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Season 1

26 Aug. 2000
Pilot 1 (Assume Nothing)
The new assistant director, Jennifer, gets on Alex's bad side. Tyler and Val start to realize they like each other. Jamie is forced to help the squad as community service and is accused of stealing traffic cones. Val and her best friend, Catie, start to realize how different they are.
26 Aug. 2000
Pilot 2 (Assume Nothing)
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2 Sep. 2000
Things That Go Bump in the Night
Tarantulas have been raiding the neighborhood and Brooke is freaked out. Unfortunately, this is the same time Amy has an all girls sleepover and Brooke attends. But when Amy's big sister has to help out a friend, the boys crash the sleepover and cause some havoc. Meanwhile, Tyler doubts his skills as an EMT because he is afraid of giving shots.
9 Sep. 2000
The Adventures of Super Val
Val takes on too many responsibilities while waiting for her father to come home from the hospital.
16 Sep. 2000
Changing Times
Since Brooke and Val's father can't work, their family has to make some financial cuts including selling their house, and moving to a much smaller house. Jamie becomes an official EMT, but his first job as an official isn't exactly what he expected.
23 Sep. 2000
Cinderella Syndrome
The Homecoming dance has everyone on edge. Tyler wants to ask Val, but he can't get the right moment. Hank is avoiding Melanie, a girl with whom he doesn't want to go to the dance with. Jamie and Catie make their own plans for the Homecoming dance.
30 Sep. 2000
Go Team
Tyler is frustrated by his step-dad and is taking his frustration out on everyone, mainly Hank. Brooke is growing older and she's starting to think she's ready for a bra. She starts to look them up online and Jamie busts her. Hilarity and confusion ensues.
7 Oct. 2000
And the Winner Is
Catie is excited to be a finalist in a writing contest, but when she finds out Val is also a finalist, the competition puts their friendship to the test. Meanwhile, a man that is treated by the squad blames them for stealing his wallet, then Alex accuses Jamie as the thief. Brooke is determined to find the truth.
14 Oct. 2000
A Night to Remember
Jamie's friends convince him to blow off the squad on Halloween, which also happens to be the squad's busiest and craziest night of the year.
3 Nov. 2000
New Kid in Town
Brooke is jealous of Nick's friendship with the new girl, Amanda. Val plays cupid with Tyler's help.
17 Nov. 2000
You Say It's Your Birthday
Val is trapped between Tyler and his stepfather at a tense birthday dinner. Hank's French teacher has a secret.
8 Dec. 2000
Four EMTs and a Kid
When Sam Revere, the boy from the highway pile-up is traumatized, his dad believes Hank is the only one who can help him. Meanwhile, Tyler and Val have an advertising project together but they don't exactly agree on each other's ideas.
4 Feb. 2001
Power to the Pathetic
Brooke gets her ears pierced despite her mother's wishes. Tyler has a streak of bad luck.
11 Feb. 2001
Race of a Lifetime
Jamie enters a motocross competition to settle a grudge with an old flame.
18 Feb. 2001
Star Struck
The squad is impressed when an action movie star pays them a visit, but they soon grow tired of his colossal ego. Catie helps Val pass a cooking class.
25 Feb. 2001
Jamie is hailed a hero after rescuing a boy from a burning building. Brooke helps a stray dog.
4 Mar. 2001
The Boy's No Good
When Catie falls for a preppy boy, she comes to realize that he is using her to get back at his parents.
11 Mar. 2001
Be True to Your School
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18 Mar. 2001
Read My Lips
Hank risks everything to hid his friend's illiteracy. Tyler boasts about how much his foreign sports car saves gas.
25 Mar. 2001
Time's Up
Jamie's community service hours are up, and he is torn between staying with the EMS squad, or leaving it and going back to his normal life. Val has a streak of bad luck when on duty, but she must face her own doubts when a little girl is stuck in a flooding basement. Brooke accidentally ruins Alex's cell phone, and doesn't know how to fix it.

 Season 1 

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