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To create the effect of bad dubbing, writer Steve Oedekerk wrote a script of nonsensical dialogue for the actors to say. The real dialogue was dubbed during post-production. For example, when Chosen says "But, isn't Betty a woman's name?" If you read his lips he says, "But, isn't Trouble a family game?".
When the camera is positioned above the waterfall, the RMS Titanic can be seen in the water below.
With exception of the character Whoa, Steve Oedekerk did all of the other character's dubbed voices.
Part of a scene in which Chosen and Ling's father are falling down a waterfall was filmed in Steve Oedekerk's swimming pool.
Footage was used from the film Shao Lin hu ho chen tien hsia (1977) (a different translation of the title is given in the opening credits). Most of the archive footage appears to be from The Savage Killers (1976). Actors were digitally inserted into scenes from the original film.
The scene in which Chosen is talking to Mu-Shu Fasa was filmed in Steve Oedekerk's backyard with a digital video camera. A lamp was used for light and a hairdryer was used for wind.
As Mu-Shu Fasa disappears, he says, "This is CNN..." James Earl Jones is the voice that says this famous line on the CNN television channel, as well as the voice of Mufasa in The Lion King (1994) (of which Mu-Shu Fasa is an obvious parody)
The logo used for the evil council is the symbol used in the United Kingdom to represent vehicle MOT testing stations.
The "intermission" that appears following the tiny net scene was a last-minute invention by Steve Oedekerk, after a lengthy interrogation and escape scene was cut from the film. The music heard during the faux-intermission is actually recycled bumper music from steve.oedekerk.com (1997).
After Master Betty kills everyone the chosen one cares about, he decides to invent a new stronger word than "bad" and "wrong", and comes up with the portmanteau "Badong", which happens to be a county in China (Badong Xiàn).
Master Tang say that he likes the boy band *NSYNC, who provided a song for Steve Oedekerk's previous movie Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (2001).
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When the Chosen One and Ling's father fall down the waterfall, a whale falls down after them.
The film's credit list is followed by a preview for a sequel, and "Kung Pow 2" was listed as being in "pre production" on IMDB for a while in 2003-4. However, Steve Oedekerk insisted when asked about it, that the KP2 trailer was made purely as a gag, and that no sequel was ever seriously considered. The phony sequel idea may have been a tribute to Mel Brooks, who is famous for parodies similar to this one, many of which end with the promise of an outrageous, implausible sequel that Brooks never intended to make.
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