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Alternate Versions

Uses footage from The Savage Killers (1976) with actors digitally inserted into original scenes, and new dialogue overdubbed.
The DVD shows several deleted/alternate scenes. Among these are:
  • A musical number by Chosen One

  • The Evil Betty singing a song based on his "owl and bungee cord" joke

  • The Evil Betty searching for two characters hidden within a bell

  • A sequence where after being captured in the tiny net, Chosen One is taken back to Betty's lair and tortured by an old master. The torture includes being given a tattoo on his face of the word "Mouth" and an arrow pointing to his mouth. Chosen manages to escape in a battle sequence where he performs kung fu with his only free appendage (his arms and legs are bound and he is male so figure it out). After his escape he is comforted by the mono-breasted Whoa, who magically removes the tattoo.

  • All of the new footage was shot with the actors saying nonsense lines (often discussions of pies and pastries), then re-dubbed with the final dialogue so that what is heard would never match lip movements. The DVD contains the option to view the entire movie with this original audio track.

The DVD includes an additional audio track with all of the overdubbed dialogue spoken in a serious tone by a Shakespearean actor. Also included on the DVD are several sequences with alternate lines of dialogue than heard in the main film.
A DVD feature is a computer generated version of the cow-fight which was done before they filmed the scene. It has a few changes...
  • Chosen One is knocked down by the Cow. He gets up only to step into cow poo. The Cow laughs until Chosen One kicks him, which leaves a brown foot mark.

  • The cow does a summersault off a tree.

  • When Chosen One drains the Cow of milk, the Cow remains it's normal weight because...

  • The Cow attempts to take out Chosen One from behind, but he kicks the Cow in the udders.

The DVD release has a few more deleted scenes:
  • "I Believe Song: What Steve's Really Singing": This is the above mentioned song Chosen sings in it's original audio, where he sings about Sam Donaldson.

  • "Groinkick-O-Rama": In the final fight, Chosen attempts to kick, punch and even head-butt Betty in the groin, to no effect.

  • "Betty Deals With Burning Fuse": At the start of the final fight, in the temple, Chosen wraps Betty with barbed wire and ignites it. The sparks weaken Betty but he manages to get out of it.

  • "Blacksmith of Glory": Alternate version of Chosen asking the blacksmith for caps. He gets them while singing without even moving his lips.

  • "Chosen Takes A Beating: Director's Cut": Extended version of how Betty beats up Chosen after weakening his arms.

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