Water (2005) Poster

(I) (2005)

Plot Keywords

widow tradition
love ashram
india hindu
funeral well
ganges temple
rebirth pimp
marriage funeral pyre
water title directed by female
temper tantrum powder
locked in a room law student
hindu temple devotion
devotional shaving
belief in hell candle
hopscotch religious ritual
ritual class differences
reference to william shakespeare note
religious offering train station
driving car
religious belief bathing
religious statue hand clapping game
child prostitution family relationships
necklace religious faith
dog hugging
eunuch belief in god
belief in reincarnation belief in the afterlife
belief in heaven belief in gods
bird cage holi
hijra reference to gandhi
reference to lord byron killing a bird
bird biting
child abandonment year 1938
boat indian
shaved head girl
child marriage little girl
eight year old drink as title
one word title wedding
wedding feast water fight
washing in river vow
vishnu unhappiness
umbrella turmeric
triumph of the human spirit tree
train toy boat
thunder tears
tantrum suicide by drowning
street vendor street life
sticking out one's tongue steps
statue song
snoring sleeping
sin singing
singer self liberation
self denial scissors
sari sanskrit
sacrifice running
rowboat romeo and juliet
rite remarriage
religion rape
railway station purity
puppy prostitute
priest prayer
poetry poem
pipe smoking piano
pianist photograph
passive resistance parrot
pain page torn from book
padlock old woman
nationalism mouse
mother son relationship mother daughter relationship
memory massage
marriage proposal lotus
lost lord shiva
locked door liberation
law exam lantern
landed gentry krishna
innocence illiteracy
husband wife relationship holy water
holy man holy book
handheld camera gramophone
reference to god goddess
go between friend
friendship freedom
food flute
flashback fire
festival festival of color
father son relationship father daughter relationship
fasting faith
dying drowning
doomed love death
death of husband dancing
dancer cutting hair
crying cremation
counting beads conscience
cloud child rape
child bride child abuse
chase chant
change ceremony
brothel bride
brahmin bracelet
book blessing
begging beggar
balcony aunt niece relationship
altar suicide
river rain
prostitution caste system
head shaving 1930s
hinduism death of friend

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