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11 Sep. 2010
Double Oh Schnozmo/Planet Poof
Cosmo's brother the top secret spy pays a visit. But when Schnozmo's revealed to be nothing but a con man,/No one will play with Poof, so he runs away to the one place where he's the center of attention: the planet Yugopotamia!
6 Apr. 2010
The Boss of Me/He Poofs, He Scores!
It's "Bring Your Kid to Work Day," and Dad takes Timmy to his office./When Timmy accidentally eats Poof (who is hiding as a marshmallow in Timmy's cereal) Timmy becomes magically talented at soccer.
7 Apr. 2010
Play Date... of Doom/Teacher's Pet
Foop is back! He's escaped from prison and convinced Cosmo and Wanda he's reformed and ready for a playdate with Poof. When Timmy wishes he were the teacher's pet, Poof literally grants his wish and turns him into a guinea pig in Mr. Crocker's class.
6 Feb. 2010
Take and Fake/Cosmo Rules
Timmy borrows Mark Chang's Fake-i-fier in order to attend Trixie's costume party. When Jorgen comes down with the Trick-ups, it's up to Cosmo to enforce Da Rules.
9 Apr. 2010
Chicken Poofs/Stupid Cupid
Poof gets the "Chicken Poofs" and turns everyone into actual chickens!Timmy steals Cupid's arrows in an attempt to make Trixie fall in love with him and go to the school "Romance Dance."
18 Sep. 2010
Manic Mom Day/Crocker of Gold
When Timmy gripes that being Mom is easier than being a kid, Wanda takes the bait and switches their brains./Frustrated by his inability to catch fairies, Crocker turns his attention to hunting a new magical creature - leprechauns.

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