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Season 6

22 Apr. 2004
10 May 2004
A Soft Touch
A ditsy, but sexy, new receptionist, Sarah Finch, starts at the Best Practice. She impresses Dr. Eliot though by helping to fix his car.
14 Jun. 2004
A Decisive Moment
Helen declares that she is not in love with Mark, so he leaves with Robert, very upset. Helen cries. Ronnie returns from Australia declaring that his marriage to George is over.
14 Sep. 2004
The Games People Play
George returns to Letherbridge from the Outback. She sorts out her misunderstanding with Ronnie, and they hug happily.
24 Sep. 2004
5 Oct. 2004
In the House of the Dead
A new nurse, Tasha Verma, arrives at Riverside and proceeds to cause chaos with Nathan's hormones.
4 Nov. 2004
Change of Heart
Chloe's date around Ben's apartment got off to a bad start when she accidentally set fire to it. The box of fireworks under the table didn't help things. Ben got trapped under lots of rubble, Chloe tore her fishnets.
5 Nov. 2004
Behind You
Ben ends up in hospital on life support, following the fire.
19 Nov. 2004
Hemmed In
The doctors dress up as pop and film stars to make money for 'Children in Need'.
31 Jan. 2005
Old Habits
Mary Longworth, an elderly respectable woman, suddenly freaks out in a supermarket for no apparent reason, causing damage and getting herself arrested. It turns out that she has been on the same medication for many years but all of a sudden it has started to produce a bizarre side effect, explaining her uncharacteristic behaviour.
7 Feb. 2005
For Love
Jack's ex wife Ria turns up to try and mess up relations between him and Dr. Helen.
24 Feb. 2005
A Night to Remember
It's Sarah's birthday, and she and the girls drag a downbeat Helen out for a wild girl's night out. Helen gets really drunk, starts a fight, and gets arrested. Jack proposes to her.
1 Mar. 2005
Fat Chance
Helen says "yes" to Jack's marriage proposal.
3 Mar. 2005
In the Library, with the Candlestick: Part 1
Helen, Jack, George and Ronnie go on a Murder Mystery Weekend at a country house. Lots of fun and frolics ensue.
4 Mar. 2005
In the Library, with the Candlestick: Part 2
The murder mystery weekend goes horribly wrong when somebody really gets attacked.
17 Mar. 2005
Feeling the Heat
A masked intruder sets fire to gas cylinders in the Riverside reception, setting off a massive explosion. Sarah gets caught in the blast, whilst Helen, Jack, (who have also just announced their engagement), Nathan and Tasha are all trapped inside.
18 Mar. 2005
The doctors try to rescue their friends in the aftermath of the explosion, and find out who was responsible.
22 Mar. 2005
No Go
5 Apr. 2005
Hard to Swallow
Julia gets arrested for causing the surgery explosion.
6 Apr. 2005
Lucky for Some
Jack and Ria get into an argument. She pushes him down the stairs, and then takes an overdose. Jack goes into shock and dies in Helen's arms. Julia gets locked up, and Nathan finally comes round after the explosion.

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