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7 Oct. 1999
The Koshi Rikdo Assassination Plot
Excel becomes an agent of the secret ideological organization of ACROSS, whose plan is to conquer the corrupt world (or at least F City) and remake it in its own image. Lord Ilpalazzo, ACROSS' leader, orders Excel start the conquest by exterminating the world's manga artists starting with Koshi Rikdo, the original author of the Excel Saga manga.
14 Oct. 1999
The Woman from Mars
Earth is being invaded by the Puuchus, creatures from space who are SO ADORABLY CUTE!!! It's up to Excel to save the day, despite the fact she doesn't quite know what the heck she's doing.
21 Oct. 1999
The Sacrificial Lamb of the Venomous Great Escape of Hell
In a parody of low budget action movies, Excel becomes a POW in a jungle war zone. Meanwhile Hyatt, ACROSS' newest member, is sent out by Ilpalazzo to find her.
28 Oct. 1999
Love Puny
In the style of a dating simulation game, Watenabe, one of Excel's next door neighbors, falls in love with Hyatt and takes her out on a date. Meanwhile, Ilpalazzo is shown playing a hand-held dating simulation game which is apparently influencing Wantenabe's actions.
4 Nov. 1999
The Interesting Giant Tower
Excel and Hyatt infiltrate city hall, where they stumble upon the wheeling and dealing world of the F City government.
11 Nov. 1999
The Cold Is Winter! Snowed Under Episode
Ilpalazzo sends Excel and Hyatt on an excursion to the mountains to set up lasers pointing towards F-City. Meanwhile, Wantnabe, Iwata, and Sumiyoshi (Excel's next door neighbors) join the F-City Department of City Security where they meet Misaki Matsuya, an attractive, but fierce red head.
18 Nov. 1999
Melody of the Underground Passage
Excel and Hyatt try to divert The Department of City Security's investigation of a sewer that leads to ACROSS' secret base. However, the return of those (not-so) adorable Puuchus may screw up everybody's plan.
25 Nov. 1999
Increase Ratings Week
It's girls day out as all the female characters chill out at the neighborhood pool while the guys remain off-camera. Excel and Hyatt meet up with a cute 8 year old named Cossett Sara, who actually hides dark secret.
2 Dec. 1999
Bowling Girls
While infiltrating a local bowling alley, a group of bowling terrorists take the alley and its occupants hostage. It is up to Excel, using her newfound Bowling techniques, to save the day (hopefully).
9 Dec. 1999
Elegy to the Dogs (Menchi's Great Adventure)
Menchi runs away from Excel's apartment and joins a group a strays who try to return her to her old owner.
16 Dec. 1999
Butt Out, Youth!
Excel and Hyatt investigate the Japanese education system by going undercover as teachers at Excel's old high school. While at the school, the two are charged with the task of managing the school's baseball team in their upcoming match against a rival High School.
23 Dec. 1999
Big City Part II
The F City Department of City Security shadows a young, cute (yet possessed) female detective, trying to solve the mystery of her father's murder. Meanwhile, Hyatt gets kidnapped by a couple of bumbling robbers.

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