humor when a man calling himself Rob Hollins goes on a mini crime spree. It's bin day, but Mrs Tembe's determination to get her neighbor the correct recycling bins also backfires.
20 Jul. 2011
Sorting Nana Mo
On her way to work, Mrs Tembe finds her next door neighbor's son Cameron locked out, so she invites him in and looks after him all day. Jack's friend gets himself arrested, but Jack still joins him to help his grandmother prepare for her new stair-lift. He ends up with more than he bargained for though.
21 Jul. 2011
Tail to Tow
Both Zara and Mrs Tembe have a lot on their minds. Zara because her and Daniel only have 'one round left', Mrs Tembe because of her neighbor. Unable to get hold of Heston, the two ladies unintentionally help each other. Barry enlists Julia's help to free a trapped dog, resulting in her car being towed. She makes an unusual stand though. Cherry is planning something extravagant for their engagement party, but how will Jimmi react?
22 Jul. 2011
Glad Rags
A young goth girl is sick after '8 hours of Death Rock'. Her partner gets angry when he reads a text message from another man. Freya thinks she's a victim of domestic abuse, but the truth is much more bizarre! Karen threatens the family to get them to go to their first family therapy session with Elaine, but how will it turn out? Zara and Daniel sneak off to the fertility clinic. Mrs Tembe's neighbor turns up at the surgery accusing her of telling social services about him.
25 Jul. 2011
Born and Bred
It's another hard day for Immie and her orange jacket. She's put with a group of felons to paint and decorate someone's house. At the pub across the road, Mrs Tembe's next door neighbor, Trevor, is attending a group meeting of the British Pride Party. They are all fed up with British jobs being taken by foreigners. This fuels his hatred for Mrs Tembe. Immie risks everything when she tries to help one of her fellow felons, who gets dragged along to the group meeting by the son of the meeting's leader.
26 Jul. 2011
Best Laid Plans
It's the day of Cherry and Jimmi's big engagement party, with costume karaoke and everything, but has she done enough to ensure it goes ahead without a hitch? Karen's determined to get everyone together for their second family therapy session, but will it finally prove too much for Rob? Zara and Daniel get the call they have been waiting for and rush to the fertility clinic, dressed as Sandy and Danny from 'Grease'.
27 Jul. 2011
Sweet Child of Mine
A woman's daughter and her baby turn up on her doorstep. She only wants money. Rob gets involved when things go wrong, only he lets his feeling about Immie cloud his judgment. Immie then has to tell him that she's had her community payback extended. A very stressed out Trevor goes to the Mill for help, but he reacts very badly when he finds out Mrs Tembe has made him an appointment with Kevin. He says he wants a doctor from 'round here'.
28 Jul. 2011
Decent People
Jimmi is caught in the middle when a father's plan to save his son from a local gang of bullies backfires. He wants him to carry a knife! Mrs Tembe struggles to keep her composure at work, especially after Trevor starts putting leaflets for the British Pride Party through her letterbox, but worse is yet to come! Kevin is delighted when he discovers that Freya has made a potentially serious mistake with a patient's medication.
29 Jul. 2011
Sunday Sunday
It's Sunday in Letherbridge, and the Hollins' are invited to Rob's cousins for lunch. Told that Oscar, their son is ill, he turns up with tattoo's and green hair - the family is not as perfect as they've been making out! Mrs Tembe goes to church, where she discovers some surprising new congregation members - her next door neighbors!
1 Aug. 2011
Storm in a Teacup
When his patient tells him about his blind date in a teashop (he knows nothing about tea, and is a bit apprehensive), it makes Heston think about his own life. So he arranges a blind date for himself! He ends up at the same tea shop as his patient, so teaches him a thing or two about tea! Freya gets told off by the pharmacist - Kevin didn't pass on her message, so she tries to find out what he knows about her prescription mistake. Mrs Tembe has Cameron's help to clear all the muck and paint daubed on her windows. His dad is not happy though, when he finds out.
2 Aug. 2011
Safe Home
Trevor calls on Mrs Tembe's help when Cameron becomes ill. He's rushed to hospital - it seems he's suffering from bad dehydration and food poisoning, and Mrs Tembe is being accused. Kevin is wiping Freya's face in her prescription mistake, so she is forced to tell all to Zara who then makes her apologize to the patient in question, while getting very mad!
3 Aug. 2011
You People
Mrs Tembe's day goes from bad to worse when Trevor and his racist thug mates start ransacking her garden and pushing rubbish through her letterbox. He even gets Cameron to say some nasty racist things to her. What will she do when no one will help her? Zara and Daniel anxiously await news on their pregnancy. Lots of tests, and Zara's still not pregnant, so she and Daniel go for a walk.
4 Aug. 2011
Lasso the Moon
Cherry meets up with an old friend when she goes to visit her friend's Nan, but when she tries to play matchmaker, she runs into an old adversary - Cynthia, who used to work in a library but now has her own company 'Lasso the Moon'. Will her matchmaking all go horribly wrong? Heston accompanies Mrs Tembe back to her house to pack a few things for her trip, while Rob gives Trevor a stern warning over his actions. In the latest family therapy session (even though there's only Karen and Immie there), Karen gets some issues off her chest, issues which shock Immie.
5 Aug. 2011
Julia calls an old friend to step in as a temp receptionist while Mrs Tembe is away. She's young and hot and wins over the whole team, especially Kevin! After a drunken night on the own Zara has one massive hangover. Unfortunately it's a hangover that doesn't seem to be going away. Freya helps a homeless man who has been caught washing his feet in the staff toilets.
8 Aug. 2011
The Pale Cast of Thought
Student Adam attempts to impress his colonel father by increasing training for his army physical. He has dumped his girlfriend. Worried, she tries to get Kevin to see him. Karen is dismayed by Immie's job prospects, so she drags her into work and asks Julia to give her a summer admin job. Everyone wonders what's wrong with Zara, as she comes into work smiling. Julia tells Lauren about Immie's run in with the police...which is probably a bad idea.
9 Aug. 2011
Zara smells a rat when her old friend announces her impending nuptials. She's been with her boyfriend for such a short time. Zara tries to prove that he's not really in love with her, in typical Zara style, and results! Heston goes to see one of his favorite novelists - her mother has dementia and thinks she's Scottish!
10 Aug. 2011
Tricky Dicky
Freya has to brush up on her Shakespeare in order to help a twitchy, itchy, Richard III to get to the bottom of his condition. She also doesn't want to let the female director down, when she asks her to write something for the performance. Immie starts her first day assisting Lauren as an admin assistant, only Lauren seems to be getting her to do all the work. Kevin wants to show Lauren his big car, even Jack starts flirting with her. Cherry gets jealous when even Jimmi seems infatuated.
11 Aug. 2011
Evidence of Things Not Seen
An elderly couple have separated over the silliest of things, and are splitting their house down the middle. In the middle of arguing, they discover a skull buried in the garden. When Elaine arrives she discovers a very handsome forensic archaeologist investigating. Lauren becomes suspicious of Kevin, who is enjoying spending a lot of time alone, so seeks the help of Heston.
12 Aug. 2011
The Meter's Running
When Rob ducks out of yet another family therapy session, through a mixture of coercion, imprisonment, and water, Karen locks Rob and Elaine in their house. She's determined to get them to talk. Eventually Elaine manages to get Rob to open up about his problems with his dad, but will it help with his relationship with Immie?
15 Aug. 2011
Kevin is drawn into an oppressed woman's attempt to break free from her menacing boyfriend. They are both scarred after a serious road crash six months ago. He insists on wearing a mask all the time, but is it all as it seems? Zara is determined to carry on as normal despite her pregnancy, high heels and everything, and she's getting fed up with Daniel's 'molly-coddling'. Elaine has a surprise encounter with Harrison in a local wine bar.
16 Aug. 2011
The Good Guys
A graffiti-spraying student protester comes to Jack for help. A cop turns up claiming that the boy tried to kill him by dropping a microwave on him and asks Jack for help as well. Jack ends up getting some video evidence of heavy handed police tactics though, but what's the right thing to do with it? Heston has an audition for the Letherbridge Light Operatic Society's performance of The Mikado, but his constant singing at work is starting to annoy the staff! Immie starts to panic about her exam results, especially when her mom is telling everyone that she'll do really...
17 Aug. 2011
Life Without Yum-Yum
A patient comes in to see Heston. He's hiding behind his roles, but will he finally face up to his feeling for his leading lady. Unfortunately it seems he and Heston are up for the same part, so he goes to Julia for help. Elaine gets a wake-up call when she goes on a date with Harrison. Heston goes for his audition, but gets a bit unsure when the director announces that he's moving it from Japan to prohibition Chicago.
18 Aug. 2011
Daniel helps a man who has been deceiving his fiancée confront his traumatic past. He's been seeing a prostitute at a massage parlour - but it's not as simple as that - It's his mom, but how will his fiancée take it all? Immie gets her exam results, only they're rather rubbish. Cherry keeps getting weird phone calls - it turns out to be a nasty blast from Jimmi's past, and he's keeping an eye on her.
19 Aug. 2011
Life Extinct
Karen is out on call as Heath Care assistant, only her first call sees her patient cold and dead. Unsure what to do, she starts panicking, resulting in a house full of people! Lauren keeps Immie on dusting duty, though takes the credit when Julia is impressed. Elaine goes to a patient's funeral, while Harcourt moves into the area, keeping his beady eye on Cherry.
22 Aug. 2011
Lauren agrees to help a disgraced businessman redeem himself. She doesn't trust him, but she helps him in his attempt to raise money for Alzheimers. Will her opinion soften as she is introduced to his wife, and will his past victims be as forgiving? Cherry is unsettled as Harcourt introduces himself as her new neighbor. He also turns up at the Mill, and he's a bit creepy. Elaine meets up with Harrison, but is she about to make a big mistake?
23 Aug. 2011
Back from the Dead
Harcourt has Cherry tied to chair in an upstairs room. He's determined to find the whereabouts of Eva. Then Jimmi arrives home, and he ends up tied next to her, after first being beaten up. Will it end up badly for them both, and will Harcourt (and Cherry) find out the truth about Eva?
24 Aug. 2011
Message in a Bottle
Immie helps her ex-photography teacher and her daughter resolve their dark history while tagging along with them on the Birmingham canals. Jimmi tries to make amends with Cherry, while Cherry has a go at Julia for not telling her about Eva being alive. Elaine leaves a pebble trail for Harrison, which leads to a new age health spa!
25 Aug. 2011
Who's the Daddy?
Rob tries to help a young father-to-be who is struggling to stand up for himself, involved in drugs, and being battered verbally by his girlfriend. Daniel books him and Zara in to meet their midwife, who really winds both of them up. They then go to a birth and parenting seminar - held by the same annoying midwife, and attended by some even more annoying parents to be! Will they end the day though with the first glimpse of their baby? Immie finally discovers the truth behind the facade that is the bullying Lauren.
26 Aug. 2011
It's Only Natural
A newly-engaged man, fresh from holiday but suffering a bad rash, is reluctant to bare all to his future free-thinking in-laws. Cherry has an awkward day back at work. Jimmi is there and she doesn't want to speak to him. Elaine and Harrison go to the local botanical gardens and end up probing into her murky past. Cherry makes a big decision.
30 Aug. 2011
The Grocer's Apostrophe
It's the day of the Hollins' final counseling session, but it's Elaine's private life that takes center stage, especially when Fiona Kellor turns up! Heston bonds with a patient over their mutual love of the English language, but his obsession with the apostrophe and its use spirals out of control.
31 Aug. 2011
Out of the Loop
Zara gets caught up with two sisters who get their bag mixed up with a government aide's. One bag contains a top secret speech about hospital funding, the other a big plastic bag of frog spawn! Coincidentally, Julia tries to get one of the partners to go to a PCT meeting on hospital funding. Zara meanwhile, just wants to be left alone to do some shopping.
1 Sep. 2011
Dirty Linen
Cherry decides to hand in her resignation - she can't bear being around Jimmi any more. At the Campus surgery, Lauren flirts all over Daniel. She even manages to get his top off! Elaine is really embarrassed about the events of yesterday, meanwhile Harrison tries to keep his marriage together, even though it involves telling his wife a load of lies. He gets very angry when she finally decides to leave him.
2 Sep. 2011
Kevin deals with a young woman who is overwhelmed with looking after her elderly father. She just wants to get him into hospital so that she can have a rest. Immie spends the day at the Campus with Lauren, and receives some unwanted image advice. Her only respite is lunch with her dad. Lauren meanwhile is being very flirty with Kevin. Jack asks his dad to get a move on with organizing the work experience he promised. Julia doesn't want anything to do with Elaine, since being 'the Other Woman', though Freya tries to be a comfort.
5 Sep. 2011
The Good Daughter
Julia gets involved in a family feud when a forgetful elderly neighbor's two carers both claim to be her daughter. One of them is also shooting up in the bathroom! After giving up on Daniel, Lauren has a go for Jack and Kevin, playing them both off against each other. Zara gets a weird craving.
6 Sep. 2011
Nobody's Perfect
Kevin realizes what a great night he's had when he wakes up in bed next to Lauren. He tells Daniel she's 'very broadminded'! Lauren though, is being very cool. When she has to deliver some unwelcome news to a man hoping to climb a mountain for charity, Karen uncovers a devastating secret. Elaine tells her therapist all about her recent troubles, with Fiona and Harrison... and with Julia.
7 Sep. 2011
The Sharpest Cut
It's Jack's first day on work placement. He's shadowing forensic scientist Harrison, though the day's case is harrowing. A young woman has been murdered and Jack has to stop himself from fainting! Who was the murderer though, and was it the latest attack by 'The Scraper'? The truth is more shocking than anyone could have imagined.
8 Sep. 2011
Murder Sleep
Feeling out of her depth, can Freya convince a new mother it's okay to ask for help? She's seriously finding the baby hard work, and won't even let her husband help. Freya gets some good advice from Zara. Elaine barges in on Karen and Julia's lunch, she's desperate to make amends. Lauren's flirtation with Daniel takes a sinister turn after she undoes her blouse when faking RSI. She threatens to lie to Julia about him after Daniel suggests it's time she moved on. Zara has a craving for gateaux.
9 Sep. 2011
Pulp Friction
A mother's student daughter has disappeared from her college room. She enlists Rob to help find her. Unknown to her though, her daughter has happily moved in with an older woman! She has a list of rules though, and is quite insistent on keeping to them! Lauren gets Immie to do loads of work for her. Karen, Julia and Elaine make up a 'Bucket List' of exciting things to do. Elaine seems to be suggesting a few outrageous things though, and keeps quoting 'It's a Wonderful Life'.
12 Sep. 2011
Zara deals with a girl who has lost a leg in an accident. She has a new boyfriend and wants to tell him before they have sex, but doesn't know how to. Elaine has a visit from a persistent Harrison. Immie discovers that Lauren has been telling her lies about the work that Heston wants her to do. Jimmi gets a very unexpected visitor.
13 Sep. 2011
Jimmi and Eva are having a cozy catch up chat when Cherry walks in. She's not best pleased. Alice has been raped and wants an abortion. She pays a visit to Freya, but Freya is shocked when the culprit is revealed. Lauren bribes Kevin into buying her a phone to get a date with her, only it ends up in a big argument when Kevin discovers lots a guy's names in it.
14 Sep. 2011
Grin and Bare It
Elaine, Karen and Julia get a shock when they take part in the first event on their bucket list - a life drawing class. Only they find themselves becoming the nude models! Karen persuades a patient to follow his artistic inclinations and throw off the shackles of his domineering and prudish mother. He ends up drawing them. Karen then gets a bigger shock when Immie turns up! Jimmi and a dolled up and very sexy Eva catch up on old times with a drink filled lunch.
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S13, Ep100
15 Sep. 2011
Whip Hand
It's the day of the big debrief for Jimmi, Eva and Cherry, but how will Cherry react to seeing Eva again, especially after Julia has told her about Eva and Jimmi's lunch date. Heston persuades Lauren to take a lunchtime Walking Group out into the woods, though she has trouble keeping order! She's also constantly winding up Kevin. Heston meanwhile, is after a Bramley Rabbit. While wearing a bath-towel and heels, Lauren gets a visitor.
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S13, Ep101
16 Sep. 2011
The Devil's Daughter
The relationship between a curmudgeonly food critic and his restaurateur daughter is going sour. He needs a health check and an eye test, so it's off to see Cherry who helps find them a recipe for future happiness. Jimmi meets up with Eva again, and finally comes to a decision about their future, much to Eva's disappointment. Lauren gets some bad news from Julia, and then tries to take Immie down with her.
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S13, Ep102
19 Sep. 2011
Jimmi tells Daniel that he has told Cherry about his advice about sticking with Eva. Zara winds him up about it. Daniel's judgment is tested to the limit though, when he ends up handcuffed to a drug addict demanding a certain kind of methadone. Freya's purse goes missing, so Lauren accuses Immie, saying 'once a shoplifter always a shoplifter'. At her wits end, Immie finally makes a complaint.
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S13, Ep103
20 Sep. 2011
Sticky and Sweet
Heston encounters a difficult beekeeper patient who hasn't been to the doctors for six years. She's been using honey to help her chest infection. Mrs Tembe returns to the fold, but Lauren is determined to get the upper hand. Barry has injured himself in a delicate area while trying to swat a bee! Lauren spends the day sexually flitting between Harrison and Kevin, much to Kevin's annoyance.
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S13, Ep104
21 Sep. 2011
Last Words
Harrison comes out of a daze, a tea towel in his hand, and Lauren dead on the floor. He flashes back to the last few hours - a night of talking, dancing, arguing, sex, wine, and playing with chocolate cake - to try and piece together what happened.
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S13, Ep105
22 Sep. 2011
A gay man who dresses as a woman claims to have been raped. Rob clashes with his superior, DCI Kilburne, when his superior is overly harsh in questioning. New details about 'The Scraper's' MO come to Harrison's attention - he cuts off one of his victims fingers, so Harrison goes back to Lauren's house, cuts one of hers off and has a bit of a tidy up. Everyone at the Mill, particularly Immie and Mrs Tembe, are annoyed by Lauren's non-attendance at work.
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S13, Ep106
23 Sep. 2011
Jimmi becomes embroiled with a man who accidentally ate a cupcake made by his brother. Unfortunately it contained an engagement ring which he needed that evening. How will they get it out of him in time? Mrs Tembe helps Heston with his singing of The Mikado. His Tit Willow isn't quite what it should be. Julia becomes very concerned for Lauren, and talks to both Immie and Kevin.
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S13, Ep107
26 Sep. 2011
Reality Check
Imogen helps a reclusive gaming addict to interact with the real world by doing some good deeds. He is more out of touch with reality than she imagined though. Zara chastises Mrs Tembe for being full of 'un-Christian' vitriol, so she decides to turn the other cheek. She opens up about her guilt over Lauren to Julia, and convinces her that it would be good to pay her a visit. Heston decides to go to Italy to secretly get out of The Mikado - he's having trouble with the lines. Zara isn't happy when Daniel suggests meeting his parents, and having a week in Greece.
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S13, Ep108
27 Sep. 2011
The Body
The police and forensics are all over Lauren's house and discovered body. Jack is shadowing Harrison, who becomes alarmed when a colleague discovers evidence that could link him to Lauren's murder. Has Jack got the stomach for it though? Julia and Mrs Tembe both get interviewed by the police following their discovery of the body. Jimmi gets involved with two kid racers, and helps investigate the link between an exploding canister and a car crash.
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S13, Ep109
28 Sep. 2011
Anything You Say
Kevin gets questioned by the police over Lauren's murder, and it looks like he's the prime suspect! He can't prove where he was on the fateful night, and he's also lost his mobile phone. He asks Freya to help him find it, only it's at the local lap-dancing club. Everyone is shocked as the news of Lauren's murder gets around.
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S13, Ep110
29 Sep. 2011
An expectant father's ex girlfriend turns up, and she's also pregnant! Cherry encourages him to tell the truth as he firmly believes the baby is his, but will her meddling make things worse as all three of them end up seeing her. Kevin returns to work, and the police follow, with lots of questions for all the staff. Harrison leaks vital information to Jack, and also visits Elaine...and has a surprising question.
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S13, Ep111
30 Sep. 2011
Fatshe Leno La Rona
The Scraper has been caught in Maybrook, so DCI Driver and Rob go up to talk to him. Harrison coaxes them to take him along too. It's Botswana Day, and Mrs Tembe fights back when her efforts to twin Letherbridge with Tlokweng in Botswana are ridiculed by the local councilor. It involves dressing up as a maid!
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S13, Ep112
3 Oct. 2011
Last Stop: This Town
With the news out that Lauren wasn't killed by The Scraper, the attention of the police and the media focuses on the Mill. The police think Lauren was killed by someone she knew, and Kevin and Daniel are their main suspects. Freya gets involved with a young man who refuses to tell his best friend about his impending death. They have produced some great 'Horror Mash Ups' though, including 'Casablancalien', which they are desperate to find a copy of.
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S13, Ep113
4 Oct. 2011
Elaine is unsettled when she learns that one of her patients informed Lauren about her imminent death - he thinks he has a gift and can sense if people are going to die. Kevin gets interrogated by the police, but Rob and Driver wonder if he really is the murderer. Harrison takes his plan to frame Kevin to the next level. He gets his bag and plants some incriminating evidence in it. Jack makes the mistake of telling Harrison his reasons for thinking that Kevin isn't the murderer.
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S13, Ep114
5 Oct. 2011
Stealing His Thunder
Harrison pushes Rob in the direction of the murder weapon, knowing it will lead to them believing Kevin to be the murderer. He's planted at Kevin's Gran's grave. A rookie mistake though, threatens the investigation. Kevin continues to be interrogated. A burglar gets more than he bargained for when a desperate housewife seeks revenge on her husband Can Cherry unravel the truth before events spiral out of control?
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S13, Ep115
6 Oct. 2011
My Big Fat Ruined Wedding
The papers are blaming a police botch up for the release of Kevin from custody. Rob gets it in the neck from DCI Driver. Harrison suggests that Jack may somehow be involved, so he's next for questioning. Karen and Mrs Tembe are both unsure about Kevin returning to work. Karen also gets involved with a fraught bride to be on her wedding day. Her father doesn't want anything to do with the wedding, due to the fact the his daughter is a lesbian, and 'marrying' another woman.
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S13, Ep116
7 Oct. 2011
Suffocating Love
Immie returns from her Auntie Ags, with a new hair color. Jimmi realizes that a mother's fear is putting her schoolgirl daughter's life in danger. Jack starts investigating Lauren's murder on his own - there's something not quite right, but angers Harrison as he inches towards the truth. Patrick drops Chloe off with Julia.
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S13, Ep117
10 Oct. 2011
The Show Must Go On
An aspiring actor with a bad back goes to Freya for help. She ends up giving him more help than she bargained for though when she takes on his part for him - dressing up as an octopus for an appearance on The ONE Show! Jack searches the local bars, haunts of Lauren, to try and find more evidence, but compromises his safety in the process when Harrison discovers his actions. Julia has a picnic with Chloe, but discovers some facts about her family life.
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S13, Ep118
11 Oct. 2011
By Its Cover
Having clawed his way out of the body bag Harrison had put him in, and dumped him into the local lake, Jack has been found by the police and is now in a coma in the hospital. Will he still be safe from Harrison's attentions though? Rob is determined to find the culprit, but will he find him in time? Cherry is keen to help a soldier seeking pain relief, but Kevin has to step in when her safety is compromised.
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S13, Ep119
12 Oct. 2011
In Pursuit
Mrs Tembe agrees to hold a Church meeting at her house, but it's the very day that her washing machine decides to act up resulting in a flood. The plumber who arrives though, is a bit unusual. Heston helps a desperate teenager come to terms with his boyfriend's decision not to continue his treatment for terminal cancer.
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S13, Ep120
13 Oct. 2011
DCI Driver starts her questioning of Harrison, but will his new hotshot solicitor find a loophole to get him off? With a 'grubby' lone photographer hanging around outside the Mill, the staff, particularly Kevin, find it difficult to get through the day's work. Zara and Izzie return from Greece, but with Daniel still there.
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S13, Ep121
14 Oct. 2011
Running on Empty
While listening to some relaxing 'music' on the walk to work, Elaine wanders into a bike lane and almost causes an accident. She ends up causing relationship problems for a sexually inexperienced woman though, when she reveals the fact that she's a virgin to her boyfriend - the man she almost knocked off his bike! Jack arrives home from hospital, but for how long will it be happy families in the Hollins household? Karen does some baking. Jimmi wants to go house hunting.
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S13, Ep122
17 Oct. 2011
Bring Me the Ted of Albert Garcia
All Kevin's patients have canceled, so Zara gives him one of her home visits. She is determined something must be done to stop the patient rot though. The home visit doesn't go well though, when the patient realizes that Kevin is the 'killer from the news'. Cherry visits Albert, though finds him on the floor having had a stroke. He gives her an old teddy of his, but is surprised when she discovers it contains a message. Julia gets Immie in for an emergency mail-out. She also block books seats for Heston's first night in 'The Mikado'.
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S13, Ep123
18 Oct. 2011
My Sunshine
More upset for the Mill and Elaine when she is shamed in the local rag as 'The Killer's Lover'. She also has panic attacks when she keeps seeing Harrison everywhere. Heston has a sore throat on the day of his show and cannot speak. It's up to Immie to come to his rescue with a secret remedy. Rob discovers the shocking reason why an elderly man is refusing to let the council clear his house of rubbish. And it's really filthy.
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S13, Ep124
19 Oct. 2011
Dougal and the Factory: Part One
As well as her ankles 'turning into tree trunks', Zara thinks she's losing her baby as she's in pain and bleeding. With Daniel still away she is forced to turn to Kevin for help. Jimmi meets a foster family adjusting to life with their newest member, and his rabbit named 'Dougal'. He has tonsillitis - the boy, not the rabbit. Their other boy meanwhile, is busy stealing.
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S13, Ep125
20 Oct. 2011
Dougal and the Factory: Part Two
Zara fakes a sprained ankle to try and explain her and Kevin's previous disappearance, not wanting to disclose her pregnancy, but will Julia believe them. Jimmi discovers a darker side of the foster family as the police close in on the two child burglars, especially after the elderly woman they burgled dies, and Dougal goes missing.
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S13, Ep126
21 Oct. 2011
The Power of Nightmares
Elaine keeps on having nightmares about Harrison, then Julia knocks on her door. Worried, she sends Freya to see her. Desperate to prove himself, Kevin tries to play the hero for a female patient who is covered in bruises, but has he jumped to the wrong conclusion? Zara struggles to hide her pregnancy at work.
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S13, Ep127
24 Oct. 2011
Night Thoughts
Cherry encounters an elderly patient who is being terrorized by a man in her television set. Freya tries to get Elaine to start taking sleeping pills, but she keeps refusing. Julia has Patrick's family staying with her, but soon notices the cracks in their relationship. Mrs Tembe notices that Heston doesn't seem his usual self, despite the good reviews of his stage performance.
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S13, Ep128
25 Oct. 2011
Health and Tembe
When there's a local disease outbreak, Heston puts Mrs Tembe in charge of 'Infection Control and Health and Safety', but with mutinous consequences. Julia and Chloe are making fairy cakes, but when Patrick has a car accident, Julia makes an alarming discovery. After all, Patrick was supposed to be playing golf! Heston is charmed by The Mill's new health visitor.
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S13, Ep129
26 Oct. 2011
Silent Partner
Julia has it out with Patrick, after discovering his cheating ways. Freya meets a ventriloquist who claims his dummy has laryngitis. His marriage is also on the rocks (the man's, not the dummy's)! After writing an article for the student rag about his part in Harrison's downfall, Jack starts enjoying a kind of celebrity status. Marina, the new health visitor, is also interested. She wants him to play Chief Prosecutor in a role-play project she has planned.
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S13, Ep130
27 Oct. 2011
House Guest
With her dad stopping for a night at her Auntie Ag's, Immie pretends to be her mom and agrees to have an old friend, Perry stop with them. Only he's just been released from police custody and the real Mrs Hollins isn't too happy. Will Immie be able to keep it from her dad? Heston has been charmed by Marina to take part in her re-enactment trial, but is alarmed when he finds out his character originally lost. With Sally back, Chloe gives away the fact that Patrick was in a car crash.
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S13, Ep131
28 Oct. 2011
The Only Way Is Letherbridge
Jimmi and Cherry are a bit put out when they discover Patrick and Sally tagging along with their house hunting. The house finder though, uses the day to try and video her show-reel - she's a presenter trying to get a new job. Heston and Jack both feel out of their depths researching their opening statements for the Victorian court re-enactment, so they both seek help.
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S13, Ep132
31 Oct. 2011
This Monstrous and Unnatural Woman
It is D-Day for Heston and Jack as the university's Victorian re-enactment trial gets under way, but Heston's ego jeopardizes his chances of glory. The jury is online, and the trial is being watched across Letherbridge, including at the Mill. Cherry pins Jimmi down on a wedding date, and has a surprise outing in store.
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S13, Ep133
1 Nov. 2011
On Strawberry Hill
A murder suspect plays games with Rob; she is blind and has murdered four people, but claims she is an Angel and is spreading the word of God. She tells the PC on the case that he is going to die, so he disobeys orders much to Rob's anger. Marina asks Heston out on a date, and Elaine lies to Freya about her insomnia.
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S13, Ep134
2 Nov. 2011
The Driving Seat
Cherry employs the services of a house therapist to make their house perfect for selling. Unfortunately it's up to Jimmi to look after him, and it doesn't go well. Julia is off the do a PCT presentation, only when her driver arrives late, she also brings her daughter with her. Julia helps her driver reconnect with her though, when her daughter discovers a guilty family secret.
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S13, Ep135
3 Nov. 2011
Daniel returns from Greece to find Zara full of morning sickness. She is about to steal Cherry's thunder though, when she beats her to a big announcement. Her due date is also the same as Cherry and Jimmi's wedding day! Heston and Marina work together to help a stressed stay-at-home dad who has been driven to desperate measures. Will Heston pluck up the courage to ask Marina out for a date though?
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S13, Ep136
4 Nov. 2011
Tea and Sympathy
Rob creates trouble for Karen in his attempt to help a young colleague suffering from sleeplessness. Karen finds a stub in his pocket and fears he's having an affair. It's the day of Heston's date with Marina, so Kevin takes him shopping to create a new image for him. Julia bumps into Patrick. He's buying flowers so she assumes he's having an affair again.
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S13, Ep137
7 Nov. 2011
Parts and Fitters
Zara is massively overcharged at the local garage. After all, her car only has a leak. Mrs Tembe has a look and finds that not only has Zara been overcharged, but it's still leaking! So she and Mrs Tembe team up as Letherbridge's very own 'Cagney and Lacey' to sort them out. Daniel offers Heston some advice on seduction before his next date with Marina. Freya prepares for a date of her own, with 'Bobbie'. Cherry receives good news about the house sale, and all alone and unable to sleep, Elaine looks to pills for help.
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S13, Ep138
8 Nov. 2011
Dead or Alive
Elaine pays a visit to a comic book writer. She was hoping for an autograph, but found the guy delusional and on the verge of madness. He thinks some US assassins are after him. Jimmi and Cherry's dream-house is at risk when the agents ask him to drop the asking price by £30,000. Marina's flirtatious behavior at work after their night of passion causes Heston some embarrassment. Bobbie makes a sharp exit after his night of passion with Freya. Is she no longer a lesbian?
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S13, Ep139
9 Nov. 2011
The Bulge
Jack helps a pregnant lady in distress and lends her a fiver. It seems though, that she's a bit of a con artist. A tearful Zara is forced into opening up to Karen about her baby, she doesn't want to look like Moby Dick! Heston and Marina's love affair seems to be getting out of hand, especially where Mrs Tembe is concerned. Daniel tells Izzie about Zara's forthcoming arrival.
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S13, Ep140
10 Nov. 2011
The Man
Kevin sees a woman on the anniversary of a fatal motorway pile up in which her husband was killed, and makes her see that every life is worthwhile. She has a visit from Jason Goldsack and his mother, but is he really who he says he is, and what connection has he with the pile up? Heston has a shock when he discovers that Marina has no interest in foreign food! Julia has trouble from her registrars, and all she wants to do is book a holiday. Freya has trouble with Bobbie.
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S13, Ep141
11 Nov. 2011
Boyz in da Wood
Kevin, Daniel and Jimmi are going Extreme Paintballing as a bonding exercise. On their way though, Kevin's car is hit and damaged by some thugs. Unfortunately the same thugs are up against them at Paintballing, so it's all out war! Heston takes his relationship with Marina a step further when he invites her to Italy, while Freya decides to put hers to the test. Kevin suggests that Jimmi sells his house to Daniel.
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S13, Ep142
14 Nov. 2011
Different Kind of Prison
Jimmi and Kevin are full of their Paintballing success, and Zara teases Cherry over a big fat secret. Rob investigates reports of a distraction burglar and a taunted old man, but all is not as it seems. Full of Italy, Heston meets Marina's son, but gets a frosty reception. Jimmi tells Cherry about selling the house to Daniel, but not to tell Zara as it'll be a nice surprise! How come Cherry is the only one who thinks it's a major disaster just waiting to happen?!
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S13, Ep143
15 Nov. 2011
The Beast Within
Elaine has forgotten about a blind date that her brother-in-law had set up for her, and it's lunchtime! He turns out to be a bit weird, and very blind. Daniel sees a girl with a bad scar on her face, but her scars run more than skin deep. Her brother meanwhile, finds a dog in a bag and takes it home.
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S13, Ep144
16 Nov. 2011
The Jug
Immie talks Rob into taking her for a driving lesson, but it ends up in a shouting match. Cherry thinks she has hit the jackpot when she starts shopping for antiques online, but is it too good to be true? Elaine's day goes from bad to worse, first she goes to the wrong surgery, then Mrs Tembe finds her asleep in her car.
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S13, Ep145
17 Nov. 2011
Clinging Ivy
A woman meets up with her grocer boyfriend and arranges to go to her dad's grave with him. All well and good, only they are seen by Mrs Tembe, who when on a visit to the woman's elderly mother, soon let's it all out of the bag. Karen takes Immie on a driving lesson, and is astonished at how bad she is. They end up in the middle of a roundabout. Elaine ends up seeing Dr Oliver, and it all comes out about her slightly illegal drug addiction.
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S13, Ep146
18 Nov. 2011
A young child looking after her dad is forced to seek help when she can't wake him. She gets Freya, who suspects something is wrong, especially when Charlie insists that she leaves. There's also a money grabbing thug hanging around.
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S13, Ep147
21 Nov. 2011
No Going Back: Part One
It's a year since her daughter went missing, but when a mother finally goes to the police, they seem unwilling to help. Jimmi is on the woman's side though, which causes tension between him and Rob. The daughter though needs some money - after all she has to appear classy for what she's about to do! Immie descends into using blackmail to coax Jack to give her driving lessons.
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S13, Ep148
22 Nov. 2011
No Going Back: Part Two
It's not a good day for Donna. Her first night as a high class prostitute ended up with a dead trick, and her mate has given her baby back to her mother. She hates her mother, and the police are after her. And then there's the big family secret! Dr Oliver turns up to see Elaine, but will she tell all? Jack gives Immie a driving lesson, but he's a bit distracted.
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S13, Ep149
23 Nov. 2011
Joke Club
The three members of a Joke Club start playing tricks on each other, against their code of conduct. Things get really out of hand though when Kevin is called in. Julia arrives home to find things slightly wrong. Is her Limes disease back, or has someone been staying there? Immie and Jack go driving again, only Immie ends up helping Jack sort out his 'two girls at one time' problem. Only with disastrous results.
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S13, Ep150
24 Nov. 2011
A Woman Scorned
Karen is caught in the crossfire when a scorned wife tries to get revenge on her ex. Heston and Marina are back from Italy, but will he have the courage to take their relationship to the next level? A nervous Daniel is getting a full survey done on the house he is buying from Jimmi, but is anxious to keep it all a secret from Zara.
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S13, Ep151
25 Nov. 2011
Future Perfect
A depressed young woman cannot face the future, but when her life takes a tragic turn, Freya finds herself in a race against time to give her a second chance. She's 19 weeks into her pregnancy, but Zara still cannot feel her baby kick. Daniel seems a bit preoccupied however! After a chat with Julia, Zara is convinced that Daniel is having an affair! It is moving in day and Heston is beyond excited, that is until Marina arrives with all her belongings, her punk Cd's... and son Ian.
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S13, Ep152
28 Nov. 2011
Immie unwittingly becomes the first prize in a university club initiation ceremony, but who will be the lucky guy? It's Auntie Ag's birthday soon, and Karen gets lumbered with getting a present from Immie and Jack. Immie also appears in the local bag lady's premonitions! But Why? Cherry tries to convince someone to go with her to an exclusive wedding dress boutique, but who will she end up with? Oh, Freya!
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S13, Ep153
29 Nov. 2011
Daniel is bemused when he meets an anthropology lecturer who believes his 'mojo' has been stolen. He has a new book out about Africa, and there is a student who thinks it's a bit dated and racist! Daniel then begins to show similar symptoms. Elaine returns to work, putting on a brave face for her colleagues, but still carrying a whole load of drugs in her hand bag. Kevin has an idea on how to revolutionize The Mill with technology. It involves the use of smart phones, though Heston's use of it to search for a melon pudding recipe has unexpected results. Julia opens up...
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S13, Ep154
30 Nov. 2011
An Uneasy Harmony
Heston is impressed with a patient's musical abilities, but when her father arrives on the day of her concert and forces her to practise and practise, Heston discovers that her talents hide a dark secret. It is the day of Zara's twenty-week scan, but she and Daniel have very different ideas on finding out the sex of their baby. Cherry announces they have finally sold the house. Zara wonders what boring people would buy a boring house! Little does she know. Marina cooks dinner for Heston, but gets very angry when he's late home and it spoils.
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S13, Ep155
1 Dec. 2011
Striking Out
An elderly lady arrives at the police station claiming to have been abused by her daughter. She has a bag full of money and wants Rob to find her somewhere to live. Rob is furious, but when the lady's daughter arrives, he realizes that he may have jumped to the wrong conclusion. Patrick dumps Chloe on Julia, but Julia is furious; Patrick says he's off for a job interview, but when he calls her really late from a bar, Julia is even more desperate. Marina brings a really expensive wooden Advent Calendar into the Mill, but after Daniel, and then Zara try the chocolates ...
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S13, Ep156
2 Dec. 2011
A Tangled Web
Julia has to let Heston deal with a PCT conference on his own, looking a bit of an idiot without her Powerpoint presentation! Patrick has disappeared and left her alone looking after Chloe, and then Sally turns up! Elaine spots a local yob dumping a very bedraggled looking Christmas tree outside the Mill, so she indulges in some Christmas spirit and decides to rescue it, much to the bemusement of Karen and Cherry. Marina gets angry because she can't work the telly controls.
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S13, Ep157
5 Dec. 2011
A friend of Jack's lets a very drunk first year student stop over in his room. When Jack bumps into her the next day, all confused, he wonders whether his friend has taken advantage of her and whether she was capable of consent. Kevin gets angry with Elaine, when she bashes into his car. She is distracted by Dr Oliver's constant calls, and is taking pills again. Karen tries to reassure a heartbroken Julia that she did the right thing.
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S13, Ep158
6 Dec. 2011
Blind Spot
Daniel and Jimmi are ready to exchange on the house, and Zara still has no idea! She is off to a spa for a few days, and it'll be a nice surprise for when she gets back! Kevin meets a patient who is faking her symptoms to avoid her husband's appalling driving, but he soon makes her see that by protecting him she may be putting lives at risk. Mrs Tembe is not getting on with Marina; not only does she call her 'Winnie', but they disagree heartily over the Mill's Christmas choir.
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S13, Ep159
7 Dec. 2011
Hitting the Wall
Cherry gets caught up with a young leukemia patient who is pushing himself too hard by running all the time. She grows concerned that he and his mother are in denial, only Cherry forgets to take the final paperwork for the house sale over to the solicitors. Heston meets 'Sugarplum', an 'old friend' of Marina's, who causes a rift between the perfect couple when decorating for Christmas.
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S13, Ep160
8 Dec. 2011
By Hook or by Crook
Anna has found a surprising solution to her grumpy husband's constant knee pain. She ordered some magic pills off the Internet, but swapped the pills for some multi vitamin supplements without telling him. She needs Elaine's help to keep it quiet though, but trouble brews when her husband starts recommending them to all his elderly neighbor friends. Then Kevin gets involved! Marina and Mrs Tembe come to blows in a battle to enlist a talented voice into the Christmas Choir - Jimmi!
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S13, Ep161
9 Dec. 2011
You Have the Right to Remain Silent
When Jack's friend needs someone to defend him from a petty theft - sausages and cheese - Jack decides to defend him during police questioning, and finds himself up against a certain Sergeant Hollins. Heston scuppers Marina's plans for a quiet night in by returning home from a late night meeting early. Patrick turns up at Julia's, expecting to stay for a week or so. He expects sympathy from her, for even his bit on the side has left him! Both he and Heston get something unexpected.
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S13, Ep162
12 Dec. 2011
Life Lines
Kevin writes his resignation letter to Julia, it's time to leave. He has a home visit to an old boxer, but the man recognizes Kevin and keeps going on, calling him 'Dr Crippin'. Will Kevin have had enough, or will the events of the day with the seriously ill boxer, and later an over protective new mom and her baby, help him change his mind?
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S13, Ep163
13 Dec. 2011
No Secret So Close
Daniel is planning the house move with military precision, but surely something will go wrong! Freya deals with a distressed young girl who is carrying in her rucksack a guilty secret she cannot face up to. Freya and Kevin are suitable horrified when they discover what's inside. Elaine's therapist becomes aware of her dishonesty, and puts an end to their sessions. She is not best pleased, but what will she do?
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S13, Ep164
14 Dec. 2011
Officers' Mess
Zara visits a sexy and sexed up TA captain girlfriend, and is tempted into a version of her old life. It isn't all fun and games though, and Zara hates what she finds. After her overdose, Elaine hands in her resignation, but will Julia accept it? Marina goes crazy with power as conductor of the Christmas choir, but ultimately has to hand over the reigns to someone else.
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S13, Ep165
15 Dec. 2011
The Season to Be Jolly
Zara's on her way home, only bumps into the tenant. She's already angry and after Daniel's chestnuts - just wait until she finds out that he has not only bought her Jimmi and Cherry's house as a surprise, but that they will all be spending Christmas together!! Christmas has come early at the Hollins house, but a surprise appearance from Auntie Ag, and a few Turkey problems, threaten to ruin Karen's plans for the perfect day.
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S13, Ep166
16 Dec. 2011
Lebkucken vs Papparkakor
Zara is still full of anger after her first night in her 'new home', and is determined to ruin the Christmas spirit for Daniel, Jimmi and Cherry. A little kick though gives her something to smile about. Mrs Tembe gets some good news, but is brought crashing down to earth when she allows the Mill collection tin to get stolen. Heston and Marina get into another battle when Marina needlessly losing her temper again. Barry covers at the local hospital radio station, and gets Immie involved!

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