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17 Jan. 2005
Genie Meanie Minie Mo/Back to the Norm
Mr. Crocker receives the magic lava lamp, he releases the genie and all the Timmy hatred that comes with it.Jorgen plans to use Timmy's giant baby tooth as the wedding ring present to the his love: The Tooth Fairy!
14 Feb. 2005
Nega-Timmy/Love at First Height
Tired of being told what to do by his parents, Timmy wishes that he would have to do the opposite of whatever his parents told him.Timmy wishes he was a teenager to ride the cool new ride at the amusement park.
15 Feb. 2005
Truth or Cosmoquences/Beach Bummed
Cosmo and Wanda receive invitations to their high school reunion. /After some ritual beach-themed bullying, courtesy of Francis, Timmy wishes that he was the strongest guy on the beach.
17 Feb. 2005
Catman Meets the Crimson Chin/Teeth for Two
The superhero TV show, "Catrman," may be out of production, but its star, TV's Adam West will never rest as long as there are crimes to avenge! /Timmy accidentally releases a Genie from a magic lava lamp.
18 Feb. 2005
Masked Magician, The/The Big Bash
Timmy wishes for super Magician powers to perform at his parents' booth during the neighborhood fair. Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda are invited to a big party at Cupid's house but Remy and his godparent Juandisimo are there also.
2 Apr. 2005
Blondas Have More Fun/Five Days of Flarg
Wanda pays a visit to her successful twin sister Blonda. The sisters spiral into bickering with each one convinced the other has a much easier life.Timmy helps Mark Chang celebrate the Yugopotamian holiday FLARG on earth.
9 May 2005
Go Young, West Man/Birthday Wish
Timmy wishes Cosmo and Wanda were Tootie's birthday fairies for the rest of the day. TV's Adam West, star of the superhero series "Catman," never had a real childhood. Timmy wishes that Adam could become a kid again.
10 May 2005
It's a Wishful Life/Timmy's 2D House of Horror
After a wished-up lava flow accidentally demolishes Vicky's house, her whole family is invited to stay with the Turners.Unappreciated by his parents, his friends and Fairy Godparents, Timmy wishes that he was never born.
11 May 2005
Escape from Unwish Island/The Gland Plan
Everyone Timmy cares about has vanished.Every Fairy has a small organ known as the Fagigly Gland which enables them to poof into anything at anytime but Cosmo's has gone bad.
12 May 2005
Remy Rides Again/Hassle in the Castle
Remy returns and all he wants to do is hang out with Timmy's life easy. Have you ever seen the inside of the castle in Cosmo and Wanda's fish bowl? Neither has Timmy, and it's driving him crazy!
19 Apr. 2005
Timmy TV/Talkin' Trash
When Timmy has to take the trash out, he's done what any kid with fairies would do - he simply wishes it away.Timmy has become the unknowing subject of Fairy World's most popular Reality TV series, "Timmy TV."
10 Jun. 2005
School's Out! The Musical
Ten year-old Timmy Turner and his friends are about to enjoy a summer filled with mess, mayhem, and music. But when the adults of Dimmsdale say enough is enough, they turn to Flappy Bob, former clown-turned-lawyer and owner of Flappy Bob's Peppy Happy Learn-A-Torium to help put a stop to the kids' behavior. What the adults -- and Flappy Bob -- don't know is that an evil force has been manipulating everything and everyone behind the scenes for the last thirty-seven years. Can Timmy and his fairy godparents Cosmo & Wanda sing their way through the show and put a stop to...
3 Oct. 2005
Mooooving Day/Big Wanda
Someone's kidnapped Big Daddy! With the big mob boss missing, Wanda is called in to run the family business. Timmy wishes that his Mom could sell a house to anyone.
4 Oct. 2005
Oh, Brother!/What's the Difference?
Life would be better with an older brother. At least that's what Timmy believes. It's just another boring day, so Timmy wishes everything in school was mixed up like a "find it" puzzle book.
5 Oct. 2005
Smart Attack/Operation F.U.N.
Dad keeps trying to help Timmy with his homework. Remy Buxaplenty has come home from military school for spring break. All he can talk about is how great his new school is, making Timmy, Chester and AJ very jealous in the process.
6 Oct. 2005
Something's Fishy/Presto, Change-O
Timmy's got all this merchandise from the "Wet Willie" movie but it won't help him breathe underwater.Timmy wishes for a magical device that allows him to change places with people in order to pass Mr. Crocker's test.
7 Oct. 2005
The Good Ol' Days/Future Lost
Timmy's got a break from Vicky; unfortunately, he's being babysat by Dad's Dad, Pappy. Timmy is helping Dad clean out the attic when he comes upon Dad's favorite childhood book series featuring Stevie Sparks in outer space.

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