Supernatural Season 8 Spoiler: ‘Men Of Letters’ Drama To Get Revisited & More

'Men Of Letters' drama to get revisited & more in this new Supernatural season 8 spoiler tease. Recently, TV Line served up a new,very interesting teaser spoiler for "Supernatural" season 8,and it turns out that we're going to be revisiting that "Men Of Letters" storyline that was introduced to us a couple of episodes back when Dean and Sam's grandfather, Henry Winchester, traveled through time to seek out their dead father. They revealed that we're going to find out both the positive and negative aspects of that legacy. Executive Producer and TV Line ,served up the juicy details with the following statement: " Given what a winning introduction the Men of Letters received earlier this year, surely that’s not the last we’ve seen or heard of the secret organization, right? Right… ish. “We will absolutely see the positive and negative effects of being legacies,” says Ep Jeremy Carver, adding that
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Interview With Robert Redford On The Company You Keep

Robert Redford is a man known around Hollywood for doing his own thing, marching to the beat of his own drum so to say, and he’s continued that mentality with his brand new movie The Company You Keep.

Detailing the life of a former Weather Underground activist who is on the run from the FBI, Redford’s newest directorial effort is just as intelligently crafted as usual, paying proper attention to historical details and opinions, and Redford also delivers a now typical fantastic performance serving as the film’s lead character.

I had the opportunity to catch up with Robert for a roundtable interview in New York City while he was promoting The Company You Keep, and it was an honor to sit and listen to true cinematic royalty.

We talked to Robert about his film as much as possible, but we also learned a thing or two along the way.
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Robert Redford Reveals His Documentary All The President’s Men Revisited

Today in New York City I was able to attend a roundtable discussion with director/actor Robert Redford on his upcoming film The Company You Keep, but he also let us in on some exclusive information about his upcoming documentary All The President’s Men Revisited, which was announced last year.

Redford starred alongside Dustin Hoffman in the Watergate scandal film All The President’s Men, but it looks like the actor’s immense interest in how journalism shifts from decade to decade has brought about his new documentary, which takes a look at the Watergate events in an entirely new light.

See below for his quote:

“On April the 21st, we’re having a premiere in DC about a documentary I made called All The President’s Men Revisited, and I spent about a year and a half making it. I’m very proud of it.

The documentary threads
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