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Nicolas Cage's 5 craziest roles: The Wicker Man, Bad Lieutenant

Nicolas Cage's 5 craziest roles: The Wicker Man, Bad Lieutenant
As Nicolas Cage returns to Oscar-worthy form in David Gordon Green's extraordinary Southern Gothic drama Joe, we celebrate some of the strangest roles he's essayed along the way, from insect-munching Manhattanite to bee-wrangling bear impersonator. It's not always pretty, but it's never boring...

Vampire's Kiss (1988)

After he was a leading man, but before he was a very good one, Cage played that 1980s stalwart – the Yuppy Dick – in this off-kilter black comedy. Enunciating in an inexplicably anglicised drawl, like Loyd Grossman shouting through a tube, his character Peter Loew confides to his therapist: "I brought this girl up to my place, really hot, you knooooooow... Suddenly, this bat comes sweeping down out of noooowhere. I'll be daaaaamned if I didn't get really turned on!"

From here things only get stranger, with Loew exhibiting all the usual signs of vampirism: cringing at the sign of crosses/mirrors, shouting the alphabet
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Project of the Day: 'On Hold'

Here's your daily dose of an indie film in progress; at the end of the week, you'll have the chance to vote for your favorite. In the meantime: Is this a movie you’d want to see? Tell us in the comments. "On Hold" Tweetable Logline: Four people. Waiting. Each for something special. One of them could be you. Elevator Pitch: The film deals with the role of waiting in daily routine and life in general by observing four people, each of whom is on hold for something special. They wait for the better, the worse, the unexpected or just the unavoidable. Production Team:Director-producer: George Tsirogiannis Writers: George Tsirogiannis, Darío Acebales Starring: Stefania Kriezi, Giorgos Nikopoulos, Haris Trasanis, Andromahi Pouliasi Music: Deadfile Cinematographer: Petros Antoniadis Production Manager: John Nikolettos (Protasis Production, production services in Greece for "Captain Corelli's Mandolin" and "My Life in Ruins") About the Production: I decided...
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Hamptons Film Fest: Edgar Wright & Richard Curtis Talk Working Title Films & The State Of The Industry

This weekend at the Hamptons International Film Festival, a special tribute to Working Title Films was held as part of the festival's strain of British-themed programming (it just so happened to also coincide with the 10th anniversary of their beloved rom-com "Love Actually"). On hand for the panel were the company's current co-chairs Eric Fellner and Tim Bevan, who were later joined by special guests Edgar Wright and Richard Curtis, whose new film for Working Title, "About Time," also played the festival. Together, they helped illuminate what makes Working Title such a unique place for filmmakers, how the company was founded, and what they think the future of cinema holds. At the start of the panel, a brief highlight reel was run, reminding the audience of what an impressive and diverse roster the company has had—everything from the Coens' "The Big Lebowski" to the studio's breakout hit "Four Weddings and a Funeral" to,
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Penélope Cruz: 'Twice Born is a homage to motherhood'

In an adaptation of Margaret Mazzantini's bestseller, Penélope Cruz stars as an infertile woman who returns to relive her past in Sarajevo. Here she talks about babies, breastfeeding and pacifism

When Penélope Cruz was shooting Twice Born – in which she plays an unhappily infertile academic – she was still breastfeeding her own young son. For some scenes, her character shares the screen with a rolling cast of newborns, swapped once they grew too big.

"Some of these babies were only a week old. And so they were smelling me and that made them want to eat. But I was playing a woman who couldn't feed because she hadn't given birth! That created a very strange but alive dynamic between me and those babies. You cannot learn something like that. And this film is full of moments that could not be planned."

Cruz leans forward, black trousers tapering to huge nude stilettos.
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As they happened

Didn't get an invite to this year's Oscars? Neither did Xan Brooks, but he stoically blogged the red carpet and then the ceremony anyway

10.57pm: And so it begins ....

11.25pm: Roll carpet, roll cameras: it's the 84th annual Academy Awards, live and lurid from Hollywood. The Guardian film team will be covering the event throughout the night, weeping with the winners and wailing with the losers as this season's awards circus clatters exhaustedly towards the finish line. This is where it ends, inside the Hollywood and Highland Centre (reputedly the winner of the 2007 "Ugliest Building in La" award). Inside, the victors shall be encased in gold, the vanquished shown the door and all manner of movies laid tenderly to rest.

But wait, kick back, and keep the war horses tethered: the actual ceremony does not officially commence until 5pm (Pacific time). Time enough to cast an eye back over some late-breaking Oscar news.
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Trailer trash

A Deborah Moggach book caught on film leads to Tulip Fever, and Ozwald Boateng makes a bid to dress Bond

Brought to book

In a brief scene in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Penelope Wilton is pictured relaxing in the garden of the eponymous Indian hotel reading a book. A quick shot reveals it's the novel Tulip Fever by Deborah Moggach, who also happened to write These Foolish Things, upon which Ol Parker based the screenplay to The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. It's a sweet in-joke and recalls the one at the end of Notting Hill, where Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant are reposing on a garden bench and she's reading Captain Corelli's Mandolin. This was, at the time, a nod to Notting Hill director Roger Michell's proposed next film – he was slated to direct the Louis de Bernières bestseller. However, illness meant Michell had to drop out and
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Nicolas Cage: Ultimate Fanboy

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This weekend, "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance" is motorcycling to multiplexes across the country. Along with flaming asphalt, it will no doubt leave great controversy in the geekazoid community. Is it a fun B-picture offering a heavy dose of Crazy Nic Cage and frenzied Neveldine/Taylor camerawork? Or is a mess on wheels that makes the first "Ghost Rider" look like "Iron Man"?

I leave it to you to hammer this argument out, but there's one thing that's absolutely for certain: Nicolas Cage's fanboy cred.

The two-time Johnny Blaze doesn't just own an Academy Award statuette; he's got the heart of an unrepentant comic-book nerd, and he doesn't care who knows it. In case you weren't aware, let us detail the ways in which Nic Cage is Hollywood's A-list dork.

He Has a Secret Identity

Nicolas Cage wasn't born this way. When he appears in "Let's stay up all
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Stephen Frears To Direct 'Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight' For HBO, Casting Underway

If there is one thing about Stephen Frears, he doesn't usually let too much time pass before he's on to the next project. And barely a week after his latest film "Lay The Favorite" premiered at Sundance, it looks like he may be on to something new. And now, it's not the developing remake of "The Hit" or "The Bengali Detective." Instead, it's "Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight" and it's gearing up at HBO. The folks over at Shadow & Act first got wind of the project, and have learned that casting is underway. The film seems to be moving under the radar, but when is known thus far is that it has a script from Shawn Slovo ("Catch A Fire," "Captain Corelli's Mandolin") and Scott Ferguson ( past HBO successes "You Don't Know Jack," "Temple Grandin," "Recount") is one of the producers according to Montana Artists Agency. So what's it all about?
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"Red Dog" Collars $20 Million

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Director Kriv Stenders Australian produced family feature "Red Dog" recently passed the $20 million mark at the Australian box office.

Adapted by screenwriter Daniel Taplitz, from "Red Dog", the best-selling novel by author Louis De Bernières ("Captain Corelli's Mandolin") the film follows the true story of 'Red Dog', a nomadic Australian sheep dog, found roaming the outback in search of his master, before returning to a mining town to inspire the locals :

" West Australia during the early 1970's, 'Thomas' (Luke Ford) walks into a bar where the locals are looking after a sick dog. He is told by 'Jack' (Noah Taylor) that this is no ordinary dog, but the great 'Red Dog' (played by Koko).

"Jack tells his story about how he first met Red. Then a man named 'Vanno' (Arthur Angel) shares how he became acquainted with the dog. The men recall how Red Dog
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Red Dog passes $20 million at box office

Red Dog passes $20 million at box office
Directed by Kriv Stenders and adapted by Daniel Taplitz, from the best-selling novel by award-winning author Louis De Bernières (Captain Corelli's Mandolin) the film tells the true story of Koko, the titular canine. Found roaming the outback in search of his master, he returns to a disparate mining town and reinspires the local residents.   Currently in the USA, at the Heartland International Film Festival, Red Dog producer Nelson Woss said, "The film has now clearly shown its box office potential in Australia and the team behind it are working hard to translate this local momentum into international box office success.
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Patrick Malahide lands 'Game of Thrones' role

Patrick Malahide lands 'Game of Thrones' role
Patrick Malahide has joined the cast of Game of Thrones. The actor will appear in the show's upcoming second season as Balon Greyjoy, Winter Is Coming reports. Balon, who is the father of Theon Greyjoy (Alfie Allen), is the leader of the Iron Islands. Malahide has previously appeared in British dramas including The Singing Detective, Minder, Five Days, Survivors and Law & Order: UK. His film credits include Captain Corelli's Mandolin, Billy Elliot and The World Is Not Enough. Malahide is the latest (more)
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Helen Mirren Confronts an Unimaginable Evil in 'The Debt'

The Debt, a thriller due in theaters on August 31, arrives courtesy of John Madden, the director who hit big with Shakespeare in Love, missed bigger with Captain Corelli's Mandolin and broke boringly even with Proof, which wasn't bad, but would've been much better had the producers gone with Mary Louise-Parker (who starred in the Broadway production), rather than installing Gwyneth Paltrow as Oscar bait.

Now comes The Debt and one wonders where it will fall on the Madden Continuum. Will it skew toward Shakespeare or fall into Captain Corelli territory? Based on the film's trailer, I think it's safe to say Madden's latest ain't Shakespeare — hell, Shakespeare in Love ain't Shakespeare — but The Debt seems to have all the ingredients necessary for a satisfying night at the movies, specifically: Helen Mirren and Nazis. What else do you need from a movie?

Based on a respected 2007 Israeli flick I haven't seen,
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Penelope Cruz: Hot Hollywood Celebrity Photo Gallery of the Day Our selected celebrity to be included in our “Hot Hollywood Celebrity Photo Gallery of the Day” is Penelope Cruz.

Penelope Cruz ◄ Back Next ►Picture 1 of 14

Penelope Cruz - "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" Madrid Premiere - Arrivals - Villamagna Hotel - Madrid, Spain

◄ Back Next ►Picture 1 of 14

Penelope Cruz - "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" Madrid Premiere - Arrivals - Villamagna Hotel - Madrid, Spain

Penélope Cruz Sánchez (born April 28, 1974) is a Spanish actress. Signed by an agent at age 15, she made her acting debut at 16 on television and her feature film debut the following year in Jamón, jamón (1992), to critical acclaim. Her subsequent roles in the 1990s and 2000s included Open Your Eyes (1997), The Hi-Lo Country (1999), The Girl of Your Dreams (2000) and Woman on Top (2000). Cruz achieved recognition for her lead roles in Vanilla Sky and Blow. Both films were released in 2001 and were commercially successful worldwide.
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Good book, great film

When he was asked to be guest director for a festival dedicated to films based on books, Jonathan Coe set out to disprove the adage that great literature makes terrible movies

In the course of their famous book-length interview, François Truffaut once asked Alfred Hitchcock about his approach to literary adaptation, and Hitch's response was as magisterial, worldly and mischievous as one would expect: "What I do is to read a story only once, and if I like the basic idea, I just forget all about the book and start to create cinema. Today I would be unable to tell you the story of Daphne du Maurier's The Birds. I read it only once, and very quickly at that."

Hitchcock's comment was the first thing that occurred to me when, towards the end of last year, I was approached with an interesting proposition. "From Page to Screen" is the
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Nicolas Cage's new film, the next Raising Arizona or Gone In 60 Seconds?

With the release of Drive Angry 3D, Daniel Bettridge brings you a guide on how to tell if you're about to waste two hours of your life watching a bad Nicolas Cage film

Good news, film fans: Nicolas Cage's latest magnum opus, Drive Angry 3D, hits cinemas nationwide on Friday. Of course, you'd be forgiven for not getting your hopes up. After all, roughly 38% of Hollywood's second-rate output seems to star the indefatigable Cage, as the one-time Oscar winner continues to peddle a seemingly endless procession of frankly terrible flicks in an effort to keep the taxman off his back. Few stars can boast such a rollercoaster career as Cage. He's an actor who seems to lurch from role to role, punctuating the dark depths of an eclectic straight-to-video CV with some occasional award-winning highs. But faced with an avalanche of Nicolas Cage movies to choose from, how can
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The Evolution of Nicolas Cage's Hair | A Video by Harry Hanrahan

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A month after unleashing Nicolas Cage Loses His Sh*t, Harry Hanrahan has returned in this spin-off of sorts to that video, The Evolution of Nicolas Cage's Hair. If there's one thing more versatile than Cage's level of crazy, it's Cage's hairstyles over the years, which come complete with their own personalities. It's like a Chia of Crazy. It will amaze and confound you.

Prepare to be follicly-hypnotized for the next two-and-a-half minutes.

Here is a list of movies used in the video:

00'08 - Valley Girl

00'14 - Rumble Fish

00'18 - Racing with the Moon

00'21 - The Cotton Club

00'23 - Birdy

00'27 - The Boy In Blue

00'31 - Peggy Sue Got Married

00'35 - Raising Arizona

00'40 - Moonstruck

00'44 - Vampire's Kiss

00'49 - Fire Birds

00'52 - Wild at Heart

00'55 - Zandalee

00'59 - Honeymoon In Vegas

01'02 - Amos & Andrew
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Red Dog Barks First In Berlin

Red Dog Barks First In Berlin
The new Australian film Red Dog will have its world premiere at the prestigious Berlin International Film Festival, held February 10 to 21, having been selected to screen in competition as part of Generation 14plus.   For those familiar with the daring work of Australian filmmaker Kriv Stenders (The Illustrated Family Doctor, Blacktown, Boxing Day, Lucky Country), it came as a surprise to learn the director was overseeing the decidedly family friendly Red Dog.   Adapted by Daniel Taplitz (Chaos Theory) from the novel by Louis De Bernieres (Captain Corelli's Mandolin), Red Dog tells the story of a spirited kelpie who roamed the West Australian outback in the seventies and eighties and unites a mining community along the way.
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50 Movie Quotes: The Word is 'Love'

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50 Movie Quotes: The Word is 'Love'
Ah, l'amour! From "Love Actually" to "Shakespeare in Love" to "Love Story," here's a collection of swoon-inducing movie quotes with the word "love" in them. Ya gotta love it! Movie Quotes: Love on the Big Screen"Great Expectations" (1998)

"She'll only break your heart, it's a fact. And even though I warn you, even though I guarantee you that the girl will only hurt you terribly, you'll still pursue her. Ain't love grand?" — Ms. Dinsmoor

"The Bridges of Madison County
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Nicolas Cage - back on top

Back on a roll following Kick-Ass and now Bad Lieutenant, few actors have had as many ups and downs as Nicolas Cage. 'People who do the wrong thing win,' he tells Damon Wise

Until recently, things weren't looking so good for Nicolas Cage. In the 90s he transformed from a geeky, twitchy presence in soft dramas like Moonstruck and Peggy Sue Got Married into the oddest action hero of all time. Unlike Stallone and Schwarzenegger, Cage was a true livewire, a psychotic, tender presence who could kick ass even while being a doting father; who could forget him brawling to the death for the sake of his son's soft toy in 1997's Con Air ("Put the bunny back in the box!"). Cage was something mainstream moviegoers and indie mavens could agree on, a soldier for hire who could be put to service by David Lynch in one of his dark,
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Aussies ready Simpson and Red Dog!

When Aussies make films about animals they tend to be of the wild, predatory, terrorising variety, scaring people with sharks (The Reef), crocodiles (Black Water, Rogue) wild pigs (Razorback), or an entire, terrifying ecosystem (Long Weekend).

So it's with some surprise and apprehension that we have news of two new Australian films in about a donkey and the other about a dog.

Encore is reporting that The Kings of Mykonos director Peter Andrikidis will direct Simpson, about a man and his donkey on the battlefields of World War I. No doubt it will be a much bigger war story, using this tale as the story backbone.

It sounds a lot like Steven Spielberg's upcoming War Horse, but is in fact based on a famous Australian story about a stretcher bearer who carried the wounded on his donkey during the battle at Gallipoli, in Turkey.

Stranger news still
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