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Exciting and entertaining behind the scenes documentary

Author: neil.thompson1 ( from Newcastle On Tyne
20 June 2000

Where eagles Dare is an epic adventure, so this documentary takes you behind the scenes to experience the action and realism during the filming. enjoyable and genuinely entertaining short to be recommended to anyone interested in the movie.

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Author: andrew-1192 from United Kingdom
25 June 2007

Though I have seen Where Eagles Dare numerous times I saw this program for the very first time last night. It was an excellent insight into the making of the film on location near Saltzburg(?).

I could probably quote the main film word for word, but it was really nice to get the perspective from the actors actually on location.

Plus it is all too easy with films to believe that the set is mocked up from a few bits of timber and plywood. Whilst those elements did play a small part in the main film (as they had to), it was great seeing the real town pretty much as it was portrayed in the film. Some useful long shots of the castle showing that it had features which weren't actually in the film.

With respect to the castle I believe it has been up there for a long time. Seeing as they didn't have helicopters in those days they must have dragged a lot of the building material up the cliff face. Now if I could live in a house like that I might just be able to keep clear of those pesky door-to-door salesmen.....

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Author: abgkasjlkasjla from Denmark
5 January 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a featurette found on the DVD of Where Eagles Dare, and as far as I know, the only one that exists for it. You have to look at when this was made; in 1968, same as the film. They didn't make an awful lot back then, and it wasn't the institution that it is today. This is only 12 minutes long, and to an extent, promotional before informational. For example, it boasts what actors they got, and all the action it contains. Seeing as how both are excellent in the finished product, I get why, it's just not as interesting to the viewer. It consists of behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, clips of the movie and narration. There are a number of facts in this, and they talk about the secrets behind how to make explosions and crashes safe to do. Everyone here has something to say, and things are explained well. It's edited well, and the pacing is quite nice. There isn't a boring moment to be found in this. It should be noted that this can be watched whether or not you've already seen the flick itself, as it doesn't hold any real spoilers. I recommend this to anyone who liked the picture itself. 7/10

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Rugged conditions at location site for "Where Eagles Dare"...

Author: Neil Doyle from U.S.A.
24 May 2008

An inaccessible, awesome setting in the Austrian Alps made it difficult for the cast and crew of WHERE EAGLES DARE, according to this promotional short for the espionage thriller starring RICHARD BURTON and CLINT EASTWOOD. Not only was it a hardship for the crew hampered by tons of heavy camera equipment, but actress MARY URE, because of an avalanche that cut off a main road, had to get to the location site in a three hour trip for ten minutes of filming.

For the Austrian villagers, there were memories of Nazi tyranny at the sight of all the swastikas and military equipment and uniforms that were a painful reminder of WWII. Many of the locals worked in the film as extras. For CLINT EASTWOOD, he had to get used to the idea of wearing a military uniform rather than his usual cowboy outfit.

Closing scenes of the short show the technicians loading black powder and other ingredients for the powerful explosives that were featured in the final scenes, all of which would have to go off on cue.

Interesting but brief behind-the-scenes look at all the preparations that go into making a film.

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Hollywood Nazis in Austria, Sixties Style

Author: mark_decew from United States
1 December 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The DVD for "Where Eagles Dare" is woefully short on extras for such a long film. This short piece was actually produced concurrently with the picture and provides some good behind- the-scenes images but not much. More than half the time is spent with clips from the film. The main point seems to be that it was tough to shoot in the snow.

Clint Eastwood makes one comment about how many people he shoots using machine guns instead of six shooters. Richard Burton explains why he and Clint are opposites. Mary Ure describes how an avalanche closed the road and she had to walk three hours to the set and three hours back for five minutes work on a scene. Ingrid Pitt rides around on a horse drawn sleigh and talks about the war she is too young to remember and how two Brits, two Americans, and a German make an international crew.

We get to see a bunch of grips pulling a dolly and a number of old school special effects guys rigging black powder and blood squibs. The director is overheard planning a shot where a car goes over a cliff and explodes. The script girl carries around a continuity book the size of half a dozen phone books. The narrator tells us how no army has ever conquered the castle used as a location in the picture. We see a number of locals gawking at the actors and crew.

I liked the nice sixties vibe of the piece visible in the clothing, hair styles, and music. You don't learn much about the film-making process except there was a time when action films were not all CGI. It looks like they did not have much footage for the "On Location" shoot as the damn movie is two and a half hours long which probably used up most of the raw stock.

If you have the DVD, you might as well take a look at this piece. The only other extra material is a terrible trailer and a list of Clint Eastwood's other films.

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Excellent "Behind the scenes" movie on the excellent Where Eagles Dare

Author: lordbuttergarden ( from Buffalo, New York
17 April 2000

Well done "behind the scenes" documentary outlining the difficulties of filming a movie on-location in the Bavarian Alps. The only time you would probably get to see this is on TCM when they show Where Eagles Dare, which isn't often.

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