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The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Before immediately handing the movie an F and sending it off to summer school, give the filmmakers, and especially co-star Jason Schwartzman, credit for their anarchic willingness to try anything to shock a laugh loose from an audience.
New York Post
So patchy in its laughs, so calculated in its grossness and so lacking in genuine comic exuberance, it makes you look at "Road Trip" in an admiring new light.
Portland Oregonian
A disappointing venture. If only it had been more clever, perhaps darker.
A discordant comedy that gives bad taste a bad name.
New York Daily News
Slackers depends on the pathetic Ethan and the flatulent Sam for most of its laughs, and both characters are more revolting than amusing.
The gags are familiar collegiate stuff, involving horny young men, horny old whores -- horny young tramps -- silly foreigners, uptight authority figures, homosexuals and sassy fat women.
Film Threat
The title not only describes its main characters, but the lazy people behind the camera as well.
Washington Post
How bad is it? Let me count just some of the ways.
So lazy and slipshod it confuses the mere flashing of kinky soft-core imagery with naughty fun.
Chicago Sun-Times
A dirty movie. Not a sexy, erotic, steamy or even smutty movie, but a just plain dirty movie. It made me feel unclean, and I'm the guy who liked "There's Something About Mary" and both "American Pie" movies.

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