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Season 19

17 Apr. 2017
Something Whiskered This Way Comes
After falling through the ceiling, and injured Valerie milks the attention. Jimmi calls in the Rat Catchers to catch the pesky rodent. Mrs Tembe gets annoyed when JJ gets taken in by Rob over a string of robberies.
18 Apr. 2017
Al deals with a woman who's still breast feeding her 4 year old child. Ruhma meets her psychiatrist friend Megan, who wants to be introduced to the Mill management. Ayesha starts looking for Karl.
19 Apr. 2017
The Terminator
Obnoxious doctor Cridge ropes Ruhma into helping him after he says his email was hacked and his contacts get sent an incriminating photo. It seems someone is trying to ruin his reputation.
20 Apr. 2017
Love and Duty
Heston helps a family with a seriously disabled father / husband. Ayesha and Rob locate Karl sleeping rough. Jimmi splashes milk all over Megan's feet, but Megan soon impresses Mrs Tembe. Rob bothers JJ after another cash point explosion.
21 Apr. 2017
The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Swimmer
Jimmi helps a hungover swimmer who he finds vomiting in his hotel room. JJ invites a dodgy friend to hide out at Mrs Tembe's only she's not too happy when she finds him naked in her kitchen. Karl still just sleeps all the time.
24 Apr. 2017
Mrs Tembe, and then JJ go to the police. Emma treats Rhona at the Mill. Rob finally catches a beaten up Burt and uses him to get to the real bad guys. Ayesha says sorry to Karl for doubting him.
25 Apr. 2017
Come Hither
Valerie meets a whole bunch of strangers on her way to work on her new mobility scooter. Megan starts at the Mill and meets Al and Heston. Karl heads back to Germany.
26 Apr. 2017
Ayesha thinks something's wrong when Ryan's druggie parents bring him in for his eczema. Sid's not too happy at the new task Mrs Tembe has for him. Ruhma has a new Step Buddy.
27 Apr. 2017
Box of Delights
Megan sees over anxious Debra, but is worried by her prescription pills so she pays her and daughter Suki a visit. Emma has a go at Mrs Tembe over the vulnerable patient scheme. Sid's still interested in the rapid response course.
28 Apr. 2017
Rob investigates after a woman is attacked and bitten. The main culprit thinks he's a dead vampire though. Mrs Tembe and JJ spend an enjoyable evening at Heston and Ruhma's. Megan rebuffs Jimmi's invite to dinner.
2 May 2017
Head First
A gets tempted to have a head message, but gets his card details stolen. Mrs Tembe tries out her hospital recipes on Icelandic Luke, though soon upsets him. Karen and Ruhma compete with their Step Buddies.
3 May 2017
The 17th Floor
Sid goes out with paramedics who attend some flats where a man has been hit by brick throwing kids. There they find Rob but soon come under attack. Valerie announces to Ayesha that she wants a baby.
4 May 2017
It's Strange
In an homage to 'La Traviata' Alfie Germont wants his girl-friend Violet, who has T.B., to give up her escort work and move to Spain with him. However she has her reasons for staying, much to Heston's discomfort, and he must persuade her to act for the best. Mrs Tembe and J.J. successfully convince the grumpy hospital catering manager to accept their ideas - but at a price - and Emma boosts Valerie's confidence regarding the vulnerable patients' scheme.
5 May 2017
Mummy's Boy
Ayesha in convinced by a spoiled Ray to visit his old mother after she cuts her hand. JJ admits to Mrs Tembe that he's been made redundant. Al accuses Jimmi of using him as a case study.
8 May 2017
Lizzie's Last Stand
Karen suggests that Melissa's mum, who has emphysema, makes a public protest to try and get her daughter, who also has the gene, the drugs help she needs. Valerie goes the extra length to get the sperm she needs.
9 May 2017
Sid joins the rapid response unit and the cops when they get called to a gas explosion finding a father and daughter who are seriously injured and a mother who refuses to go out. Megan mentors Jimmi in being a therapist.
10 May 2017
Megan sees Caroline, who thinks she's losing her mind, but soon clashes with her social worker, who's a fake. Valerie asks Ayesha to show her where her cervix is. Mrs Tembe and JJ have an awkward lunch with Karen and Rob.
11 May 2017
Red Moms' Club
Ruhma sees single mum Charlie and gets an invite to the Red Moms' Club, though they are not what she expects. Rob gets called to a couple's home which has been smashed up. Al's headaches continue. JJ moves in with Mrs Tembe.
12 May 2017
Back from holiday, Daniel is disturbed by Valerie's personal questions. Al is perturbed when his brain scan finds nothing wrong. Heston visits a terminally ill woman, whose son and carer has a disturbing question.
15 May 2017
Won't Get Fooled Again
Karen visits pregnant Marie only finds her rapist thief boyfriend, and her upset elder daughter Bex. Sid makes a mistake when he attends two girls who've had loads of heavy pallets fall on them. Valerie can't have children.
16 May 2017
The Second Best Man
Ayesha deals with a man who's paranoid that his wedding is going to go horribly wrong. Al has lunch with Daniel and Jimmi. Mrs Tembe gets a shock after giving Zara a urine sample.
17 May 2017
Whatever We've Got We Share
Mrs Tembe has to tell JJ that he's given her VD, only forgets that Ruhma and Heston are over, making the evening very difficult. Jimmi, Daniel and Megan all find themselves working late.
18 May 2017
Jimmi sees a diabetic who's looking after his cancer ridden wife, but is smoking cannabis. Megan sees a woman with mental issues who self harms. Mrs Tembe and JJ go for their blood tests.
19 May 2017
Rob, Sid and the emergency crews attend a serious car accident, one which results in a deadly decapitation. Ruhma deals with a pregnant woman about to meet her online date. Zara has words with a snappy Mrs Tembe.
22 May 2017
Oh Brother!
When Shaun Fielding shows signs of illness but claims he is all right concerned brother Andy visits Heston, impersonating Shaun for a diagnosis. Shaun is initially angry with them both but admits he has been keeping back his symptoms - a genetic condition - to protect his brother, allowing them both to move forward. Emma is suspicious when Zara tries too hard to be her friend whilst it is Sid, rather than Rob, who agrees to counselling following David Hawkins' death. Karen, however, believes her husband is holding something back.
23 May 2017
Running with the Pack
Still haunted by David Hawkins' death Rob sets out to solve a series of raids on chemist shops and when cash-strapped young Harry Day, reluctantly dealing drugs for cousin Aran Garvey is injured filming Garvey break into a pharmacy he comes to the surgery where he is arrested for possession. Rob has to try and turn the cousins against each other to convict Garvey whilst Valerie has a confession to make.
24 May 2017
Gambling's for Fools
Ayesha is shocked to find that her old friend Hailey has turned to alcohol and legal highs after losing her job and boyfriend Gavin condones it. When Hailey collapses and Gavin refuses to notify the emergency services Ayesha realizes she no longer has anything in common with the pair. Mrs Tembe however is overjoyed to learn that J.J. has got a job and Sid has his therapy session with Megan.
25 May 2017
Next Door
Valerie's next door neighbour Janet Groves complains that her husband Tony's working hours mean they see little of each other and interfering Hazel, who lives across the road, suggests to Janet he is having an affair with Valerie. When Hazel sees Tony confiding in Valerie that he is due for an operation but wants to spare Janet the news she almost wrecks the marriage - until Valerie puts the record straight and discovers Hazel's secret. Emma, meanwhile, is not appreciative of Zara's efforts to help her change her image whilst Mrs Tembe gets a shock when J.J. announces...
26 May 2017
To Walk in Her Shoes
Teenager Donna Chappell collapses and her father James and stepmother Annie take her to see Al, who recognizes that she is a diabetic but alarmed when she and James refuse to go for further tests. When Karen tells him about a recent family tragedy Al realizes that all is not what it seems. Elsewhere Mrs Tembe feels unable to move to Spain at short notice and the Hollins are asked to take an emergency placement - baby Marnie, who has inherited her absent mother's heroin addiction.
30 May 2017
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31 May 2017
The Deal
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1 Jun. 2017
Taxi for Carter
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2 Jun. 2017
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26 Jun. 2017
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28 Jun. 2017
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7 Sep. 2017
Name and Blame
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11 Sep. 2017
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