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Season 17

13 Apr. 2015
Boom Banger
Heston gets into trouble when he goes to get his car fixed. A new jobs-worth security guard starts at the Campus, so Rob and Howard try to get Barry back.
14 Apr. 2015
Out of Control
Al sees Lottie, who is very erratic and wants to be taken into care. Jimmi helps Heather look into her Uncle George's family history, though has a fit when she starts on his. Zara takes Joe to the library.
15 Apr. 2015
The Dark Net
Rob and Emma deal with Ryan, after his partner's daughter finds indecent images on his laptop. Jimmi reveals all to Heather. Howard responds to a break in at the Mill, only to find a drunk Ayesha.
16 Apr. 2015
Fusion Food
Ayesha finds herself in the middle of a cake war between a mother and a famous chef, whom she's accused of stealing her recipes. Zara calls in Rob when she discovers that her house has been burgled.
17 Apr. 2015
Toy Story
Whilst investigating a hit and run, and burglary, Rob and Howard find one of the toys stolen from Zara's. Ayesha joins Emma, Niamh and Heather for their pajama party games night where Heather has a shock announcement.
20 Apr. 2015
Touched by an Angel
Mrs Tembe investigates when she meets a young girl who thinks she's an Angel and may be being held at the local convent against her wishes. Heather gets a shock when he ex, Phil, finds out about the baby.
21 Apr. 2015
What Love Means
An old friend of Niamh's turns up wanting to stop over, but brings her 15 year old boyfriend along too. Rob and Karen go house hunting with Barry's agent friend, though are shocked to see how young, gorgeous and female she is.
22 Apr. 2015
Xander Harrison
Al struggles to connect with his god son Xander when he tries to look after him for the day. Zara takes Joe to see the doctor, but isn't happy with his views. It's ten years since the Mill opened.
23 Apr. 2015
Afternoon Delight
An Army Major friend of Howard's is stopping with him, though Howard gets a shock when he finds his stocking clad date in his own bed. Italian beauty Allegra visits Heston. Heather's feeling ill.
24 Apr. 2015
Al winds up Karen with a small Sumatran Idol which he say is 'imbued with mystical powers'. Heather is in hospital after fainting due to her blood clot. Zara opens up to Emma about Joe's consultation.
27 Apr. 2015
The Hope
Emma deals with a woman who doesn't know who she is and may have recently given birth. A very talky new F2, Sid Vere, starts at the Mill, and Howard appoints a very annoyed Zara as his mentor.
28 Apr. 2015
Listen to Me
Ms Wilson turns up at the Mill with her camera. She's been complaining about the Mill for years, so Howard calls for her liaison officer. It's Sid's first day, but he talks far too much. Ayesha has a flat pack wardrobe delivered.
29 Apr. 2015
The Route of All Good
Niamh deals with Sylvia Blim, though is worried about her ragged appearance and bad cough. Her daughter says she's very rich and owns many businesses. Zara asks Al to look at Joe. Jimmi gets worried when he can't reach Heather.
30 Apr. 2015
Give Us This Day
Mrs Tembe helps out on bread making day at the local refuge for torture victims. Zara has a frustrating day with Sid, especially when she role plays with him and introduces her concerns about Joe.
1 May 2015
Someone to Watch Over Me
Paranoid Jimmi gets, well, paranoid again, when Heather disappears. With good reason though, as she's off with Phil. Karen and Rob go to a property auction.
5 May 2015
L'Amore e la Morte
Heston is amazed when carer David Moss begs him not to tell his visiting girlfriend Sue that his mother has just died upstairs as he fears Sue will abort her trip to an Italian cookery school if she finds out. However his efforts to prevent Sure from meeting the undertakers end in disaster and nearly split the couple up. Al is worried when he is unable to contact Jimmi but Zara is pleased when specialist Dr Michael Burnett takes her concerns over Joe seriously.
6 May 2015
Al and his flat cap go to Wales in search of Jimmi. Ayesha gets worried when she gets called to see Mrs Rattingan and her son. Sid spends the morning with Heston, though soon puts his foot in it.
7 May 2015
Rescuing Silver
Karen pops round a friends for lunch only to find her with another man. Then her husband turns up. Al convinces Jimmi to go round to Bryn's house. Zara takes Joe to the park, and bumps into Dr Burnett and his daughter.
8 May 2015
Howard has problems when Bernie the Beagle starts collecting for charity outside the Campus. Jimmi's alcoholic dad is having a bad day. Firstly with the bailiffs, then when Jimmi turns up.
11 May 2015
Cold City
Bryn and Al get a shock when they discover what Jimmi has done to his dad. Will Jimmi do the right thing though, and can they protect him from the police?
12 May 2015
Shining Light
Howard coaxes Ayesha into representing the Mill at the local Young Carer Awards, where she meets Jackie and her carer, son Tom. Michael asks Zara a lot of personal questions at their latest session with Joe.
13 May 2015
Finish Line
Sid goes to see a patient of Jimmi's who has cancer, but soon gets off on the wrong foot. Michael invites himself round to Zara's, and brings a picnic. Jimmi's back at the Mill, though he's a bit quiet and miserable.
14 May 2015
Norman Is Upstairs
Rob and Emma deal with Norman, who turns up at the police station with cuts on his face, saying that he's a psychopath. Howard tries to talk to Jimmi. Sid and Al are confused when they see signs of Zara being happy.
15 May 2015
Bumble Bee
Al gets caught up and held a knife-point at the corner shop by a Muslim girl looking for happiness. Michael turns up at Zara's with a bottle of wine. Emma, Niamh and Ayesha have a wine tasting night, and end up getting drunk.
18 May 2015
A Spade A Spade
Mrs Tembe welcomes a new member to the Church refreshments committee, though she's a bit blunt in her views. Daniel returns from Australia, though he and Zara spend most of the time arguing about Joe. Rob and Karen have a declutter day.
19 May 2015
Mods and Rockers
Niamh sees an old Mod with arthritis whose wife has given a motorized bike to. Daniel is finding Zara, and life back at the Mill a bit difficult. He then sees her with Michael.
20 May 2015
By the Lake
Rob goes on a fishing trip. Stopping overnight he meets and befriends a guy on a fishing tour. He is not what he seems though. Karen has a bad day after damaging her ankle.
21 May 2015
Flying Carpets
Daniel sees a man who's recently split up from his wife, and is worried that his son might be ill. Sid sees a woman who's worried about her father, who has MND but has been taken off his drugs.
22 May 2015
Mystic Madge
Rob and a young PC stumble across an elderly couple who have been tricked by a conman burglar. It's games night with Emma and Niamh, and Ayesha brings out the Tarot cards. Zara and Daniel try, and fail, to have a night in without arguing.
26 May 2015
Zara and Daniel continue to argue after she spent the night at Michael's. Sid and Karen get the brunt of her mood. Mrs Tembe does her back in when picking up a cigarette, though still insists on holding the surprise fire drill.
27 May 2015
Plus One
Niamh and Al attend the wedding of her old friend jack where they are mistaken for a couple. Jack's spiteful 15 year old daughter Lucy attempts to sabotage proceedings by getting Rachel's young son Ben drunk and then going to a hotel room with a pick-up. Niamh tries to help the family resolve matters and get to the bottom of Lucy's resentment.
28 May 2015
Joint Lock
Apprehensive about returning to work after being beaten up three months earlier Patrick Jennings derives confidence from his jujitsu class and Sid is tempted to join, proving himself the hero of the hour when Patrick dislocates his shoulder. Still suffering from back ache Mrs Tembe has cause to be grateful to Al when she gets locked in the toilet and things do not improve between Zara and Daniel.

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