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Plot Keywords

art law
cleric fascist
future book
underground government agent
resistance outlaw
police death
looking at one's self in a mirror blood splatter
reference to blade runner revolution
anti state anti government
execution of woman woman burned to death
red robe post apocalypse
one word title existentialism
neo noir philosophy
warrior hand to hand combat
violence stylized violence
glock pistol
machine gun gunfight
showdown katana sword
fistfight brawl
kung fu firing two guns simultaneously
katana split lip
handcuffed wink
firing squad desert eagle
man crying newton's cradle
scorpion sa vz 61 submachine gun fire fight
waiting in line cremation
interrogation zeppelin
book of poetry flame thrower
hidden treasure oriental rug
phonograph pump action shotgun
hk g36 assault rifle massacre
whispering bernese mountain dog
world war three china
beijing china law enforcement
blocking of emotion trap
gloves self injection
monastery barking dog
tested for disease slaughter
car keys perfume
sweeper tanker car trunk
burning futuristic city
urban setting destroying film
flag destruction
ruins blow torch
wristwatch tunnel
following someone i.d.
stealing theft
thief video replay
video boy
conscience armored car
evidence newsreel footage
inhumanity karate
suppression of emotion truck
seashell telephone call
mayhem chaos
extermination bushido blade
standoff faith
peep hole eiffel tower paris
killing a dog destroying a painting
guilt bed
tattling stabbing
rainbow nightmare
sense of smell sorrow
jealousy elation
joy raid
paradox combustion
falling body armor
listening to music literature
incineration breaking through a wall
brainwashing remote control
watching tv search
handcuffs bloody lip
thrown through a wall photograph
artifact mirror ball
reference to mother goose contraband
fire shooting
mirror reading
arrest warrant
poem poetry
big brother mind control
conformity corpse
dead body morgue
assassination running
hate rage
anger record player
recording drug use
broken leg father daughter relationship
father son relationship peace
fictional war policeman
lawlessness rifle
tears crying
obedience memory
husband wife relationship partner
friendship friend
computer murder of mother
murder of wife sword
fascism freedom
fight reference to saddam hussein
dog totalitarian government
critically bashed voice over narration
dystopia snowglobe
number tiananmen square beijing
tearing up the floor surveillance
statistics speech
secret room resistance movement
rain punched in the face
passionate kiss overcome with emotion
mushroom cloud motorcycle
reference to the mona lisa m16 rifle
lantern kicked in the ribs
kicking in a door reference to josef stalin
injection heckler and koch g36
grammaton cleric shattered snowglobe
freeze breath film starts with text
explosion dog licking someone
death of wife crowbar
cityscape burning a painting
bullet hole atlas
art stash armored personnel carrier
ak 47 reference to adolf hitler
submachine gun 78rpm record
reference to william butler yeats totalitarianism
bullet dodging flashback
2070s cult film
painting kiss
dream broken arm
blood utopia
stoicism murder
love execution
dictatorship anti hero
gun sword fight
stabbed in the leg stabbed in the chest
stabbed in the arm shot to death
shot in the head shot in the forehead
shot in the chest shot in the back
shot in the arm severed head
severed face person on fire
head cut in half betrayal
1980s widower
rebel puppy
opiate nostalgia
libra gun kata
emotionlessness balance
equilibrium burned alive
tranquilizer shootout
rebellion martial arts
gun fu cyberpunk
death of friend death of mother
surprise ending

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