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Extremely entertaining.

Author: jdavis-11 from Colorado
28 June 2001

I found this movie to be extremely entertaining to the point that I have watched it four times over the past few months. Olivia Burnette is so much fun to watch in this movie. Her portrayed attitude is quick and outstanding, reminding me of my own daughter. Her distinct voice is also captivating. I found her to be humorous, lovable and seductive. Her interaction with Don Mogavero is, to say the least, the making of this movie. I do not recall ever seeing Don Mogavero before but I will certainly be watching for any other production he is in.

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Great - very entertaining!

Author: gertie460 from United States
12 March 2007

OK, so the movie didn't win any Academy Awards; it was still very entertaining. Jekyll Island (the place) is such an artistic setting for a movie. The scenery was just beautiful - as it would be. The Jekyll Island Club is so elegant; it made an imposing backdrop for many of the scenes. It was nice to know that actual places were used. The cottage that Alex rented is real - actual furnishings and all. I was sitting on one of the sofas while I watched this movie.

The essence of the movie is good; it would make a great TV series. The respected professor vs the jewel thief - what an intriguing concept! Imaginative casting. Alex was absolutely believable. Olivia is always delightful and the interaction between she and Alex was refreshing.

The ending was just delightful.

I throughly enjoyed this movie.

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Author: movingpictures from Malibu, Ca
21 September 2002

My goodness! Let me catch my breath and say that all of the people who gave a critique prior to this one, either were crew on this film or they must have thought that "FREDDIE GOT FINGERED" was a classic work of art! Need I say more? Jekyll Island was the worst film I have ever seen. The absolute worst! The story was painfully trite! The lead Don Mogavero is constantly in frame! What was the director thinking? This guy not only isn't appealing but he cannot act! Please stop writing and acting in films Mr. Mogavero and as for the Director? Who is Ken Dupuis? Thank God we will never know. Obviously Mr. Dupuis has seen one too many episodes of Dallas and Dynasty in the 80's! Thank God this one stopped directing. As for the female lead...she over acted so strongly that honey was dripping from her, she too saw too many evening soaps. Too much drama with no story and simply pathetic. I made Blockbuster give me my money back and they actually did! The manager agreed to because so many others had complained before me regarding this rental. It's not a "B" movie it's an "W" movie for your "Wasted Time." One would be better off renting anything but this one. ANYTHING!

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As A Diamond It Shines To Me

Author: merrymas82 from United States
22 August 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

there are B-films in life I wish to Not Un-See. THE LOST SKELETON OF CADAVRA, sequels to TREMORS, THE STAND by Stephen King, THE VISITATION by Frank Peretti. JEKYLL ISLAND is one of them. It documents my favorite parts of real Jekyll Island, Georgia. (Spoilers alert, starting action and character development:) And the adventure! how The Professor gets on to the island, his soon after escaping down the historic millionaires' turret, and, and! Its main character plays gentleman among a vain upper crust. His dames are protégé and friend, rival and development. Perhaps JEKYLL ISLAND is a diamond about diamonds about a diamond

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One of my All-Time Favorites

Author: KTBug1 from United States
8 May 2007

This is by far one of the best movies I have ever seen. Be warned though, it is very much a "b movie" and there are moments in which that fact is very obvious. This, however, cannot distract from the excellent plot, fantastic acting, and beautiful island scenery. If you like "who-dun-it?" type mysteries, you will love this. Although in all honesty you know who is behind it the entire movie, but it still has that kind of a feel about it. You can't help but fall in love with the characters and right away I was wishing for a sequel. Something in the final scene almost makes it seem as though they might at some point make one. If any producers out there read this, PLEASE make one!!!!!!! I would absolutely buy it and I know several of my friends who would as well. This is truly a wonderful movie that everyone should see!

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low budget vanity film

Author: vandino1 from United States
2 April 2006

Don Mogavero wrote and starred in this film. He's a non-descript non-actor but somehow convinced or bent the producer's arm to take the lead in this movie. Therefore you get a slight b-film that becomes laughable. Not that even a top quality actor could save this film, but at least a mediocre Swayze or Lou Diamond Phillips could have kept this thing slickly entertaining. As it is you're taken out of the film every time Mogavero utters his lines, plodding through his own script like an accountant bored with his job. Thankfully the delightful Olivia Burnette is on screen to make him and the film better than it would otherwise be if an equally non-descript actress were cast in the part. And Brion James and Everett McGill help as well. But back to Mogavero: he wrote it and it makes no better sense than his playing the lead in it. He never writes the Burnette character properly. She chases after his thief character and sticks around him without motivation. His character accepts her knowing immediately who he is even after all his speechifying earlier about leaving no clues behind about his identity. Oh, and he also goes on about the "master thief has a reverence for human life and avoids killing at all costs" then later goes out of his way to kill the sheriff. And the best thing of all in this vanity film is to see Mogavero include scenes of himself as an action hero knocking people out like he's some kind of Steven Seagal. Don't waste your time on this unless you're a fan of Olivia Burnette.

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A capable and enjoyable "B" movie

Author: AJJAS from Delaware
10 April 2000

This movie is a well thought out, pleasant piece of diversion from the day's stress. It keeps one interested enough so that you don't notice that it is not a top flight production that you are watching. The cast is capable, the scenery is good and the story is a griping "who done it", while certainly not a "sit on the edge of the seat" thriller.

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Perfect for a Series

Author: greeneyes860
1 October 2001

The character Alex Madison would be perfect for a series. By day he teaches class; by night and weekends he runs around as a master thief, interacting with good and bad guys, having exciting escapades. Of course, Ronnie is always one step behind him, trying to foil him and prove that he is indeed the master thief. OK, Don, start writing.....

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exceptional movie

Author: t.j. connolly ( from staten island, new york
4 March 2001

an exceptional movie with exceptional performances by don mogavero & olivia burnette.mogavero did an exceptional job of writing as well.his performance was perfectly low key & not overbearing.olivia burnette as always pulls off a comely performance without seeming sleazy or trashy.hers is a talent ignored by far too many in advice to them is wake up & see what you are missing!

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An entertaining "who done it." Worth watching!

Author: AJJAS from Delaware
7 October 2002

This film is definitely worth watching. It provides all of the drama, intrigue and suspense that is needed to make the film entertaining. The actors do a wonderful job and the scenary is beautiful. Kudos to all involved in the making of this movie!

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