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Season 18

4 Apr. 2016
The Night Children
Ayesha visits an OAP who's having trouble with her decorator and keeps dolls in her garden for the Night Children living there. After Heston gives him an ultimatum, Jimmi and Daniel go and see Anthony.
5 Apr. 2016
Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Jimmi and a super keen Emma attend a Forensic Awareness course. Daniel and especially Zara get concerned at the number of people dropping out of their party.
6 Apr. 2016
I'll Cry If I Want To
Zara gets really drunk when her and Daniel's party goes from bad to worse, what with their neighbour scratching their wooden floor, none of her posh friends turning up, and the chef serving some horrible food.
7 Apr. 2016
A Cup of Tea and a Biscuit
Emma's first day as a Forensic Medical Examiner doesn't go well. Daniel challenges Zara to befriend Valerie, a challenge that pushes her to the limit, especially when Barry returns.
8 Apr. 2016
What About Me?
Valerie conducts a wheelchair bound Mrs Witton, with her put upon son, on a safety access audit. Jimmi sees Mrs Tembe for lunch whilst Anthony suggests a takeover of Kings Green to Zara and Daniel.
11 Apr. 2016
Log Out
Rob and PC Dee deal with a case of Avatar cheating. Sid and Ayesha go house hunting. Emma flips when she catches Anthony painting over the mural. Jimmi is on-board for the takeover plans.
12 Apr. 2016
The Gooseberry
Ruhma visits pregnant Alice who's living with both her convict boyfriend, and her ex, but who's the father? Anthony and Daniel visit Kings Green. Rob and Karen have a visit from God Daughter Scarlett.
13 Apr. 2016
Sid visits an OAP who's manic dog attacks the TV repair man. Daniel and Anthony play golf with one of the Kings Green partners. Heston's getting bored with his new healthy lifestyle, and gets a shock from Ruhma.
14 Apr. 2016
Only Connect
Mrs Tembe is feeling down at Kings Green, and has to deal with a lot of badly tempered staff and patients. Emma sees pregnant Rhiannon Davis, but gets some shock news about her from Ruhma. Ayesha has a suggestion for Sid.
15 Apr. 2016
In Questa Reggia
Al, Sid and Jimmi go to quiz night at the Icon, where Jimmi moans about Anthony. Zara and Daniel go to dinner at Anthony and Trish's. Heston entertains a passionate old flame, an evening which gets interrupted by her jealous younger lover.
18 Apr. 2016
My Outcast State
Al sees Andy who is down on his luck and may be seriously ill. Jimmi is unsure about the takeover plans. Emma bumps onto Rhiannon. Ruhma tries to get through to Heston.
19 Apr. 2016
...No Quiet Find
Zara sees a man with insomnia who'd rather sleep and dream of his dead wife. Heston, Jimmi, and Emma all voice their concerns about the merger to Daniel. Karen wants to foster a Treehouse kid, much to Rob's shock.
20 Apr. 2016
Waste of Shame
Rob tries to track down a hot woman who's blackmailing gullible salesmen she picks up at a local hotel. Daniel and Zara's cunning plan to bring down Anthony comes to fruition.
21 Apr. 2016
I Know She Lies
Daniel sees an old lecturer friend and his new, very young, very pregnant girlfriend. Heston and Ruhma visit the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. Emma speaks to social worker Jane about Rhiannon and her first baby.
22 Apr. 2016
That Time of Year
Ayesha visits an aging 'Odd Couple', a visit which ends up with both men in hospital. Ruhma and Heston go on a backstage tour at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.
25 Apr. 2016
Heston returns to the Mill. Valerie's worried about Mrs Tembe's return and whilst getting cake for her bumps into a woman in a motorised mobility scooter who says she's Shirley Bassey. Rhiannon returns for a check up.
26 Apr. 2016
A Conscious Uncoupling
Sid sees a girl who's asthma is getting worse, as her parents are divorcing. Al uses Zara and Daniel's house for an interview with Letherbridge Life magazine. Mrs Tembe wants to introduce a paperless system at the Mill.
27 Apr. 2016
Sid's attempt at making curry for Emma and Ayesha doesn't quite go to plan. Jimmi deals with Alec, who has punched his foster carer. Karen drags Rob to a Foster Care evening. Ruhma asks her kids about moving in with Heston.
28 Apr. 2016
Home Help
Karen discovers that child-like Ray, who turns up with bleeding feet, is listed as missing. Mrs Tembe has a rough first day as Practice Manager. Emma and Ruhma visit Rhiannon who thinks she's having contractions.
29 Apr. 2016
What Goes Around
Emma, Ruhma and Rob attend a Child Protection Case Conference with, among others, Rhiannon, Paul and Social Worker Jane.There are major differences of opinion though, on Rhiannon's suitability to keep her baby.
3 May 2016
Für Elise
The partners are surprised by Mrs Tembe's suggestions at her first partners meeting. Out shopping for a dress, Ayesha gets involved with a fur protester. Jane is still determined to remove Rhiannon and Paul's baby.
4 May 2016
In the Loop
Mrs Tembe interviews suppliers for her new software ideas, but finds sabotage. Al goes on about his hero Erasmus Darwin. Ruhma and Emma help Rhiannon as she goes into premature labour.
5 May 2016
A Good Start in Life
Rob gives evidence at the Treehouse trial though gets into trouble when the defendant absconds. Karen and Valerie are unhappy at the new work Mrs Tembe dumps on them. Jane takes Rhiannon's baby into temporary care.
6 May 2016
Mean Streets
Rob and Heston get involved with two old do-gooders. Al decides to walk the 30 miles to Lichfield to see the home of Erasmus Darwin, on just £10 a day. Emma goes to the hearing about Rhiannon's baby.
9 May 2016
Objects of Desire
A homeless hostel closes putting the likes of Cam and Shazia on the street. Schizophrenic Cam has a job interview which goes horribly wrong. Al begins his walk to Lichfield, but soon ends up in a pub where he saves the landlady's life.
10 May 2016
A House is Not a Home
Pregnant Shazia tells journalist Tommy how she became homeless. Al wangles his way into a Bollywood class to get some food, and spends the night in a bed store. Shazia ends up at St Phils with severe pains.
11 May 2016
Home Truths
The Mill opens up its doors to the homeless, much to Daniel's shock when he sees Dave. Karen helps Al out after he loses his boots, wallet and with his mobile dead. Tommy's found dead in the river. Shazia is rushed into hospital.
12 May 2016
Coats and Alms
Cam gets arrested for the stabbing of Tommy, and admits all to Emma. After her operation, Ruhma tries to keep Shazia away from Dave. After sleeping rough, Al gets looked after by local Vicar Kirsty.
13 May 2016
There Is No Place
Zara tries to help Andrew from becoming homeless, after his mum dies and he's evicted from their home. Dave, Shazia and Cam find a new squat. Al convinces Kirsty to sing at Lichfield Cathedral, and visits the home of Erasmus Darwin.
16 May 2016
Shut Up
It's Saturday morning, and after a stag night, Sid finds himself at the Mill, naked and wearing a mask. Unfortunately Valerie and Karen are in, doing a job for Mrs Tembe, with Daniel soon to arrive as well.
17 May 2016
Living Together
Karen and Valerie aren't happy with Mrs Tembe's new self service check in machine. Ruhma and the kids move into Heston's. Kate and Jimmi follow her partner and a hot blonde she thinks he's seeing.
18 May 2016
Feed the Beast
Al sees student Pippa, who's losing weight, tired, and not eating. An agitated Paul sees Emma. Rob and Karen's interview by a Social Worker ends in tears.
19 May 2016
Lady De Vere's Desire
Zara hits the roof when she sees Al's Letherbridge Life article which was done in her and Daniel's home. Sid and Valerie deal with a professor with Fish Odour Syndrome.
20 May 2016
A Uniformed Presence
At St Phils, Rob and his partner Simon guard rogue cop Daisy Murray after an arson attack, but is she safe? A tired and pressured Mrs Tembe makes a decision regarding the self service check in machine.
23 May 2016
The Collector
Emma deals with recently widowed friend PC Talbot and accusations made against him by bereaved Mrs Gunn. Jimmi has dinner with Mrs Tembe and hears her very noisy student neighbours. Karen and Rob attend a foster meeting.
24 May 2016
Just Say No
Al gives a talk at the University, and deals with a randy lecturer who's talking legal highs to 'get down' with the kids. Heston talks to Shak about his plans for Ramadan, and Ruhma about her planned fast.
25 May 2016
Blood of a Poet
Heston goes to court to defend his old friend and dementia patient George, who's being tried for stabbing a man. Mrs Tembe asks Valerie to help publicise the upcoming charity fair. Daniel and Ruhma have a barney.
26 May 2016
The Burden
Ayesha sees Jenna, who's looking after her sister following a severe car accident, and who won't leave the house. Al unveils a new patient feedback machine, complete with silly noises. Daniel and Ruhma make peace.
27 May 2016
Hand Me Downs
Sid and Mrs Tembe tell a couple of florists that they aren't entitled to any more IVF, and they aren't too happy about it. Ruhma drags Daniel along to a house clearance sale.
31 May 2016
Miss Bates
Emma deals with boring Martha Bates who's awaiting her test results and is having problems looking after her student niece. Zara tries to interest Mrs Tembe in moving. Ruhma visits Rhiannon, Paul and the baby.
1 Jun. 2016
Bearing Gifts
Mrs Tembe faces a dilemma when it turns out that the new cancer research facility has been funded with dirty money, and the opening is beset by aggressive picketing students. The security detail is also heavy handed, much to Barry's alarm.
2 Jun. 2016
Slings and Arrows
Al stands in with a local darts team in the final of a competition being judged by legend Bobby George. Rob and Karen baby sit Shak and Alia. Zara coaxes Mrs Tembe into buying a house.
3 Jun. 2016
In Dark Corners
Daniel pops in to see vulnerable Mr Redman, but only finds his strange daughter Lucy, who never leaves the house, and now wants Daniel to stay with her. Heston and Ruhma deep clean the house.
6 Jun. 2016
In Every Home a Heartache: Part One
Emma deals with a case of police bullying between PC Dave and his probationer Kate. Then Emma gets called to a personal and shocking infant death. Al tries to 'help' Mrs Tembe sell her house the easy way.
7 Jun. 2016
In Every Home a Heartache: Part Two
Rhiannon, Paul and Emma deal with the death of baby Nicholas. Rob pulls Emma off the case as he and Jane think she's too close. Heston learns all about Ramadan as he joins Ruhma and the kids in their fasting.
8 Jun. 2016
Wild Wood
Rhiannon and Paul give detailed statements to Rob and the police. Heston and Ruhma have dinner at Daniel and Zara's, and evening which surprisingly, doesn't end well.
9 Jun. 2016
Ask Alice
Valerie gets a shock when she tracks down fellow cancer sufferer and Internet blogger Alice. Zara apologises to Heston. Rob takes statements from Emma and Ruhma.
10 Jun. 2016
The autopsy report is more damaging than anyone can imagine. Emma is very upset when she discovers the truth about baby Nicholas' death. A reporter is also on her tale. Daniel has some bad news regarding Valerie.
30 Aug. 2016
Field Day
It's the day of the Summer Fayre. Chaos ensues.
31 Aug. 2016
Come Into My Parlour
Rob and Jimmi find a naked dead body in a bag. Marion's visit annoys Zara. Mrs Tembe has bad news for Valerie. The local press brand Emma 'The Black Widow'.
1 Sep. 2016
Summit Fever
Zara's being all Stepford Wife nice to Marion, even wearing the pastel flowery dress Marion bought her. Rob and Karen speak to a foster child. Emma and Ayesha go for a drunken night out.
2 Sep. 2016
Mirror Touch
Zara interviews Emma about baby Nicholas. Jimmi deals with Rose, who feels the pain of others. Karen and Heston have a go at Mrs Tembe over Valerie.
5 Sep. 2016
Water Babies
Ruhma sees a couple expecting twins, but discovers a serious problem. Zara continues to squabble with both Daniel and Marion over Joe. Mrs Tembe's having a very bad day. An outraged Emma goes gambling.
6 Sep. 2016
Heston sees a schoolgirl who's involved in a game where she is strangled until she faints. On an afternoon in the park, Marion opens up to Zara. Emma's in a better mood.
7 Sep. 2016
Duncan Day
Al sees a sick girl, and discovers she has taken some of her mum's iron pills. Marion tells Daniel about her affair, then has some good news for him and Zara, she's going home. Valerie misunderstands regarding a job at the Granger Clinic.
8 Sep. 2016
The Best of Intentions
Mrs Tembe helps a volunteer worker who's struggling to separate his work and personal life. Zara tries to help Sid find a new project. Heston and Ayesha try to prepare Valerie for her job interview.
9 Sep. 2016
Blood Line
Leyton's mother turns up after 18 years. His father also has a secret degenerative disease. His mother has a secret of her own though. Emma keeps gambling, and Alia and Shak are determined to find their dad.
12 Sep. 2016
Ladies of the Day
Ayesha deals with Grace, who's works by day as a prostitute, much to the surprise of her son. Rob and Karen have a difficult foster session. Shak and Heston go bowling.
13 Sep. 2016
Rock-a-Bye Baby
Ruhma sees Bea who's pregnant but has a fear of childbirth. Emma coaxes Zara into meeting some of the mothers at Joe's school. Shak and Alia continue to investigate their father.
14 Sep. 2016
Art for Art's Sake
Valerie and Sid attend a local arts project, but are soon in trouble when they are kidnapped and find themselves part of an interactive art project based on the 7 deadly sins, and streamed live to the internet, watched by a certain Zara.
15 Sep. 2016
A History of Violence
Rob investigates the possibly racist fire bombing of a local black couple's house. Zara goes to a mothers get together at Joe's school. It's Valerie's last day at the Mill (again).
16 Sep. 2016
Leave and Cleave
New father Chris drags Jimmi in to see his wife, but it seems his mother is more the problem. Zara has some tough advice for Karen at her foster medical. Shak and Alia track down their father's brother.
19 Sep. 2016
Sins of the Father
Zara sees an old friend but gets involved with her drug addled family when someone runs her over. Shak and Alia meet Zaroon. Emma and Ayesha have fun at the casino.
20 Sep. 2016
Professor Pickering
Al sees an aging Children's actor with a cough. Karen and Rob see a specialist suggested by Zara. A scared Ruhma tries to do a runner after Alia tells her that her and Shak's father is in Coventry.
21 Sep. 2016
What You Don't Know
Sid sees an under age girl who desperately needs a cesarean. Ruhma explains to her kids the truth about their father. Shak doesn't believe her though.
22 Sep. 2016
Mrs Butterworth
Emma and Rob see Lilia who has been hit, leading to a sinister discovery. Mrs Tembe and Karen come across Valerie canvassing on the street. Ruhma gets advice from Rob on how to handle things with Shak.
23 Sep. 2016
Not Educating Rita
Shak and Alia go to meet their dad, and Ruhma and Heston follow them. Karen meets old friend Rita, a cleaner who's starting an adult studying course. Valerie's not enjoying her canvassing job, but then gets an offer.
26 Sep. 2016
A super keen Valerie starts work in admin at Westmount Medical Agency, but soon has a warning when she over steps the mark. Ruhma meets up with Zaroon.
27 Sep. 2016
The Meteor
Ayesha sees a pregnant woman who thinks her meteor has something growing inside it which is talking to her. Al gets the results of his glucose test, and they're not good.
28 Sep. 2016
Mrs Tembe helps a man who almost runs over a lollipop lady on her 60th birthday. Rob and Karen attend the foster panel, and get some great news. Jimmi joins Emma and Ayesha at the casino.
29 Sep. 2016
The Fiddle
Emma and Jimmi deal with the fall out of sleeping together, especially as Sid thinks he's slept with Ayesha. Al gets mixed up with a fiddle scam at a junk shop whilst buying some rare comic books. Valerie tries to deal with a scam at work.
30 Sep. 2016
A smitten Zara heals the wounds between 'neanderthal' electrician Colin and his dishy son. Valerie gathers evidence about her bosses and takes it to Rob. Al admits his sugar problem to Jimmi.
3 Oct. 2016
Losing the Plot
Al and Heston treat a writer who's been attacked and is being accused of basing his characters on local villagers. Rob and the police visit Valerie's place of work.
4 Oct. 2016
Daniel sees ex-addict Lewis who's been sacked after being accused of having heroin in his locker. Jimmi challenges Al to going a month without alcohol. Rob and Karen host very quiet foster child Hannah.
5 Oct. 2016
Below the Belt
Zara helps a young student couple who are having sexual problems. Valerie is back at the Mill. Emma, Ayesha, Al and Jimmi go to a high energy boxing class. Hannah steals a bag of flour.
6 Oct. 2016
Brotherly Love
Ayesha thinks autistic Pete is being forced into a care home by his brother Jamie. Karen and a still quiet Hannah spend the day baking. Sid gets a shock when an elderly patient dies in his consulting room.
7 Oct. 2016
Jelly Bean
Emma's bought a flash new car. Valerie has a hot afternoon with her first love, who's returned after 22 years. Sid gets a visit from dead Evelyn's accusing son.
10 Oct. 2016
Jimmi and Rob deal with a woman who was sexually assaulted many years earlier and thinks she's seen her attacker. Mrs Tembe decides to ban all things sugar to help combat obesity and diabetes. Zara speaks to Sid.
11 Oct. 2016
Mirza Sahibañ
Ruhma sees an expectant Pakistani couple, who's unborn baby has a heart defect, probably due to their being first cousins.
12 Oct. 2016
The Da Vinci Toad
Heston worries about a young genius maths student who sings whilst sleep walking. Mrs Tembe's ban on sugar causes a revolt. After a racist insult at her and Emma's boxing class, Ayesha gets asked out by the instructor.
13 Oct. 2016
An old friend of Karen's is verbally racist to a fully veiled Muslim woman who's on a day's observation at the Mill. She believes though that she has good reason. Mrs Tembe's sugar free cake is a disaster.
14 Oct. 2016
Firehawk and Dazzle Berry
Al goes to Bristol to visit an online gaming friend, but gets worried when she doesn't turn up at the restaurant. Ayesha's date with Seb doesn't go particularly well. Ruhma's anti sugar stance winds Heston up.
17 Oct. 2016
Ruhma sees pregnant Miranda who has a serious craving for dirt. Mrs Tembe's anti sugar drive continues to cause friction. Seb meets up with Ayesha, Daniel and Zara at the Icon Bar.
18 Oct. 2016
The Man in the Mirror
Jimmi sees a fitness fanatic who's punched a mirror and who's flatmate is trying to chat up. Ayesha goes to the Icon with Seb and finds his conversation is not up to his bedroom antics. Heston upsets a bereaved patient.
19 Oct. 2016
Profiting from the Dead
New PC Tyler Green starts at the police station and he and Rob investigate a reported theft at an undertakers. Mrs Tembe's 'death board' idea splits staff opinion so they all have a secret ballot on it.
20 Oct. 2016
Mrs Tembe calls in Rob when she finds an abandoned baby outside the Mill. Barney, Rob and Karen's new foster child arrives, complete with criminal record. Sid's perturbed by the 'death wall'.
21 Oct. 2016
Nearest Relative
Ayesha helps an elderly couple with severe health and marriage problems. Emma has trouble coping on the anniversary of Howard's death. Mrs Tembe urgently needs to find someone to go on a sexism course.
24 Oct. 2016
The Limpet
Rob and Tyler get called to a shop theft and get a shock when Rob discovers the culprit is Barney. Valerie gives desperate Kirsty a lift to a job interview, she's been jobless since Valerie's whistle blowing activities.
25 Oct. 2016
The Price of Memory
Sid sees a man who lost his recent memory after having sex with his boss, which he can't remember. Ayesha's cousin turns up thinking they're both going to be alcoholics. Jimmi tries to help Barney.
26 Oct. 2016
The Boring Identity
Heston visits an old friend Harry who's lost his memory, but they get a visit from a man who claims that Harry's a former spy and sleeper agent. Jimmi visits Barney at Karen's. Rob and Tyler join Ayesha and Valerie at the Icon Bar.
27 Oct. 2016
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Tea (But Were Afraid to Ask)
Zara and Daniel attend a gender equality workshop. The only man there, he soon gets picked on by one of the attendees, and upsets the host, who is transgender. Al gets his results from his GP, but it's not all good.
28 Oct. 2016
Life Unexpected
Emma sees 17 year old Jamie who wants a sex change operation, but doesn't know how to tell his dad. Zara decides she wants to become a governor at Joe's school. Tyler keeps trying to chat up Ayesha.
31 Oct. 2016
The Letherbridge Witch
Park Ranger Martin gets scared by a white witch, who tells him his life is in grave danger, possibly from his wife. The Hollins' Halloween party doesn't end well for them and Barney. Daniel dresses as a fairy, much to Zara's amusement.
1 Nov. 2016
The Last Dance
Sid helps MS sufferer Chris and husband Eric who are trying to have a perfect last day together before Chris goes into a home. Al tries to stop Jimmi from attending his Vita course. Zara and Daniel agree to try and spice up their sex life.
2 Nov. 2016
Rob and Tyler are called in to the Church community hall after a break in, though the Priest covered up the fact that 'Pedo' had been written on the wall. Jimmi attends his first Vita course and meets Rosie.
3 Nov. 2016
Yes Means Yes
At a staff meeting, Mrs Tembe informs the doctors of an 'upskirting' craze sweeping the campus. Zara tries to introduce the 'Yes Says Yes' card. Valerie helps a young woman who's fallen victim to one such card.
4 Nov. 2016
Zara and Daniel are arrested after being caught having sex in the park by an old biddy. Due to a misunderstanding, Tyler invades Seb and Ayesha's meal out. Ruhma gets a shock when she examines pregnant Abigail.
7 Nov. 2016
On Reflection
With Daniel and Zara's sexual exploits on the cover of the local rag, they get targeted by a hack reporter and her boyfriend. Mrs Tembe wants them off the sexism panel. Sid gets panicked when more of his patients die.
8 Nov. 2016
An angry Zara gets turned down in her application to be a school governor. Heston gets called by a worried son who's ill father, it seems, is secretly seeing an escort. Tyler shows Ayesha his wood carvings.
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S18, Ep100
10 Nov. 2016
Clues to My Heart
Mrs Tembe is asked by her shy church friend to help her woo the man she fancies, and it involves a treasure hunt. An unknowing Ayesha gets taken on a stake out by Tyler. Jimmi and Al try to console Sid.
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S18, Ep101
11 Nov. 2016
Cry Wolf
Rob is asked to investigate when wheel-chair bound Jerry Bayfield appears to be acting voyeuristically towards a young mother in a park. Jerry has form for robbery but nothing sexual. However he also has a secret. Rob also tries to put in a good word for Tyler with Ayesha and an already less than confident Sid feels inadequate when dealing with over-anxious young mother Chloe Grayson and her sick baby daughter Ivy.
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S18, Ep102
11 Nov. 2016
10,000 Hours
A bereft Sid needs a stern talking to from Ruhma after his Meningitis misdiagnosis. Al gets involved in two warring neighbours, one or both of who may be mentally ill. Zara asks Emma for some advice.
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S18, Ep103
14 Nov. 2016
Emma sees an ex convict who arrives with the mother of one of his murder victims. Her daughter though, isn't too happy. Valerie is a victim of the new craze of up-skirting. Tyler is called in to help. An upset Rosie comes to see Jimmi.
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S18, Ep104
15 Nov. 2016
Victimless Crime
Daniel sees Marie who's ex Jon is dating sexy Leona, who turns out to be a con woman just after his money. The police catch Valerie's up-skirter whom a mad Valerie proceeds to have a big old rant at.
16 Nov. 2016
Sid gives a talk to some medical students, helping Nathan who seems to be suffering from extreme anxiety. A dolled up Ayesha's hot date with Tyler somehow involves bowling with Rob and Karen. Jimmi attends another Vita meeting..
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S18, Ep106
17 Nov. 2016
Human Nature
An old friend of Heston's seeks his advice now her dad is back on the booze and changed the locks. Valerie's upskirter sees Al at the Campus surgery. Ruhma sees a friend who's suffering racist abuse.
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S18, Ep107
18 Nov. 2016
Grey Area
Tyler and new PC Phillips investigate a case of stolen pills from an Alzheimer's sufferer. Al speaks to Sid about his up-skirting dilemma. Tyler is secretly trying to find Ayesha's mum.
21 Nov. 2016
Born Again
Ruhma helps pregnant Josie and her over anxious mother. Ayesha's not too pleased when Tyler says he's found her mum. Mrs Tembe talks to Valerie about having a party to celebrate one year of being cancer free.
22 Nov. 2016
Meat Is Murder
Mrs Tembe helps a vegetarian cook who seems to have had a personality change and can't get enough meat. Zara helps Joe prepare for his Nativity play audition. Emma's on the pull.
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S18, Ep110
23 Nov. 2016
Locked In
Ayesha finds herself blocked in an underground car park with a guy who's had a stroke. Emma's one night stand has put saucy photos of her on the web. Jimmi struggles at the latest group meeting.
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S18, Ep111
24 Nov. 2016
Catching Up
Valerie catches up with two people she knew 28 years ago. Zara's upset that Joe is playing a bungalow in the school Nativity. Jimmi's finally able to forgive Daniel for Cherry. Mrs Tembe tries to comfort Emma.
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S18, Ep112
25 Nov. 2016
Never Gonna Give You Up
Ayesha goes with a nervous Valerie for her latest 3 month checkup. Zara tries to sort out Emma, who's off sick again. Everyone gathers at Mrs Tembe's for Valerie's party.
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S18, Ep113
28 Nov. 2016
Mother of Mine: Part One
Ruhma is having tea with Edwina, an old friend when a man turns up claiming to be Edwina's son. Zara has an idea to get Joe a starring role. Tyler suggests he and Ayesha go on holiday together.
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S18, Ep114
29 Nov. 2016
Mother of Mine: Part Two
Ruhma helps Gabby and the police look into Edwina's admission that she bought Gabby from a junkie. Zara tries to talk Heston into directing A Christmas Carol for Joe to star in, for charity. Jimmi goes on his weekend Vita retreat.
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S18, Ep115
30 Nov. 2016
Sid tries to help a music lecturer and composer who's having trouble sleeping, and keeps hearing music. Valerie meets up with friend and fellow cancer sufferer Lena. Jimmi's course is all a bit too religious for him.
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S18, Ep116
1 Dec. 2016
Never Event
After Zara tells Sarah her cancer has returned and she's dying, Sarah decides to have sex with her big business rival Frank. Rosie catches up with Jimmi. Heston and Emma's play meeting doesn't go well.
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S18, Ep117
2 Dec. 2016
Bah Humbug
Al gets a visit from old doctor friend Dave. He says he's split from his wife and he's drinking, but the reality is much worse. Zara, Heston and Emma conduct the Christmas Carol auditions.
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S18, Ep118
5 Dec. 2016
A Christmas Treat
Valerie helps Amy after she finds her terminally ill dad in bed with a sex worker. Rosie wants Jimmi to meet her hot new boyfriend. Karen bothers over whether to take a new foster child over Christmas.
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S18, Ep119
6 Dec. 2016
The Invisible Woman
Jimmi and DI Addison investigate the death of a wealthy woman, and arrest her and her husband's maid. The play's rehearsals get off to an interesting start. Adam moves in to the Hollins'.
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S18, Ep120
7 Dec. 2016
The Pink Room
Daniel helps a couple's severely handicapped daughter to move her thumb so she can communicate, and whether to put her into a care home. The play rehearsals get more fractious.
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S18, Ep121
8 Dec. 2016
Breaking the News
Sid and Mrs Tembe help depressed Jed, who discovers via note that his girlfriend is leaving with their baby. Emma and Lena have a cozy evening in the Icon unaware that Rosie and new beau Max are on the next table.
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S18, Ep122
9 Dec. 2016
The Twelve Divas of Christmas
After being ripped apart by Heston in rehearsals, the gang retire to the Icon Bar, where Jimmi spots a very drunk Max. A sacked Karen and a troubled Rob have an eventful evening with Adam.
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S18, Ep123
12 Dec. 2016
Fit to Work
A tired and worried Sid keeps having nightmares, including of a patient who talked him into giving a doctor's note. Emma gets a visit from Max so after Jimmi shows her his latest internet exploits, they both go and visit Rosie.
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S18, Ep124
13 Dec. 2016
Barry helps a wheelchair bound student, who's been receiving packages of money. Valerie tries to teach everyone a new dance. Ruhma helps Sid with his stage-fright.
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S18, Ep125
14 Dec. 2016
A Christmas Carol
The cast perform Dickens' A Christmas Carol on stage, playing multiple parts. God Bless them one and all.
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S18, Ep126
15 Dec. 2016
All the King's Men
Ayesha helps an old friend who's dad is back on the booze. Tyler's sleep is disturbed by the appearance of Ayesha's drunken mum. Karen goes with Adam to see his mum in hospital prior to a hip replacement.
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S18, Ep127
16 Dec. 2016
Comfort and Joy
It's Xmas Jumper day and Al hates it, until a sexy photographer gives him a compliment. The only one who carries it off with style and class is Zara. Karen and Adam rush to hospital after Jackie has a stroke. Rob arrests a drunk Bren.
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S18, Ep128
23 Jan. 2017
Little Darlings
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S18, Ep129
24 Jan. 2017
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S18, Ep130
25 Jan. 2017
My Name Is Rosie
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S18, Ep131
26 Jan. 2017
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S18, Ep132
27 Jan. 2017
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