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Jorgon Von Strangle is based on Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Wanda's hair was originally planned to be blue, but because Timmy's room was blue, her hair wouldn't have shown up, so it was changed to pink. Also, her original name was to be Venus.
Jay Leno voices Timmy's favorite superhero "The Crimson Chin."
Timmy's "silly pink hat" was originally supposed to be blue, but Butch Hartman's blue marker ran dry while designing the character, so he used pink instead. The explanation given on the show to Timmy's hat is that Timmy's parents where expecting to have a daughter so they bought all girly clothes, including one pink hat.
When Timmy goes back in time to change Crocker, you can see a DeLorean Speeding off right before Timmy arrives. This is a reference to Back to the Future (1985)
Dimmsdale is in California, as revealed in "Fairy Idol."
The April Fool character is based on comedian Jerry Seinfeld.
Mom and Dad met when they were 10.
The Tooth Fairy's costume and equipment are based on those of Wonder Woman.
Timmy is horrified of feet and clowns. He is allergic to oranges as well.
Elmer, named his abnormally large boil Bob. The art director on this show is named 'Bob Boyle.'
In "The Big Scoop", Timmy's permanent record is quickly shown. It has four entries from grade 3 to 4 (Timmy is a fifth grader). This has caused questioning over whether or not Timmy moved to Dimsdale after 2nd grade. The four entries are: A third grade student known as Timmy Turner has a less than stellar performance in the following subjects: math, reading, gym, basket-weaving, etc. A few days ago, Timmy Turner was involved in a snot-flinging incident with two other students. He has been placed in a corner with an odd hat [a dunce cap, as displayed by the photo] to allow him to ponder the error of his ways. Magnetic resonance imaging of Timmy Turner's head reveals that he has 50% less brain matter than the average kid of his age. Further testing may be required to determine the exact level of idiocy. Timmy Turner has a penchant for cheese. His over-indulgence required massive amounts of laxatives to keep his digestive tract in proper working order.
Timmy's mother is a real-estate agent.
Frankie Muniz voiced Chester, one of Timmy's friends, from 2001-2003. Timmy and his gang are often tormented by a gray child named Francis, the name of Muniz's older brother on Malcolm in the Middle (2000).
According to the episode "Odd Jobs", Timmy's Dad is 42 years old.
The original pilot episode was aired one month after the first episode was aired, explaining how he got fairy god parents from the destruction of a "Magic 9 Ball".
A.J. is a vegetarian.
Creator Butch Hartman makes a great amount of cameos throughout the series.
In "Crush Nebula," the back of the magazine that Sprig is reading is an ad for Danny Phantom (2004). Crash Nebula, the fictional series, along with The Fairly OddParents, is created by Butch Hartman, who created Danny Phantom (2004). Also, the voice actor who provided the voice of Sprig had a small part on Danny Phantom (2004).
In the episode "Escape from Unwish Island", when Jorgen shows Timmy all the things he didn't want, some of the names they pass are celebrities. The names include Milli & Vinilli, Vanilla Ice, Duran Duran, P. Diddy, and Kid N' Play.
Some of the streets in Fairy World are named for famous magicians. A street corner made entirely out of playing cards can be found at the intersection of Penn and Teller streets. Also Siegfried and Roy.
The show takes place in 2002. On the episode The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker, the episode takes place in 1972, and Timmy mentions that Cosmo and Wanda were Crockers fairies 30 years ago. 1972+30 would be 2002
Timmy's phone number is 555-9597
The show started off as a short on the show Oh Yeah! Cartoons (1998).
Timmy is voiced by a woman.
Cosmo and Wanda transform into a multitude of objects or animals to be close to Timmy without being revealed. Among them are:
  • A couple of Goldfish

  • A pencil and an eraser

  • A couple of squirrels

  • A couple of doves

  • A horse and a shield

  • A couple of snails

  • Alan Grant (from Jurassic Park (1993)) and a dinosaur

  • A hamster and a cat

  • A pacifier and a rattler

  • A couple of crabs

  • A pitcher and a glass

  • A couple of flies

  • A couple of rats

  • A backpack and a notebook

  • A couple of balloons

  • ...and many more shapes.

The Turner's station wagon is based on the "Family Truckster" from the movie "Vacation".
The Crimson Chin lives in Chincinnati which is a play on the city of Cincinnati which is located in Ohio
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Wanda turning into a fish as her disguise (along with Cosmo) might be a reference to the film A Fish Called Wanda (1988).
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The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

In the older episodes Mr. Crocker's "Unexpecting Van" Was Black with White writing. In the newer episodes it's White with Red Pinkish purplish color.
Mom and Dad's first names are never said in one episode we almost hear it but a passing truck drowns it out
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