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Idol Search Party

Castaways form a search party to hunt for the hidden immunity idol and one tribe gets an unpleasant surprise when castaways drop their buffs.

Season 2

28 Jan. 2001
16 new castaways land in the Australian Outback to begin the adventure of a lifetime. 2 tribes, Kucha and Ogakor, begin to build their camps and build relationships. But a couple of castaways are having trouble with the latter.
1 Feb. 2001
Both tribes are having trouble getting food. Suspicion arises when one castaway claims to have seen another eating beef jerky. Kucha looks to even the score with Ogakor in an immunity challenge that will make you cringe.
8 Feb. 2001
Trust No One
At Kucha, Mike has become obsessed with being a better provider for the tribe. Kimmi feels vulnerable and tries to work harder around camp. At Ogakor, the tension between Jerri and Keith continues. Marilyn thinks Tina is a "constellation."
15 Feb. 2001
The Killing Fields
Tina and Keith feel insecure about their place in Ogakor after hearing Jerri at tribal. Colby must decide between Tina and Keith or Jerri and Amber. Over at Kucha, Mike succeeds at providing the tribe with more food. A lot of it.
22 Feb. 2001
The Gloves Come Off
Kimmi continues making a big deal out of killing and eating the chickens. A huge fight breaks out between her and Alicia. Over at Ogakor, the entire tribe would kill for some chickens, as their hunger has really begun to set in.
1 Mar. 2001
Trial by Fire
Jerri is getting on everyone's nerves. The tension between her and Keith has only worsened. She talks constantly of chocolate, and Colby ain't no Hershey's bar. A terrible tragedy occurs at Kucha and someone is medically-evacuated from the game.
8 Mar. 2001
The Merge
The two tribes merge with 5 members a piece, following Michael Skupin's incident. The two tribes seem to be locked in their alliances. Will the vote once again come down to previous votes? Will either tribe figure out who has more?
15 Mar. 2001
Down a member in their alliance, the former Kucha struggles to find cracks in the Ogakor alliance. Alicia senses a rift between Jerri and Keith. Elisabeth notices one growing between Jerri and Tina. Can they even the numbers?
22 Mar. 2001
The First 24 Days: A Closer Look
We take a closer look at the first 24 days of the game with an extensive recap, including secret, never before seen footage.
29 Mar. 2001
Honeymoon or Not?
Conditions have only worsened in the Australian Outback. The contestants lack of catching fish has cost them to eat more rice, and they're running low. With Jerri still getting on everyone's nerves, Colby and Ogakar look to shake things up.
5 Apr. 2001
Let's Make a Deal
Conditions are worse than ever. Starving, Barramundi is forced to make a gigantic trade for more rice. With the alliance numbers now back to 4 - 3 after Jerri was voted out, will the original Kucha alliance even things up?
12 Apr. 2001
No Longer Just a Game
Tina and Keith are starting to worry that Colby might side with Amber at the final 4. Being up 5 to 3 over the Kucha alliance, they wonder if they should side with them again. Colby spends a night with some Outback cowboys.
19 Apr. 2001
Enough Is Enough
The contestants get a special chance to chat with their loved ones via instant messenger. Colby looks to keep his immunity streak alive. Roger and Elisabeth look to find a crack in the Ogakor 3.
26 Apr. 2001
The Final Four
Being the last former Kucha member, Elisabeth tries all she can to break up the Ogakor 3. Colby continues to dominate in challenges. The contestants continue to struggle with harsh conditions of the Australian Outback.
26 Apr. 2001
The Most Deserving
Only 3 contestants remain, all of them from the from Ogakor tribe. The 3 will battle it out in their final immunity challenge, before 2 of them go on to the final tribal council, where after 42 days the jury will vote for the Sole Survivor.
3 May 2001
Survivor: The Australian Outback - The Reunion
The 16 contestants from Survivor: The Australian Outback return for a live reunion show with host Bryant Gumbel.
10 May 2001
Survivor: Back from the Outback
We catch up with the 16 contestants of Survivor: The Australian Outback months after the game was played in follow up interviews.

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