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Surprisingly accurate and smart (for a TV movie)
danielle-239 March 2003
This was surprisingly intelligent for a TV movie, and quite true to my own experience of bulimia. It was actually well-researched, and I can only assume it was written by someone who's gone through a similar experience, because it had all the little details. The characters were quite well-drawn, and the performances by Mare Winningham and Alison Lohman were great. I think what I like most was that they made them specific and smart, and there was no dumbing down of the reasons for Beth's bulimia (it wasn't some "diet gone out of control, caused by the pressures placed on girls by the media, pressures we're not actually going to address..."). Her mother wasn't completely clueless - too often on television they'll take an issue that EVERYONE has some awareness of and try to tell us that their protagonists are the last remaining people on earth who don't ("Diabetes? What's that? Oh, my world is all askew, doctor, please explain it all to me as if I'm a small child", etc). It was brilliant that her mother was a psychologist and even she didn't see the signs. And the scenes where Beth was throwing up weren't OVERLY melodramatic and sensationalist, and concentrated more on bulimics' need for secrecy, and their out-of-controlness. The scene where Beth tells her mother she's bulimic would've made me cry if there hadn't been other people in the room.

Okay, so I liked those bits. What didn't work for me so well was the ending, which headed back to the TV movie territory we know and don't particularly love, but I guess they had to wrap it up. "You, too, can cure your child's eating disorder, if you have lots and lots of money and live in America..."

And can I just say again that I really like Mare Winningham. She's great.
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Anyone with any kind of ED should watch this...................
kattyfantastico24 January 2005
Right i'm not going to waste time being complacent, sorry to gush but i loved this movie, not before has such an accurate and true portrayal of the silent epidemic of bulimia nervosa been witnessed on celluloid.

Everything in this movie not only mirrored my own experiences but bared witness to the underlying emotions, the driving force behind such self-destruction, when Beth glares ineptly into the mirror at her self as her friend tells her she doesn't have to do it because she's already skinny and she screams "i do it because i'm messed up" i can't help but want to embrace the writer , i may write a letter of thanks, but at least the curtain veil on the real reason behind Ed's are finally being revealed, to quote the reviewer before me it's not some diet "gone wrong".

Back to the film, very strong and nonchalant performances from Mare Winningham and Alison Lohman, the first part of the movie see's us adapt to Beth as a person and what's going on in her life, here i feel the point wavers slightly, it's the "classic" scenario, nice kid, high achiever but hides a deeply embedded insecurity. It really carries it's weight in the last forty five minutes as we see Beth come to terms with recovery, i must say the scene were Beth tells her mother she's bulimic has to be one of the most heart rendering and accurate ever, (well maybe not ever) but the point is it really conveys the sense of awkwardness of it all, her mothers disbelief, the shouting, the crying, Beth's cries are enough to make even the hardest of people wail, it's the epitome of desperation leaking out and i defy anyone not to feel a pang of sadness. What was also so brilliant about this film was the fact that Beth's mum was a therapist but even she failed to notice what was happening to her daughter, it really is shocking, nothing in the move is ever overly dramatised and kudos to the end scene in which it is not so glaringly obvious that Beth is over her disorder yet, anyone who's had any kind of Ed knows it is not that easy to get over...........
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Superb and sensitive study of bulimic teenager
robert-temple-13 February 2008
This is a film which should be seen by anybody interested in, effected by, or suffering from an eating disorder. It is an amazingly accurate and sensitive portrayal of bulimia in a teenage girl, its causes and its symptoms. The girl is played by one of the most brilliant young actresses working in cinema today, Alison Lohman, who was later so spectacular in 'Where the Truth Lies'. I would recommend that this film be shown in all schools, as you will never see a better on this subject. Alison Lohman is absolutely outstanding, and one marvels at her ability to convey the anguish of a girl suffering from this compulsive disorder. If barometers tell us the air pressure, Alison Lohman tells us the emotional pressure with the same degree of accuracy. Her emotional range is so precise, each scene could be measured microscopically for its gradations of trauma, on a scale of rising hysteria and desperation which reaches unbearable intensity. Mare Winningham is the perfect choice to play her mother, and does so with immense sympathy and a range of emotions just as finely tuned as Lohman's. Together, they make a pair of sensitive emotional oscillators vibrating in resonance with one another. This film is really an astonishing achievement, and director Katt Shea should be proud of it. The only reason for not seeing it is if you are not interested in people. But even if you like nature films best, this is after all animal behaviour at the sharp edge. Bulimia is an extreme version of how a tormented soul can destroy her own body in a frenzy of despair. And if we don't sympathise with people suffering from the depths of despair, then we are dead inside.
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So true!
nsvsv997 October 2001
I cried my heart out, watching this movie. I have never suffered from any eating disorder, but I think this must be a very true picture.

Alison Lohman is excellent! She expresses these feelings amazingly well. My teenage years came back to me so vividly. Anyone who has gone through difficult times as a child or teenager will be able to relate to this movie. I recommend you all to see it!

The music is great too - I've now discovered Diana Lorden.

I'm also looking forward to seeing Alison Lohman in White Oléander, because I am positive she is perfectly suited for the role as Agnes.
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It's not about you.
cabasaexpert3518 April 2005
This was a pretty good movie, I liked it. I thought it was a pretty accurate look at bulimia and how it's not about dieting, it's about having a pain so deep that they have to find a way to deal with it and they choose this. Beth was a very accurately drawn character and in the scene where she confronts her mom about the eating disorder you can see the pain inside her and hear it in her voice and you know how deep the pain is that she is feeling. I also think one of the best lines in the movie is where Beth yells the words, "It's not about you." to her mother. Those words were so true and added so much to that scene in the movie. I think that that scene was definitely the most important scene in that movie.
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Hits all the right spots of what Bulimia is really about!
Silly2816 January 2006
This was the best movie I've ever seen about Bulimia. It hit the exact spot of what Bulimia is really about and how it's not always about being skinny and dieting. It showed how people with Bulimia tend to think about things such as their outlook on life, friends and themselves. The best line and the part that really shows what the problem with Bulimia is, is when Beth says,"It's not about you!" That line really showed a lot about the character and others with the same problem. It showed that people with Bulimia don't have this problem because of anything that has to do with anyone else. It has to do with them and them only. It shows that it's time to talk about the person with the problem instead of putting the attention all on themselves. It showed that Beth needed to call out for attention at that moment and she needed her mom's attention at that time the most.
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Personally I loved this movie It's amazing
whitney Angel20 August 2001
If you havn't seen this movie I highly recommend you do.It's an excellent true story.I love Alison Lohman she is so talented side note: I also loved her in 7th heaven.The whole story line is amazing and the way they chose there characters waz awesome. The acting in this film is

very awesome.
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Both great and totally not
jolien_959 December 2013
This is the only movie I've ever seen that actually represents the feelings wrapped up in an eating disorder. That scene when she tells her mom, oh my god, that was pretty much me. Actually, the whole movie is pretty much my story. So the character 'Beth' is absolutely amazing, I think, in a painful way of course. Brilliantly acted, too. The only thing that really bothers me, is how it ends with her fake smile again, and her thoughts that life can only be superficial... It kills me. Plus, that anorexic therapist, who is obviously still so insecure and only thinking about doing and saying the right thing... Awful. And her mom, who apparently just wants her daughter to be well, since whenever she's angry, her mom turns her the cold shoulder, and Beth comes crawling back, of course. It's so painful to watch, I would much rather have seen her mom just being confronted and Beth being taken care of and made stronger and comforted to realize that the world can actually be really hopeful, and joyful, and great. Hmm, bit of a psychobabble, but obviously this movie means a lot to me.
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love it
penguinmadash4 February 2007
well i wasn't sure what the film was going to be like as i had only seen a little clip but i was thinking its going to be good and i was right i watched it twice on the day i got it and well it is my favourite film.

i think Alison Lohan played the part of beth really well she is such a grate actress and the writer must have gone into a lot of research to find out about bulimia although the ending when beth is in the hospital an has 2 Horus observation after meals because iv been told like 1 house is OK and also that hospitals doesn't help bulimics as iv been told which is probably why I'm still at home even tho my sister and mum would like to have me hospitalised as i to have bulimia but this is a grate film i recommend it to any one with or with out an eating disorder or for people who know some one with eating disorders as it can let them in to the lives of a bulimic person and see the world how they do a bit over all a grate film and i recommend it to any one and any type of person
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