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7 Jan. 2001
Episode #2.1
Facing the insurmountable debt that the estate is in, everyone living at Glenbogle house is struggling to get by. Tempers flare as Justine begins to take over the management of the house while the estate bankers decide whether or not to continue supporting the crumbling castle.
14 Jan. 2001
Episode #2.2
Hector and Archie fight for possession of a rare and valuable barrel of whiskey while Duncan and Golly compete amongst many other contenders for the new position of head ranger on the estate.
21 Jan. 2001
Episode #2.3
When Archie's appeal for a grant from the council is rejected, Hector is forced to reveal a secret concerning Edith Rankin, chairwoman of the council. Simultaneously, Golly and Fergal each bribe Duncan in the hopes of securing his help in their individual projects.
28 Jan. 2001
Episode #2.4
While Archie would rather forget the fact that it is his birthday, the family is determined to organize a secret surprise party. At the same time, Hector plants an article in the local magazine to help him in his quest to marry Archie off.
4 Feb. 2001
Episode #2.5
Molly finds herself face to face with a hard-nosed gangster to whom she owes 4,000 pounds. In a risky game of poker, she risks everything to clear her debt, without letting Archie find out. Meanwhile, tensions arise between Fergal, Katrina and Archie as Fergal begins to show interest in Katrina and questions her relationship with Archie.
11 Feb. 2001
Episode #2.6
Archie has decided that Glenbogle may be a novel venue for weddings and is expecting his first couple soon. But when they arrive, Lexie is faced with her estranged mother and memories of her troublesome childhood.
18 Feb. 2001
Episode #2.7
Archie's sister Lizzie turns up at Glenbogle, pregnant and without a husband, leaving Hector very upset. Refusing to be involved in the 'screaming and shouting' of labor, he immerses himself into his competition against Killwillie for the tallest tree in Scotland.
25 Feb. 2001
Episode #2.8
While preparing for his upcoming coronation as laird of Glenbogle, Archie and his family are stunned when an American McDonald shows up claiming to be the rightful laird. In an effort to save his home, Archie invokes the Chieftains' Challenge, a test of brains and brawns to reveal the true laird.
4 Nov. 2001
Episode #3.1
Stella Moon, a banker from Lasselles, comes to Glenbogle informing Archie that he must take a back seat position while she begins fixing the numerous problems concerning the estate. Meanwhile, Hector and Killwillie compete for the presidency of the local golf club.
11 Nov. 2001
Episode #3.2
Now that Stella has taken charge over all estate affairs, she has decided that drastic changes must be made in order to increase profit while decreasing outward expenditures. But when she orders Archie to cut Lexie, Golly and Duncan's salaries in half, the three go on strike, leaving Archie to pick up the pieces.
18 Nov. 2001
Episode #3.3
After Stella has Golly, Hector and Killwillie arrested, Archie finds himself on the eve of a fishing party with no food, no ghillie, and no means of bringing the guests to the house.
25 Nov. 2001
Episode #3.4
Stuart Macintosh, a local buildings contractor, comes to Archie with a decent offer for the unused crumbling cottages located on the estate. But all plans are ruined when Stella discovers these cottages and plans to turn them into a new profit maker for the estate. At the same time, Hector joins a secret society while Golly gets a surprise visit from a relation.
1 Dec. 2001
Episode #3.5
Stuart proposes 'Bogle Croft', a new resort which will be situated on the mountain Ben Bogle located on the estate. Furied by this proposal, and the intrusion it will create in his home, Archie begins a campaign to fight the plan, with the help of his family.
8 Dec. 2001
Episode #3.6
A journalist named Graham Lawrence comes to stay at Glenbogle so that he may write an article advertising the estate and all it has to offer. But it turns out that Graham is also Stella's soon-to-be ex-husband, leaving the gang worried that he will take his grudge towards Stella out on his article.
15 Dec. 2001
Episode #3.7
In order so that he may be able to impress his French pen pal, Duncan becomes laird, temporarily, while Archie becomes head ranger. Then the health inspector shows up thinking that Duncan is the real laird of Glenbogle.
23 Dec. 2001
Episode #3.8
Hector hosts a regimental reunion for his old army chums. But when one of them turns out to be an escaped convict, the family comes together with a master plan to escape the police, and prison.
30 Dec. 2001
Episode #3.9
As the night of the Midsummer Ball approaches, Archie is determined to make sure everything runs smoothly. But it seems that someone is trying to sabotage the ball and Stella is determined to keep Lexie in the kitchen so that she may be with Archie on the big night.

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