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Season 3

20 Oct. 2001
Out of the Blue
The story of the airship continues with a deadly airship crash, that traps Challenger and company seven years in the past.
27 Oct. 2001
The Travelers
A trio of dashing bandits with a deadly secret appear on the plateau, and Marguerite joins up with them.
3 Nov. 2001
Eye for an Eye
While exploring a dinosaur bone yard, Roxton disturbs an animal grave site and is punished by the guardian Oseena to be the prey in a hunt to the death.
10 Nov. 2001
True Spirit
Challenger and his team risk unleashing a supernatural killer to save Malone by holding a seance, which originally is started by Marguerite and Veronica's use of a Ouija board.
17 Nov. 2001
The Knife
Malone becomes the link between a knife and the infamous murders by Jack the Ripper.
24 Nov. 2001
Fire in the Sky
Marguerite and Roxton travel up river to save their friends from Roxton's former mentor.
1 Dec. 2001
Dead Man's Hill
Roxton gets stuck in the old west, pursued for a crime he didn't commit.
8 Dec. 2001
Hollow Victory
Challenger "upgrades" the adventurers balloon and the gang go on a test flight. They crash in an unforgiving land, where Malone befriends a female warrior.
12 Jan. 2002
A Witch's Calling
Challenger's scientific knowledge is put to use - when up against a powerful witch bent on destroying him and his science.
19 Jan. 2002
Brothers in Arms
Malone and Challenger get attacked by a tribe with blowpipes and darts that may cause death, and Malone ends up reliving his suppressed memories of World War 1.
21 Jan. 2002
Ice Age
A deadly new ice age which threatens the world, is set in motion, as a mysterious meteor plunges into the plateau.
2 Feb. 2002
The End Game
A beautiful woman, determined to claim Roxton's soul, turns out to be Death himself.
9 Feb. 2002
Veronica goes for a walk and is drawn toward some piano music that she can hear, walking through a mist she comes out in a village 100 years in the past, where she falls in love with a 19th century musician, unaware of his obsession.
4 Feb. 2002
The Secret
A rift between Roxton and Marguerite begins, when an assassin linked to Marguerite's secret turns up and threatens the explorers lives.
23 Feb. 2002
Challenger experiments with a mysterious energy source, and Challenger, Roxton and Marguerite are thrown forward in time, approximately 100 years to 2033. On their return they are joined by a young woman called Finn.
2 Mar. 2002
Our adventurers, are now joined by Finn from 2033. Claims of demonic possession make everyone a suspect, when a team of archaeologists are killed on the plateau.
8 Apr. 2002
The Imposters
New characters enter the plateau and it would appear that one of Challengers team now might be possessed by the Devil.
15 Apr. 2002
The Elixir
Challenger gets trapped in a life-or-death duel with apparitions from his mind, when an experiment with an elixir he makes, goes very wrong.
22 Apr. 2002
Roxton's wartime record is exposed by a stranded enemy agent, who has also been trapped on the plateau. Plus some other secrets about Marguerite and Challenger come to light.
29 Apr. 2002
When the man that wants ultimate power over the plateau receives the medallion from the assassin who appeared in 'The Secret', he goes to the plateau and Veronica ends up reliving the last days she spent with her parents in various visions.
6 May 2002
An explosion traps Marguerite and Roxton in an underground chamber, and their only hope for escape is Challenger...but the same explosion has left him with no memory of who he is or what has happened to his friends.
13 May 2002
Heart of the Storm
The plateau is threatened with destruction as the explorers encounter a baffling new phenomenon. We are left with a cliffhanger that ends the series and never returns.

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