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Whats wrong with you people?!
jayfril21 May 2003
Worst movie of the year? Ok...the name is SLACKERS! Not Schindlers List Part 2. Why do you people try to pull so much meaning out of these stoner flicks? What are you thinking when you rent these movies? That you'll find a diamond in the rough? A Spielbergian classic?!? I like stupid humor. Sue me. I can laugh dumb nonsense. I've shown this to a ton of people and they all found humor in it. Cool Ethan is quite possibly the craziest character ever written and what his face from Rushmore pulls it off perfectly. Plus whats his face from that Stan video is PIMP in this movie. Seriously...take notes from STAN, eminems greatest fan.

My advice to you critics that downplay a stupid script in the first place is to stop watching comedy's. Stop now while you're ahead. Thank you and good day.
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very low grade teen comedy (spoilers)
Roland E. Zwick30 July 2002
Warning: Spoilers
Just when you begin to think that the teen movie genre can't get any worse, along comes a film like `Slackers' to remind us that barrel-bottom scraping has long stood as one of Hollywood's most lucrative and time-honored traditions.

`Slackers' features a trio of amoral buddies who spend most of their time devising elaborate schemes to help each other cheat their way through college. Starting from this rather dubious premise, the film proceeds to encompass every cliché from every teen comedy ever made. With few exceptions, the characters are all unlikable oafs, some of whom actually seem to be suffering from some serious cases of mental illness. It's a little difficult to laugh when you begin to see someone as a genuine threat to the safety and welfare of other people in the vicinity.

As with most youth comedies, `Slackers' serves up a plethora of crude sex gags, only in this case, none of them come across as particularly witty or imaginative. In an attempt to achieve a certain `originality' the film also throws in a few `fantasy' sequences that fall flat through sheer lack of inspiration. Moreover, the college classroom scenes are all appallingly unconvincing, particularly in terms of the kinds of shenanigans that are permitted during test-taking times. And the silly, all's-forgiven ending rings as hollow as everything else in the film.

`Slackers' bombed big time at the box office upon its release in early 2002. Perhaps that shows that Hollywood CAN go broke underestimating the intelligence of its audience after all. It gives one cause for hope.
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An under-rated subversive take on the normal teen fare
loserchic22 January 2003
I'm actually a huge fan of all teen films, but I think this one was vastly under-rated. Some comments give the impression that it is another gross-out teen romp with nothing new to offer. In actual fact although it may be ranked alongside films such as American Pie Road Trip etc, and though it shares common themes, it is actually a far superior film. As a result, people expect a film similar to the aforementioned, and are faced instead with one which has slightly more to offer. I found this very entertaining and surprising; quite subversive and original in actual fact, more likely to appeal to a greater intellect than that of a 13 year-old the jokes are more ironic and subtle in general, with a few obvious "gross-out" moments sprinkled in between. Though these as well are done with tongue firmly in cheek.

I would highly recommend this film, and prepare to be presently surprised by a film that most people fobbed off as another teen movie, but which is actually a lot more than that.
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not a good movie (spoilers)
mattd12413 September 2002
Warning: Spoilers
Well, I just ordered this on my pay-per-view at home because I was bored and needed a laugh. I have to admit, I did chuckle a few times, but I don't even remember what parts they were at. I don't understand why this movie was made. It claims to be a comedy but seriousuly, I don't find a singing penis, or a naked 70 year old woman very funny. This movie was trying to fit itself into the 'gross-out' comedies of recent years such as American Pie and Road Trip, but it just failed miserably. It was way to much gross-out then it was comedy. Also, why on earth did Cameron Diaz attach her name to this movie?!?! The only thing I liked about this movie was when Dave and Angela were in the pool. I thought it was sexy and enjoyable and well-done. Besides that, avoid this movie. 3/10
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another cheap story...
rak7822 May 2002
Love, hate, fun, blackmail, cheating, slacking, faking, should be good huh ?! Well, once again, WRONG. It's another cheap story, with no action, low humor and some collage underlife. Waste your money on something else, this sucks. I'm sorry for the casting, maybe in some other screenplay they would be better...
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Funny College Movie
General_G22 October 2005
If you like teenage/college humor and dirty jokes, this is your movie. The whole movie is basically goofy college humor and most movies like that don't really have a well thought out movie. With this they had all of that without forgetting about what the movie was about or ruining the story at the end. I felt very sorry for Dave when Ethan lied to Angela about him. Luckily they got everything settled out. I liked some of the actors and actresses who played minor characters in the movie too like Michael McDonald, Retta and Jim Rash. I'm surprised actor Michael C. Maronna isn't as big as he is because he was funny in this movie. He should get himself into more movies like this. See this movie if you haven't seen it. If you have, see it again.
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One of the funnier teen movies
Darkest_Rose28 January 2003
Slackers is a very funny and enjoyable teen movie. Of course it's dumb, but who cares, you'll get a few laughs and feel like you did something worthwhile for two hours. Anyways, Slackers is about three friends that always cheat their way through tests and always get away with it until the psychopathic school geek ethan(Jason Schwartzman) finds out and starts blackmailing them. Unless one of the cheaters named Dave(Devon Sawa) can get the beautiful Angela(James King) to go out with Ethan, he will kick Dave and both of his friends out of the school. Jason Schwartzman was very funny and also Laura Prepon did a very funny performance. She played Angela's sex crazed roomate Reanna. Devon Sawa did also a pretty good job. If you want to see a movie that will make you laugh and just plain relax for two hours, watch slackers. I would give Slackers 6/10
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Below Average
Meredith-74 November 2003
This film looked promising but it was actually pretty bad. The premise was O.K, but the plot itself was terrible. The actors tried their best with limited material, but they could not rise above the mean spiritedness of this tacky college film. Jason Schwartzman was once again immensely irritating - even more so than in Rushmore, the rest of the cast were quite non-eventful. Scenes that should have been fun turned out to be off-putting & incredibly juvenile. Tries to be a Road Trip/American Pie but fails dismally on all levels. A total waste of everyone's time.
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james cherrywood12 April 2005
Warning: Spoilers
It was so terrible. It wasn't fun to watch at all. Even the scene where the girl is using a vibrator, even that's not fun to watch in this movie. I say again, the scene where a girl is masturbating with a vibrator is not even fun to watch. Or maybe if that was the only part of the movie that you watched, just girl on couch using a vibrator. Maybe they should have just released that one scene in theaters, maybe then the movie would be enjoyable on a certain level. My advice, fast forward to that point, watch it, rewind the movie, watch it again, rewind, repeat. Maybe you could enjoy yourself for 2 hours that way. This movie ranks alongside I spit on your grave and Doom generation in the category of worst movies that I have ever seen.
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gag me
FulhamFan327 December 2004
Warning: Spoilers
This is the worst movie I have ever seen. I was deceived into thinking it might be good because a couple of my favorite actors are in it. Now I want to punch Jason Schwartzman in the face for taking this role. I was physically ill after watching this film. I really don't understand Hollywood sometimes. There are so many people trying to break in that I'm sure you can skim off the top and get the very best. That way the worst movie you make is equivalent to Ferris Beullar instead of this sludge. The gags like the hair doll and blatantly ripping off jeans commercials added to the humorlessness of the film. Glad I avoided this film and watched it on TV. This proves that you should avoid January releases at all cost.
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"Slackers" slacks on story but not on laughs.
Andrew St. Clair1 February 2002
Warning: Spoilers
Every once and a while a movie comes out that the critics can't stand. In fact, it seems like every other week doesn't it?

Well, this week it's Slackers, the very disjointed, (but still funny), comedy Starring Devon Sawa, James King and Jason Schwartzman. Dave (Devon Sawa), Sam (Jason Segel) and Jeff (Michael C. Maronna) are the best cheaters on campus cheating their way though college with elaborate scams and cons that probably take more planning and energy than it would take to actually study hard. No, there will be no moral judgement here. It's just an observation. Besides, the scamming looks like it's more fun than cramming for finals. Luckily, it's fun for the audience as well.

Things are going alright for our 3 man crew until Dave makes the mistake of taking Ethan's (Jason Schwartzman) seat during an exam. Dave also screws things up by flirting with and giving a phone number to Angela (James King). The problem isn't that Dave gave his phone number. It's that he wrote it on a teachers copy of an exam... which Angela didn't take with her.

When Ethan finds this incriminating evidence he threatens to get the boys kicked out of school unless they hook him up with his dream girl, Angela. So, our "slackers" set out to do the impossible by finding out what makes Angela tick by visiting her dorm room and parents home, stealing her notebooks and copying e-mail files. This is all for not because the socially awkward Ethan doesn't have a chance. Especially since it's Dave that she likes and not "Cool Ethan".

As with all teen comedies there is conflict. Some newly found trust issues temporarily break up the threesome and when Angela finds out that Dave may have seduced her only because of Ethan's blackmail scheme she breaks up with him. Eventually our cheaters figure out that their friendship is more important than a diploma. With his friends help, Dave finds the courage to finally confront Angela and tell her the truth as well as how much he loves her and how he found his true self by loving her blah, blah, blah. Nothing really new here.

What is funny about "Slackers" are the frequent fantasy sequences and dick and fart Jokes. Some gags are very funny such as Ethan's fantasy making out with 2 girls at once and a sequence portraying the friendship of the "slackers". Of course some are not so funny such as Ethan groping a 70 year old Mamie Van Doren. Ugh!).

The real standouts of the flick are Jason Segel and Michael C. Maronna. You may remember Segel from his guest performances as Eric, Lizzie's on again off again boyfriend on TV's Undeclared and Maronna playing a "real" slacker in the Ameritrade commercials. These two upstage Sawa and Schwartzman easily. It also helps that they are included in the films funnier scenes. They also seem like they had the most fun on the set. Laura Prepon (That 70's Show) has a small role as Angela's very sexual roommate. She really doesn't have much to do except masturbate on a couch and complain that the test in a woman's magazine rates her "two points above skank" (Go Figure).

The major problem is that while many of the gags in the flick are funny on their own, many of them seem out of place and seem to be there only to break up the "run of the mill" love story. Also, upon closer inspection the blackmail plot is full of holes. Our heroes could have easily stolen all of the evidence back making Ethan's case very weak.

So, while you shouldn't expect the worst comedy of the year, (so far, that honor goes to Kung Pow: Enter the Fist), "Slackers" belongs in the "guilty pleasure" file. It's not bad enough that you'll hate it. But, it's not good enough to recommend it without feeling embarrassed that you paid "good money" to see it.
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Very Entertaining "Rent this Movie"
roadie6228 January 2004
I don't know why so many people disliked I found it really entertaining even though it's not the funnest movie in the world it still has a really great story and the acting by both James King and Devon Sawa is great please go out and rent this movie again you will end up liking this movie you will end up liking it.
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While not an instant classic as a whole, there are some memorable funny parts if you like this type of movie.
paul_supercala23 January 2002
Although not the best comedy in recent memory, it's not the worst either. After starting out the year with the dreadful "Orange County", this one has something worse to compare it to. In "Slackers" there are some funny laugh-out-loud moments, even if they are kind of distasteful. First time director Dewey Nicks keeps the pace rolling with this predictable, yet amusing story. As long as you're not going in expecting a comedy masterpiece, you'll probably have a good time. This one follows the gross-out trend that "American Pie" helped to re-launch. Devon Sawa ("Final Destination") and James King ("Pearl Harbor") make a cute couple being torn apart by the purposely annoying and obsessed Jason Schwartzman ("Rushmore"). Throw in a typical "bet about the girl - she finds out and gets mad" plot and supposedly you'll get a successful teen movie. But wasn't this spoofed already? The characters are fairly amusing, but it's pretty hard to pull of a comedy that's funny during its entire length, especially when there's not a lot of new ideas to offer. After the 5th title change, the unoriginally named "Slackers" was chosen and scripted by "American Pie 2" writer David H. Steinberg. While it breaks no new ground and has a pretty cheesy ending, the movie was made for teens and will probably do well with them. If you fit the demographic or just enjoy gross-out humor, go check it out. Otherwise, don't saw I didn't warn you!
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Slackers fails to deliver the laughs
christian12317 May 2005
Slackers is just another teen movie that's not really worth watching. Dave (Devon Sawa), Sam (Jason Segel) and Jeff (Michael C. Maronna) are about to graduate from Holden University with Honors in lying, cheating and scheming. The three roommates have proudly scammed their way through the last four years of college and now, during final exams, these big-men-on-campus are about to be busted by the most unlikely dude in school. The plot is very stupid and there's no reason why to watch this unless your looking to shut off you brain for a little while. Slackers is just a predictable teen flick that really adds nothing new to the genre. The comedy in Slackers is either hit or miss but there's no real true funny or original moment in the movie. Its really just a collection of gags and some are actually pretty funny. Though for every joke that works there's at least eight more that don't. The screenplay is full of penis and breast jokes that some high school and college students may enjoy. Even if they do they probably won't remember this film after awhile as its not a very memorable comedy. Jason Schwartzman plays the freaky Ethan and after appearing in some good comedies he has stoop pretty low. Jaime King and Devon Sawa are the other main stars but they do a rather poor job in this film. This is directed by Dewey Nicks and this is his first film so you can't blame him too much. The funniest character was probably Laura Prepon though, she's not in the movie very much. The film is very short at only 86 minutes long however, that may be too long for some people who don't really like this type of humor. Slackers isn't the worst film of 2002 but certainly is below average. When compared to other films in the genre there's a lot better out there such as Not Another Teen Movie, American Pie and its sequels , Scary Movie 1 & 2 etc. So unless you have seen most of them and you're looking for something new then Slackers might fit that bill but its better if you just watch something else. Rating 4.3/10 a below average teen comedy that's worth skipping.
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The state of American filmmaking hits a new low
kjm5 February 2002
The American Heritage Dictionary lists approximately 14 definitions for the word "suck." I would like to nominate a 15th: "Slackers." It's not funny, it's not campy, it's not so-bad-you-have-to-laugh funny, it's just limp and lifeless. Kick it and it may twitch, but just as a reaction. There's no independent life inside. That scratching sound you hear in the background in certain scenes is the screenwriter and director scraping the bottom of the barrel of other teen comedies looking for some laughs. It's a derivative example of a derivative genre. It's redundant. It has Mamie Van Doren in a bathtub. It has non-actors portraying non-students. It's a non-film, anti-art and flatulent, but not in a fun way.
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Smart Comedy Gone Stupid !
ahmed elshikh17 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
(David H. Steinberg)'s script seemed initially having some real smart points that could've made good romantic comedy, BUT BUT BUT, oh dear ! What did ever happen in the way ???!!!!

I'll tell you what happened. Originally it's (Animal House - 1978) and (Porky's - 1982). Although that was long time ago, but those are the pioneers, the godfathers of the new genre : the crude teen comedy. Then the 1990s came. After important instances that became smash hits (repulsive ones am I add) such as (Problem Child - 1990), (Dumb and Dumber - 1994), (The Nutty Professor - 1996), and (There's Something About Mary - 1998) which I think slackers is affected by, there was the top of the era and the prophet of the next era, the one and only : (American Pie - 1999) which's undoubtedly and incomparably a genre's icon. After that I think every comedy of that kind got to be that highly filthy, cum laude nasty, to be admired by the youth otherwise it might be out of fashion !

I believe that (Slackers) had a smart plot first as a script, then its makers got to add some real big amount of : rudeness, filthiness, strangely shameless sex to be made - at those days - as easy as pie ! Like they had to fill every scene with freely elements such as : masturbation, oral sex, urination.. etc just to look a la' mode. They're wholly unnecessary elements to the story but surely THEY ARE so necessary to make the profits, and to catch the latest vogue in making teen comedies. The problem is in how all of that has replaced already any possible comedy in it.

Some of its moments looked literally horrible, and that as you see is the point. It's all in (Jason Schwartzman)'s looks and performance; memorably disgusting to the utmost. So the ambition transformed from being that romantic comedy into making what wasn't done before of pure skinning images. To be more like a horror where you're asking all the time; what nastier would happen ? (vomiting, farting,.. etc); these are the easiest combination to create a comedy nowadays.

Though even if you hated it you've got to love something (mostly for being bold), for me it was only Gina Gershon cameo's scene. Anyhow they designed it as a whole to achieve being outrages-for-outrageousness, like an adolescent's naughty dream. Though the majority of it was near to anybody's nightmare.

What made me sad is that this one at its core was a real potential work, and not another cheap, another stupid comedy as it eventually managed to be. Remember well the details of stealing the exam (the first 2 minutes), so the movie's main plot (weirdo trying to reach a girl by blackmailing cool guys) through the pattern of (boy loves girl, and girl loves another boy) because save that, it's nothing but a candidly schlock. It dealt with its material the tacky way bunch of dirty college boys, who got nothing to do but making mawkish quip out of anything, would do. It ended up as being, and I'm sorry to say it, a smiling sh*t !

At its end it said something (can you imagine !) about how it's the time and the place too for the impostor or the slack to win, totally like this comedy itself. It sounds good ending yet for totally another better movie; which could assure my opinion about this one as smart one.. Once ! And it doesn't need much to understand that this movie's makers were the real slackers ! Maybe being stupid is a way to be smart in Hollywood, but even if.. The final result here wasn't at least witty by any sense of the word.

P.S : Its scriptwriter (David H. Steinberg), who wrote the story of (American Pie 2) as well, has a main page at the IMDb where you'll find under the "Additional Details" his usual "Plot Keywords" which are : Sex / Vulgarity / Crude Humor /... They just forgot to write Urineing while Showering or Baring 70 Year Old Women !
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decent movie
taylormarch3 May 2004
As a sexy comedy,this movie works.The plot seems a bit too contrived,but the acting is good.Devon Sawa is a former child star and DiCaprio type of teen heartthrob who is doing well with adult roles. He was great in NOW AND THEN(1995) as the boyfriend and in IDLE HANDS(1999) as the pothead. SLACKERS is a good grown-up role for him, although he will ultimately need better scripts if he is to break out and become a major star.

Scwartzman is fantastic. He reprises his role from RUSHMORE,but he plays it in a more seedy, hateful, sociopathic way.And King, what can one says? She is terrific.

I was not looking at this flick with too critical of an eye. It is not Shakespeare. But if you don't mind some raunchy humor, realistic language,and brief nudity, this film works on its own level as a college comedy.
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mrminator4 February 2002
This movie has no plot and no focus. Yes, it's supposed to be a slap-stick, stupid comedy, but the screen-writers have no idea what the movie was about. Even the title doesn't go along with the movie. It should have been called "Cool Ethan" or "Cheaters Never Win" or something like that. The characters are not developed and no one cares what happens to them! The girl roommate character (from That 70's Show) was the only person worth watching. She was hilarious and stole every scene she was in. The others need to make sure that their own college diplomas are in the works since they'll need a career other than acting.
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Another Awful Teen Comedy
mustican2 July 2006
The Slackers as titled in this movie are three college friends Dave, Jeff and Sam(Devon Sawa, Michael Maronna and Jason Segel respectively), who are about to graduate from university without sitting through an honest exam but making it end successfully. This continues until the very end when unlikeable but the most likable character of the movie Nathan(Schwartzman) figures out what they are up to. Nathan starts blackmailing in order to make up with his dream girl as he cant pursue that in normal conditions. The only problem is when the trio starts to work on it, Dave falls in love with the gorgeous and good hearted Angela(James King) Unfortunately, not a brilliant genre movie. Schwartzman makes to watch the movie easy as his performance is brilliant. King's performance is average, I think she was hired just to be around with her gorgeous look. The Slackers is reminiscent of American Pie with a different direction. Jokes are as shallow as in American Pie. But aren't they all used? I think this movie is a warning to the filmmakers of the genre that they are running out of originality. Overall, a few smiley moments but a horrible movie in terms of acting(except for Schwartzman) and subject. * out of *****
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Ugly, that's all that can be said
unfound7 September 2002
Warning: Spoilers
There's a lot of movies that have set release dates, only to get pulled from distribution due to a legal snafu of some kind, and then put in limbo for a long time. You can only wish a film as rotten as "Slackers" remained in a coma for what it's worth, which is miniscule. Release dates were continually shifted around for this truly awful movie that is so much a bleep on the radar like it deserves. The premise kicks off under the guise of Ethan, a creepy nerd with a scary obsession for the campus bombshell Angela. Ethan devilishly enlists the aid of David and his friends who have been scamming the school for their entire run with blackmail to help win Angela. I don't like to give spoilers out, but for a piece of crap like this I can make an exception. Angela falls for David, Ethan intentionally screws everything up, the good guys win. That's what happens in a nutshell for another tired retread of the teen gross out genre. Gross humor is funny, it always has been dating back to the days of the immortal classic "Animal House", to the likes of contemporaries like "There's Something About Mary" and "Road Trip" amongst dozens of others of which there are too many to mention. But when you use it as a plot point you can only get so far, case in point, Ethan has an Angela doll composed of her individual strands of hair of which he does god knows what with it. No one wants to take witness to watch Ethan urinating in the shower while singing to himself. No one wants to watch a young man singing "She'll be coming around the mountain" with a sock on his penis. But nothing can prepare you for the full visual assault of seeing 50's bombshell Mamie Van Doren bare her breasts at 71 years old. I don't know if it's the story's lack of coherence, which cuts to scenes that make absolutely no sense. Director Dewey Nicks was a former fashion photographer, and after reviewing this film, you can only wish he'll go back to the profession. The worst thing you can do on any film, is to make it look like you're having fun, because you detract from your objectives, just like "Slackers" does, by burying it's plot outline under a pile of gross out gags, pointless vignettes, and lack of construction. It's like a bunch of college students got drunk, took one's camcorder, and shot a bunch of random crap and compiled it together. If you want to see a teen gross out comedy that's actually good, then I suggest "American Pie" and "Animal House", or "Road Trip", just something that's entertaining, and not dreadfully bad like "Slackers". Coincidentally Cameron Diaz makes a cameo in this film, just as she did in another bad film such as "The Sweetest Thing" where the story treats gross humor like another plot, instead of a device much like this disaster.. If you pass by "Slackers" at your local video store, just keep on walking, and let it end up at the bottom of the shelf like it deserves.
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The Worst Film of 2002? Maybe...
MovieAddict201624 July 2003
I think we can all agree unanimously that teen films are getting worse and worse every year. John Hughes' teen flicks from the 1980s were very special, because they showed "real" teens in "real" situations, and not the stereotypical figures present in all teen films these days. "Not Another Teen Movie" may not have been a great flick, but at least it had the courage to try and spoof all the other films from its genre - "Slackers" doesn't; it just becomes another teen flick.

Here's what we've got: The Three Cool Guys (one of which is an Ugly Cool Guy who should be a Dork) on Campus get blackmailed by The Geek, who wants The Hot Girl, who is interested in The Head Cool Guy, who tries to get The Geek hooked up with her, but ends up falling in love with The Hot Girl. The Other Two Cool Guys get hooked up with other Ugly Girls, and The Geek remains a geek. There always has to be a small band of cool guys breezing past school, there always has to be a geek, there always has to be a pretty girl, and there always has to be the girl everyone thought they wanted but found out they didn't after all.

"Slackers" is about The Three Cool Guys (including "Night of the Twisters's" Devon Sawa) who are happily cheating their way through college, until The Geek ("Rushmore's" Jason Schwartzman) sees them cheating and blackmails them. He wants to get hooked up with The Hot Girl in school, but as I said before, The Hot Girl is interested in The Head Cool Guy, and so when The Geek finds out what's going down he gets mad.

This film is so basic it hurts, but even when you think it can't get more does. The director, Dewey Nicks, has got to be one of the most untalented slackers (har-har) to ever film a movie. Every scene is not only handled with minimum care, preperation and outcome, but shots are suddenly split in between other shots, and imaginations are put into sudden shots. Maybe one time is original, the fiftieth time it gets annoying. It's like a really bad music video that just won't stop playing. Among these very badly cut scenes is one where Jason Schwartzman is talking to two girls and suddenly imagines them licking him all over, then it cuts back to them talking, then licking. Another is when The Three Cool Guys start imagining themselves bicycling and shooting "Star Wars" guns and being chained to a bed by a transvestite. That didn't make sense, did it? No. It doesn't when it suddenly appears in the film, either.

I saw Devon Sawa's first breakthrough role, TV's "Night of the Twisters," and I then saw him in "Wild America." What has happened to him since? "Idle Hands" and "Final Destination" and "Extreme Ops" is what, and honestly I don't think I hear many people talk about him at all. I blame it on "Slackers"; right as his career as an actor started to take off he got stuck in the middle of this wretched film. Eh, I never really liked him anyway.

I do, however, like Jason Schwartzman, who showed some real talent in "Rushmore," which was a bit of a teen movie but had more originality, flare and humor than this film. (It also starred Bill Murray.) "Slackers" has made me lose interest in Schwartzman, because I cannot honestly understand why a young man with so much talent would choose this script over all the others he could have had at this point in his career.

"Slackers" has made me lose respect for everyone involved in the project. If you like any of the actors involved in this horrible production classified as film, I suggest you stay away from it.

1/5 stars -

John Ulmer

(P.S. - Notice the unbilled cameo from Cameron Diaz in the film.)
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Irredeemably awful!
ant-man25 September 2002
If you enjoy films like American Pie, Road Trip & Van Wilder; avoid this cinematic refuse at all costs. It is an unamusing, mean-spirited, insipid waste of resources that should never have been discussed aloud; much less actually recorded and sold to unsuspecting consumers. Easily the worst film I have seen in the past 18 months; mind-numbingly bad for the entire 86 minutes of it's runtime. Had it been much longer, I would not have been able to write this review without using profanity. Consider yourself warned!
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a rotten film
hdhudson11 June 2002
This was surely the stupidest, crudest, most repulsive film I have seen in quite some time. I was tempted to turn off the VCR, but, as in the fascination watching a horrible car accident, I literally found it COMPULSIVELY HATEABLE in every conceivable way and slugged it out through to the end. I am by no means a prude who objects to the comedic portrayal of sexual antics on the screen. Animal House, Porky's, There's Something About Mary, both American Pie movies, and even the notorious Freddy Got Fingered I have found highly enjoyable on their own crude terms. Mamie Van Doren's breast-baring sponge bath is the most horrifying appearance by a naked geriatric since The Shining. Ineptly edited and shot, with incredibly annoying performances from Devon Sawa and Jason Schwartzman, the film ended, without the benefit of having made me giggle once. The only useful purpose for the film is as a textbook example of how not to make a gross out picture. Oh, and it would also serve nicely as a lawn fertilizer.
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Unique and Entertaining
GorgonHeep12 June 2002
When "Slackers" was originally released in theaters, it was given a very low rating. This is difficult to understand, when it turned out to be a very creative movie. The characters are easy to enjoy, as the antics of Dave (Devon Sawa), Sam (Jason Segel), and Jeff (Michael Maronna) make them out to be some sort of wild "A-Team", with a variety of special skills. Ethan's (Jason Schwartzman) obsession over Angela (James King) is more dark than it is comical, and is a fairly good example of a not so rare obsession which is found in young men in everyday life. What I found to be most unique about the movie were the day-dream/imagination sequences, in which there is a good look into the minds of the characters. Although their thoughts are rather bizarre, I think real-people can make a connection when comparing it to their own times of letting their imagination stretch and be non-sensical. My favorite scene has to be the swimming scene between Dave and Angela at night in the school pool. It was beautifully filmed, and combined with the appropriate music, it is a very strong film sequence that really drew me in. Overall, I am glad that I took the time to watch this movie, as I regard it highly as a favorite of mine after now having seen it.
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