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Episode List


Season 17

13 Apr. 2015
Boom Banger
Heston gets into trouble when he goes to get his car fixed. A new jobs-worth security guard starts at the Campus, so Rob and Howard try to get Barry back.
14 Apr. 2015
Out of Control
Al sees Lottie, who is very erratic and wants to be taken into care. Jimmi helps Heather look into her Uncle George's family history, though has a fit when she starts on his. Zara takes Joe to the library.
15 Apr. 2015
The Dark Net
Rob and Emma deal with Ryan, after his partner's daughter finds indecent images on his laptop. Jimmi reveals all to Heather. Howard responds to a break in at the Mill, only to find a drunk Ayesha.
16 Apr. 2015
Fusion Food
Ayesha finds herself in the middle of a cake war between a mother and a famous chef, whom she's accused of stealing her recipes. Zara calls in Rob when she discovers that her house has been burgled.
17 Apr. 2015
Toy Story
Whilst investigating a hit and run, and burglary, Rob and Howard find one of the toys stolen from Zara's. Ayesha joins Emma, Niamh and Heather for their pajama party games night where Heather has a shock announcement.
20 Apr. 2015
Touched by an Angel
Mrs Tembe investigates when she meets a young girl who thinks she's an Angel and may be being held at the local convent against her wishes. Heather gets a shock when he ex, Phil, finds out about the baby.
21 Apr. 2015
What Love Means
An old friend of Niamh's turns up wanting to stop over, but brings her 15 year old boyfriend along too. Rob and Karen go house hunting with Barry's agent friend, though are shocked to see how young, gorgeous and female she is.
22 Apr. 2015
Xander Harrison
Al struggles to connect with his god son Xander when he tries to look after him for the day. Zara takes Joe to see the doctor, but isn't happy with his views. It's ten years since the Mill opened.
23 Apr. 2015
Afternoon Delight
An Army Major friend of Howard's is stopping with him, though Howard gets a shock when he finds his stocking clad date in his own bed. Italian beauty Allegra visits Heston. Heather's feeling ill.
24 Apr. 2015
Al winds up Karen with a small Sumatran Idol which he say is 'imbued with mystical powers'. Heather is in hospital after fainting due to her blood clot. Zara opens up to Emma about Joe's consultation.
27 Apr. 2015
The Hope
Emma deals with a woman who doesn't know who she is and may have recently given birth. A very talky new F2, Sid Vere, starts at the Mill, and Howard appoints a very annoyed Zara as his mentor.
28 Apr. 2015
Listen to Me
Ms Wilson turns up at the Mill with her camera. She's been complaining about the Mill for years, so Howard calls for her liaison officer. It's Sid's first day, but he talks far too much. Ayesha has a flat pack wardrobe delivered.
29 Apr. 2015
The Route of All Good
Niamh deals with Sylvia Blim, though is worried about her ragged appearance and bad cough. Her daughter says she's very rich and owns many businesses. Zara asks Al to look at Joe. Jimmi gets worried when he can't reach Heather.
30 Apr. 2015
Give Us This Day
Mrs Tembe helps out on bread making day at the local refuge for torture victims. Zara has a frustrating day with Sid, especially when she role plays with him and introduces her concerns about Joe.
1 May 2015
Someone to Watch Over Me
Paranoid Jimmi gets, well, paranoid again, when Heather disappears. With good reason though, as she's off with Phil. Karen and Rob go to a property auction.
5 May 2015
L'Amore e la Morte
Heston is amazed when carer David Moss begs him not to tell his visiting girlfriend Sue that his mother has just died upstairs as he fears Sue will abort her trip to an Italian cookery school if she finds out. However his efforts to prevent Sure from meeting the undertakers end in disaster and nearly split the couple up. Al is worried when he is unable to contact Jimmi but Zara is pleased when specialist Dr Michael Burnett takes her concerns over Joe seriously.
6 May 2015
Al and his flat cap go to Wales in search of Jimmi. Ayesha gets worried when she gets called to see Mrs Rattingan and her son. Sid spends the morning with Heston, though soon puts his foot in it.
7 May 2015
Rescuing Silver
Karen pops round a friends for lunch only to find her with another man. Then her husband turns up. Al convinces Jimmi to go round to Bryn's house. Zara takes Joe to the park, and bumps into Dr Burnett and his daughter.
8 May 2015
Howard has problems when Bernie the Beagle starts collecting for charity outside the Campus. Jimmi's alcoholic dad is having a bad day. Firstly with the bailiffs, then when Jimmi turns up.
11 May 2015
Cold City
Bryn and Al get a shock when they discover what Jimmi has done to his dad. Will Jimmi do the right thing though, and can they protect him from the police?
12 May 2015
Shining Light
Howard coaxes Ayesha into representing the Mill at the local Young Carer Awards, where she meets Jackie and her carer, son Tom. Michael asks Zara a lot of personal questions at their latest session with Joe.
13 May 2015
Finish Line
Sid goes to see a patient of Jimmi's who has cancer, but soon gets off on the wrong foot. Michael invites himself round to Zara's, and brings a picnic. Jimmi's back at the Mill, though he's a bit quiet and miserable.
14 May 2015
Norman Is Upstairs
Rob and Emma deal with Norman, who turns up at the police station with cuts on his face, saying that he's a psychopath. Howard tries to talk to Jimmi. Sid and Al are confused when they see signs of Zara being happy.
15 May 2015
Bumble Bee
Al gets caught up and held a knife-point at the corner shop by a Muslim girl looking for happiness. Michael turns up at Zara's with a bottle of wine. Emma, Niamh and Ayesha have a wine tasting night, and end up getting drunk.
18 May 2015
A Spade A Spade
Mrs Tembe welcomes a new member to the Church refreshments committee, though she's a bit blunt in her views. Daniel returns from Australia, though he and Zara spend most of the time arguing about Joe. Rob and Karen have a declutter day.
19 May 2015
Mods and Rockers
Niamh sees an old Mod with arthritis whose wife has given a motorized bike to. Daniel is finding Zara, and life back at the Mill a bit difficult. He then sees her with Michael.
20 May 2015
By the Lake
Rob goes on a fishing trip. Stopping overnight he meets and befriends a guy on a fishing tour. He is not what he seems though. Karen has a bad day after damaging her ankle.
21 May 2015
Flying Carpets
Daniel sees a man who's recently split up from his wife, and is worried that his son might be ill. Sid sees a woman who's worried about her father, who has MND but has been taken off his drugs.
22 May 2015
Mystic Madge
Rob and a young PC stumble across an elderly couple who have been tricked by a conman burglar. It's games night with Emma and Niamh, and Ayesha brings out the Tarot cards. Zara and Daniel try, and fail, to have a night in without arguing.
26 May 2015
Zara and Daniel continue to argue after she spent the night at Michael's. Sid and Karen get the brunt of her mood. Mrs Tembe does her back in when picking up a cigarette, though still insists on holding the surprise fire drill.
27 May 2015
Plus One
Al and Niamh attend a friend's wedding. The nasty 15 year old daughter of the groom, Lucy, almost ruins it though, by getting drunk, spiking the drinks of the bride's younger son, and hitching up with an older boy.
28 May 2015
Joint Lock
Sid joins a patient at a jujitsu class, and helps fix his shoulder when he dislocates it. Daniel and Zara try to sort out their differences at a revamped Icon Bar. Al helps Mrs Tembe when her back goes while in a toilet cubicle.
29 May 2015
Little Brother
Karen visits an elderly ex neighbour, who's moving out of her care home and who introduces Karen to her long lost brother. Zara tries to get Daniel to read Michael's research. Mrs Tembe is forced into seeing a chiropractor.
1 Jun. 2015
Niamh sees a woman, post hysterectomy, who's trying to revive her husband's sex drive, only to find him in bed with another man. Karen and Rob's move doesn't go smoothly. Jimmi, Zara and Daniel bicker over a problem patient.
2 Jun. 2015
Strike a Pose
Ayesha helps a fashion model with a supposed hang over and ends up taking part in the shoot. Emma has a very bad day. A worried Al sits in on some of Jimmi's consultations.
3 Jun. 2015
Father Figure
Amy runs away from home and decides she wants to move in with Heston. Daniel discovers that Zara has secretly taken Joe to see Michael, so storms in a thumps him. Sid asks Ayesha out on a date.
4 Jun. 2015
Down and Up
Sid bumps into a woman who thinks she's just lost her one chance at love. Howard returns and tries to sort out the mess left by Daniel, Zara and Jimmi. Keith Loader turns up causing trouble.
5 Jun. 2015
Fair Game
Rob and PC Dutta get some info after breaking up two fighting woman, which leads them to the 'Birdhouse' and a murder victim. Sid and Ayesha have a date at a posh restaurant. Mrs Tembe enjoys a visit to her chiropractor.
8 Jun. 2015
C Pass
Al sees an old lecturer mate for his health check who gets accused of attacking an attractive student. Is she lying though, or is he? Emma has hot flushes.
9 Jun. 2015
The Other Foot
Howard tries to sort out Daniel and Zara but saves Daniel's skin when a boy with breathing difficulties gets brought in. Mrs Tembe tries to impart Mr Kit's genius onto Karen and Niamh.
10 Jun. 2015
The Doctor
Jimmi deals with a young autistic lad who's been arrested for kicking a policeman, and who's obsessed with Doctor Who.
11 Jun. 2015
Sensitive Skin
Daniel sees ex convict Ray, who wants Botox injections as a birthday surprise for his sexy, rich girlfriend. Al and Jimmi play at paper planes. Sid asks Howard if he can change his mentor.
12 Jun. 2015
The Neighbours from Hull
Now in her new home Karen finds the couple next door, Lily and Matt, extremely irritating with their over-friendliness and double entendres - not to mention Lily's penchant for policemen in uniform - so she is relieved to hear that they are moving soon. Meanwhile Zara requests a year off to look after Joe, facing resistance from both Howard and Daniel, whilst Ayesha and Sid get cosy.
15 Jun. 2015
Niamh bumps into an old friend at a conference who's dark past is about to catch up with her. Howard and Emma get lost on the way there and get stuck in a muddy field. Daniel has a go at Al about his diagnosis of Joe.
16 Jun. 2015
Truth or Dare
Jenny and Matthew find Adam dead after a drunken night of games. Jenny convinces Matthew, who fancies her, to hide the body, but double crosses him when the police arrive and arrest him for the murder.
17 Jun. 2015
Everybody Needs Somebody
Howard's sister, a Sergeant in the Special Services, arrives, holding out an olive branch between him and the rest of the family. Rob enlists their help in finding a band for a retirement do.
18 Jun. 2015
Waiting for Gordon
On his way to a patient's funeral, Heston finds himself in a weird dream sequence. Howard meets an old work colleague for lunch, who has been to America and tells him of the '40 day date'.
19 Jun. 2015
Touch and Go
Al deals with a man who suffers from premature ejaculation and doesn't want to tell his fiancée or have sex until after they're married. Howard tells Emma about the '40 day date' thing. Mrs Tembe gets embarrassed with Mr Kit.
22 Jun. 2015
A Fine Romance
Niamh helps an old friend who's having intimacy problems with old flame Tom. Karen thinks she's cursed, so goes to see a psychic. Emma agrees to do the '40 day date' with Howard.
23 Jun. 2015
Climb Every Mountain
Sid sees a man with a false leg who's arguing with council men over a tree in his garden. Howard and Emma ask Al and Niamh to be their confidantes for their 40 day date.
24 Jun. 2015
Ayesha deals with a young woman, her out of control son, and their troublesome neighbour. Emma and Howard have their first lunch date, and counseling session.
25 Jun. 2015
In the Line of Duty
Two young PCs arrest a famous footballer for refusing to supply a breath test and being violent. During a surprise test from Zara, Heston notices her slap Sid's hand. Emma accuses Howard of not being committed to the 40 day date.
26 Jun. 2015
Mean Girls
Mrs Tembe meets a bride and her wedding planner sister in Church, who then arrives at the Mill with a damaged ankle. Heston reports Zara to Howard. Daniel and Zara attend Michael's presentation.
20 Jul. 2015
A Quiet Life
Zara and Daniel have a difference of opinion when they have a meeting at Joe's daycare centre. A worried Karen goes round to see cancer patient Mrs Wilkie. Emma is upset at Howard as he seems to have given up on the 40 day date thing.
21 Jul. 2015
End of Episode
Heston gets called out when a woman finds her husband dead. A guilty Howard books him and Emma in for another session with Kate. Daniel tries to speak to Zara, only she asks him to move out.
22 Jul. 2015
Niamh sees Roy, who's been playing a game of 'It', or 'Tag', for 26 years and it's getting in the way of his new relationship. Zara has an official chat with Howard and Jimmi over Sid's accusations. Daniel speaks to Al about Joe.
23 Jul. 2015
Trust Me I'm a Doctor
Al sees an old friend who's getting her fertility results, though Al can't find her partner's results. Sid helps Heston, his new mentor, with a crying pregnant girl.
24 Jul. 2015
Chef's Special
Romance all the way as Daniel takes Zara to a posh restaurant, where they bump into Howard and Emma on a date. The chef also has romantic problems in the kitchen.
27 Jul. 2015
The Laughing Gnome
Rob gets called out by Mrs Winters, when her garden gnome gets stolen, with her husband's ashes inside. Emma and Howard deal with the fallout after sleeping together. Zara admits her mistakes to Sid.
28 Jul. 2015
Blind Spot
Darby takes her friend to see Sid, who's manning a sun awareness stall at the university. Zara makes an official complaint when Heston inadvertently calls her a racist.
29 Jul. 2015
Mrs Tembe starts getting obscene, threatening phone calls at work from someone who sings 'We'll Meet Again' to her. Niamh's brother Sean arrives for a visit and helps Mrs Tembe out.
30 Jul. 2015
Zero Tolerance
Daniel gets into a road rage incident with some yob who's just been sacked. Ayesha joins Niamh and Sean for lunch. Howard and Emma have another session with Kate.
31 Jul. 2015
Slipping Through the Cracks
Rob arrests two kids for drug dealing, and also an forgetful old lady. Niamh gets a shock when she finally realises that Sean is gay. Zara gets in a mood again when Daniel books lots of fun thing to do on their trip to London.
3 Aug. 2015
Spandex and Secrets
Ben takes his Grandad Ted to the Wellman clinic at the surgery where he sees his old mate Heston. Emma tries to talk to Al about Howard. Niamh gets some decorating work at the Mill for Sean.
4 Aug. 2015
Lady Brenda
George goes to the police and surgery in search of his missing wife despite her leaving a note saying that she's leaving him. Meanwhile his next door neighbour sabotages his model boat in advance of the afternoon's big race.
5 Aug. 2015
Sid helps one of his house mates, wheelchair bound Rachel, but is she stealing from them? Jimmy continues his vendetta against Zara, and Sean starts painting the inside wall of the Mill.
6 Aug. 2015
Sticks and Stones
Heston goes with a nervous Sid to St Phils for his end of placement review. Howard conducts a 'Respect in the Workplace' meeting at the Mill, though Jimmi soon reduces it to an attack on a tearful Zara.
7 Aug. 2015
Someone Like You
Howard gets a shock when Sean reveals his wall painting. Emma has a bad day as she prepares for her weekend away with Howard, who then proceeds to strain his groin. Niamh and Sean go to a gay nightclub.
10 Aug. 2015
Seen and Not Heard
DCI asks for Rob's help in investigating a possible pedophile ring called 'Treehouse' in a residential house. Howard is off sick with his groin strain, with much hilarity at work.
11 Aug. 2015
The Ring
Karen helps elderly Mrs Highsmith search for her lost ring but which has been found by a gardener who gave it to his girlfriend. Sid says his thanks on his last day at the Mill. Sean tries to get Al and Niamh back together.
12 Aug. 2015
Noli Me Tangere
Niamh quizzes the guy who stopped over with Sean, it seems he's not much of a chef after all. Mrs Tembe returns a professor's bag only to find his daughter locked up in her bedroom. Rob considers early retirement.
13 Aug. 2015
Out on a house-call, Emma witnesses a double shooting. The two men were trying to get information about Treehouse to DCI Driver. One man escapes. Emma is hauled in for questioning.
14 Aug. 2015
Driver continues to investigate the shooting, but annoys Noakes, her new boss from the SCU, when she goes to see a young girl she wants to adopt. Escaping the killers, Andy has trouble with an OAP.
17 Aug. 2015
Bad Samaritan
Al sees Thomas who thinks the girl he's watching has a rare medical condition. Mr Houghton sees Heston after the stress of Andy's home invasion. Mrs Tembe bumps into an injured Andy.
18 Aug. 2015
Injecting a Little Spice
Daniel sees an elderly couple who have reunited after 40 years and need to revitalise their sex life. The adoption agency have concerns over Driver and her job. Howard catches Andy. Rob and Karen visit a stately home.
19 Aug. 2015
Best Served Cold
Rob gets called in when Andy says he'll speak to no one else. Noakes, after having suspended Driver, interrogates Rob. Heston deals with two warring ice cream selling brothers.
20 Aug. 2015
The Letterbox
Ayesha sees one of Daniel's patients, Bridget, who's daughter Lily has gone missing. It's the 18th birthday of Bridget's son, who was given up for adoption after being born. Niamh goes round to see Karen.
21 Aug. 2015
The Prince
Now that Rob knows who Andy is, he starts to interview him. It seems they were both in school together and the story flashes back to a particular day when Rob's thoughtlessness caused a motorway crash.
24 Aug. 2015
Let Them All Talk
Andy says he'll only trust Rob and that there are moles in the force. He then finds a razor blade in his food and a note threatening Rob if he talks. Howard has a shock for Emma at their latest session with Kate.
25 Aug. 2015
Golden Ticket
Mrs Tembe helps two warring music loving brothers in their search for the one's missing winning Lotto ticket. Andy having cut his wrists, Jimmi and Rob try to stop Noakes from moving him to a Safe House.
26 Aug. 2015
Breaking Point
After Weston gets abducted en route to the Safe House, a bullish Noakes interviews Rob and Jimmi, accusing them both of being in league with Weston, and bullying them both into losing their cool.
27 Aug. 2015
Following his suspension Rob refuses to talk, but soon gets a visit at home from Noakes, searching for Andy. Howard teams up with Sgt. Daisy Murray. Zara goes to a friend's wedding, but soon sees it as a tacky sham.
28 Aug. 2015
Niamh sees a man who's facing bigots when dressing as a woman, and who is about to have a sex change. Rob meets up with Sgt. Daisy. Heston gets talked into presenting a wine Vlog.
1 Sep. 2015
Take Two
Ayesha goes on a blind date, only to find a guy who's seriously distracted by deja vu. Heston takes Mrs Tembe through his Vlog plans. Rob and Karen try to interrogate Andy now that he's staying with them.
2 Sep. 2015
Heston has lunch with an old friend, but finds her a sex starved alcoholic. Noakes signs up as a patient at the Mill. He's been diagnosed with Parkinsons. Rob tries to get the truth from Andy.
3 Sep. 2015
An Act of Charity
Jimmi almost hits a charity runner with his car, forcing him to postpone his next run. Noakes gets Howard and Daisy to visit Rob's house to search for Andy. Niamh and Emma finally watch Heston's Vlog.
4 Sep. 2015
Drop Dead
Rob and Andy ask Karen to pick up some vital evidence from behind a big bush. Unfortunately. Emma and Niamh decide to start speed walking. Emma finally tells Heston about his Vlog problem.
7 Sep. 2015
Sea Whispers
Daniel stumbles across an injured girl on the street. He takes her to the Mill where he and Zara treat her. It seems she has escaped from Treehouse. Emma, Niamh and Ayesha go speed-walking.
8 Sep. 2015
Ayesha sees a student who is angry and moody all the time, especially with his girlfriend. Andy tries to make a run from Rob's but is soon brought back by DCI Driver. Emma and Niamh go speed-walking again.
9 Sep. 2015
The Bingo Conspiracy
Mrs Tembe delivers books to a local care home only to find Herbert, who's making a fuss as he believes recent deaths, including his wife's, are being caused by the playing of Bingo.
10 Sep. 2015
The Heart of England
Rob and Driver's plan to trap the Treehouse bosses and the mole gets underway, resulting in Andy being 'shot' in the centre of Birmingham. Daniel and Zara meet up with Mia when she runs away from her foster home.
11 Sep. 2015
The Reader
Daisy gets interrogated by Fleeshman, who also talks to Noakes and Rob. A new Australian agency nurse starts at the Mill, so Ayesha sends him on a house call where he gets accused when some money goes missing.
14 Sep. 2015
Noakes gets a shock when his ex wife turns up. He then tries to make amends by seeing Rob, Driver and Jimmi with varying results. He also sees Daniel about his Parkinsons. Zara thinks that Joe needs more personal time rather than nursery.
15 Sep. 2015
A Very Reverend Institution
Mrs Tembe gets asked by the Vicar to help out at the WI. She drags Ayesha and Niamh along but they soon get involved in a battle over same sex marriages.
16 Sep. 2015
Bitter Pill
Jimmi sees an angry man who he helped put away years ago, and he's holding a grudge. Al tells Howard about his new invention. Al is also not impressed with Hayden.
17 Sep. 2015
Big Girls Don't Cry
Niamh and Social Services look after a Down's Syndrome girl when her mother collapses and gets rushed into hospital. Zara decides to take a sabbatical to look after Joe. Ayesha and Hayden have a session at the local nightclub.
18 Sep. 2015
Safety Net
Al gets left holding the baby when a Muslim girl gives birth in the Campus surgery toilets. Back at work, Emma is still not feeling well.
21 Sep. 2015
In Search of Happiness
Hayden sees a psyche professor who has severe headaches and is acting very strangely. Al and Howard present their App pitch to a possible investor. Mrs Tembe develops her Project Happiness.
22 Sep. 2015
The Hatchling
Howard and Al have a decision to make. Zara sees Karl, who's found a birds nest and wants to hatch the egg. Mrs Tembe gives out questionnaires as she sets Project Happiness in motion.
23 Sep. 2015
Daniel sees Vince who is about to fly to Australia, though gets hit by a car. His memory loss from a previous head trauma is beginning to come back, and only leads to shock.
24 Sep. 2015
The Pain Barrier
Emma, Niamh and Ayesha find the Challenge Max course much more difficult than imagined. Al gets concerned for dementia patient Charlie and the actions of his troubled nurse daughter Claire.
25 Sep. 2015
Jimmi gets involved with two warring allotment owners. Al and Ayesha get annoyed when they discover that Niamh has slept with Hayden. It's Zara's last day, and she gets a bit emotional.
28 Sep. 2015
A Proper Copper
Rob goes on duty with a super keen Support Officer on his first day. Ayesha is hung over, but why isn't Hayden? Howard discovers a problem with his and Al's funding contract.
29 Sep. 2015
All the Time in the World
Zara's next door neighbour dumps her troublesome mother on her while she has a secret liaison. Mrs Tembe tries to get everyone's goals for her Project Happiness, but finds the task very difficult.
30 Sep. 2015
Fallen Hero
Niamh gets involved with an ex Major on the anniversary of a soldier's death. He's holding a secret though. Emma talks to Daniel about her health problems. Al gets a visit from Carlo, who makes him a large offer for his App.
1 Oct. 2015
The Man Who Was King
Karen deal with Arthur, who's convinced he's the rightful King of England and is being egged on by a local journalist. Al tells Niamh about his App offer. Hayden takes rather too many drugs.
2 Oct. 2015
Spin Doctor
Hayden sees a recovering alcoholic professor, who has dizzy spells. Her son though thinks she's drinking again and should go back to rehab. DCI Driver asks Rob if he'll be Scarlet's Godfather.
5 Oct. 2015
Daniel attends the funeral of a golf club member. Zara's having trouble finding a replacement, but then gets an offer she can't refuse, and an idea. Niamh and Ayesha find Emma's discarded pregnancy tests.
6 Oct. 2015
Time of My Life
Zara meets up with Sid to offer him a job at the Mill. Hayden visits the home of a one night stand in search of his Hoodie which contains his drugs. Niamh and Ayesha tell Emma that they know she's pregnant.
7 Oct. 2015
Spectre of the Rose
Heston encounters a homeless woman, a former ballerina who is confused and living in the past. Howard is very officious on Sid's first day. Ayesha is sick, then high, as Hayden keeps spiking her drinks.
8 Oct. 2015
Troubled Waters
Jimmi sees Albi, who's been in care and is living rough, but who then steals from the Mill's kitchen. Jimmi finds him with a very pregnant girlfriend. Emma tells Howard about the baby.
9 Oct. 2015
Mrs Tembe organises a lunchtime meditation session with varying results. Daniel gets a distracted Howard on to the golf course, where he soon blurts out about Emma's pregnancy.
12 Oct. 2015
It Starts with the Shoes
Karen gets chatted up in a shoe shop by a cross dresser with marital problems. Emma and Howard decide to keep the baby. Ayesha tries to warn Sid against Hayden.
13 Oct. 2015
Girl About Town
Sexy Sadie gets a shock when she realises that her plainer, bigger sister has used her photo on her Blog. Ayesha gets suspended when she tells Howard about Hayden. Rob tells Karen about Driver's request.
14 Oct. 2015
No Smoke Without Fire
Ayesha makes a statement to the police, whilst Howard interrogates the staff members about her. Al gets involved with drug dealers when a scared, battered kid jumps into his car.
15 Oct. 2015
The Key
Various versions of Tommy Cooper appear at Mrs Tembe's laughter therapy session. Rob meets up with a retired friend on the 35th anniversary of his wife's murder. Emma and Howard see midwife Ruhma.
16 Oct. 2015
The Odd Couple
Heston and Ruhma deal with a woman giving birth in a book store. Niamh sees a girl in agony who seems to have swallowed her friend's earring. Emma falls asleep when out eating cake with Howard.
19 Oct. 2015
You Can Run
Ayesha sees Gina, who is recovering from Chemo, yet is taking drugs to try and keep lively and is slowly losing it. Mrs Tembe tries to help Sid with his constant talking.
20 Oct. 2015
Signs and Wonders
Handyman Stan offers to buy Emma's house, especially when he sees a religious image in her bath. His business partner David though, is having problems with his operation scar and Stan's trouble making girlfriend.
21 Oct. 2015
Hitting the Wall
Daniel deals with Jordie, a paraplegic MND sufferer and his exhausted wife. Jimmi seems to be losing patients. Howard decides he wants to sing to the baby, and Mrs Tembe buys everyone a plant.
22 Oct. 2015
A Handful of Dust
Emma has a very bad day. She gets rushed to hospital where she has a miscarriage, then Howard, who's been having headaches, drops dead. Ayesha coaxes Sid into having lunch with Jimmi.
23 Oct. 2015
In the Midst of Life
Everyone is very shocked over the news of Howard's death. Sid sees a rugby player on the verge of success, though who has a condition that would be life threatening if he were to carry on playing.
26 Oct. 2015
Where There's Hope
Al sees Luke, who has Tinitus, headaches, is lethargic all the time, and is self harming. Emma blames herself for Howard's death, then is determined to tell his daughter. Mrs Tembe gets coaxed into standing in a Practice Manager.
27 Oct. 2015
All in a Day's Work
Rob deals with an angry Sgt. who seems to be hiding her feelings over Howard. Niamh and Heston try to comfort Emma and help her with Howard's eulogy. Valerie gets called in to help at the Mill, and soon causes trouble.
28 Oct. 2015
Who Knew?
It's the day of Howard's funeral, only an angry Emma seems to spend most of it on a bench outside the Church, with Jimmi. Ruhma and Sid see a pregnant woman with a drug problem.
29 Oct. 2015
Best Laid Plans
Ayesha goes to hospital with a young woman who's just about to give birth. Rob and the police are after her boyfriend though. Mrs Tembe makes a decision about Ruhmer, much to the annoyance of Daniel, Jimmi and Heston.
30 Oct. 2015
House of Hammered Horrors
It's Halloween, and Karen and Rob get next door's kids dumped on them. Al tries to cheer Emma up, who's alone clearing up Howard's things. Sid and Ayesha go to a fancy dress party.
2 Nov. 2015
The Wrong Foot
Emma returns to work but finds it all a bit weird. Heston sees dementia patient George, who's daughter is trying to put in a home. Jimmi and Heston still try to block Mrs Tembe's plans for Ruhma.
3 Nov. 2015
Karen has the girls round to show off her new kitchen. Valerie is in charge of the cooking as she demonstrates what she's learned on her 'Cooks Heaven' course. It's all a bit of a disaster though.
4 Nov. 2015
Mrs Tembe starts palming off Howard's work onto other members of staff. Sid sees an Indian couple, but the wife can't speak English so Emma calls in a friend to translate. Ayesha has trouble with some fireworks.
5 Nov. 2015
Working the Net
Ruhma has her first day at the Mill. Niamh goes to her first PPG meeting, and takes Valerie with her. Mrs Tembe attends a women in industry networking event.
6 Nov. 2015
About Time
Jimmi sees Graham, who's life in the local care home was fine until old 'friend' Brian arrives, and makes a play for Maria. Valerie sees Al, as she thinks there's all sorts wrong with her, following her clash with Ashley.
9 Nov. 2015
Are You Kidding Me?
Valerie announces that she and Ashley have split up, so she makes a move for Heston. Al helps a pompous professor he knows, who's experiencing involuntary muscle spasms. Mrs Tembe asks Sid to look into the over subscribing of antibiotics.
10 Nov. 2015
Afternoon of the Living Dead
Six of team go on a role playing team building event. They have to face the zombie hordes, following a zombie apocalypse, splitting into two teams, one to fine an ant- serum, one to find an antidote. If they stay alive.
11 Nov. 2015
Mr Charity
A Locum steps in at the Campus surgery, but soon starts upsetting the patients, especially Sophie. Karen and Barry get involved with a charity fund-raiser who's involved with drugs.
12 Nov. 2015
Niamh gets involved with a woman who's paying former drug addicts to get sterilized, and her latest target, Annie. Sid's job to get the prescribing of antibiotics down isn't going well. Emma gets a shock from Howard's solicitor.
13 Nov. 2015
Sid sees a woman who's been being stalked for years. Now that the man is out of prison, she believes she's seeing him again. Heston and Ruhma go to the opera. Emma goes to visit Howard's daughter Amelia.
16 Nov. 2015
Date in the Diary
Mrs Tembe goes to see the mysterious Yvonne, a meeting with whom has popped up in Howard's diary. Sid gets all excited at the prospect of Wednesday's Anitibiotics Awareness Day. Jimmi is excited after his photography course.
17 Nov. 2015
I Got Up
Amelia turns up at Emma's, wanting to spend some time in Howard's house. Ruhma conducts a lively antenatal class. Valerie gets a shock when she visits her new doctor. Sid gets a bit stressed.
18 Nov. 2015
Crash Bang Pow
Al sees Chloe on the day of her tribunal. She's angry all the time and has had a run in with the local comic shop owner. Valerie's not much help on Antibiotic Awareness Day. Amelia turns up at the Mill, and goes for a drink with Ayesha.
19 Nov. 2015
Trespass Against Us
Back in the Police station, Jimmi and Rob deal with a possible racist attack, with two very differing versions of what happened. Ruhma joins Heston at a very posh restaurant to try out their new menu. Amelia turns up to speak to Rob.
20 Nov. 2015
Niamh helps a costumed super hero who has an inability to feel pain. He and Barry team up to help catch The Lurker, and gives advice to him on getting the girl. Amelia and Emma have a heart to heart. Sid's going too much, and keels overs.
23 Nov. 2015
Skin Deep
A nervous Valerie goes to St Phils for her biopsy. Ayesha meets super fit Lydia whilst out jogging. After she turns up at the Campus surgery, Ayesha goes to see her motivational talk on holistic therapy at the university.
24 Nov. 2015
Mrs Tembe steps in to expose rogue builder Brian Hutchinson who has been bullying elderly widow Mrs Marsh into paying him whilst Karen is less than impressed when Rob's feisty cousin Mo comes to stay and the doctors plan a charity calendar.
25 Nov. 2015
Sid sees bride to be Holly. She's had an asthma attack and thinks her boss is after her fiancée. Al joins Rob, Karen and Mo for a drunken game of darts. Heston invites Ruhma over on a business pretense.
26 Nov. 2015
Rob tries to turn Mo off Al, after they slept together. Ruhma sees two young mothers who are helping each other out with a breastfeeding problem. Mrs Tembe goes in disguise to try and trap Mrs Marsh's rogue builder.
27 Nov. 2015
And the Winner Is
Ayesha visits a man who's lost his winning scratch card. Valerie gets her biopsy results, and it's not good. Sid seems to be chasing his tail. Niamh finds out about Al and Mo.
30 Nov. 2015
Warrior Princess
Mrs Tembe begins a poster campaign to expose Hutchinson but comes face to face with him and is rescued by an elderly man - though this puts them both in danger whilst Valerie confesses to Karen that she has cancer.
1 Dec. 2015
In Death Do Us Meet
Everyone is shocked following Mrs Tembe's attack. Daniel wants to sort out the practice manager situation. Heston finds himself executor of a patient's will, and it's shock content. Jimmi takes Niamh's calendar shot.
2 Dec. 2015
Sid gets shunted from behind whilst in a traffic jam. Al warns him from getting involved with the other driver's problems. Jimmi takes Daniel's Icon photo. Karen and Valerie visit Mrs Tembe in hospital.
3 Dec. 2015
Vapour Trail
Daniel gets confused when he visits a very confused Mr Ridgeley, who seems to have two sons called Malcolm. Mrs Tembe returns to work where Valerie has ideas for her Icon photo. Heston and Ruhma have a hot curry.
4 Dec. 2015
The Power of You
Emma sees a man whose ex wife has returned from America to see him and their daughter. She's getting married but doesn't know of his illness. Valerie dresses as Marilyn Monroe for her Icon photo but soon has a meltdown in reception.
7 Dec. 2015
The Many Shades of Joan Gray
Ruhma deals not only with Joan Gray's pregnant daughter, but also with Joan herself, when it's revealed she's also pregnant. Emma struggles to find her inner Icon.
8 Dec. 2015
Mother to Be
After taking Ayesha's Icon photo, Jimmi sees a pregnant Asian woman who claims her baby is in danger. Karen and Rob have an eventful dinner party. Valerie helps Mrs Tembe with her online application.
9 Dec. 2015
Al has a new look and is trying to be boring in an attempt to get Mo to dump him. Seeing Angie for MS, Niamh also has to deal with her two arguing sons. It's Sid's turn to have his Icon photo taken.
10 Dec. 2015
Tinkle All the Way
Rob deals with a man who says he'd been put up to pee on a neighbour's Christmas decorations. Daniel and Jimmi decide on the Practice Manager interview list. Karen has her Icon photo shoot. Al has no luck in dumping Mo.
11 Dec. 2015
Self Portraits
Ayesha deals with a gay lecturer who's being harassed and blackmailed by one of his male student. Jimmi takes his own Icon photo. Mo buys Al a TARDIS dressing gown. Valerie tells Ashley about her cancer.
14 Dec. 2015
He's Making a List, He's Checking It Twice
Sid has an eye opening time trailing Jimmi on the night shift at the police station. Ruhma and her two kids come to stop at Heston's for a few days. Rob and Karen get a shock when Mo's husband turns up, and they're very friendly.
15 Dec. 2015
From Daddy with Love
Daniel is in a battle for a Monster Truck 5000 for Joe. Mo decides to dump Al for Lonnie. Sid is in a bad way after falling asleep at the wheel. Heston tries to bond with Ruhma's son. Al has his Icon photo taken.
16 Dec. 2015
Speaking Up
Ruhma helps Heston with his Icon persona. Ayesha and a poorly Sid have an awkward double date. Annette has problems on the day of her dad's funeral. Ruhma and Heston have a quiet evening together.
17 Dec. 2015
Karen deals with the Campus gardener, who's taking a bit too much interest in the female student helping him. A test Icon calendar arrived, but it's a bit messed up. Heston and Ruhma's kids make fresh pasta.
18 Dec. 2015
Niamh gets deja vu on a house call. Daniel and Jimmi conduct interviews for the Practice Manager post. Ayesha goes with Valerie on her first chemotherapy session. Ruhma upsets Heston by telling him that they're moving out before Christmas.
18 Jan. 2016
Future Perfect
Ayesha helps a partially sighted lady who mistakenly believes that a young on the run drug dealer is her godson. Anthony Harker, the new practice manager, starts.
19 Jan. 2016
Without You
Jules calls in the police when she discovers her house burgled and her husband missing. Anthony wants to involve Heston in some important decision making. Valerie sees Claire at her latest Chemo session.
20 Jan. 2016
A Good Man
Emma attends a cancelled wake, says her respects, but soon uncovers a dark family secret. Anthony claims to Daniel that Mrs Tembe has left things in a bit of a state. Things are a bit awkward between Heston and Ruhma.
21 Jan. 2016
The Winner Takes It All
Mrs Tembe helps Valerie make a Bucket List. Sid sees Mrs Ward who's won over £200,000 on the lottery but now wants to leave her job, and her husband - for Sid. Anthony makes Valerie his Administrative Assistant.
22 Jan. 2016
Al helps a delivery driver who faints in reception and claims he's either killed someone or has seen a ghost. Anthony wants to re-brand the Mill and wants some 'action shots' from Jimmi. Heston and Ruhma go on a picnic.
25 Jan. 2016
Nighthawks: Part One
Anthony invites a few of the guys to a wine tasting evening. Ayesha and Karen go out and are chatted up by married thief Jackson and his dodgy mate. Jackson also beats his partner. Heston and Ruhma go to a restaurant.
26 Jan. 2016
Nighthawks: Part Two
Jackson's battered partner confronts Ayesha. Ruhma sees Heston's angry side when he tries to follow up a missed delivery. Valerie tries to think of some fund raising ideas.
27 Jan. 2016
Stop the World
At a boring GP Conference, Al and Niamh decide to make their own fun. Al chats up the receptionist though Niamh gets it on with a guy who seems rather too good to be true.
28 Jan. 2016
Moving In
Daniel visits a retirement home where a new male resident is causing a stir. Ruhma tries to deliberately provoke Heston. Valerie asks Al about being a magician's assistant only to get knocked back.
29 Jan. 2016
This Fading Light
Jimmi attends a head on car collision and deals with an injured man who has been abducting local women. Ruhma digs into Heston's violent past. Anthony suggests that Mrs Tembe applies for a job elsewhere.
1 Feb. 2016
Right in Two
Emma visits the apparently agoraphobic Meredith Phelps, who has not left her house in years. When Meredith refuses to let her visiting niece in Emma finds out the reason for Meredith's behaviour as well as playing peace-maker and Cupid for the niece and Meredith's handyman. Meanwhile Al and Valerie successfully perform their magic show, one of her bucket list requests, but Mrs Tembe feels unappreciated by Anthony.
2 Feb. 2016
Ayesha's sister Debs turns up, accusing her of ignoring Brenda whilst Valerie is charmed when Anthony accompanies her to her chemotherapy session and Mrs Tembe is left wondering whether he genuinely admires her or wants rid of her when he suggests she apply for a practice manager post elsewhere. Sid steps in when elderly Bernie, who has custody of his grandson Adam Laws, needs to go to hospital and does not trust the boy's irresponsible father Martin to look after him.
3 Feb. 2016
Dracula's Choice
Al's old college friend Logan has hit forty but is scared his younger girlfriend, nurse Maya, will leave him for somebody her own age group and when he sees her with another man he gets the wrong idea - leading him to have to question his life-style. Elsewhere Ayesha visits Brenda who, after the expected shouting match, breaks down and admits she hates her way of life - as Ayesha offers to help - and Heston is critical of Anthony, who unfortunately overhears.
4 Feb. 2016
Ruhma sees expectant Caz Ellison, who tells her she is afraid her child will be taken from her because of her past life. However Caz has not been entirely honest with Ruhma, putting her at risk when she goes to help her keep the baby. Ayesha finds it difficult getting the necessary assistance for Brenda - who is not exactly cooperating, getting Ayesha flak from Debs.
5 Feb. 2016
A Taste of Home
When Anna Akinwande confesses that her Nigerian mother-in-law is constantly finding fault with her Mrs Tembe gives her some tips in African cookery. But when Anna starts to feel faint and nauseous Mrs Tembe realizes that this may be down to poor food preparation. Meanwhile Karen schemes to get Ruhma and Heston back together and Anthony, Matthew and Sid plan their cycle race to raise money for Hodgkinson's Lymphoma.

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