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Fun Movie/Good Cast

Author: WSRBFan from Calif USA
13 March 2004

I came into MAX thinking it was going to be pretty bad but was surprised by how much fun it was. The techno gobbildy gook was a bit much for my unenlightened mind but I let it wash over me because the performers were so good.

Rachel Blakely is a treasure. I know she is an Australian actress but her American accent is so good that you tend to forget that fact (Edited for sudden information alert: Turns out her father *is* an American - dah! - no wonder!). She's beautiful and compelling and fun in a double part. She's both Max's (would-be) girlfriend and his jealous avatar helper.

Max himself is a little too good to be true but very handsome and capable. Every girl likes that!

Enjoyable -- and my husband and daughter thought so too.

Thumbs up!

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Hip, Cool, and FUN!

Author: un-3 from los angeles, CA
1 March 2000

"Max Knight: Ultra Spy" is a television movie about a young, hip "James Bond-type" super spy.

The film is filled with cool gadgets, hot women, and really impressive cg special effects.

The villains are a group of computer hackers intent on downloading their minds to the Internet and destroying the world. They speak in computer jargon reminiscent of "A Clockwork Orange" and are the hippest bad guys I've seen in a long time.

Max appears to be part cyborg and has a cg assistant modeled after a beautiful woman. The action in the film is great... but the best thing about it is the humor. I was laughing at loud at the pop culture and computer references.

This one is definitely worth checking out!

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Great distraction!

Author: gemini313 from Motown
14 September 2001

It's been 3 days since the destruction of the WTC and the Pentagon, and I needed a break from network news. I wasn't going to watch this movie, but since Tuesday, I decided it would be, at the very least, a decent distraction.

I was pleasantly surprised. The acting was above-par, the story was engaging (with plot twists I was NOT expecting), and I forgave the ending. The ending's not bad, it's just cheesy, and too much cheese is bad for you.

If you like computers, this is the movie for you. If you like action without gore, this is the movie for you. If you like things sexy without being gratuitous, this is the movie for you. If you don't like all the things I mentioned . . . well, this is NOT the movie for you, BUT I think you should see it anyway.

By the way, Michael Landes is one sexy spy! Grrrr . ..


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At least it's better than Hackers!

Author: Firehawk from Toronto, ON
12 October 2006

I agree that this was most likely a failed TV pilot turned into a TV movie... and it's thoroughly average. You'll expect all the cliché cyberpunk moments and spy moments. But, hey, at least Blakely looks good here.

Oh, and it also features perhaps the first use of "machinima" in the film... about five minutes of the movie is in "Half Life". Maybe it's a big product placement, I don't know, but if nothing else, this movie has some historical value because of that.

If this is on TV (which is the only way you can see it because it's not on DVD) and you have two hours to waste, you might want to watch this just for that moment. Otherwise, it's fairly forgettable. Chalk it up to the Matrix craze that happened back in 99.

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Funny movie.. bigtime cliché but funny

Author: kriss3d from Denmark (scandinavia, Europe)
27 February 2004

Ok. This movie is funny. It screams cheap B rating movie. Like said by others. The author knows jack about basics computer and even less about the hacker community. As im typing its being shown on TV here.. Alone the little thing about a girl taking on a VR helmet and suddenly max knight has a detailed 3d image of her entire body.. The movie is a laugh. Especially if you know a bit about computers you´re gonna have a ball.. The "borrowed" HalfLife scenes are a blast.. Its a cult classic, even starwars was corny in some points but still a classic..There is not ONE realistic thing about Max Knight Ultra spy.. but funny.. defenetly.

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Interesting Dialogue Kept Me Smiling

Author: drmariotf from New Jersey
4 March 2000

Movie was fast paced and the dialogue captured your attention. Max Knight is an interesting and adorable character. Someone who you would like to see more adventures of. Certainly Max Knight is a character that the kids of today can relate to because of the computer aspects and his actions, and yet their parents can enjoy as he comes across experienced and mature yet naive and unsure at the same time.

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Entertaining "Escapist" Spy Movie

Author: Grant72 from United States
26 December 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


I just stumbled on it a few weeks ago, so I'm coming to this thread very late. Some of it's deliberately "campy," like those dancing sequences (especially if you don't like hearing disco music OUTSIDE OF a late '70s setting), but oddly enough it has at least one "edgy" side. It's full of "Bond Girl" type villainess characters. Which by itself isn't so strange for a story like this, but it's what it DOES with them - in a story like this one, you expect the heroine to arrive at the last minute, leading to some "cat fight" scene between her and the villainess (something that's been done so many times, even if I can see how people find it entertaining). Instead you get a lot of confrontations between each of them and the male character, which even ends with him killing the lead one (?), and definitely has a lot of contact between them. I mention that because in a really "escapist" adventure film like this one, that kind of thing really comes out of left field.

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Excelente for a B-Movie

Author: kriss3d from Denmark (scandinavia, Europe)
22 January 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


It was funny and does not require you to think at all. If you as I, are working with computers in any level you will find it even more funny as this is either a obvious parody of a action/sci-fi movie OR a extremely failed attempt to make a "Cool" movie.. It sorta floats in between since it uses just about every cheesy line in the book.

I've seen quite a few TV series who tried to have same Cool look and they always ended up being more funny for the overuse of effects and poorly written manus or acting..

The plot hole.. ah yeah the plot holes.. The beginning alone.. He can get invisible.. OK.. but cheat the heat sensors ??? that would be damn nice to be able to do THAT.. since that would be efficient cooling.. but.. why did the next room then fire at him if he could get by all the other things ?? what kind of sensors could then detect him .. even without setting an alarm off ?

The contact from the girl were also mentioned.. Its pretty awesome that a girl puts on a VR mask ( which btw is not that common a toy) and instantly she can both talk and be seen by a hovering cam miles away.. There is no Mic in a VR helmet to my knowledge and certainly nothing that would record her entire body's image..

All in all.. Great movie.. very funny if you don't mind getting everything you know about computer being twisted and insulted to the worst.. I'm what some ppl would call a hacker.. not a criminal tho.. I hang out with ppl with same interests.. IF anything.. the real life hacker is a lot more like in the movie "Hackers" than this one.. WTF is up with "Drop your Warez-P" ?????

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better than a bad movie, worse than a good.

Author: billyatcamp from Canada
1 December 2004

what can i say, i enjoyed this film when i saw it at 2 am. it is the perfect type of film to watch when you can't sleep. it's silly, fun, and you don't need to think. i understand, and agree, that the writing was horrid, and had no idea what is was talking about, but that added to the cheese factor. it also felt like an extended TV series episode. but sometimes this type of movie is just what you need to put a smile on your face. the acting was cute, what more can i say. Michael Landes and Rachel Blakely played their roles with just the perfect amount of cheese that lets the audience root for them. what more can i say? it could have been better (writers, know what you are talking about next time), but i definitely could have been worse!! just don't expect it to be much more then fun and silly.

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So bad it is good

Author: (arneanka) from Sweden
30 August 2002

All those out of place computer remarks that show that the author(s) have no idea what they are talking about make this movie a good laugh. It is a comedy, but probaly not in the way the author(s) planned it to be. Could be for the cult classic for 21st century in the same way that Tron was for the 20th.

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