The Pledge (2001) Poster


Plot Keywords

police pledge
search porcupine
nevada drawing
gas station mysoped
sadistic psychopath schizophrenic
ashtray stiltwalker
foreign language adaptation working class
waitress schoolmate
rural setting roadhouse
retirement restaurant
reno nevada policeman
paranoia painting
orange peel mutilation
murder of girl mother daughter relationship
marriage irony
investigation informant
grandmother granddaughter relationship filling station
father daughter relationship family relationships
false confession drink
drinking dread
divorcee detective
death dead body
corpse confession
cafe beer
american indian dead children
interrogation cigarette smoking
burned up car burned body
single bald guy animal abuse
secretary mumbling
red dress gold tooth
assault and battery product placement
throat slitting child murder investigation
murder lake
snow boat
suicide by gunshot jack and the beanstalk
witness criminal profile
justice parade
insanity scythe
giant remake
swing child murder
church traffic accident
chain smoking shack
retirement party preacher
winter pedophilia
farm promise
fishing abusive ex husband
mental retardation native american
convenience store obsession
schoolyard car
shot through the mouth retiring detective
chocolate anger
serial child killer suicide
unsolved case split personality
photography dress
turkey farm balloon
little girl candy store
hans christian andersen flea market
cannabis bloody body of a child
alzheimer's disease bible
reference to god based on novel
surprise ending

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