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The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Nevertheless, in mid-reverie, there's no denying the pleasure in falling under its little spell -- till human voices wake us, and we frown.
San Francisco Chronicle
Stays emotionally mired because of a static screenplay that fails to express its issues dramatically.
Despite being well acted and sweetly moving when it strips down to the tender poem at its heart, Till Human Voices Wake Us spends too much time playing to an otherworldly suspense that simply isn't there.
New York Daily News
As a meditation on love and loss, the award-winning script is perhaps too blunt.
Pearce and Bonham Carter are remarkably photogenic, but the movie is fitful and mannered to a fault, full of watery allusions and stormy scares.
Petroni's directorial debut is too bittersweet and atmospheric for its own good, wrapping a potentially strong story in too many layers of misty emotion.
Miami Herald
The movie's hokey mysticism and heaving melancholy is closer in spirit to a solemn Hallmark greeting card.
New York Post
The two young actors are very engaging, but the chemistry between Pearce and Bonham Carter is less than zero and there's altogether too much heavy-handed, watery symbolism for comfort.
Quickly causes viewers to lose patience, then interest.
Entertainment Weekly
Petroni takes the poem at face value, turning diaphanous literary imagery opaque and literal.
Chicago Sun-Times
There must still be a kind of moony young adolescent girl for which this film would be enormously appealing, if television has not already exterminated the domestic example of that species.

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